Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 51

Once anything has been discussed publicly on the Internet, netizens often have the nature of investigating the bottom line.

Up to this point, although the military department remained unmoved and did not give any response, it still did not reduce the enthusiasm of netizens. But instead of saying that the pressure exerted by this netizen was on the head of the military, it was more directly conveyed to Song Shu's assistant Mei Yi.

She had been out of contact with Archie for a while. After Lin Yi returned safely, she couldn't hear Archie's news. She was worried that something happened to Archie. After talking to Song Shu about this later, Song Shu didn't let her worry about it. But that was what Song Shu said before, and now Song Shu himself seems a little bit burnt.

Before the so-called food poisoning in the Earth Restaurant, the police station in the North District had approached her, but because the case was temporarily suppressed, the result was not announced to the public.

Even if the things that are fermented or discussed on the Internet can form a huge torrent in a short period of time, they are destined to continue to lose popularity over time. As long as anything can be suppressed, you don't have to worry too much about the subsequent prolonged burning.

But even though she knew this, Mei couldn't help but stare at the real-time hot Weibo on, and paid special attention to the official speech channel of the military department, in order to be ready to respond to possible situations at any time.

Wei Que’s two related reports and articles are very well written, which not only stimulated the emotions of netizens, and magnified Archie’s mother’s grief and worries, but at the same time, besides asking a few reasonable questions, she did not bring any bias. mood.

Waited until after dinner.

Lin Yi and Xiao D went home in the aircraft together.

"At present, the restaurant business is getting better and better. In terms of the increasing speed of reservations, our restaurant's hospitality capacity is getting less and less." The small group D was on the sofa, with a serious tone, and discussed with Lin Yi very seriously. "Added today The appointment has been scheduled for half a year, and the new addition tomorrow may be extended to nearly a year later."

"Do you have any considerations?"

"I'm considering opening a few more restaurants." Xiao D said, "I only need to buy a few assistant kitchen brains, and my data can be shared with them at any time, so that it can disperse the flow of customers and make more money. "

Hearing that its purpose is to make more money, Lin Yi couldn't help but smile. After all, it is rare for a brain to have such a desire.

Moreover, the current restaurant is originally a mid-to-high-end route, and the daily visits and arrivals of customers have already benefited a lot. It can be said that if Lin Yi doesn't want to be in the entertainment industry, she can still live very well just by relying on the income of this restaurant.

"What to do with so much money, I think you should relax." Lin Yi said, and he suggested, "Let Xiao A go to the restaurant with you tomorrow."

"Make more money to avoid being bullied, so that both the adult and the small A can have a happy life. I don't feel tired, and the adults don't have to worry. In fact, I have never felt that I have lived so full and motivated as I am now."

Lin Yi nodded: "It does happen to do what you love. If you have already made a decision, then I support you, but I hope you don't overload yourself."

I don't know if Xiao D will listen. Anyway, Lin Yi has already done a good job of buying the best insurance for Xiao D and Xiao A. In addition, Xiao D itself has regular military inspections. Don't worry too much.

"Is your lord planning to go out tomorrow?" Xiao D asked Lin Yi again.

Lin Yi shook his head: "I won't go out, but I will be very busy." As he was talking, he suddenly received a call request.

Lin Yi glanced down and found that Huang Xing was calling.

He clicked to agree to the call, and said: "Hello? Hello, this is Lin Yi."

The person who sent the call was the soldier who was in charge of the Archie case that Lin Yi met when he was in Huangxing. It is probably because the wind on the Internet has been burning. The military department has already prepared an announcement, and it is now in advance. Lin Yi said, and also told Lin Yi the current basic investigation results.

Lin Yi heard the narration on the other side and quickly said: "Okay, I see, thank you for calling and telling me."

In fact, Archie is quite hard-mouthed, because he knows that as far as the evidence at the military headquarters is concerned, the people behind him cannot be traced, and there is still a lot of room for maneuvering after his judgment. How can Shu over there help.

Even if he really wants to spend some time in prison, Archie believes he can get a lot of money.

However, Archie's psychological defense broke down when the military showed him a video of his mother crying on Starnet not long ago. Archie just wanted to return to his mother as soon as possible.

After Lin Yi hung up the call, he immediately sent Wei Que a message, asking him to pay more attention to the news that might be on the military official account.

Back home, before Lin Yi opened the door, Xiao A opened the door like a whirlwind and ran to his leg, making a circle.

Lin Yi smiled and said, "Do you know that you look like a puppy like this?"

"I know that carnivorous canines were distributed all over the ancient earth. They were once very popular domestic pets in the earth era. Now there are a few in the zoo of the Imperial Research Institute." Xiao A said, "but why do I look like a puppy ?"

Lin Yizuo thought: "Because puppies love their masters very much."

"I love my master, I am a puppy." Little A laughed, showing a silly air.

Lin Yiren couldn't help but: "I love you too." He said, looking over Little A, and said to Little D evenly in the rain and dew, "I love Little D too."

Xiao D immediately smirked with Xiao A.

Whether it's making people happy or making Zhinao happy, it's not difficult, at least for Lin Yi.

Wei Que in the next room started when Lin Yi asked him to pay attention to the dynamics of the military account, refreshing the page almost every 30 seconds. Fortunately, the military department was indeed efficient, and it did not make Wei Que wait too long.

That is, when Lin Yi just arrived home, the news from the military has been released. Many netizens who have just eaten the nutrient solution on the official website of the Earth Restaurant use the real experience to feast on the signature dishes. It's a refreshing.

The military notice issued: Archie, 31 years old, from the Capital Star, arrived in Capital Star as a crew member. During the filming, a suspect was detained in Huangxing to cooperate with the investigation. The incident has now been ascertained. With the military’s existing evidence and Archie’s own submissions, the military now accuses Archie of being instigated and attempted to kill, and related investigations are still ongoing.

Many netizens did not expect this result, and many people typed out a series of ellipsis and question marks.

"Fuck, I never thought it would be this way."

"My God of the attempted murder...nothing happened, right? It seems that everyone except him has returned, so there shouldn't be any big problems."

At the same time, there are netizens who have paid attention to this matter all afternoon, and have already picked out Archie's job functions and work content.

"It is said that they have signed an exemption treaty before going to Huangxing. Basically, if there is an accident in Huangxing, they can basically not be held accountable... In fact, I think this contract is quite scary, and no wonder some people want to take advantage of this. "

"How much hatred is it?"

The official account of the military department did not speak again after the announcement was made. Netizens also knew that the military department’s case-handling process had no commonality with other areas of the empire, and the situation had been so clear. Naturally, not many people were entangled in the military. side.

However, there are still a large number of netizens who have doubts and rushed to the official propaganda account of "The Waste Land" to issue question marks.

"The crew here really doesn't know anything about this? Believe in your ghost, someone attempted to kill during your filming."

"That's right, it feels like deliberately trying to fool us, this attitude is too irresponsible."

The editor of the official account is one of the first two big, and there is no way. After all, he didn't follow the crew to shoot, but he is currently in charge of operating this account. Where does he know the inside story at the moment.

It was Fred who came out to explain to the netizens.

Fred: There was indeed an accident related to Archie during the filming, at least it seemed to be an accident at the time. During the shooting, Archie was in charge of assisting Lin Yi to get out of the cabin. During the shooting, equipment malfunction occurred, but fortunately, there was no accident with Lin Yi and Archie himself was injured. The reason for not being able to tell everyone about this in advance is that before we left Barren Star, Archie was still receiving treatment at the Military Medical Center, and we were not informed of the results of the investigation.

To leave Archie there is a trust that the military will protect the citizens of the empire. But now it seems that this accident was purely due to Archie. Thank you for your concern. I will not reply more to related matters. At this time, it has nothing to do with the movie itself. Please look forward to the release of "The Waste Land" tomorrow.

Fred was typing and scolding Alge for sending this message. Knowing that Archie's matter was not an accident but a plot by him, Fred inevitably felt a little scared in his heart.

He originally had high expectations for Lin Yi, even more so after watching the finished film. After learning that Lin Yi himself was the creator of "Dawn", Fred was even more amazed by Lin Yi's talent and plasticity. At the moment, he has almost begun to prepare a script for Lin Yi to be the male lead.

At this moment, Fred closed the Xingwang page, still feeling suffocated, but after thinking about it, his eyes brightened again, using this as an excuse to send Lin Yi a newsletter application.

I made an appointment with Lin Yi to meet, and did not forget to set the meeting place in the private room of the Earth Restaurant, and plan to use Lin Yi’s face to have a good meal. The qualifying number in Reid's hand is already half a year later.

As for netizens, seeing how much sympathy Archie’s mother was crying before, I felt how disgusting right now.