Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 58

Lin Yi skipped the similar scripts that followed, but fortunately in the afternoon he picked out two scripts that were out of routine, and Lin Yi temporarily took them aside.

As time goes by at night, different people have completely different moods.

The entrance to the live broadcast room that Lin Yi released earlier gradually accumulated more than 50 million viewers when it was less than six o'clock. The number of more than 50 million on the earth may already be an astonishing concept, but relative to the population of the empire, this number is not too alarming.

Firstly, the time has not reached seven, and secondly, a more important factor is that Lin Yi has set up a paid live broadcast room, and he needs to pay two hundred to one thousand in advance to enter the live broadcast room.

Such a live broadcast mode is not uncommon in the Empire. It is similar to watching a concert in the Earth Age, but the audience does not need to go out to catch a plane and book a hotel when watching it. They only need to lie on their own sofa to enjoy the scene. Experience. And this kind of interactive experience is not unilateral, they can see Lin Yi's performance, and the same shouts and cheers of fans in the audience can also hear Lin Yi.

The higher the cost, the better the experience. Many celebrities meet in this way, which allows fans to watch idols interact with idols up close without any uncontrollable harm or illegitimate incidents. It can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

Lin Yi's payment is not high, and certainly not cheap. Except for the platform to draw a part of the money, and the choice of the layout of the virtual venue, it is also necessary to rank according to the amount of money. Roughly estimated, the deduction and the cost plus tax will deduct about 60%. But even if you look at it this way, the remaining 40% is quite impressive.

Although Lin Yi's previous songs have received a lot of rewards, because they did not adopt a fee model, most of the audience who listened to his songs basically did not spend any money. Suddenly, people watched the live broadcast for an hour and paid two hundred yuan. Many people are really unwilling.

"Ah... it turned out to be charged, so I'll wait until the live broadcast is over before listening."

"Uuuuu, I have eaten soil this month, so I am hesitant to spend this money."

There are also a bit harsh comments, which makes the words very nasty, "I just posted two songs, so I am in a hurry to make money? The charge is more than two hundred?"

Under this comment, there are naturally many fans torn between, and there are indeed passers-by who think that he is wrong, but at the same time, there are a small number of people who eat free meals and express their approval.

In addition, fans like Song Shuxi and Qingyu who didn’t deal with Lin Yi’s fans came in at the right time. After checking the actual number of people paying in the live broadcast room, the yin and yang ridiculed again: "A bunch of fun to stay in, really I think it’s only more than ten million to pay for it. Let’s make a mistake on the spot, this is it."

"Puff, Lin Yi-style traffic is really unpredictable. I thought this posture was so powerful that it could attract people from the entire empire. Didn't their fans always boast that they are idols of all ages in the empire? ?"

The program group of "Where Are We From", which has been nervous until now, feels a lot calmer when they see it. The viewers who are staying in the live broadcast room of their TV station are basically the same as those of Lin Yi, and the pressure is much less than they thought. .

They also didn’t expect Lin Yi to set up a charging model, which is basically in contrast to "Where do we come from? Music Special", because the program group here also conducts a lottery, drawing 2,000 people directly from online viewers every ten minutes. award.

Collecting money one by one and giving money one by one, this did shake many viewers.

The key is that Lin Yi's live broadcast is not gone if it is gone now, but can be watched for free a few days after the live broadcast ends. In contrast, many people think it's better to watch the second issue of "Where Are We From".

Time passed in this hustle and bustle to 6:50.

Lin Yi's live broadcast room was changed from the original light-off state to the lighted state, indicating that it is in preparation, and the live broadcast will begin immediately.

Lin Yi glanced at the background data, then opened the set virtual stage and entered it.

Little A on the side brought the sofa to Lin Yi to sit down, and when he saw Lin Yi sitting down, he waited eagerly to see that Lin Yi needs to act.

Lin Yi glanced at the time: "I will be busy for about an hour later. You don't need to be with me. Do what you want to do."

Little A nodded, thought about moving, and went to the balcony. Before Little D came back, he went to the balcony and waited. This is a matter of habit all year round. Little A's life always revolves around a center.

A reminder sounded from Lin Yi's personal terminal. He lowered his head and glanced at the message from Qin Nuo, "Is it going to start soon?"

He is still in the office of the military department, I am afraid it is not very appropriate to listen to the scene.

"Well," Lin Yi smiled, who knew his schedule, "or you can go to the toilet to listen, but staying in the toilet for an hour may cause subordinates to suspect."

If you don’t pay attention, you can make headlines for the news.

Lin Yi was amused by her imagination, and Qin Nuo directly dialed the call.


"What are the seven songs?" Qin Nuo's voice sounded a little depressed. He actually wanted to ask if Lin Yi wrote songs like "Rain" for him.

"It's all songs for you." Lin Yi was always good at coaxing, let alone coaxing.

Although Qin Nuo was silent for a moment, his subsequent voice was clearly cheerful, "See you tomorrow."

The time turned to 6:59, when the live broadcast room had been shown to be open, and the fans who paid to enter had also been transferred to their locations by the virtual system at this time.

Depending on the price paid, the positions of the fans are also different. The closer the payer is to Lin Yi, the farther and farther the payer is.

But because it is a virtual platform, no matter how far away it is, a corner like a concert on the earth can't wait to raise a telescope to see. The system of the virtual venue will intelligently divide all the audiences, and only about 5,000 people will be in one venue, so that the numbers will be numbered down, and it will be divided into countless small venues.

Only spectators in the same small venue can see each other and communicate with each other.

And their cheers will also be passed to Lin Yi's ears by lowering the decibels and sound classification, so that he can feel the atmosphere without disturbing him.

When the punctuality of seven o'clock arrived, a beam of chasing lights lit up on the dark stage, lighting up the center of the stage, and then a few more lights came on, and the whole stage was brightened.

The talents saw the scale of the entire stage and the surrounding scenes, the radiant light and the exquisite layout, and at first glance it was the arrangement of the venue that cost a lot of money.

Lin Yi stood alone on the stage, holding the upright microphone in both hands, his face appeared on the big screen behind him at the same time, a smile appeared at this moment, and there was an unspeakable tenderness between his eyebrows.

The movement of his eyes drooping was close-up on the big screen, and it was a heavy blow that directly hit the hearts of Yan fans.

"I'm dead, I'm dead, what is meant by rippling eyes, what is meant by expressing affection, Lin Yi kills me with his eyes!"

Fans entering the virtual concert site can still connect with the outside world via the Internet, so it does not affect them to post dynamic posts to share real-time content.

It's just that you can't shoot video or audio at the scene, this function will be temporarily blocked by the brain.

"The first song," Lin Yi said, standing on the stage, "Domination"

As soon as his voice fell, there was a burst of background sound on the scene, and at the same time lyrics and subtitles began to appear on the side of the big screen.

When this song was on the earth, Lin Yi occupied the first place on the domestic music charts for a whole year. It describes the feelings of active and passive chasing each other, willing to be dominated by others. What Lin Yi had to do was to reshape the lyrics according to the common language of the empire.

The tune of the song is melodious and expresses the joy of willingness, dominating and being dominated, chasing and being chased, because of the willing and pathologically natural creation.

Lin Yi has a good grasp of the rhythm and intonation, every breath and bite are in place, and the ingenious combination of melody and lyrics makes every word he uttered becomes a weapon to hit fans.

The scene that was inevitably noisy because of the large number of people did not know when it was completely quiet, and it seemed that apart from Lin Yi's voice, there was no panting.

Everyone's eyes were fixed on Lin Yi's face. Lin Yi's expression changed with the joy and sorrow of the song's melody, and the audience also changed their expressions unconsciously following Lin Yi.

It wasn't until five minutes later that the accompaniment of the song completely stopped, and everyone gradually came back to their senses. Then they looked at each other and followed the whole venue with cheers and huddles.

Absolutely, the song is absolutely perfect, and Lin Yi's performance with voice, body and expression is also absolutely perfect.

There was a two-minute interval between the song and the song. The lights on the stage dimmed again, the background music of "Domination" sounded slightly, and there was a countdown on the screen, and Lin Yi temporarily disappeared from everyone's sight.

In the gap between these two minutes, the vast majority of people swarmed online, and countless people went to the chat group at home and yelled that they regretted not watching the live broadcast for a lifetime, and then went online to vent their shock.

"#林忆新歌直播# Ah ah ah, cool! Love! Come on! Look! Shake the soul, it’s so nice ah ah ah ah, I announce that I have become a loyal fan of Lin Yi, the song "Domination" It’s really nice."

"Ouuuuuuu, Master Lin Yi understands too well, this song is really good, and the feeling of shaping is actually not humble at all, but a bit sweet...? Anyway, it sounds good. Those who haven't watched the live broadcast are still There is a chance of six songs, 200 yuan can't buy it, and you can't buy it at a loss, you can't be fooled!"

Within two minutes, such crazy Amway and Rainbow farts burst out from the corners of the Empire Network. The density is so high that many people naturally pay attention to the past.

Many hesitating fans were also drawn in, and the paying audience in the live broadcast room increased by 10 million.

At this time, the "Where Are We From" program group did not feel that it had much impact, because from the overall live broadcast, their audience number was still several times that of Lin Yi's, and it only started broadcasting for five minutes, which is far away. Did not reach the highest peak.

But they didn't expect that this would be the peak of the ratings of the second episode of their show.

Because with the first group of audiences who were brought in, more people came out almost every five minutes, excitedly giving Lin Yi pull the audience in, even "If it doesn't sound good, I will cut the eggs on the spot!" All the words are said.

From the first song "Domination", to the second song "Magnetic Field", the third song "Stars"... to the last song "Crazy".

The sequence of the songs was specially arranged by Lin Yi. The emotions form a transition, and the intensity is superimposed on layers, so that the emotions of the listeners will continue to surge to the heights with this accumulation, and finally a melody with a fierce melody In "Crazy", Lin Yi almost jumped up with Lin Yi on the stage.

Each song is different. In the gap of two minutes, the stage will change its appearance before the lights are turned on to best suit the performance behind Lin Yi.

Lin Yi also went from singing while holding the microphone to singing while playing, and finally singing while jumping.

"Magnetic Field" expresses the sweet feeling of two people being attracted to each other.

"Stars" refers to Lu Mingguang, a lucky attachment.

By the time the performance of "Crazy", the style of the entire venue has changed a lot. In the face of the audience's bright eyes and flushed faces with excitement, Lin Yi's voice is low and low, rocking one into love and loses reason. , The crazy emotions for the other party are perfectly passed out.

The seven songs express seven ways to fall in love, with the same core and different styles, almost scouring the listeners' brains.

Each song will bring a new audience, and by the end of "Crazy", the audience in the live broadcast room has reached one billion people. At first, many people felt that they had missed the first few songs, and then it seemed to be a disadvantage to enter the live broadcast room at the same price, but then they began to realize that the more time they went, the more they suffered.

Therefore, the last group of people who only heard the last song "Crazy" did not regret their money. The only thing they regretted was that they didn't get in earlier.

"I cried so loudly, why I missed the first three songs. Master Lin Yi is a god! Be a god! Is the legendary Xianle like this? Every song sounds good."

"I only heard the last two songs, and now I just want to beat myself to death yesterday."

"Before I went in and listened to it, I thought that two hundred were so expensive. After listening to it, I thought it was the ultimate enjoyment of the price of cabbage. The hour just now was the most wonderful hour in my life!"