Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 52

No one would question the military's voice, but this matter has something to do with Lin Yi, which inevitably makes people's minds open.

After all, Lin Yi's gland was injured only a few months ago, and he suffered a lot of pressure afterwards. Many people held the Conan-style spirit and made a lot of doubts.

Many people have not forgotten the meeting between Song Shu and Lin Yi at the royal dinner not long ago.

Of course, Wei Que also kept a close eye on the hot spots, and quickly posted two pictures with the words: Searching for the relevance of these two pictures may provide you with a new idea.

The content of the two pictures is not very complicated. The first picture was left by Archie’s mother when she went to the media under Galaxy Entertainment. In addition to the background screen, there are subtitles of Archie’s mother’s narration. The background is a building. The apartment building, and the caption reads "The only clue left by my son is that someone who lives here asks him to do something. It is said that there will be a large income after it is done."

The second picture still has this background, but it looks a little blurry. The apartment building in the picture remains unchanged, but there is an aircraft parked at the door. Below this picture is also a spliced ​​picture of the aircraft that was parked outside Yinhe Film and Television when the first episode of "Where We Come From" was broadcast. The registration numbers of the aircraft in the two spliced ​​pictures are exactly the same.

And this type of aircraft is not something that ordinary people can use, or even money that can be used casually. It must be a high-end aircraft that can only be found in the upper circle of Capital Star.

Therefore, it is not difficult to determine who this aircraft belongs to.

Many people followed Wei Que's instructions to search and search, and the gossip cells boiled on the spot.

"I found out that this aircraft was registered under Song Shu's name. It wasn't Song Shu who lived in that apartment building, but it seemed to be someone like her assistant... A lot of Song Shu appeared in photos and videos in front of the public media. You can see her assistant."

"If you say that, I can't hold back my brain. How much hatred is this to even use it? Even if the things Lin Yi was accused of at the time are true, it won't be true... "

"The key point is that the couple are not very generous in front of the camera? And the love is more than Jin Jian, not shaken at all. If it is really like what they showed, as for the matter to be done in this way? "

"Song Shu is so poisonous... I am now beginning to sympathize with Lin Yi. If I can do it all, it would be like sprinkling water to hurt Lin Yi's glands."

"When things were connected, I suddenly shuddered. If Lin Yi didn't have the skills, he would have been completely suppressed by now. This kind of thing would never be reported. We wouldn't even be killed by someone. knowledge."

Wei Que has a hand in playing public opinion. In addition, because it is not clear whether there is a Williams family in Lin Yi's backstage, most of the media dare not consume like before when talking about Lin Yi. They write about Lin Yi and basically adopt completely neutral reports.

Wei Que has seven or eight entertainment marketing accounts with good fans, and he also runs Lin Yi's fan club account.

Lin Yi's account doesn't post much activity, and most of the interaction with fans is concentrated on the fan club. I often post some solid powders such as dynamic pictures and small videos.

Since Lin Yi’s identity was disclosed in the music area of ​​the Empire Forum, the traffic has not gone down. The income brought by the two songs to Lin Yi has now accumulated to nearly one billion. This part is direct rewards, and the other part is traffic monetization. However, the daily growth rate of income has begun to slow down, and the calculation is indeed about this amount.

This part of the money was deducted from the music area and the taxes paid to the empire, Lin Yi was able to get about half.

Having such an income in a short period of time, although it is still not considered the top, but it is also impossible for most of the stars in the circle.

In addition, the income of the Earth Restaurant on D's side is divided into Lin Yi's hands of seven or eight million every month. According to Xiao D's own plan, it would not be difficult to expand dozens of branches in Capital Star alone, so that it would not be difficult to double the revenue by several times.

After listening to Lin Yi and Xiao D’s discussion on the subsequent development of the restaurant, Xiao A couldn’t help but stutter: "Okay, a lot of money,"

Then it couldn't control the authenticity: "What if there is too much money? If you can't make money make money, you lose money. Imperial Bank withdraws from the special wealth management project, guarantees the bottom line and adds value. Give us a chance and give you a dream! Please inquire for details Capital Xingbei District Wulin Road Branch..."

Lin Yi and Little D both stared at Little A, causing Little A to take a step back nervously.

"I'm sorry," it whispered.

Lin Yi frowned and asked Little D: "The technology of the military department should be a little bit better than the ordinary brain factory. Maybe I can ask the military department can help upgrade the small A?"

"The military's technology has always been leading." Little D comfortedly pulled Xiao A. "Actually, I think Little A is so cute, but if Master Lin Yi wants more convenience in the future, I can contact the military. Look."

Lin Yi got up and walked to the bathroom: "No, I just ask myself."

"Really, Master?" Little A Pi Diandian followed Lin Yi, went to the bathroom to put the bath water for him, and asked him excitedly: "I, I, I, can an old antique brain like me be upgraded?"

Lin Yi took off her clothes and soaked in the hot water, squinting comfortably, "If the money is in place, there will be nothing that can't be done. Do you have any upgrades you want?"

Lin Yi is unaware of himself. He is similar to those bear parents who want to give to bear children. It's also because Xiao A is not like that Xiong Zhinao, his eyes are bright, and he tells Lin Yi without hesitation: "Xiao A wants to upgrade the latest home care intelligence."

The original version of Small A is the brain of home care, but because the cheap version is old, it has long been out of keeping with the times. As early as last year, when the small A self-tested, it was discovered that it was the last brain in the same model that was still operating.

So it was worried that Lin Yi would replace it, and it was also grateful that Lin Yi had always cared for it so that it had no other major problems besides being old.

With Lin Yi's promise, Xiao A went out silly.

After Lin Yi was peaceful for a while, a call request came in.

Lin Yi lifted his eyelids and glanced at it. Qin Nuo came over.

He lifted the personal terminal soaked in the water and connected to the call. The first thing he saw in the drenched water vapor was the appearance of Qin Nuo suddenly stunned in the screen.

Qin Nuo quickly turned his face to one side, "Sorry, isn't it inconvenient now?"

"It's convenient." Lin Yi said, "what's the inconvenience?"

He glanced at the pool where he took a bath. In fact, there were a lot of white bubbles on it, and all he could see was his shoulders, neck and head, and there was nowhere to see people.

Qin Nuo slowly turned his head back, but his eyes still had nowhere to rest, making Lin Yi couldn't help but want to laugh. He curled up his legs, put his chin on his knees, and asked Qin Nuo: "You are Are you going to stare at each other like this?"

Knowing that Qin Nuo is old-fashioned and conservative, Lin Yi stopped teasing him. Before Qin Nuo didn't speak, he took the initiative to change the subject and said, "I want to upgrade Xiao A. Can I go to the military brain factory for help? ?"

Qin Nuo nodded when he heard the words: "Are you going to upgrade Xiao A? Then I will ask the person in charge over there to contact you tomorrow."

Lin Yi, who originally wanted to say that he contacted the other party, thought about it. After all, if he changed to Qin Nuo to speak, it would be a big deal. There was no need for Lin Yi to bother himself.

"Are you busy tomorrow?" Lin Yi wiped his wet eyelids and rubbed them red, looking childish.

It made Qin Nuo suddenly remember that Lin Yi was actually twenty or so different from himself. By comparison, he was indeed a child. But because of this, Qin Nuo's heart softened. He stretched out his fingertips to touch the end of Lin Yi's eyes across the screen, and then said, "Well, I have to go to the palace during the day, and I will be free at night."

The two said a few more about the arrangements for the next day, and they made an appointment to meet at dinner time the next day. Then, in the mood of not knowing what to say but didn't want to hang up, Lin Yi was about to get up after taking a bath. After taking a shower, Qin Nuo immediately hung up the call.

Early the next morning, Song Qin Rong stood in Qin Nuo's downstairs living room waiting for him to go downstairs. After the two gathered, they set foot on the flying machine heading to the palace together.

"Marshal, Madam asked me about Lin Yi." Song Qin Rong said.

Qin Nuo was originally looking down at the book. Hearing that, he raised his head and looked at Xiang Song Qinrong, with a scrutiny in his eyes: "What did you say?"

"I just told her that Lin Yi is not like the one in the rumors." Song Qin Rong is of course cautious on this issue. He is caught in three parties, and he doesn't want to offend any side. Naturally, he has to be careful when he speaks.

Song Qinrong felt bitter in his heart. He didn't even dare to say Lin Yi's scumbag tendency, for fear of a chain reaction.

"Yeah." Qin Nuo lowered his head again.

"Marshal, don't you worry?" Song Qin Rong couldn't help asking Qin Nuo, "I think Madam still cares about this matter, if she wants to intervene..."

"About my marriage, she can't intervene." Qin Nuo didn't look up, his tone was cold.

"I mean, if my wife went to Lin Yi to communicate directly, my cousin had a beta girlfriend before, and was persuaded by my aunt."

The simulation book in Qin Nuo's hand snapped and disappeared into his hand. Song Qinrong’s desire for survival went online immediately: “Of course I’m just offering a possibility. After all, Marshal You are not my cousin, and Lin Yi is not his beta girlfriend. He is particularly weak and timid by his girlfriend, and Lin Yi is simply two people."

"Is Lin Yi not weak or timid?" Qin Nuo frowned even more dissatisfied, as the couple filter max.