Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 54

For Lin Yi, the apartment he currently lives in is enough. As far as the current empire is concerned, such an apartment is configured by civilians, but it is not far from the earth that Lin Yi is accustomed to.

After the balance in his bank account began to be abundant, Lin Yi did feel that he could live in another place for a while, but after browsing the house type introduction on the real estate agency website, Lin Yi basically lost all interest.

Compared to those big and empty houses equipped with countless expensive brains that he can't use, Lin Yi prefers to live in his current house.

Qin Nuo was a little disappointed with Lin Yi's answer, but he felt it was expected. His fingertips brushed down Lin Yi's neck, and he felt the scar left over from the injury. Qin Nuo's fingertips paused and asked Lin Yi in a low voice, "Is it completely healed here?"

Lin Yi was taken aback at first, but then realized that Qin Nuo was asking about glands.

"Well, it's all well." He stretched out his hand and touched it back.

Qin Nuo fixed his eyebrows and stared at the back of Lin Yi's neck, and did not look away for a while.

"What's the matter?" Lin Yi asked him.

"I was just thinking, if we met earlier, maybe this thing wouldn't happen."

"No," Lin Yi shook his head, "If we met earlier, you wouldn't like me."

The original owner's soft omega is just one of the thousands of people in the empire who are obsessed with Qin Nuo. There is nothing special about it. It was originally the person who would blush and weaken when seeing Qin Nuo, which made him the most difficult to deal with and was too lazy to see.

"Why?" Qin Nuo looked at Lin Yi's eyebrows and was attracted by his transparent white skin. He couldn't help but bow his head and kiss Lin Yi's eye.

"Because I will only be unable to walk when I see you, my face is flushed and my eyes are drunk, calling your name, hoping to be marked by you, would you like me at that time?"

The scene described by Lin Yi Qin Nuo had seen countless times in his life, and it was a result of his frequent occurrence when he was in the same room with most omegas, which almost triggered his omega phobia. If Lin Yi appeared in front of him when his glands were safe, there was no difference from others, Qin Nuo would not pay much attention to Lin Yi.

However, listening to Lin Yi's narrative at this time, Qin Nuo could only think of Lin Yi's present moment with this imaginative scene, and he almost raised his hands to surrender right now.

Lin Yi quickly noticed the rich pheromone emanating from Qin Nuo's sudden loss of control, which was no different from actively seeking love.

The two looked at each other, one was a little embarrassed, and the other laughed.

It was the first time that Qin Nuo and Lin Yi talked about Lin Yi's gland injury. Qin Nuo didn't ask much, for fear of touching Lin Yi's pain points. Lin Yi didn't say much, lest Qin Nuo feel the strange change in her personality.

But even if Lin Yi didn't say anything, Qin Nuo already deplored Lin Yi's experience in his heart. He is one of the people who knows the importance of pheromone and fertility in the public opinion of the empire. Of course, he knows the seriousness of losing pheromone and deliberately destroying fertility in an omega, which is almost equivalent to killing.

Qin Nuo hugged Lin Yi tightly and kissed him on the back of his neck.

At night, the movie "The Waste Land" was released on time. The film itself expresses the hardships and sacrifices made to fight for peace in the early days of the empire, and the different destinies of all kinds of people under that background of time and space.

Although Lin Yi enjoyed a high degree of topicality during this period, in fact, the popularity in the circle was still not as deep and broad as Li Xingzhou and Chen Qiaoxu. After all, they have been popular in the empire for several years and have not been scoured by the waves, so they must have their advantages.

In addition, Lin Yi's role in this film is indeed very small, so most people still rush to Li Xingzhou and the others, and the fan base is mainly theirs.

Movies are shown in online theaters, and viewers can choose holographic viewing in their favorite places, and even if they purchase a VIP viewing experience, they can also choose to watch the movie from the perspective of an actor. Therefore, in many idol dramas, many audiences are willing to spend money to substitute themselves into the perspective of the starring actors.

In the two-hour film, the war scenes are magnificent and magnificent. At the same time, the miserable, extravagant, drunken fan, tranquility and innovation of that era are all condensed in these two hours.

The male number two played by Li Xingzhou represents the process of beautiful fall and destruction in Fred’s own setting. It is also the feeling that he prepared to present when shooting, but because of Li Xingzhou’s acting skills and lines, he interprets it and does not It's not just a little young master who doesn't know anything, but a arrogant and willful boy, why not eat meat.

So when he finally died, the audience's mood swings were not big, and they didn't feel that anything good had fallen.

What really resonates with the audience is that the actor played by Chen Qiaoxu leads the imperial sons and daughters to guard the peace and integrity of the imperial war scenes with blood and life, and Lin Yi, who died in despair after the war, although there are few scenes but the overall storyline.

The first group of viewers who left the virtual theater immediately couldn't wait to comment on their viewing.

Excluding some fancy fanfare from the Internet navy and fans, there are still many serious and objective professional film reviews on the front row of several movie viewing platforms. And these professional film critics almost without exception have spent a lot of space commenting on the role played by Lin Yi.

"First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Fred and all the performers for their hard work, and the final result is too shocking! This is completely worthy of being the most thoughtful and sophisticated film in ten years. From every detail, you can see how the crew did the filming. Attentive. The following is the experience of watching the movie after a brush, slightly spoiled and cautious.

The color matching of the whole movie is so comfortable, every frame is enjoyable. The role played by Li Xingzhou should be the part of reflection and criticism, and his acting skills should pass the test. Chen Qiaoxu’s performance really deserves applause, especially when I watched the footage from the shooting and knew that he was in the shooting in person and hardly any special effects were used. He really could afford the leading role of this film.

Of course, what surprised me the most was that it was the character played by Lin Yi that really made me cry. That character was not even revealed his real name, but in my opinion, it represents the cruelty of war for beauty and goodness. destroy. The true kindness is the softness and gratitude in the face of adversity, and the true courage is the struggle in desperate situations. Lin Yi's acting skills are perfect, I can say so without exaggeration. He is as if the character itself has existed in this world, because of this movie I can say with certainty that I love his performance too much.

It's a pity that he has few roles in this movie. I don't know if Lin Yi will have any new works in the follow-up? Am looking forward to! "

There are many similar film reviews, and almost all of them specifically pointed out Lin Yi's performance. It's not that the audience's reaction is exaggerated, but under the acting skills of the Empire's general facial paralysis that only requires a vase, Lin Yi's acting is not only about hanging, but also about washing his eyes.

When the movie was not broadcast, many black fans repeatedly mocked the video content of the tea advertisement originally shot by Lin Yi, and predicted that Lin Yi's acting skills in "The Waste Land" would be as pungent.

But when the movie was broadcast, the overwhelming film critics said the opposite. Not only did Lin Yi have no hot eyes, but it became the finishing touch in the whole show. Tragedies are always impressive and unforgettable, especially tragedies that move from beauty to destruction.

Li Xingzhou was also watching movie reviews, and when someone said that his role should be the part of reflection and criticism, he almost rushed to debate with netizens online.

Criticize a fart, reflect on a fart.

It's also said that he played the dude into three points, and even made Li Xingzhou so angry that he couldn't drink the nutrient solution. You are dude, and your whole family is dude!

However, after Li Xingzhou read part of Lin Yi's storyline, he had to admit that Lin Yi's part had indeed hit him.

Forget it, Li Xingzhou sighed, half admitting his fate.

He lay back on the bed and caught sight of someone mentioning Lin Yi and Qin Nuo in the corner of the Internet. He couldn't help but recalled that he had the luck to meet Qin Nuo once when he was still in Huangxing.

At that time, he was scared enough by Xiao D. The first thing he saw Qin Nuo was to immediately file a complaint and ask for help, saying that You Zhi Nao had issued death threats to him.

It is not a trivial matter that the intellectual brain and the death threat are connected, let alone the military intellectual brain, even Qin Nuo paid attention to it, stopped preparing to leave and asked Li Xingzhou what was the matter.

Li Xingzhou eloquently explained how Xiao D coerced him, Qin Nuo felt wrong, and turned to the adjutant and told him to investigate thoroughly.

As soon as Li Xingzhou heard that there was a play, he quickly told Lin Yi to use Zhinao to do evil in the crew, but Qin Nuo didn't expect Qin Nuo's face to be surprised, and then he raised his hand to stop the adjutant and told him that he didn't need to investigate.

Li Xingzhou was puzzled and wanted to ask again, but Qin Nuo had already left without looking back.

From that moment on, Li Xingzhou began to learn about the times and not to have trouble with Lin Yi, after all, he cherishes his life.

But not everyone understands the truth of being pitiful.

At this time, in addition to the popular "Wasteland" movie being shown on the Internet, many fans are tearing up the second issue of "Where Are We From" to be aired tomorrow.

Of course, Lin Yi's side felt that Lin Yi's actions were relieved, and the program team deserved it. And some people still speak from the perspective of the show team and Xi Qingyu. Of course, many of these people are fans of Xi Qingyu themselves, and a small part are fans of Yinhe Film and Television.

"The entire empire can’t find a second person who is less conscientious than Linyi. When Lin Yigang debuted, Qingyu helped this younger generation more. He also helped Lin Yi win the first issue of "Where do we come from". In the first issue, Lin Yi was obviously taken care of. As a result, look at it. This is a story of a farmer and a snake."

"Really, isn't it because the program crew didn't know about it at the beginning, so he was replaced? Is it necessary to deliberately target such a small belly? Hehe, such a person is destined to not go far, let's wait and see."

Lin Yi's fans naturally responded unceremoniously.

"Xi Qingyu promotes younger generations? It's really a **** joke of the year. [Picture] [Picture] These weird remarks that followed Song Shu's yin and yang in the dark were not made by him? A program group that did not follow the rules, and one who relied on the backstage boss to seize the opportunity of the program. 'Senior', they are a natural match, they deserve to be muddled."

"Xi Qingyu's fans are really generous. I don't know what you scolded like when your main endorsement was almost changed last month. Why was that little belly chicken intestines?"