Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 57

"What?" Qi Ming immediately replied, with a smile on his face.

"I want to ask you to check some information for me." Lin Yi said.

Hearing that Lin Yi just wanted to check the information by herself, the same name still thought that this busy favor might not be enough for two meals, but she continued to ask, "What information?"

"In the last ten years, they have joined Yinyue Entertainment's omega list, when they joined the company and when they left, and two surveillance videos of designated locations."

Lin Yi had already moved this mind when he came over in the morning. After thinking about it for a while in the lounge, he felt that Qiming was indeed the most suitable person to do this.

Qi Ming's relaxed face showed hesitation for a moment. He knew that Lin Yi would never let him help if it was the information that could be obtained through normal channels. The reason for asking him for help is probably because of his technical ability.

The internal list of this kind of company can only be obtained by the internal personnel of the company, and such things as surveillance video can only be accessed by government departments for well-known purposes.

Lin Yi knew what Qiming was hesitating, so he smiled and said, "For me, this is indeed something that is difficult to obtain, but I believe that it is very simple for Mr. Yi Qi's technique to be without a trace."

This is also true. Although it is illegal for Lin Yi to get the same name, the level of what Lin Yi needs is indeed a technique in pediatrics. If he thinks of the same name, he can even directly erase the evidence that gave Lin Yi the information, so that no one can hold him accountable.

Seeing that his face seemed to be loose, Lin Yi added: "If Mr. Qi can agree to my request, I can dispense with all reservations for dining at the Earth Restaurant in the future."

"Really?" His eyes lit up after having a full meal and were worrying about making appointments. At the same time, the hidden worries in his heart also decreased a lot.

"Really," Lin Yi immediately gave him an affirmative answer, knowing what the same name means, "I am one of the operators of the Earth Restaurant, and I have a larger share than the military department."

Hearing the word military, the face of the same name was completely bright. He is indeed not very clear about Lin Yi's details or what he wants to do by himself, but those who can cooperate with the military must be trusted by the military, and he does not need to doubt Lin Yi's motives.

"Well, I promised to help." Nodding in all names.

The restaurant officially opened to the public only after the researchers had eaten and drank enough to leave. Xiao D stayed in the restaurant alone, while Lin Yi and Xiao A went home first.

Lin Yi still has a new song to be broadcasted tonight, but he didn't rest when he returned home. After sitting down on the sofa, opening his mailbox turned out to be a string of invitations with almost invisible end.

There are event invitations, scripts, and variety shows. No matter what kind of embarrassment Lin Yi looked like a month ago, like an unlucky ghost that everyone can step on, a person who can't be avoided in the circle, everyone seems to have lost this part of the memory at this moment.

Especially after opening these emails, there were many job invitations from people who had stepped on the original owner. Lin Yi felt even more ironic.

One of the things he wants to help him with is the list of omegas that Yinyue Entertainment has newly signed in the past ten years. This deadline happens to be when Ye Jin began to take up an important position at Yinyue Entertainment.

In the previous summary by Wei Que alone, there have been many victims similar to the original owner, all of them were newcomers in the entertainment industry by Ye Jin's use of power for personal gains, threats of power, and Lin Yi believes that if they can get a copy of the data, they will completely enter and leave. The list of victims is probably only a lot more.

In addition, the monitoring he wants to help himself with is related to the original owner. The original owner was attacked in a public place. It is reasonable to say that there is a complete monitoring content, and the person who kidnapped Lin Yi can be clearly held accountable, and the original owner has indeed called the police to investigate this matter.

But now Lin Yi has not obtained a complete investigation result. In addition, the original owner and himself have to send no less than dozens of emails. The result is that the investigation is still in progress indefinitely, so the police station is Can't count on it anymore.

The last reply to Feng Lin Yi's past inquiry about the progress even told Lin Yi that the monitoring data of the relevant location had been irrecoverably damaged, and the investigation could no longer proceed. This clearly made Lin Yi suffer, and it was also the result Lin Yi expected.

After Xiao A's upgrade, the various functions are really not one or two levels higher. It is still fresh at the moment, and it moves its hands and feet from time to time by the sofa, feeling that it is good everywhere.

After a while, it walked to the door and unscrewed it, then turned to Lin Yi and said, "Master, I will go to Master Wei Que for a while."

"Well, are you going to show off?" Lin Yi didn't lift her head, but grasped Xiao A's mentality very accurately.

"Hehehe." Little A made a smirk and knocked on the door.

About five minutes later, Xiao A returned with the surprised Wei Que.

"Wow, this upgrade is too powerful. I almost didn't recognize who it was when Xiao A came over. How did it happen? I thought Xiao A could not be upgraded anymore?" Wei Que entered the house and closed the door. If it can be upgraded, I think this will also upgrade my brain."

"Brother Xiaozong?" Xiao A's heart was filled with an unprecedented feeling of richness, and his pride was almost showing through the screen.

"Yeah." Wei Que nodded and asked Lin Yi again, "How much does the upgrade cost?"

Lin Yi called up the deduction information of the personal terminal, glanced at it, and said, "Seven hundred fifty thousand three."

Wei Que: "Excuse me." He has never seen so much money in his life.

Wei Que turned his head and said to Little A with jealousy, "You are the happiest little brain I have ever seen, can I be a brain brain in your house?" Wei Que said to Lin Yi in the second half of the sentence.

Little A doesn't talk about the money spent on upgrading, even the money he usually spends on clothes and dress up when he is not upgrading makes him jealous. He felt that Lin Yi raised little A and D as children.

"Yes," Lin Yi nodded really, "first introduce yourself what you will do?"

Wei Que was just joking, but Lin Yi didn't expect Lin Yi to take the conversation seriously, and Xiao A carefully pricked his ears aside.

"...Forget it, I don't know anything." Wei Que bowed his head and acknowledged his fate.

Now everyone's home is well organized by the brain, and no one can work anywhere.

Little A hurriedly got up to Lin Yixianmei: "Master, I know everything, let's not use him."

"Wow, you little thing!" Wei Que wanted to step forward and knock on Xiao A's head. Lin Yi glanced at him before he put his hand down.

"What are you looking at?" Wei Quegai sat down beside Lin Yi and glanced closer.

Lin Yi picked up the virtual page of the personal terminal and showed it to Wei Que. There was a title written on the screen. It was a script. The script was called "Grassroots Omega Seeking Love". The outline of the story was how an empire’s strongest alpha fell in love with a data. Ordinary omega, it is not that he does not marry and insists on not accepting concubines.

Lin Yi only saw the sourness of the script after two glances, and the original shape of the alpha seemed to be too unconcealed, it was not who Qin Nuo was.

Wei Que took it seriously, and after watching it, he called Gouxue pretty, "Are you taking this show? You must be contracted by you if you accept the hot search."

"Isn't it that I contracted not to accept the hot search?" Lin Yi said indifferently a fact that many celebrities might feel that he owes him a lot.

"That's true, but are you really not going to take other jobs?"

"Of course not, I just have to pick it up." Lin Yi turned off the personal terminal and glanced at Wei Que's face. Lin Yi followed with a smile and said, "Don't worry, I won't let you unemployed."

Lin Yi thought for a while and said, "The salary increase will begin next month."

Wei Que left beamingly.

There was nothing special in the afternoon. Lin Yi watched the gossip repertoire on the sofa for a few hours. What I saw inside and out was the drama of the overbearing alpha falling in love with me. The plot is indeed terrible, but it can't stop all the actors with facial paralysis, and even the emotionally-added dubbing can't be saved.

I think if he agrees to this kind of script, it is estimated that he is the only normal person in the whole drama.

Lin Yi recalled when she was acting in "The Waste Land", only then did she realize that he might really be a relatively capable actor in the entire empire. When you think about it this way, Fred's spirit is too precious.