Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 50

The vast majority of people did not accept the pairing of Lin Yi and Qin Nuo. This does not have much to do with Lin Yi himself, but as the strongest alpha in the empire, people are used to looking up at Qin Nuo and think that no one can match him.

Someone directly gave everyone a shot in the eye-catching position of the Empire Forum.

"I say a reason why Lin Yi and the marshal can't get married"

"Lin Yi has confirmed that he cannot have children, and the Marshal is the most valuable gene in the entire empire. There is no one. Do you really think that members of the Williams family, or the Marshal himself, would be willing to marry Lin Yi?"

This is indeed the status quo of the empire, or the consensus of the empire. Because of the combination of omega and alpha, there is a chance of giving birth to a strong alpha. Beta and alpha give birth to either an ordinary alpha or a mediocre beta. So the empire is very accustomed to use this to measure the value of an omega.

In Williams' old house.

Qin Nuo came down from the second floor and saw the servant who was waiting at the corner of the stairs early, "Sir, Madam is waiting for you."

Qin Nuo had anticipated this, so he didn't lift his eyelids, "I see."

The wife in the servant's mouth is Qin Nuo's biological mother, and now she is also the one who has the right to speak in the Williams family. But in fact, she was not Qin Nuo's father's main house, and now she has such a status because of Qin Nuo's relationship.

Since Qin Nuo was born, her status has been greatly improved, because Qin Nuo's mother was the beneficiary and defender of the old order of the empire.

She didn't attend the royal dinner yesterday. Later, she learned about the existence of Lin Yi from the live broadcast. At this time, she called Qin Nuo to talk to him about Lin Yi.

Passing through the hall corridor, Qin Nuo saw no other people except for a few cold brains. After Qin Nuo's father died, the main house only lived with her under her current arrangements. Qin Nuo's father's original wife and several other concubine rooms were all arranged to go to other places.

Qin Nuo was relatively indulgent towards his mother.

"I think you get along well with that child." Qin Nuo's mother is a gentle-looking woman, but in fact her personality is not very good, but she will show kindness and love when facing Qin Nuo, "but I let People have checked and learned that he doesn't seem to be very ethical, do you have a deep relationship with him?"

Thinking of Lin Yi, Qin Nuo flashed back to his mind when he was kissing through the rain curtain last night, making him seem to be floating in the clouds. The expression on his face was very soft at this time, "There is nothing wrong with him, I We know him very well before we start dating. Please don't disturb his life."

"Of course I won't." Qin Nuo's mother said.

This had nothing to do with her listening to Qin Nuo's words, simply because she didn't think Lin Yi was worthy of her to face.

"It doesn't matter whether it goes deep or not," she said again, "just to know that this kind of people are chasing fame and fortune, and they will go to this bed today and that bed tomorrow..."

Before his mother finished speaking, Qin Nuo interrupted her displeasedly: "You have no idea about him. It would be rude to make such a comment. If this is the case, I don't want to hear it again. You'd better not hear it again. Investigate him. If you come to me just to tell me this, then we have nothing to say."

"Okay, okay." Qin Nuo's mother said softly, "If I was wrong, you should sit here with me for a while."

Even though Qin Nuo obviously cares about Lin Yi, she still doesn't care about Lin Yi. Lin Yi's inability to have children alone was already an announcement that he could not enter the Williams family, so she didn't need to bother about it at all.

"I still have official duties, so I have to leave first." Qin Nuo didn't deal with his mother, and left straight away.

Although Qin Nuo's mother felt frustrated, she did not force her to stay.

Just as the netizens think. Qin Nuo's preference for Lin Yi is entirely Lin Yi's luck, and Lin Yi himself cannot match Qin Nuo. In the future, there will always be an omega with excellent physique and the best family in the world to match Qin Nuo.

This kind of rhetoric, or the restraint that has been around Qin Nuo's ears since he was a child, has accompanied him for too long. The entire empire was full of expectations for him, and no one cared about his desires. After a long time, even Qin Nuo almost forgot that he had a choice until Lin Yi appeared.

Lin Yi did not meet the expectations of any imperial people or Qin Nuo himself for his spouse, but it was the only special case where Qin Nuo couldn't miss his eyes.

Not long after Qin Nuo left, his mother soon received another visitor application.

"It's Song Shu, the young lady of the Song family." Zhi Nao told her.

The relationship between the Song family and the Williams family is not bad or not. Although they are not close, the communication between the nobles is maintained very well. Qin Nuo's mother had a good impression of Song Shu, so Zhi Brain welcomed the person in.

After Song Shu went back last night, she was anxious all night. Before leaving the palace, she wanted to see the queen, but the queen refused because it was too late. Song Shu thought about it and thought it was time to visit Qin Nuo's mother. In this case, there might be room for recovery.

She regretted a bit now, but at the same time she was a little grateful that she had deprived Lin Yi of fertility. Regret is that maybe if she hadn't done this, she and Lin Yi wouldn't have such a big grudge at this time. Fortunately, because of this, Lin Yi could not truly enter the core of the Williams family, and there could be no danger to her.

Song Shu and Qin Nuo have been talking for about an hour. She tried her best to describe Lin Yi as a person who provokes her own bottom line for the sake of superiority, and has to deal with Lin Yi in order to maintain her family. It is really helpless. .

This is not much different from what Qin Nuo's mother asked to find out. She smiled and listened to it. At a critical moment, she agreed with Song Shu's one sentence and two sentences, which made Song Shu feel at ease.

After Song Shu left, Qin Nuo's mother showed disgust.

"The Song family's daughter is really stupid and clever. Fortunately, she didn't become a queen, otherwise the empire would have been stupid by her."

Qin Nuo's mother didn't like Song Shu's method of dealing with Lin Yi, and felt that Song Shu came to ask herself to say these things too stupidly.

"Maybe she wants you to deal with Lin Yi from her standpoint." The intellectual brain familiar with Qin Nuo's mother answered timely.

"She wants to use me as a gunman, and doesn't look at her own weight." Qin Nuo's mother sneered.

Even if she doesn't like Lin Yi and denies Lin Yi's qualifications to be her daughter-in-law, it does not mean that the Song family can do things like this. No matter how bad it is, Lin Yi is definitely Qin Nuo's partner. As far as this point is concerned, Lin Yi is much more important to Qin Nuo's mother than Song Shu.

Song Shu Anxin went home, but didn't know that he stabbed himself a basket.

Regardless of the online rhetoric or Qin Nuo's mother's thoughts, Lin Yi disapproved, and took it more seriously.

The considerations of netizens or Qin Nuo's mother are out of reach for him. He did not marry Qin Nuo or enter the Williams family as his life goal.

Lin Yi's goal in life is to live happily and to the fullest, but Qin Nuo is just the person he likes to associate with right now.

Of course, this idea is indeed only Lin Yi had. When Lin Yi left home and arrived at the military headquarters' training ground in Capital Star, when she happened to ran into Song Qinrong inside, the other party almost stammered without saying a word.

In Song Qinrong's eyes, Lin Yi was already Qin Nuo's boyfriend.

"You are really hiding it too deeply, and our relationship is pretty good. You didn't tell me in advance that you and the marshal are already together." Song Qin Rong said.

"The Marshal and I have not officially been together yet." Lin Yi said.

Song Qin Rin sniffed, "You have the smell of Marshal's pheromone, you are not together yet? Marshal is not such an irresponsible person." He was suspicious.

"Am I an irresponsible person?"

"Aren't you?" Song Qin-song pointed out Lin Yi's scumbag attributes rather politely.

Lin Yi raised her hand and didn't want to wrestle with Song Qinrong: "Well, I am."

Song Qinrong looked at him with an expression full of good cabbage being arched by Lin Yizhu, but then he sighed to Lin Yi again, "But if you can hide it, you can really hide it. Those two songs are both. You don’t say anything when you write."

"Did you write well?" Lin Yi asked him.

"It's very well written." Song Qin Rong's expression turned into the form of a fan in an instant. If it weren't for Qin Nuo, he would have to step forward to give Lin Yi a hug at this moment.

"That's why I didn't tell you," Lin Yi smiled, "otherwise it's more like I'm showing off."

Song Qinrong gave Lin Yi a thumbs-up wordlessly.

Taking advantage of the high popularity of Lin Yi on the Internet, "The Waste Land" finally released the final trailer.

Movie Wasteland Official Bo: At nine o'clock tomorrow night, "The Wasteland" will be released simultaneously across the empire [emailprotected]李星州@陈乔旭@林忆, stay tuned~

The final trailer directly used "Dawn" as the background music, followed by a very compact and skillful editing, which cuts the grandeur and realism of the entire scene, as well as the appearance of the actors.

Although the popularity of being the leading actors of the male first and male two is also high, the current discussion with Lin Yi is only sprinkling water.

Although Lin Yi's music fans have a high degree of conversion, it does not mean that he has fewer black fans. In fact, because of Qin Nuo, netizens who are in the sour grape spirit will only be more harsh on Lin Yi, and they will take a lot of derogatory remarks.

"I've seen Lin Yi's tea commercial before. In addition to his good looks, his performance is disastrous and he is not a qualified actor at all. It hasn't been long, I don't believe him. What will happen to his acting skills."

"Undoubtedly, it is just another vase-shaped actor. His character hasn't been whitewashed so far, hey, a pure marshal."

"I don't look good! It just happens to be good by putting together a bunch of defective facial features. To be honest, it is fine for a person like Lin Yi to be infertile, otherwise the child born will be certain. It's full of genetic defects, so ugly."

Even with such remarks, the official blog of "The Waste Land" did not control it, because even the negative discussion heat is one of the heat, which is very beneficial to the movie itself. It is commonplace for celebrities themselves to experience some negative depreciation.

Of course, Lin Yi fans can't stand such comments, and there is a quarrel between the two sides at the moment.

"Your mother can give birth to you, but who knows that giving birth to you with such a thing is too disgusting to attack with infertility."

"I dream of marrying Lin Yi and not marrying you resentful wives."

Xingwang has never stopped for this excitement.

By around noon that day, Wei Que's interview and writing was basically completed. Combined with the popularity of the official announcement of "The Waste Land", he directly sent the article to the top ten searched articles.

#"The Wasteland" crew is bizarrely missing#

Otherwise, Wei Que ate this bowl of rice, and used the text description to the extreme. The content of less than five hundred words, using Archie's mother's narration, described Archie as well as his possible experiences.

And because from the mother's point of view, this matter seemed extremely sensational, which aroused the sympathy of netizens. However, because Wei Que knew the causes and consequences of this incident, he left a lot of leeway for himself. He also raised a lot of his own doubts on the premise of deliberately exaggerating, and finally also Aite's official account of "The Wasteland", I hope there is Give an explanation.

So the editor of the official blog of "The Waste Land", who was still cheering about the discussion brought by Lin Yi, was immediately embarrassed by the questions of many netizens who came to ask after reading the article.

He could only pick a few hot comments in response: "The editor is not very clear about this matter, please don't make mistakes."

The editor is really not very clear about this, even many crew members who went to Huangxing together did not know that Archie had not returned to Capital Star yet. Archie had not been discharged from the hospital when they left, so many people thought it was normal for Archie not to come back with them.

Xiaobian's response like this is certainly not satisfactory to netizens, because Wei Que soon posted a direct interview video with Archie's mother during lunch time, which contained all the personal statements of Archie's mother.

In the video, Archie's mother pleaded while crying, and described Archie as a positive, kind-hearted and promising young man. Now she is missing and makes her family sleepless.

Many netizens felt sour after watching this video, and at the same time, they felt a strong sense of responsibility. They left messages under the official blog of "The Waste Land" to boycott the movie, which directly shocked the editor of the official blog. .

When the director Fred learned of the news, the matter had fermented a lot of heat, and even his personal account was questioned by many netizens, and Fred had to come out to respond to this matter.

Fred: Archie is indeed one of the staff of our crew who went to Huangxing to shoot, but before we left because of a military investigation related to the case, he stayed in Huangxing temporarily, and I am currently investigating me. No permission to know. But I believe that the military will guarantee Archie’s safety and rights.

Netizens got such a response from here, and immediately flocked to the official account of the Capital Star of the First Army, as well as Lin Yi, Li Xingzhou, and Chen Qiaoxu, including Song Qin Rong, as long as the netizens wanted to get the place basically. There is nothing that will not be disturbed.

Only the new comments under Qin Nuo's personal account are still all marshals. There was a small group of people who talked about things, and they were immediately beaten back by Qin Nuo's fans.

"How could the Marshal himself know this kind of thing? Is it crazy to beg the Marshal with this?"

"That means, don't come over and post KY comments. Thank you!"

Lin Yi sat at the side of the dining table, staring thoughtfully at Qin Nuo's face, thinking about the magical energy of Qin Nuo's fans, it was really admirable. Qin Nuo was simply held up to the altar.

Qin Nuo noticed Lin Yi's gaze and smiled and asked him, "What's the matter?"

"I'm wondering if your fans want to rip me alive now." Lin Yi said and took another sip of chicken soup.

"Don't take those people's words to your heart." Qin Nuo became a little concerned, afraid that Lin Yi would affect the mood of the extreme comments of fans on the Internet.

Lin Yi smiled at him: "Of course, now I only care about you."

Little D, who came in with food from the side, heard this conversation, silently recorded it in his head, and looked up at Lin Yi again. He felt that it was an adult's mouth, and what he said was exceptionally powerful.

Qin Nuo liked Lin Yi's set very much. Although he was a little embarrassed at the moment, the smile in his eyes was still stronger.

Little D did not leave immediately after serving the food, but stood there and asked Lin Yi and Qin Nuo: "My lord, marshal, are you in a relationship now?"

This is the result of its database analysis of the current situation.

Lin Yi propped his chin: "Um..." He was vague and didn't directly explain it, but Qin Nuo immediately gave Xiao D an affirmative answer.

"Yes, we are in love."

Lin Yi just laughed, and reached out and stroked Xiao D's head.

Little D was also happy, and hummed a song and rolled out slowly.

After the two had lunch together, they separated in the dining room. Of course, before Qin Nuo left, Lin Yi pressed him and kissed him again. He was right now, and there was no reason not to take advantage.

After the royal banquet, what flew over like snowflakes was not only all kinds of interview requests, but also all kinds of invitations for variety shows and TV movies. This morning's work alone would fill Lin Yi's mailbox.

Among them is the invitation of "Where Are We From".

Filming of the second music-related content has not yet begun, and the official live broadcast will be the day after tomorrow. Since last night, the official blog of "Where Are We From" has also been a miserable target.

Of course this is their own fault. After all, breaking the contract in violation of the rules, and still being strange on the Internet, this kind of situation is not to be ridiculed by the netizens.

Xi Qingyu was also notified by the program team, which meant that if Lin Yi agreed to appear on the second program, then he would not be able to appear. Now he was also anxious.

Not only did we send a private invitation to Lin Yi, the official blog from where we came from also enthusiastically sent Lin Yi early in the morning, first apologizing and then throwing out an olive branch, but Lin Yi has not responded yet.

After lunch with Qin Nuo, Lin Yi took the time to log on to his personal account. Ignoring the tons of comments made by netizens, Lin Yi directly reposted our news from the various program groups.

Lin Yi: Thanks for the invitation, there are other arrangements on the day.

Such a reply made the director of the second phase of the "Where We Come From" program group feel embarrassed and a little grateful. He was already ready for Lin Yi to come back with cynicism, but he didn't expect Lin Yi to reply politely.

Lin Yi has no desire to fight people on the Internet. He is not Buddha-nature, he is just more accustomed to the direct approach.

For example, he just gave us a half-line reply from the program group where he came from. He did have other arrangements on the day.

The program of "Where Are We From" is in the form of live broadcast, and life and death are determined by live broadcast ratings. In the case of the first episode of the program has been super heated and discussed, the director of the second episode itself is under a lot of pressure. He has made a lot of preparations for this episode. Don't ask for more than the first episode. How can you catch up? At the beginning, Lin Yi was replaced because of some sponsorship support from Song Shu.

In addition, considering that Lin Yi himself is of no use to the show, and at the same time, thinking that Lin Yi really has no possibility of turning over, it is not bad to consume him in the end and make the show itself more enthusiasm.

The result was that Lin Yi couldn't expect to be able to get up again. Not only did he get up, but backhandedly used an anonymous identity to give the show crew a big-eared melon seed.

But what Yuanyuan, the director of the second episode of the show, hadn't expected is that there will be a bigger and louder big-eared melon seeds waiting for him on the day of the show.