Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 49

Yesterday's live broadcast of the royal dinner set a ratings champion in the history of empire live broadcast, and the protagonist who received the most attention was naturally Qin Nuo.

In the previous royal dinners that he attended, although it will be broadcast live, the focus is usually not entirely on Qin Nuo. As the true masters of the empire, the emperor and empress have always had a good enthusiasm. In addition, Qin Nuo has always been few words in front of the camera, and most of the live images showed him a glimpse, which is comparable to yesterday's live broadcast. He and Lin Yi walked through the red carpet into the banquet hall and the ball in between. That way, everyone can see Qin Nuo in all aspects.

The next morning, Lin Yi was sitting in the living room with a yawn and eating breakfast prepared by Xiao D. When browsing the star network, he saw the clip of the live Qin Nuo part of last night made by enthusiastic netizens. The following group of netizens screamed and moved. Of course, if this clip is just casually intercepted, it won't be so popular. The key is that this video interception is very devilish.

It retains all the scenes where Qin Nuo appears, and then removes Lin Yi's technicality, leaving the real-world experience function, allowing any netizens to experience dinner with Qin Nuo, conversation and dance.

When Lin Yi saw this video, she almost choked when she drank soy milk.

The netizens at the bottom are grateful to the editor.

"[Cover your mouth and cry] The marshal touched my hand! I want my mother to experience it too and worship the boss!"

"It has been saved. I will come to experience it once if I am not happy in the future. This video is too high. Clicking it in will be the same as taking drugs."

Little A was doing the vacuuming work with his chassis next to him. When he ran back and forth in the room, he and Lin Yi were talking to Lin Yi at the same time: "Master, I just received a lot of calls from the blacklist before you got up. I did not pay attention to the application because it was a blacklist, but they are still applying for calls now, do you want to check it out?"

Lin Yi took a bite of the steamed bun and glanced at the juicy meat inside the steamed bun, "Don't worry about it."

The phone calls that will be pulled into the blacklist by Lin Yi are all media that have stimulated the original owner before. At this moment, it is estimated that because of the banquet last night, they wanted to come over to dig some news, a group of vultures.

"Oh." Little A obediently replied, and after scanning the room carefully, he returned to Lin Yi's feet, raised himself to glance at the dining table, and then said to Lin Yi, "Wei Que just gave him a gift when the master was sleeping. I left a message and said he would come over in a while, so that the master would not go out first."

"Well, I got it."

Sure enough, after a while, the doorbell at the door was rang, and Xiao A went to open the door and greeted Wei Que in.

Lin Yi held the back of the sofa with one hand and turned to look back, "Is there anything special?"

Wei Que flashed gold in his eyes when he saw Lin Yi. If it weren't for a little reserved, he might have already rushed towards Lin Yi by now.

"The outside media circles are going crazy, you are so free here." Wei Que sucked again with his nose. "There is still a smell of steamed stuffed buns."

Xiao A immediately apologized: "I didn't have time to deodorize, I was rude and rude!"

In the blink of an eye, the tasteless and fresh air texture was restored in the room.

Lin Yi saw what Wei Que meant by carrying a bun, and raised his hand to Little A, "Are there still buns?"


"bring here."

"Hehehe, how embarrassed is this?" Wei Que was not polite with Lin Yi now, and immediately sat upright and waited to eat the buns.

When Xiao A handed him the buns, Wei Que complained while eating: "You really didn't prepare for us at all. It's too unjustified. When we watched the live broadcast last night, we were all taken aback. I won’t tell us if I’m with the marshal."

"Who said we were together?" Lin Yi said.

"You are not together yet?" Wei Que's eyes widened.

Lin Yi thought for a while. Yesterday Qin Nuo sent him home and left. Although he kissed and hugged him, he did not talk about whether or not he was together. Feelings are natural, but it is always better to make a formal confirmation of the relationship.

So Lin Yi nodded to Wei Que after thinking about it, "Not yet."

Wei Que was like a worried old mother, and said anxiously: "Then don't hurry up, didn't you make an appointment with the marshal for dinner yesterday? Go and go."

Lin Yi said helplessly: "It's only half past eight in the morning, what do you want me to make an appointment?"

"I'm not afraid that you will lose the big diamond-encrusted fat you got?"

Wei Que was stuffed with buns in his mouth and spoke vaguely, and then asked Lin Yi: "I guess someone has contacted you since last night? Are you not going to take one or two interviews?"

"Is there anything to answer? Anyway, it's just those few questions, and they are all disgusting media."

"It's okay, by the way, I didn't come to you to talk about this," Wei Que tried to swallow the buns, and then said, "I saw a report last night, although it was quickly deleted, but I It’s saved, I think it might be useful."

Wei Que called up his personal terminal page and enlarged the saved news content to Lin Yi.

It was a short video report in which a woman with a haggard face was sitting in front of the camera and crying that her son had participated in the filming of "The Waste Land", which was about to be released in the past two days, but there was no news. Contacting the crew, the crew said that he had resigned. After visiting more frequently and sorting out the information left by her son, the woman found a person who had money dealings with her son, and it seemed that her son was doing things for him. But when she came to contact the other party, she was kicked out mercilessly, and she was physically injured.

This woman is Archie's mother. Although the name of the person she was looking for did not appear in the video, a building flashed past, it was a building in a wealthy area.

There is no information exchange between the military department's investigation and other departments of the empire, so it is true that people who are not in the investigation of Archie have no way of knowing. Archie's mother guessed that she was really helpless and could only find the media. In the end, she was looking for a media under the Yinhe Film and Television Group. Of course, the report was deleted soon.

"Is that Archie you mentioned?" Wei Que asked Lin Yi, "I checked this house from Song Shu. Her personal assistant lives here."

"It's him." Lin Yi said, and praised Wei Que for his ability to do things. "You didn't eat the buns in vain."

"That's not it," Wei Que became proud and asked Lin Yi again, "What do you want to do next?"

"Can you get in touch with her? If you can get in touch, do an interview for her and publish it as it is." Lin Yi smiled, "It's a good thing to help others."

Wei Que gave Lin Yi a thumbs up to accept the task.

According to the information received by Lin Yi, Archie's case has been characterized as an attempted injury on the military side, and it has also been found out that the act of buying the murderer was established. But because this investigation will not explain to the public at all, it means that even if Assistant Song Shu is finally found, it will be difficult to have any substantial impact on Song Shu.

But once this matter enters the public eye, it is completely different.

How would Song Shu use the public to obliterate the original owner's reputation and the value of existence, how would Lin Yi obliterate her. A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye.

As soon as Wei Que left, Lin Yi logged in to his personal account, thought about it and posted a new post.

Lin Yi: Good morning. 【picture】

The picture is the little A with a pot of green plants on his head, and shorts wearing a t-shirt and looking at the camera with a colorful smile innocently.

The number of fans of Lin Yi's personal account has surged several times last night, and it is still rising. As soon as his new news was released, he naturally gathered all the comments and concerns.

Especially not long ago, many media who couldn't interview him wanted to break their heads and wanted to make a hot news. In the end, they could only post a "Lin Yi and Marshal's romance exposed? I could not get in touch with Lin Yi himself since last night." ."

Several major media have posted similar content, which naturally aroused a certain degree of discussion.

Not to mention the details of last night's live broadcast have been ripped apart at the moment, what is worth watching, what makes people feel subtle, none of them are not mentioned.

Especially the words that Lin Yi and Song Shu said when they were face-to-face yesterday were marked in red because of their previous conflicts. A group of netizens got together to do reading comprehension questions and even used micro-emojis.

"I watched the video that cut out Song Shu's expressions when he saw Lin Yi. Emmm felt it was difficult to describe in a word. There was a sense of guilty conscience and fear, and their conversation made people feel more mysterious."

"I noticed that Song Shu's husband looked at Lin Yi's expression at first. It was fascinating, and what made me feel strange was that Song Shu's husband did not recognize Lin Yi at first. Do you not know Lin Yi if you stalk Song Shu's husband like that in the rumors?"

"Anyway, I am a little bit beginning to believe a statement I saw before, that is, Lin Yi was a complete victim. In fact, someone manipulated and suppressed him when he was so miserable."

"Uuuuuu, my cub is so pitiful, so talented can only be posted anonymously when they are so talented."

"If it is true, Song Shu will die for Lao Tzu!"

The number of Lin Yiyan's fans is quite large, and it has exponentially increased since last night.

"Why are you talking about Song Shu? Is it the only one who watched [web link] this video? The marshal looked at Lin Yi's eyes and expressions. I think what Lin Yi said to the emperor yesterday was pursuing the marshal. , I'm completely acting like a baby to the Marshal! Does the Marshal's performance against Lin Yi really need Lin Yi to pursue...?"

The content of the web link is a video, but the video is not a regular editing, but the screen is divided into several parts, one for Qin Nuo, one for Lin Yi, and one for others.

The three pieces were carried out at the same time, completely intercepting Qin Nuo's expression every moment.

For example, when Lin Yi was talking to the emperor, Qin Nuo's eyes were completely on Lin Yi. When Lin Yi smiled, he also laughed. When Lin Yi was dancing with the emperor, Qin Nuo almost never saw it. The queen in her arms turned her head all the way and kept looking for Lin Yi's position.

"I have seen it, but I refuse to discuss this topic [cover my mouth and cry]."

"Stop talking, my sister is almost crying blind."

If Qin Nuo was not the marshal of the empire, but a star in the entertainment industry, he would have been crippled by his girlfriend and wife fans at the moment.