Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 55

In the eyes of Lin Yi fans and some passersby, Xi Qingyu did have a reason to be ridiculed. But in the eyes of Xi Qingyu's fans, he has never done anything wrong.

For one thing, it was Lin Yi that hurt people and there is no evidence to prove that he did not do it, so even if Xi Qingyu had anything to say that Lin Yi didn't like Lin Yi, it was reasonable and correct. Secondly, Xi Qingyu didn't decide this kind of thing on the show. It was the show team who wanted to use him. How could it be considered that he was robbing younger generation resources?

"Are some fans confused? If Ms. Song Shu was too soft-hearted and didn't let the police announce the investigation results, your fan idol would have to stay in jail for at least a few months, and would dare to chirp here. , I'm going to call the police."

"Oh, it's our youth grievances to say that grievances are still aggrieved by our youth, and we are inexplicably scolded every day [crying]"

"It's really wronged. Seeing so many people indiscriminately cursing, I feel very uncomfortable. It's clear that Qingqing is just talking about the matter. Why else would he repost Lin Yi's previous songs? Lin Yi and his fans are really too pale-eyed. Up!"

Xi Qingyu’s current position is a bit embarrassing. "Where Are We From" is a resource he got from Song Shu. At that time, both he and Song Shu thought that Lin Yi would never be in front of them after returning from Huangxing. . Who knew that Lin Yi not only came back, but also came back with infinite heat.

Now that Xi Qingyu sees the tunes composed by Lin Yi that he forwarded in his previous personal news, and the songs that he really liked listening to Lin Yi before, now that he thinks of it, he disgusts himself as if he had eaten an overnight meal.

It is normal for this circle to hold high and low, especially the newcomers in the Empire entertainment circle. Almost every day, there are newcomers who show their faces. Except for some of the well-known ones, many people can continue to show their names for a year. Already considered rare. Are there people who don’t have a backstage and rely solely on themselves? There are a lot of them, but in most cases, it is impossible for such people to emerge.

At the moment Song Shu involved Qin Nuo, because he couldn't figure out Lin Yi's current details, it was obvious that he wanted to recover his hands. Naturally, Xi Qingyu's contact with her was much less, and she didn't expect Song Shu to take care of herself in the future.

People in this circle come and go, the most taboo is to rely on others sincerely. Xi Qingyu knew that Song Shu and him were using each other's relationship. Now that Song Shu made it clear that he was going to shake his hands away, he would naturally not be foolishly torn himself and Lin Yi there. How to pick oneself out and maximize the benefits is the most important thing.

The fans were arguing, and Xi Qingyu specifically came out and posted a personal update.

Xi Qingyu: Thank you for the invitation from the program group of Where. See you on the program tomorrow. Say goodnight first. If you don't sleep, you will be read by the agent.

Wei Que watched it twice after he got it, and immediately sipped: "Bah, peerless white lotus."

Clicking on this dynamic comment area, I saw many fans interpret what Xi Qingyu wanted to express.

First, the program is arranged by the program group, and second, Xi Qingyu is obviously tightly controlled by the company. So in combination, Xi Qingyu himself was also very helpless.

After the new news was posted here, a wave of entertainment accounts over there followed the arrangement and washed up again. Xi Qingyu's fans immediately waved the flag and shouted, by the way, they would definitely fight against the evil force of Lin Yi to the end.

Of course, Qin Nuo will be taken out during this process.

"The Marshal definitely didn't know Lin Yi's personality. He just complied with the seat arrangement of the royal family. He was too embarrassed to let an omega not come to the stage in public, so he didn't refute Lin Yi. Do you see how the two people interact now? Isn't it? If there is something wrong with them, Lin Yi can not use this to add heat to the hype, you see why he is quiet as a chicken now, please taste carefully!"

Many people agree with this statement.

Lin Yi has always been immune to this kind of remarks. He took a bath and rested in bed early. He didn't plan to participate in your visits on the Internet.

When he opened his eyes and walked out the door the next day, Xiao A blew over like a small whirlwind.

Lin Yi half-squinted her eyes and was not so clear yet.

"Master!" Probably because he was about to be picked up for an upgrade and overhaul, Xiao A was extremely excited.

Lin Yi looked over and saw Little A and Little D who was wearing a neat military uniform behind him.

Little D straightened out his military hat, and then said: "I will accompany Little A in a while. The restaurant is closed for half a day today and will open again for dinner."

Lin Yi glanced at the time, "Actually, I have nothing to do in the morning."

Little A immediately hugged Lin Yi's thigh after hearing the words, and looked up at him expectantly: "Do you want to accompany me, the best master in the universe?"

Lin Yi was laughed at by Xiao A immediately, "I think you don't need to upgrade your lips, and you are getting more and more agile."

After a while, someone from the military department applied to stop, and Xiao A went to open the balcony window and invited people in. It's a bit scary, and the people who got off the aircraft are the alpha of the military, and its aura itself is very majestic. After Xiao A opened the authority, he immediately hid behind Xiao D and looked at the man timidly.

It was a researcher from the Intellectual Brain Research Center of the Military Ministry. First they exchanged military salutes with Xiao D, then looked at Xiao A and commented: "Ah, it is indeed an antique model."

Old Antique XiaoA was even more confident, "Hug, I'm sorry, I caused you trouble."

"Where." The researcher smiled, then looked up into the room, and met Lin Yi's eyes as he walked out, only to miss it. He bowed his head slightly and gave a standard military salute to Tong Lin Yi, "Hello Sir, I am honored to serve you."

"It's me who troubled you." Lin Yi smiled, "Can I follow along?"

"Of course."

The two intellectuals and brains got on the aircraft together.

The researcher opened Xiao A's smart panel on the aircraft to view its data.

"How about it, can it be upgraded?" Lin Yi asked him with concern.

The researcher nodded: "Although it is a bit troublesome, it can be upgraded. I will keep its database and intellectual brain logs, and then upgrade its system and shell."

"that's great."

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

"However," the researcher stopped the movement with an embarrassed expression on his face, which made Xiao D and Lin Yi nervous again.

Seeing Lin Yi cast’s attention, the researcher knew the other party’s misunderstanding, and quickly finished speaking, “What I want to say is that it’s an honor for the research center to serve my husband, but neither my colleagues at the research center nor I have ever had a meal in the Earth Restaurant. I really want to try the food, but the latest row number has been almost two years later, I don’t know if it can be..."

This kind of request to cut the line did not give up the researcher's great effort before uttering it. After speaking, he was obviously a little ashamed.

Lin Yi was a little strange: "Can't you also enjoy the same meals in the military cafeteria?"

"The Military Canteen of Capital Star is only open to generals." The researcher said sourly, "For this reason, I want to apply for transfer to Huangxing."

On the internal network of the First Army Corps, the restaurant system is now the most popular one, and countless posts are posted and eaten every day when they arrive at the meal. Although Xiao D, who was originally called D-type waste, has now left the wild star, because the main body of the military canteen controls the brain, it is now about to be blown into the D god.

Even Lin Yi's popularity in the military is actually very high. If the soldiers were not allowed to publicly participate in star-chasing and other things on the Internet, and they really did not like to tear and tear them off the Internet, they would have become Lin Yi’s strongest fighting fans.

"Of course." Lin Yi reacted quickly, and he looked at Xiao D.

Little D nodded solemnly: "I will arrange it, and I will send you the ranking information later."

The researcher was greatly relieved.

When they arrived at the Military Research Center, both Lin Yi and Xiao D were allowed to enter, but they could only stay on the first floor, and the higher floor was the confidential area. Fortunately, Xiao A was cut off on the first floor and lost consciousness, so she didn't panic.

Lin Yi and Xiao D waited in the private room, but they had nothing to do anyway, so they simply entered the real-world shopping area of ​​

Starnet's shopping area is also divided into various large shopping malls and commercial streets, you can choose real shopping or virtual shopping. Virtual shopping is similar to various shopping websites in the Earth era. It is mainly based on pictures and videos, and it can be delivered to your door ten minutes to half an hour after selection. The real shopping area uses a virtual model to make people experience the feeling of a shopping mall perfectly.

As long as the shopping is activated, people can enter the experience area, and what they see and touch is almost the same as the real feeling. Many people like this kind of shopping experience that is not fatigued but is very real while lying on the sofa without moving.

Lin Yi and Xiao D picked them for a while after entering the reality experience, and immediately bought a large bag, most of which were for Xiao A and Xiao D, but Lin Yi bought not many by herself.

The cashier is a young beta who works when he sees Lin Yi's eyes bright. He lowers his head and can't help but raises his eyes to look at Lin Yi. He finally can't help but raise his head when he reaches the last item of merchandise. Ask Lin Yi: "Are you Lin Yi? I like your songs very much."

Lin Yi gave a small smile: "I am, thank you."

He is very good-looking, and his temperament has a gentle side. The loss of the glands also affected Lin Yi's appearance to a certain extent. His original soft lines have become a lot more angular, basically like a combination of the advantages of abo.

The cashier pounded, and plucked up the courage to ask Lin Yi again: "Can I take a picture with you?"

This is all right, Lin Yi has always been tolerant to fans. He turned sideways and took a photo with the cashier at the moment. Xiao D stood beside him and looked into the mirror, looking at the strange and cute.

After Lin Yi and Xiao D left, the cashier, taking advantage of no customers to take care of, immediately edited a personal post on Starnet and published it.

"Ahhhhh, I saw Master Lin Yi today. I am so good-looking, and the photos are not exactly what Lin Yi looks like! And the others are good, especially gentle and easy-going, as well as the brains he has with him. cute."

Because of the addition of Lin Yi's hashtag, many of Lin Yi's fans followed along and licked the photo while exaggerating a few words with the cashier.

Until someone noticed Xiao D: "Huh? This Xiao Zhi brain looks fierce and cute, what kind of model it is, so cute, please tell me the model! Is it wearing an imitation military uniform? I want to give it to my Jia Zhi Buy a set for the brain too!"

"Wait, this intellectual brain wears a real military uniform..."

"It is indeed a real military uniform, and then the sisters who want to buy this kind of intellectual brain can be separated. [Picture] The small artillery in the stomach of the military is enough to buy how many intellectual brains in our family. [laughing and crying] "