Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 60

Lin Yi did what she was supposed to do and fell asleep without any psychological burden, but many fans couldn't sleep at all.

Those who watched the live broadcast can repeat the live broadcast, but if the non-paying listeners say they can resist the addiction at first, then the three-minute clip that Lin Yi posted earlier is a fatal blow to them.

Almost from Lin Yi's sleep until the next morning, the most real-time personal dynamics of Starnet are asking for help or struggling from various music channels.

"I drove the aircraft and rushed to my cousin's house just now, because her roommate watched the live broadcast, and it turned out that I was too reckless. Her roommate didn't recognize me and almost called the police...cough cough, it is indeed my problem. Any omega who suddenly saw an unfamiliar alpha in the living room at night might be scared to death. All in all, he managed to get a live broadcast with him and exchanged contact information hahaha. So the experience tonight can be regarded as wonderful. "

With this enthusiasm, when the song was officially launched on the platform the next day, sales naturally exploded. Compared to the immersive live broadcast experience as soon as it is opened, it is of course much more convenient to be able to directly listen to it anytime, anywhere.

Many netizens who failed to hear the full version despite their best efforts last night, pinched a bit and waited under Lin Yi's account early today, and waited for him to publish the link.

From the beginning of the explosive sales within an hour after the song was on the shelves, the popularity has continued to increase.

Many people have various inconveniences in this way of charging live broadcasting, but the songs that can be downloaded and listened to after purchase are different. The price of the seven songs added up does not require everyone's money for a meal of nutrient solution, but because of the stacking of sales, this part of the income is visible to the naked eye showing an explosive posture.

Moreover, the platform that Lin Yi chose to list was entirely his own. Apart from taxation issues within a reasonable range, he did not have any objects to share.

That night, after Xiao A went around the house and swept the ground, suddenly a missile rushed over to Lin Yi and said, "Master, we may have been involved in a financial fraud."

Lin Yi was originally sitting on the sofa watching a holographic documentary, touching plant leaves immersively, and only temporarily withdrew from the documentary after hearing the voice of Little A.


Thinking that he had misheard Little A's words, Lin Yi asked. What financial fraud case?

After being upgraded, Little A is able to express his emotions and expressions more abundantly, and now his complexion is very worried.

Now Xiao A does not interrupt commercials. It has begun to understand the outside world more comprehensively and extensively. The main manifestation is that it now likes to sit and watch TV.

It followed when Lin Yi watched it, but Lin Yi didn't watch it, she continued to watch it when it was okay. Lin Yi didn't know what little A had absorbed during this period. He only knew that little A was obviously more worried about the country and the people than before. So Lin Yi felt that she could reasonably speculate that Xiao A might be watching livelihood channels.

"Financial fraud." Xiao A said seriously, and explained to Lin Yi, "The part of my backstage connected to you has always shown that there are a lot of incorrect amounts of money going into your account."

Little A said the words that the number is incorrect. Seeing a smile on Lin Yi’s face, Xiao A immediately emphasized his worries and the rationality of the speculation: "I also watched one on TV in the morning. Don’t laugh at the fact that the old woman was cheated out of a million."

Little A is often more sensitive to the concept of money than many other intellectual brains because of the memory of life in the past. Seeing that he had persuaded Lin Yi not to laugh, Lin Yi smiled more brilliantly, and it was no longer silent, but after laughing loudly, Xiao A leaned against his leg more and more anxiously, and grasped Lin Yi's hand: "Master, I, I don't want to become a poor brain."

"I can't tell that you're a big fan of money." Lin Yi took out her hand to avoid Xiao A's worry, patted her head and said, "It's not a financial fraud, don't think about it."

It was not until this evening that after repeated confirmations and even secretly sending an email requesting account security verification to the bank, and receiving a safe and sound reply, Xiao A confirmed that it is indeed the wisdom of a wealthy family. Brain out.

The sales boom triggered by the first day of Lin Yi's songs can be called phenomenal.

At the same time, it almost set a record for the second episode of "Where We Come From", which was broadcast last night, which successfully became a program with the highest investment and the lowest benefit, and the ratings were so low that it was difficult to watch directly.

Several media companies that were not able to deal with Yinhe Movies and TV have used this matter to get rid of it, and they are eager to put the words gloating on their faces.

In the next week, Lin Yi's side will become more and more like flying over without time and money. In addition to various job invitations, there are also media interviews and invitations from entertainment companies.

The big companies that the original owner had looked up to have now extended their olive branches to Lin Yi, and many of them even passed the contract directly.

Lin Yi's side is as stable as Mount Tai, and none of them have been trusted, but these companies are inquiring about like a spy movie every day, and they are worried that Lin Yi has entered the rival company.

However, all their worries are redundant, because Lin Yi does not intend to enter any entertainment company. He does not need their resources, nor the other party's work plans and arrangements.

The almost blank space of the music platform in the empire gave Lin Yi a huge market, and at the same time it gave him freedom. He knows better than many people in the circle now about how to do this business well. If you really want to join any company in the current empire, there is no other constructive meaning other than being hindered. What's more, because of the blank space in this industry, there is no good music company in the Empire at present.

The music sales craze caused a high degree of discussion on the first day, but most people predict that this craze should not last long.

There are so many things that happen in the empire every day. Most of the time, it is a rare event that Starnet Hot Search can sit in the top ten for half an hour. The darling of the whole people like Qin Nuo, who has been ranked first all the year round, can't replicate it at all.

In the end, I didn't expect that these new songs of Lin Yi not only ranked in the top three in the hot search, but also remained in the top three continuously for a whole week. It was not until the seventh day that they gradually fell to the top ten. For seven days, and the foreseeable popularity and popularity in the future, let alone the ordinary people in the market, even Qin Nuo’s mother, nowadays self-esteem aristocratic women, felt the trend, and felt vaguely towards Lin Yi. Change.

At least now Mrs. Williams can't justify saying that Lin Yi is a silly bag.

If the previous songs "Dawn" and "Rain" were just for some people in the empire to know and discuss Lin Yi, then no one could deny that it belonged to Lin Yi for the whole week. The corner of the empire was because of the song. The spread of Lin Yi is full of shadows.

Only Qin Nuo had the same level of burst traffic as Qin Nuo.

For this reason, Song Qinrong looked at Lin Yi again, and felt that the awkwardness of being together with Qin Nuo was gone.

The matter that Lin Yi asked the same name to help with the investigation also made progress within this week.

In the past ten years, after Ye Jin took charge of Yinyue Entertainment, there have been many newcomers back and forth. Among them, there are many stable stars who still have some traffic, but Yinyue Entertainment is still a small company in the industry. If it is not covered by Yinhe Film and Television, the business situation is not good.

Qiming is a technical house, and he doesn't know much about the things in these entertainment circles. As for what Lin Yi wants this to do, Lin Yi didn't ask him specifically. However, the results that were finally found did surprise the same name, because there were too many people who briefly entered Yinyue Entertainment in the past ten years, and then quickly left. Of course, the biggest strange thing is that these people who left are all alone. No surprises are all omega.

Yinyue Entertainment does have ordinary qualifications, but with the big head of Yinyin Film and Television, it is still a company that many newcomers want to join. Soon after entering, they will leave and leave the circle directly. This kind of thing is indeed very unreasonable.

Another thing that Lin Yi let Qiming get was the surveillance video from two important locations on the day of the accident. The original owner tried to obtain authorization from the North District Police Station for viewing on many occasions, but he has not been successful. Even after Lin Yi applied for multiple times, he replied to tell him that the surveillance content was no longer available for viewing, and that the police had reviewed the video content and never If any useful information is found inside, the progress of the case will naturally be shelved.

This is not exactly the same as Lin Yi's own country in the Earth Era that Lin Yi was originally familiar with. The chaebol may be able to influence the outcome of the case, but it is almost impossible to directly extend the tentacles of power directly into the police station.

But the empire is different, the chaebol directly controls the entire country. The Williams family has a far-reaching influence in the military, but in terms of politics and economy, it is not as detailed as the Song family and the Xiao family where the emperor is located.

Even if Qin Nuo immediately set out to change this status quo after returning to Capital Star, it would not be able to overturn it immediately within a year or two.

The surveillance content sent to Lin Yi at this time clearly reflected the two alpha faces that fainted him. The surveillance throughout every corner of the empire can also be viewed in real life, so it can be said that what is recorded is exactly every detail at the time of the incident.

Lin Yi watched the video twice after getting the video. He saw the original owner being thrown into the aircraft without any strength to fight back, and then watched the remarks returned by the North District Police Station. There was a feeling of disgust in his heart. .