Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 61

The queues on the official website of the Earth Restaurant are getting longer and longer, and appointments will be made five years later. However, this has not affected people's enthusiasm for booking. After all, the Earth Restaurant is unique and there is no restaurant that can replace it.

After getting up every day, I first check my row number and move forward a few people, which has become a habit of many people.

Early that morning, many people got up with sleepy eyes, and were immediately surprised by the announcement on the official website of the Earth Restaurant. The announcement picture is very beautifully done. The Q version of Xiao D with a military hat is stern and serious. The following line of flying font reads: The map of the capital star store that will gradually open from next week.

Pull down the picture and you will see countless locations of restaurants on the Earth marked with red dots.

Little D has arrived in the restaurant at this time and started to check the announcement.

Now Xiao D is not alone in maintaining the restaurant, but many helpers are hired. For example, the previous announcement was made by the staff responsible for maintaining the official website and publishing information. In addition, there are several human waiters who don’t have to serve tea or water, but some elderly customers have more trust in humans.

There are still a large number of low-level cleaning and maintenance brains, all of which are old models selected from the brains recycling factory under Xiao D’s proposal, pulling them out of the fate of being scrapped. .

Xiao A hadn't upgraded at that time, and after hearing about it, she excitedly said that she would go to the restaurant to help together. As a result, I went to the restaurant and found that the level of all scrapped brains was not a little higher than it. Xiao A realized the nature of his small waste, and heard these brains talk about the terrible aspects of the recycling factory, so he immediately hid in Lin. Behind the memory, he trembled three times.

Having said that, Lin Yi was not too involved in the site selection and management of the Earth Restaurant. Of course, neither the military department nor the small D would feel that Lin Yi is dispensable because of this. After all, Lin Yi still gives them two new dishes every day.

The dishes that Lin Yi has eaten have gradually decreased, but he can accurately describe the taste and ingredients, as well as the cooking methods. As for the amount of seasoning and cooking time, etc., Xiao D has mastered. A large part of the law can begin to be deduced by itself. And because of the huge user base of the Earth Restaurant, the feedback on tastes is richer and more detailed, and it is also very helpful to Xiao D.

According to its design characteristics, under such repeated strengthening and learning, it won't take long for Xiao D to start developing new dishes based on the taste of the empire and the unique ingredients here.

At the same time that the announcement of the Earth Restaurant was issued, the original reservation number in the main restaurant was immediately diverted. Those who originally had to wait a year or two or even three or four years to get the position were all reduced to one month. Between three months. This big jump almost made many people cry.

The military department had no objection to this kind of industrial expansion, and even when Xiao D posted the report a few days ago, it was completely welcome.

The share of revenue from a restaurant on the Earth to the military is not obvious. After all, behind the military of the First Army is the Williams family. They have countless industries, and the revenue of the restaurant on Earth is not yet available. How many names. But today, the operation of the Earth Restaurant is in good condition. If thousands of restaurants are opened together, then the share of the military will be an extremely considerable income.

Except for the part divided into the military department, the rest, including the part of Xiao D, were all placed under the name of Lin Yi. Xiao D, as a brain, cannot completely own his own independent account. Therefore, although Lin Yi's income is stored separately by himself, he can still only exist under the name of the guardian of Lin Yi as a sub-card.

But Xiao D didn't care about it, and made no secret of who it was facing.

The portion of the Earth Restaurant that will predictably continue to explode, as well as the two revenues from the release of the new song, instantly filled Lin Yi's bank account to the point of entering the rich man's club.

The three big families have power and money in their hands, and the wealth accumulated by various industries almost controls half of the empire, but this is only the richness that power holders can have. The side branches of these families, although they can be beautiful, but The money in his hand is really not much compared to Lin Yi's at the moment.

Inside the military training ground.

Lin Yi had just left the virtual training environment created by the brain for him, the glass cover faded, he turned his head and saw Qin Nuo sitting in the waiting area.

Qin Nuo was rarely dressed casually, and when Lin Yi came out, he stood up.

Lin Yigang came out of training, his body was sweaty, and there was a faint smell of pheromone, so that Lin Yi didn't even feel it. If it weren't for Qin Nuo's five senses that surpassed a lot of ordinary people, I guess he wouldn't feel any at this moment.

But there is indeed a little negligible pheromone smell drifting into the air along Lin Yi's sweat. The smell is sweet and refreshing, just like the scent of wet little flowers poking out of the grass after the rain.

Qin Nuo was a little lost. Taking advantage of this moment of effort, Lin Yi suddenly shot, using his fighting skills adequately, and directly attacked Qin Nuo.

His movements were quick and his strength broke through the air, but before he touched Qin Nuo, he still dodged his body. Lin remembered his interest, and turned around to fight again, and the two of them came from the center of the training ground to the center of the training ground.

However, the so-called fights were all about Lin Yi's move to resolve Qin Nuo. Judging from the self-assured expression on Qin Nuo's face, Lin Yi didn't really pose any threat to him.

Lin Yi was not discouraged either, he raised his leg a few steps forward, but suddenly fell backwards without standing still. Qin Nuo's face changed slightly, and he immediately reached out to hold Lin Yi, but he didn't expect that after Lin Yi took his hand, he took advantage of the force and jumped over, throwing Qin Nuo to the ground, and then rode on him. .

As soon as the two approached, the smell of pheromone on Lin Yi's body rose to Qin Nuo's nose again.

Lin Yi touched Qin Nuo's face with a slight smile: "Soldiers are not tired of fraud, so I still count as winning."

Qin Nuo came back to his senses, and realized that Lin Yi was just designing himself by diving, and couldn't help laughing, but he didn't care about Lin Yi's cunning, "Your skills have been practiced very well, but you are somewhat limited by your physical strength."

"Well, there is no other way," Lin Yi thought for a while, "unless there is some medicine that can make me change my physique and break the limit of omega."

When Lin Yi said this, the expression on his face was quite serious, but for Qin Nuo, his thoughts were a bit scary.

"Break through the limits of omega...?"

"I think with the current level of technology, it should be possible to transform me into alpha or something, right?" Lin Yi looked down, and Qin Nuo's eyes were facing each other, clearly seeing a flash in Qin Nuo's eyes at this moment. Panic.

For the Marshal to show such an expression, anyone would say that Lin Yi had the ability.

Lin Yi laughed loudly because of this. He bent over and kissed Qin Nuo on the mouth, and continued to joke about him, "AA love is illegal in the empire, so it would be a little difficult to do that."

Qin Nuo's face was filled with tangled expressions, and finally couldn't help but persuade Lin Yi: "Or is this idea worth considering again?"

Lin Yile was overwhelmed and fell beside Qin Nuo, "I'm just kidding, I don't reject the identity of omega."

Qin Nuo turned his head and saw the scar on the back of Lin Yi's neck. In fact, there is a scar removal medicine that can perfectly cover up this scar, but Lin Yi hasn't used it once, and he keeps this scar alive.

Qin Nuo had seen Lin Yi's tea advertisement, and Lin Yi and Lin Yi in it were indeed two people. Therefore, Qin Nuo thought more than once how much Lin Yi's experience had hit and changed him.

"You don't have to be afraid of the Song family, you can just let it go if you have any plans."

Qin Nuo knew that Lin Yi had plans and plans for what Lin Yi was doing, but it was not necessarily the best to directly intervene.

Lin Yi smiled and looked at him: "I know that if there is any need for help, I will speak to you without hesitation."

Lin Yi and Qin Nuo don't actually have much time together. It's a rare experience these days to talk quietly and side by side in the training ground.

Therefore, the news of the two being together is basically only known to the circle of friends around them, and there is no way to reveal it.

Lin Yi knows that falling in love in the eyes of the public is not a particularly comfortable experience, so she prefers to act low-key. Qin Nuo actually intends to go out publicly, but I am afraid that she will be blocked by Mrs. Williams at the moment. With her domineering personality, she may cause things to go away. When the time comes, most of the damage will be attributed to Lin Yi. Things Qin Nuo didn't want to see, he could only hold back before he could handle it.

"Would you like to go home with me and see my mother?" Qin Nuo asked Lin Yi, "I want her to know you more."

This idea has been brewing in his mind for a long time. In fact, Qin Nuo wanted to ask Lin Yi the day the two were first together, but felt that it seemed too reckless to ask at that time, so he suppressed it, and now he changed his mind. It's almost there.

"Your mother?" Lin Yi was slightly surprised, but then nodded after thinking for a moment, "Okay."

"I will be with you all the way, so don't worry." Qin Nuo said.

Many people in Mrs. Williams' reputation circle have heard of it, so Qin Nuo's tone at this time was somewhat soothing.

Lin Yi laughed because of this. He nodded, "I'm not worried."

He himself was not a shy or timid person, and a noble lady would scare Lin Yi in no way.

The news of the two people's exchanges did not go out, and there were mixed feelings for all parties.

Except for the parties involved, Mrs. Williams assumed that Qin Nuo and Lin Yi were not serious about the relationship, so she was satisfied and did not take Lin Yi too seriously. From the perspective of Song Shu and Ye Jin, they were in a panic. Seeing Lin Yi and Qin Nuo's demeanor at the royal dinner, they thought their relationship had developed.

Lin Yi alone wouldn't make them feel difficult to deal with, but if Qin Nuo is added, as long as Qin Nuo is willing to give Lin Yi a little bit of effort, their life will be a lot more sad.

But for a while in the past, I haven't heard of Qin Nuo's connection with Lin Yi, and Mrs. Williams' attitude towards Lin Yi is completely hostile and contemptuous. Song Shu and Ye Jin have completely stabilized.

If there is anything between the two, or if Lin Yizhen has climbed up to Qin Nuo, Song Shu thinks that he should not wait to tell the world, and then turn his head to deal with himself.

But Lin Yi seemed to have forgotten about it. Thinking in another way, both Song Shu and Ye Jin think that there is only one possibility, that is, Lin Yi's previous royal dinner was just a bluff, and it is estimated that after the dinner, he did not climb to Qin Nuo's Gao Zhier, so they had to converge. .

In addition, according to the feedback from the North District Police Station to Song Shu, Lin Yi had applied to them many times for investigations, and the attitude was very sincere. I thought that there should be no other way.

The case suppressed by the North District Police Department is not only the one involving Lin Yi’s personal injury, but also the case that instigated Archie and the two secret cases involving food poisoning in the Earth Restaurant are also in charge of the North District Police Department. The progress has also been suspended, and the investigation results have not been given to the outside world.

Netizens once again became angry and passionate, and the result is that these things have been forgotten after a few days. If you put it aside for a while, it will gradually become something that not many people will remember even if someone mentions it.

This is an inevitable result, and the North District Police Station has dealt with it more than once.

Thinking about it this way, Song Shu and Ye Jin were more than relieved. The slackness after the negative emotions had been completely reversed for a while turned into a feeling of disgust towards Lin Yi.

It is rare for a person who has never been angry to accept a small grievance, which is no different from the sky falling down. Song Shu wouldn't feel comfortable in his heart if he didn't return this bit of anger.

People she wanted to suppress shouldn't get up, and it was a mistake in Song Shu's view to let Lin Yi retain the scenery. Just starting from reality now, Song Shu also knew that he would no longer be able to pinch Lin Yi to death as easily as before.

But as long as Lin Yi can't establish a relationship with the Williams family, Song Shu has no need to fear him at all. Thinking about this, Song Shu consciously raised his eyebrows.

Speaking back to Lin Yi's side.

Qin Nuo asked him to see Mrs. Williams, and Lin Yi agreed. The two then separated at the training ground, and each piloted the aircraft into a new day of work.

The copy of Yinyue Entertainment's information that the same name gave to Lin Yi was originally only a list, without any detailed information.

But from this list, you can see a lot of tricks, even if you look at it, you think it's weird.

Therefore, after Lin Yi, I simply explained to him why he wanted this list: "I have a reasonable suspicion that the people on this list have been sexually harassed by the company’s management. It was a scam to be signed at first, and then some of these people may even have suffered physical harm, such as me."

Lin Yi's narrative tone was plain, but the same name was frightened, because according to Lin Yi's suspicion, Yinyue Entertainment might not be so clean. From this list alone, the same names have to admit that Lin Yi's suspicions are very reasonable, and this list itself is not right enough.

Therefore, when Lin Yi hoped that he could get the current detailed information of the people on the list, Qiming only hesitated for a while and agreed. Of course, before agreeing, he still took the time to make a report to Song Qinrong.

Song Qin Rong replied very readily, so that as long as Lin Yi made the request in the future, he didn't need to report it again, and just did it directly.

With that said, Qiming was completely relieved, anyway, no matter what happened, Song Qinrong was on it, so he was not responsible for it.

At night, Williams's house.

Mrs. Williams was happy when she got the intelligence of the brain to inform the passers-by that Qin Nuo was coming. The two have not had much communication since Lin Yi last time, and they don't live in the same building on weekdays. If Qin Nuo doesn't take the initiative to come over, the interaction between the two is very limited.

But this joy didn't last long, because Qin Nuo expressed his intention as soon as he arrived. He just came to ask Mrs. Williams if he was free on the weekend, and he would meet Lin Yi when he was free.

"I hope you can learn more about Lin Yi and get along well." Qin Nuo said.

The meaning of this sentence is already very obvious. If Lin Yi was really just an insignificant person, Qin Nuo would definitely not say that.

Although Mrs. Williams felt unhappy because of this, she nodded after frowning, "I see."

It has been nearly ten days since Lin Yi's new song was released. In these ten days, the explosive heat on the Internet has begun to dissipate, but this does not mean that the heat has passed completely. It's just that these enthusiasm has gradually transformed into a broader impact, from the Internet to the real level.

However, at this time, Lin Yi did not accept media interviews and did not release any more news, which seemed very low-key.

However, director Fred suddenly announced the news in this low-key atmosphere of Lin Yi that he will start making a new film at the end of the year. It has been determined that Lin Yi will star in the film, and the soundtrack of the film will also be made by Lin Yi. Creation, everything else is kept secret for the time being.

When Fred released this news, he made no secret of his appreciation and goodwill for Lin Yi, which praised him again.

Not only did Fred know that Lin Yi was able to perform what he wanted, but also knew how many invitations Lin Yi should have at this time. Generally speaking, newcomers like Lin Yi who are in their early years will not choose to cooperate with Fred, after all, he is notoriously difficult and weird in the circle. And it doesn't make money to make his movies, it is the TV series like the dream of the empire's thousands of girls that really make money.

However, Lin Yi took the initiative to find Fred and expressed his intention to cooperate. Could Fred not agree? He couldn't put the corners of his mouth down for joy.

The performance of Lin Yi last time in "The Waste Land" is obvious to all, so it is enough to look forward to the re-cooperation between him and Fred and the creation of the soundtrack by Lin Yi himself.

Lin Yi is very low-key and did not express anything in public, but the account of the Lin Yi Fan Club will still update some of Lin Yi's activities regularly. Whether it is photos or short videos, the business is very diligent and maintains a high fan enthusiasm.

The number of fans of Lin Yi has risen and risen during this period, and the activity of fans has also reached the top. Even if he doesn't have any dynamics himself, fans can still hug and eat food and be a Lin Yipiao.

After all, since the release of "The Waste Land" and the release of the new song, no one can say that Lin Yi has no talents.

There are more active fans, and there are naturally more people defending Lin Yi, and some sunspot behaviors that were originally acquiesced are now beginning to become unbearable. The battle between pink and black is going on almost every day, and Lin Yi's fans undoubtedly have the upper hand in terms of numbers.

Originally, those so-called black materials against Lin Yi were all vague accusations, and there was no evidence. At this time, they were all regarded as slander. In addition, Xi Qingyu, Song Shu, and Ye Jin, none of them were not beaten by fans.

Of course, a simple fan can't be so targeted and directed. In this way, Zhong Wei Que often leads the team to sneak in and lead the wind.

Xi Qingyu works smoothly, and there is not much left to be ridiculed. Ye Jin is seldom seen in public, so he is ridiculed at most by soft fans, and there is no other hard hammer.

Only Song Shu can say that there is actually a lot of evidence for her arrogance, and the inconsistencies in her remarks, pretending to be magnanimous, and actually aiming at Lin Yi everywhere. At this moment, all the mess is pulled out to talk about things. Received a lot of greetings at the moment.

"Anyway, I don’t believe that Lin Yi’s omega could be hurt by Song Shu’s battle when he went out, and if Lin Yi is so powerful, he would be hurt to the glands in turn? And it’s the kind of complete damage that affects fertility. The injury, if it weren't for the damage done to the glands deliberately, I don't believe it is so accurate. Depriving a young omega of fertility, the heinous and the sinful is extremely difficult to describe."

"If, as Song Shu said, it was Lin Yi who wanted to hurt her, but Lin Yi was hurt in the process of stopping it, this is indeed very reluctant. How to stop it? Press Lin Yi and then directly dig out the glands? Thinking carefully, shuddering is how I feel now."

"Not to mention the dense public opinion at the beginning, not to mention that it was a deliberate operation to suppress, I don't believe it."

Most of the passersby fans are grass on the wall, and listen to whichever sound is loud. Seeing that public opinion began to completely fall to Lin Yi's side, Song Shu couldn't sit still. Even though Lin Yi’s fans’ doubts about Song Shu are actually facts to a large extent, it feels bad to be questioned, and Song Shu can’t bear such accusations.

After confirming to the North District Police Station that all relevant evidence has been cleared, Song Shu Xinan reasonably sent a message as a response to this matter.

"I have been forced to respond to the dispute with Lin Yi on many occasions, and I have also faced a lot of false speculations. During this period, my family and I have been greatly affected. I don't know what this is. Who is behind the scenes, but I also hope that the matter will end here. I responded to this for the last time. I am fully responsible for all my previous remarks. I also hope that the police station can give me the results of the investigation as soon as possible. Proof. But unfortunately, this case has been unable to have an investigation result for various reasons. Even so, I am grateful to all the police officers for their hard investigation. And the accusation of using power to deceive others, I will take legal procedures to solve it, because the facts are with you. I think the opposite is true."

There is also a picture below the text. The angel and the devil are in the light of the light, but the shadows are reversed. The shadow of the angel is a demon, and the shadow of the devil is a shivering angel.

The amount of information in Song Shu's post was a bit large, but some netizens immediately extracted the key content.

"So it means that what Song Shu said before was true. She didn't bully others, but Lin Yi bullied her? The police investigation has not been announced. Is it because Lin Yi failed to continue?"

Lin Yi's fans naturally rebounded with excitement.

"Fart! You Song Shu is the daughter of the Song family, Miss Noble, what kind of support does Lin Yi have? You really have a hand when you reverse black and white."

"Oh, this peerless white lotus is really disgusting, no wonder the heart is so cruel, now he's farting."

Song Shu's fans also sneered at each other immediately, and they were well prepared.

"Lin Yi fans are really stupid, or they just like to open their eyes and talk nonsense. Why don't you go see the relationship between the Earth Restaurant and Lin Yi? The person who can open a restaurant with the military, even if he was once a civilian, now who can talk about him Is it a civilian?"

This sentence is literally okay. Even no one knows that the military department balances the power core of the entire empire. If the military wants it, it even has the ability to overthrow the nobles of the empire and reshape the entire upper class.

Anyone who has anything to do with the military has their backs against the big tree to enjoy the cool.

And it’s no secret that Lin Yi has a relationship with Earth Restaurant. You can even see a lot of information about Lin Yi from the official website of Earth Restaurant, and Lin Yi’s name is directly on the list of operators.

Although Song Shu did not explicitly mention the military headquarters, he obviously pulled at the military headquarters. Even if the military department directly intervenes in the case between her and Lin Yi, it is impossible to find anything, because the evidence has been completely destroyed, and even the possibility of technical restoration has been cut off.

Let's just say it's just taking part in the operation. The military department doesn't necessarily have a deep relationship with Lin Yi, and it doesn't matter whether it will protect him or not. Song Shu poured this bucket of water over, triggering a wave of public opinion, and it is very likely that the military may choose to have a clear relationship with Lin Yi in order to get rid of this public opinion. Once something like that happened, Lin Yi would have to lose the skin.

Regardless of the result, Song Shu didn’t think it was a risk to him, and there would be no discussion about this matter in the future. Even if Lin Yi’s black material was fabricated, it would become established. The facts followed him all the way.

One person said that there were two people who said that the military department would soon be dragged into this ripping between fans.

The possibility that Song Shu said is not impossible in many people's eyes. In addition to the relationship with the military, they often have their own Qin Nuo enthusiasm. After the royal dinner, they were very dissatisfied with Lin Yi's Qin Nuo fans. After a while, he also appeared and joined in the crusade against Lin Yi.

"Lin Yi Sima Zhao's heart is still not clear? If you want to be anonymous, don't have any scheming, and use this identity to get to the marshal's side. Don't be too clear about the face that wants to cling to power."

"I really don't know what he is thinking. As an omega, he can't give birth and jump like this. I think it's retribution. What is the use of infertile monsters, the marshal will not look at him."

Speaking of the latter, it is always the same old tune, always returning to the point that Lin Yi can't have children. In recent years, due to the decline in the population of the empire, the fertility and value of omegas have been repeatedly emphasized, and the loss of this ability is a recognized pain point for an omega, and it is natural to repeatedly poke in order to make the other party suffer.