Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 53

Song Qinrong could tell that Qin Nuo's rhetorical question was not deliberately amusing himself, but he did think so.

Song Qin Rong couldn't help but tried hard to recall the scene when he saw Lin Yi last time. The opponent played the simulated mech in the military training center, and then glanced at his training level, which turned out to be the regular level of ordinary alpha. . You must know that even the most powerful omega is much worse than the ordinary alpha, and after Lin Yi finished training like this, when he came out of the cabin, it was only a little sweat on his forehead.

If compared with you, he is indeed weak.

Song Qinrong commented in his heart.

After all, anyone in the empire and Qin Nobi would be very weak.

"Have you been home recently?" Qin Nuo changed the subject, and the virtual book that had just disappeared from his hand reappeared.

"I'm at home every day," Song Qin Rong realized after the first half sentence that Qin Nuo was referring to the Song family, "Ah, you mean that, except for the first day of arrival, I haven't been back."

The Song family and the Williams family did not deal very well in private. They fought fiercely in the early years. Over the past ten years, as Qin Nuo's position became stable, the strength of the two families began to disparity. I recognized my lack of strength. Song Qin Rong himself is a side branch, and his status in the family is not high. Besides, he followed Qin Nuo early, clearly leaning against the Williams family, and he was not very embarrassed with Song Patriarch's house.

"You can go back a few more times in the future, maybe something good will happen." Qin Nuo said.

He talked to the end, but Song Qinrong cheered up. Qin Nuo wouldn't say such a word for no reason, unless something happened behind the Song family, or to make it clear that Qin Nuo was going to deal with the Song family.

Under this circumstance, if the foundation of the Song family is shaken, as the most powerful Song family besides this family, Song Qinrong can indeed win a lot of benefits. Song Qinrong had no love and hatred for the Song family. When his father was killed by his own brother in a power struggle, and his mother was driven out of the Song family’s gate with the young boy as his widow, he only hated the Song family. .

The Song family is different from the Williams family. The Song family is mainly involved in the entertainment industry and real estate industry of the empire. It is rich and has many children in politics, but compared with the Williams family, which directly controls the military power. It's still far away.

Lin Yi is also busy today.

The follow-up effect of the military’s public release of Archie’s incident last night was that many fans came to ask about Lin Yi’s physical condition, so almost immediately when he opened his eyes this morning, Lin Yi took out his personal terminal and pointed to one of the pieces he was editing. I took a screenshot of the page and posted a personal update with this image: "Good morning, thank you for your concern, I am fine, and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow."

Many people didn't understand what Lin Yi meant by meeting tomorrow, and then they quickly noticed the picture of Lin Yi, which seemed to be a screenshot of a music software under editing.

Many fans who liked him because of Lin Yi's composition, listened to his two songs over and over, and immediately became excited.

"Does it mean that a new song will be released tomorrow? Ah, ah, how do you post it, or is it on the music forum?"

"I'm already looking forward to tomorrow!"

Of course, some netizens with sharper eyes noticed, "In the lower right corner of the screenshot, I seem to see that there are seven on the editing page? Is it seven songs?"

Originally, his question was just approved by many netizens, and there was no real hammer, but he did not expect Lin Yi, who never appeared in the comment area, to reply to him.

"Yes, these seven songs will be released at the same time tomorrow."

If the previous one was just a surprise, now this one can be said to be a happiness bomb. The enthusiasm of netizens quickly formed a spontaneous heat wave, which did not require Wei Que to push it. Soon the topic #林忆新歌明日发布# went up like a rocket.

These seven songs are not strictly speaking new songs, but they are definitely Lin Yi's original, because these are seven of the countless popular music written by Lin Yi during the Earth Period. He chose from different albums by himself, and the tunes of each song are brisk and melodious.

After the excitement, many fans discovered the subtleties of the release time of the songs selected by Lin Yi.

When Lin Yi was revisited for the second issue of "Where Are We From", Lin Yi once clearly replied that there was no time on the recording day. Tomorrow is the live broadcast of the show, and Lin Yi happens to be singing the next day, which inevitably makes people wonder.

Then this conjecture was quickly confirmed around noon that day. Lin Yi rarely published a second personal news within one day. It was the entrance to a paid live broadcast room. The live broadcast will start from 7pm to 8pm the next day. The name of the live broadcast room is also concise and clear "new song release live broadcast".

The live broadcast of the second episode of the music topic of "Where Are We From" is from 7 o'clock to 8:30.

It is impossible to say that the live broadcast time set by Lin Yi himself was not intentional.

Netizens have always been a crowd that is not too big to watch the excitement, and all of them are happy to eat melons, and many Lin Yi fans find it very refreshing. When the official account of "Where Are We From" publicly slandered Lin Yi, many fans of Lin Yi were angry, and even many onlookers at the time felt that the other party shouldn't do this.

After all, even from the point of view that Lin Yi really has nothing at all, how Lin Yi is the winner of the first episode, rightly speaking, has the chance to appear on the second show. However, the program team not only cheated publicly and eliminated Lin Yi’s chance to appear on the show, but also ridiculed others for their lack of talent in public. It triggered waves of ridicule and attacks on Lin Yi by black fans. Now this result is just worth it. .

Even though Lin Yi is still surrounded by negative news in many gossips, Song Shu’s slander has not completely dissipated, but as long as Lin Yi’s song creation is mentioned, even Lin Yi’s black fans say Don't say anything that is too counterintuitive.

Lin Yi's composition does have a strange magical power, as if people who listen to the song will involuntarily be brought into the mood that Lin Yi wanted to express when creating it. Since his first post in the morning, expectations for the release of his new song on the Internet have risen to the apex. Now his live broadcast schedule has an obvious purpose of what he is heading for. The second issue of "Where Are We From" Obviously, the impact of the show will be huge.

After re-inviting Lin Yi before and getting Lin Yi's reply, the director of the second episode of the show was relieved a lot. He even secretly felt that Lin Yi was still the soft persimmon that he kneaded at will, but he didn't expect that less than a day before his peace of mind, this heavy news would hit his head like this.

He doesn't have to imagine what the show looks like when it is broadcast. Compared to a variety show that talks about music theory, of course, the release of new songs with guaranteed quality makes everyone more interested. The show does not need to be broadcast live, and Lin Yi has basically been sentenced to death.

It's not that the director didn't think about the relationship between Lin Yi to intercede, or that the two can cooperate in another way. He even figured out how to find a relationship to put pressure on Lin Yi, but when he was about to operate, he found that there was no one who could have a relationship with Lin Yipan.

Lin Yi currently does not belong to any entertainment company, nor does he take any company's resources. Except for "The Waste Land" to be released tonight, he does not have any ongoing activities in the circle.

Compared with the director's frustration, netizens, especially Lin Yi's fans, rejoiced.

"I've set the alarm clock and bought snacks! I'm going to listen to a song at home tomorrow, cool!"

"Hahaha, what a good day tomorrow! My reservation at the Earth Restaurant is also tomorrow. I just went home after dinner and listened to music to wash my ears."

Some fans also used Lin Yi's hot search for publicity.

"The Waste Land" will be released tonight at 8 o'clock. Don’t forget to watch it. Lin Yi will play in it, and "Dawn" is also the soundtrack."

In this hustle and bustle, it's six o'clock in the afternoon.

Lin Yi finally finished processing all the work, feeling like a telepathy. When he closed the editing page, Qin Nuo called in for a communication request, which made Lin Yi smile.

He got up and walked outside the room as he connected the call.

Qin Nuo was sitting in the aircraft, looking at Lin Yi's swaying perspective while walking, and said, "I have finished my work, now I will pick you up."

Lin Yi stretched out, walked to the balcony, and said lazily, "Yeah."

Little A ran over from behind him, holding a pair of shoes in both hands, "Master, change shoes."

Lin Yi lowered his head and put on shoes, and said to Qin Nuo: "The Military Intelligence Brain Repair Center has already contacted me to make an appointment." He said to the little A who was picking up slippers, "There will be tomorrow morning. People from the military department will come to the house and take you through to overhaul and upgrade. If I don’t get up by that time, you will go by yourself, okay?"

Xiao A heard that someone from the military department came to take it for maintenance, and was a little timid. After thinking about it, he asked Lin Yi: "Can I let Brother D accompany me?"

"Yes." Lin Yi nodded after thinking about it.

Little A relaxes. At this time, the glass cover on the balcony slowly opened, and Qin Nuo's aircraft had stopped outside. Lin Yi waved to Xiao A and stepped into Qin Nuo's aircraft.

"Hello Al." Lin Yi got on the aircraft, and first greeted the brain in the aircraft.

"Hello, Master Lin Yi." Al immediately responded to Lin Yi, with a familiar and enthusiastic tone.

"You seem to have abducted my brain." Qin Nuo said.

Lin Yi has always been unconstrained in front of him, saying what she wants to say and doing what she wants to do. At this time, Lin Yi lay down on the soft sofa and replied to Qin Nuo's words: "After all, the master is mine. Isn't it strange that Zhinao was abducted by me?"

He hooked Qin Nuo on the sofa. Qin Nuo was already walking towards Lin Yi. At this time, he moved faster, and then sat beside Lin Yi.

"You are right." Qin Nuo laughed.

Lin Yi held up his hand and leaned close to Qin Nuo, and then kissed Qin Nuo's mouth. Qin Nuo kissed him, pressed Lin Yi on the sofa and kissed lightly for a while, then half stood up and asked Lin Yi, "Do you want to change a house?"

In Qin Nuo's eyes, the small apartment building where Lin Yi lives was really wronged.

There are countless properties under the Williams family. Qin Nuo not only wants to give Lin Yi a few sets, but also wants Lin Yi to move in to live with him, but he is afraid that Lin Yi will not agree.

Lin Yi really refused: "No, I think it's fine now."