Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 56

Someone recognized Xiao D again: "This is Zhi Nao, the chef of the Earth Restaurant. The last time I clarified the food poisoning news in front of reporters, I was so cute. How can I cook such a short and fat meal?"

"So the Earth Restaurant is closed this morning because the chef wants to go shopping with Lin Yi?"

"It's fair to say everyone, I've eaten two bowls of white rice with virtual dishes, it's really fragrant."

"I have eaten like this, but Zhenxiang will be endless emptiness from now on..."

"I remember Lin Yi said before that he authorized Braised Pork to Earth Restaurant, so it's not surprising that you know something with the chef."

The fan whose work place was in the Zhinao clothing counter of the No.1 Shopping Mall was immediately speculated.

"It turns out that I bought Zhinao's clothes. Seeing that Zhinao looks unhappy, maybe Lin Yi deliberately pleases it."

"The military's brains, the style must be more serious."

The chattering discussion on the Internet continued, and Lin Yi and Xiao D had returned to the waiting box in reality. About an hour has passed, and the research room where Little A is still showing the words "Working".

"I don't know what Xiao A will become when he comes out." Xiao D leaned on Lin Yi's lap.

As a high-level brain of the military, it has a much finer understanding of feelings than Xiao A, so it also has a lot of love and hate. Little A doesn't hate humans, he is scared at best, but obedience is its first nature.

Lin Yi's hand was placed gently on Little D's head, "Little A's core data will not change, so Little A will still be Little A."

Song family.

Song Shu took a break from the royal dinner for these days, and gradually put aside his original worries. She is familiar with Qin Nuo's mother. It is no news that she is picking Qin Nuo's possible spouse with Mrs. Williams. Almost all the noble ladies who can be counted have been picked by her. Those noble ladies with good looks were not seen by Mrs. Williams, how could she admire Lin Yi.

And Song Shu didn't think Lin Yi and Qin Nuo really had anything right now. If there was anything, could Lin Yi be so quiet and low-key? It's long time for an edict to be announced to the world.

"Even if the Marshal really has a good opinion of him, he won't really be an enemy of the Song family for his wounds." Ye Jin said, "I think we took him too seriously before."

With Ye Jin's words, Song Shu's heart also eased a lot, and the minions who had only been restrained for a few days couldn't wait to let them go.

In fact, the calmness they saw was nothing more than the appearance. The reason was that the couple had no access to the core of the imperial power, let alone how the core was slowly deflected by others.

Ever since Qin Nuo returned to Capital Star, the fighting between factions has never stopped, and the emperor and empress family have to abandon their suspicions and twist them into a twine temporarily.

The queen knew exactly what Song Shu was doing, but never cared about it. What Song Shu did was never considered the most excessive among the nobles, let alone the only one. The fairness and justice advertised by the empire have never been taken seriously among the royal family members, and they have even been trampled on the soles of their feet.

If you really want to study it carefully, you will only pull out the radish to bring out the mud. Therefore, when Lin Yi and Qin Nuo appeared together at the royal dinner, the queen immediately gave up in her heart. If Lin Yi really wanted to pursue it and Qin Nuo would attack him again, the big deal would be to push Song Shu and his wife out. Make sacrifices. It's just two eateries.

Amidst the sound of fingertip tapping, Little A woke up in a daze. He opened his eyes and felt a vague light source in front of him. After blinking, he saw the white laboratory ceiling light and a picture looking at it. Man's face.

"The restart was successful." The researcher turned his head and said to his colleagues.

Then a few people gathered around and said to themselves: "It's so hanging, this antique brain is not easy to deal with."

It is not because the technology is too difficult to make these top researchers feel that it is not easy, but because the technology is too low and the original system cannot be destroyed in order to preserve the core data, let them discuss for a long time before agreeing on how to carry out a limited upgrade.

"Is the data refreshed?"

"Remember what your name is?"

"Tell me your master's name."

"State your year of production."

A bunch of people all looked at the lying small A, seeing that it still didn't move, they simply threw a bunch of questions for it to answer, to confirm that it was indeed successfully updated.

Being watched by so many people, Little A had the courage to be nervous, he froze for a long time before opening his mouth, and then he hiccupped in fright under the gazes of the senior researchers expecting, "Hiccup!"

When Lin Yi and Xiao D finally saw the sign on the laboratory changed from work to completion, they immediately stood up.

The door of the laboratory opened, and Xiao A came out from the inside and turned the wheel. The appearance and appearance at this time were completely different from those when Xiao A entered. All the basic materials on its body have been upgraded to the most advanced version, and the face is processed to be almost the same as the small D, and it is no longer necessary to convey its expression through basic color display.

For example, at this moment, there is obviously anxiety and anxiety on its face.

But when Xiao A finally swept Lin Yi and Xiao D's eyes, his anxiety and anxiety disappeared instantly, turning to an expression of excitement: "Master, Brother D!"

It jumped into Lin Yi's arms, and Lin Yi subconsciously reached out to take it, but Xiao D was the first to support Xiao A.

"Your weight will hurt Master Lin Yi." Xiao D put Xiao A on the ground and said to it solemnly.

The senior researcher behind Xiao A was also taken aback by Xiao A.

"Is it so heavy?" Lin Yi touched the artificial touch on Little A's body that still contained human body temperature. She couldn't help bending over to try it. As a result, a stout little A really hung up and didn't flash his waist. , It is indeed so heavy.

Little A's face appeared cramped: "Master, I'm sorry."

"Where are you sorry?" Lin Yi teased it.

"Well, I'm sorry everywhere." Little A sneaked a glance at Little D again.

When it speaks itself, it is easy to be embarrassed, and after the expression and tone become more vivid now, this kind of counseling simply hits his face.

The original taste, still the little A.

Little D also smiled, and then moved to the side of Little A and touched Little A's head affectionately. A small electric current jumped between the two brains, numbly.

Lin Yi glanced at the time again, then turned to the researchers and said, "Thank you very much for your help in upgrading Xiao A. It is better to hit the sun if you choose a day. If you have time now, go to the restaurant for lunch together?"

How could a group of researchers say no.

It happened that the Earth Restaurant was closed for business at noon today, and a group of researchers just happened to have rounded it up in the past.

The ingredients in the restaurant are in cooperation with the Empire Agricultural Park. The Imperial Agricultural Park originally had a department that carried out food research during the Earth period, and there was a large plantation. Because very few people buy it, the ingredients in the plantation are basically safely disposed of.

With the establishment of the restaurant, the consumption of food materials in the plantation is now significantly faster, and even in order to cater to the needs of the earth's restaurant, a special planting and breeding area has been opened up. The originally poor research funding has also begun to no longer be a problem, and future research can achieve great results within a foreseeable range.

Each box was full of people. Lin Yi sat with the researcher who came to pick up Xiao A in the morning. He accepted the direct dispatch from above, and his attitude towards Lin Yi was different from other researchers.

The senior researchers are basically veteran scholars, and they usually don't hear things outside the window. Most of them don't even know who Lin Yi is.

The researcher at the table with Lin Yi actually knew that Lin Yi was a very topical star at the moment, but it was not very clear, but the direct command above showed a very high level. He planned to take a little look at Lin Yi at the dinner table. In the background, after the food was on the table, the researcher immediately forgot what he called.

Obviously there is a meaning of gratitude. Xiao D made lunch with great effort today. Meat dishes, vegetables, fruit plates, cold dishes, cold dishes and hot dishes, soups, basically everyone can set up a table for a banquet on the table.

When serving the food, Lin Yi thought that it might be too much, and he couldn't finish it at all, but he would have nothing to say when he started eating.

Because although most of these researchers are beta, even a few alphas are far inferior to those who practiced daily in the military department, but they didn't expect that they would really be no different from those in the military department. The way he swallowed quickly while still trying to take care of gentle table manners was a little bit funny.

With so many dishes on the table, I was surprised that there was not a drop of soup left.

Many of these researchers still have doubts about the reputation of the Earth Restaurant. They feel that the nutrient solution is a convenient and fast food, and they are all convinced at this time. What is the nutrient solution? That can only be regarded as a kind of drink, how can it be used to replace the diet of the empire?

After Lin Yi waited for the senior researcher who was sitting across from him to finish eating and showing a satisfied look, he said, "Is Mr. Qi still satisfied with the taste?"

"Satisfied, of course satisfied." The same name showed a look of satisfaction and regret. Seeing that Lin Yi's expression was gentle and not like a person who was not easy to discuss things, and it was obviously related to it, he hesitated whether to speak with Lin. Recall the convenience of coming over for dinner. But this is a matter of reciprocity. The research laboratory helped to upgrade Lin Yi's brain and collected money at a clear price. It seems a bit unreasonable to come over for a meal and think about it.

Unless he can give Lin Yi more favor, where does this favor come from?

As if knowing the difficulty of the same name, Lin Yi's next sentence just hit the itch of the same name.

"I have a place where I would like to ask Mr. Qi for help." Lin Yi said.