Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 59

Many of the people who didn't watch the live broadcast actually didn't want to listen, but felt that the money could be saved. After waiting for the entire star network to almost cover the relevant content of this live broadcast, regrets swept like waves.

Even if there is no way to record or record, people who have experienced the shock can only use their own words to describe their feelings, and they can't wait for one more mouth.

When the live broadcast just entered the first wave of rest, it was also when the rainbow farts appeared in the first batch. Most of the touted comments were also inferred to be the navy. Many people who didn’t deal with Lin Yi or Lin Yi’s fans didn’t. Come out and laugh less.

"Can the traces of this operation be any more obvious? It's only been five minutes since the live broadcast, so I can't wait for the navy to fill the scene?"

"If you can't wait to let the navy be on the scene, don't you understand? Just let the navy come out early to brag, so as to attract more people to watch, or else how to make money?"

"Aren’t their fans still talking about it before, talking about the "Where Are We From" program group or something. I went and took a look at the number of live broadcasts of "Where Are We From". It's tragic, I don't know who slapped who."

But even so, it is false to say that the ratings of the second issue of "Where Are We From" have not been affected at all.

At least until now, the ratings of the second episode at the same time period are not much different from that of the first episode. In the second period, it is true that Lin Yi was directly beaten by Lin Yi to attract fans, but it was true that some of the previous operations were defeated by passers-by.

However, with regard to ratings, the director of the second episode has been quite at ease and made the expected psychological preparations, so at this moment, after watching the data after the broadcast, he feels a lot more calm. It did not exceed the first period and did not exceed the first period, but the overall data is still higher than many other variety shows, and it is considered to be in the first echelon of cleaning up.

Fans who didn't go in to watch the live broadcast by Lin Yi were fighting on the front line, and the ratio of lipstick and black fan was not bad. After all, it is to be Lin Yi who hasn't been completely whitewashed, and the black material will be taken out from time to time. People with fragile hearts are really not good at being his fans.

This was the first thing that happened during the break, and it did not affect anyone who was watching the live broadcast in Lin Yi's live broadcast room. They don't want to miss every minute, and there is no time to worry about whether the rainbow fart they send has caused the outside world to tear it.

When the second wave of rainbow farts appeared about five minutes later, the first wave of tears was still at its climax.

However, waiting for the second wave of rainbow farts to follow the third wave of rainbow farts to stably output, and the number continues to increase. When the number increased to the same time, it is impossible for the navy to do it. This wind of public opinion has passed in an instant.

And the discerning person found that the ratings of "Where We Come From" were visibly lost with the naked eye with every break, and even the lottery didn't play a big role.

As the tempo of song singing has been pushed up, the audience’s post-listening impressions have become more emotional, which forms positive feedback. When the next few waves of rest, the speed of attracting fans is already several times that of the previous ones. Up.

To say that the most dumbfounded is not Lin Yi's black fan who was instantly beaten in the face within half an hour, but the "Where We Come From" who was almost staggered by the gap just before he settled down. The director of the second period.

Judging by the rate at which this data is falling, let alone maintaining a high ratings for this second issue, it will be difficult to maintain a rating equal to that of ordinary small variety shows.

An invisible pressure was pressing on the director's head, so I didn't let him pass.

The live broadcast of the new song's release ended at 8 o'clock, and the real discussion on this live broadcast only started at 8 o'clock.

The fans released from the live broadcast room will pass their voices from all corners of the empire to every corner of their imaginable, family groups, forums, star network, etc., some of them are influential, the fan community itself Just the older ones.

This running water-like transmission power twisted into a twist, rushing through the entire empire network, and then transmitted to real life.

Those who have not paid to watch the live broadcast will have to wait until three days later to watch the live rebroadcast, while paying viewers can use their personal terminals to memorize it over and over again.

"I feel that I had a deep misunderstanding of Lin Yi before. I always thought that he just loves hype... I didn't expect his strength to be so strong. The seven songs released at once can shock me with just one song."

Of course, you can’t say that 100% of the people who watch the live broadcast are Lin Yi’s fans. Among them, there are those who pay to enter and want to find faults, and plan to listen to it and write some black reviews on the Internet. Ninety-nine percent of these people are here. At that time, there was a tendency to invert.

It's true that words that are too contradictory to your conscience do not open your mouth too much.

There are indeed bad reviews, but a bunch of them can be completely ignored.

Fans were naturally satisfied when they saw this type of comment, and couldn't help but defend Lin Yi: "Lin Yi-sama has never been hyped. He rarely updates his news. If I hadn't paid attention to the support club, I would feel that he was a little bit. There is no movement."

"That's right... Most of the so-called hype is actually cursed by black fans, wronged."

Lin Yi posted another dynamic at 8:30. The dynamic content was a three-minute video clip. There is also a text: "Thank you everyone for watching my performance today. All the songs I performed today will be put on my personal music platform tomorrow morning. Good night."

In three minutes, the performances of seven songs were edited together, the most exciting parts were merged, the feelings were full and bursting, and the layers were very delicate, as if there was a kind of reshaping power to piece together the seven songs into one song. .

The editing of Lin Yi’s own form and face in the video is also very skillful. Sometimes it focuses on his facial features, and sometimes with the catharsis of the song, the camera suddenly slides down and only falls on his fingertips. Lyrics and bursts are perfectly blended.

Not only those who did not watch the live broadcast were shocked by this video, but those who watched the live broadcast were even more shocked.

"What's this?? I'm sure I've heard every sentence in it, but after putting it together, it looks like a new song. This version is unexpected and nice."

"It's really a creation by a god, and the eighth song came out by just making it like this. This is too good to listen to, I like it crazy."

"Ahhhh, it's a pity that you can't choose to watch this video in real life, but this alone is already very explosive. Regarding my decision to not watch the live broadcast in order to save money, I just want to hang myself and cry."

"Can the friends who went to the scene tell me that Lin Yi-sama really doesn’t have pheromones... Why is my heart beating so fast just by watching this video? I’m more excited than hearing about pheromones. The most important question is, I It's an omega!"

Regardless of whether it is omega or alpha, it is very common in the entertainment industry to distribute pheromone appropriately to increase charm. Therefore, there are many celebrities with the same pheromone perfume. Of course, the largest user group of this perfume is naturally beta.

It's no secret that Lin Yi's glands are injured and no longer emit pheromone, but most of the time his fans will not talk about it in public. After all, this is a very painful thing.

However, many people felt the same under this comment, leaving a message silently and raising their hands.

"I'm an alpha. After listening to the scene, it didn't taste at all, but I was also very excited... I was a little bit ashamed, but the omega turned out to be excited. It doesn't seem to be because of my insignificance."

"This beta usually doesn’t respond even if the pheromone hits the face, but seeing Master Lin Yi’s performance is really so excited for the first time. I don’t think it has anything to do with pheromone. Usually, the pheromone that everyone feels is even better. Much is a kind of forced chemical urge, Master Lin Yi's charm is enough to replace or even surpass this."

There are many similar replies, and many people suddenly understand that charm can be radiated from gestures, and there is no inevitable or absolute connection with pheromone.

If many people just regretted not listening to the live broadcast before, they are already beating their chests at this moment. Even if you can still listen to the scene after three days, you can even pay to download it into your personal terminal at noon tomorrow, but the real real-time interactivity is gone, so people who see this video effect but can't actually visit the scene feel uncomfortable. Tasteless.

The personal music platform Lin Yi said is indeed a literal personal music platform. The Empire currently does not have an influential platform for the continuous dissemination of music works other than the music forum.

Lin Yi simply asked Qi Ming to do him a favor and built a new platform.

This was a trivial matter, and it didn't even take ten minutes of the same name, but Lin Yi still promised to give him a private dining room alone.

The same name was naturally happy, and also told Lin Yi that what Lin Yi asked him to find he had already determined that he could finish it without disturbing anyone or any organization.

Lin Yi thanked it naturally.

A private dining room alone sounds like a generous decision right now, but in the following month, only the Capital Star has determined the location to open nearly a hundred restaurants on the earth, and one of the boxes is just a trivial matter. Up.

Lin Yi closed the personal terminal, stood up and stretched out.

Little A was still on the balcony at the moment. He heard Lin Yi's movement inside the house, so he entered the house, estimated time to run to give Lin Yi a bath, and then slipped into the house to get Lin Yi's change of clothes.

Lin Yi took a bath and lay down in bed early, but didn't go to bed right away. Instead, she put her hands on the back of her head and remembered things.

He basically achieved his expected results tonight, but Lin Yi didn't plan to keep soaking in it afterwards. He has always been a habitual person.

This probably stems from the fact that he has never experienced the pressure of life since he was a child on the earth, and he has a young fame and a rich family background. Lin Yi is accustomed to only filming what she likes, and then writing songs when she has inspiration, and doesn't like to work according to a packed schedule.

But at present, there are basically no people in this circle who are not busy, and they are even countless times as busy as the counterparts Lin Yi met during the Earth period. Not for others, because the population of the empire is too large, and the speed at which newcomers are replaced by old ones is also several times faster. Once you don't work hard, there are people behind you who want to top your position, and no one dares to relax.

Lin Yi doesn’t worry about being replaced. He maintains the current level of topic and discussion. Part of the reason is to throw a similar fate back to Song Shu and the others. After that, he will be behind the scenes or retired. It can be in Lin Yi’s plan. Things.

Lin Yi didn't stop this way if he really wanted to make money.

Even if there are tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands of restaurants in the entire empire, the Earth Restaurant will still not be short of customers. And as the cuisine of the earth really set off a wave in the entire empire, countless industries have emerged.

Lin Yi is lying down and can think of convenience foods, smart recipe authorization, and various kinds of snacks and snacks that he can find in the laboratory.

The concept of empire's convenience food is naturally completely different from that of the earth, and it has nothing to do with things like instant noodles or self-heating hot pot. This convenient concept is somewhat similar to a takeaway service, except that these meals are not served from the back kitchen of the restaurant, but from a large-scale, large-scale assembly line processing plant.

Coupled with the empire's almost light-speed shipping speed at this time, there is no problem at all for a bento to reach the user within five minutes of being cooked.

The authorization of smart recipes is for the brain. At this time, there will be no humans to cook by themselves, and the authority of the recipe is currently in Xiao D's head, and the limited use authorized to other brains can make it enter every household.

Of course, the cost of this authorization will not be low. At that time, the people who want this authorization will be at most middle- and upper-income families, but this is certainly not a small amount of income.

Not to mention those snacks and the like.

It can be said that the diet-related part of the empire is half full except for the nutrient solution. Other aspects are blanks that can be filled by Lin Yi freely. The market is so big that there is no end in sight.

Even if it’s the nutrient solution, the most common nutrient solution currently in existence is fruity. Lin Yi thinks that if it is made into a hot and sour soup, or beef bone soup, hen soup, or braised meat, etc. All can be used as an option, it is similar to a dish once heated, and here is a huge module to be developed.

There are so many things that can be done.