Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 62

In recent years, although there have been many discussions about omega equal rights within the empire, there has been a lack of substantive progress. The mainstream opinion of the society still tends to think that belonging to the family is the orthodox choice of omega, and that obedience and tame are the characters that omega should have. Those who exceed this limit are often regarded as apostasy.

As an entertainer, he himself lives in the public eye, and he suffers even more criticism and moral judgment in this regard. It has always been the first object of criticism when the topic is unfolded.

At that time and now, Lin Yi was not sympathetic in the eyes of many people. One of the reasons why omega was too public was the original sin in the eyes of many people.

In any case, Song Shu is more controversial, but as a member of the Song family, the Song family has always had a good image in the eyes of the people because of the superb social skills of the queen, so there are many people who have a good impression of her.

Most of Lin Yi’s fans are fans. They either don’t understand or can’t make a conclusion about the black material he produced. Although it won’t be a fan, there are still few who really come out for Lin Yi, and most of them keep listening to the song. Just fine, the attitude of not mixing other things.

Song Shu came prepared, and after publishing this news, all kinds of bulletins were followed up, but within a day, Lin Yi had the power and momentum when Lin Yi was hacked by the entire network.

Song Shu's behavior was acquiesced by the royal family, or the queen did not stop her. In the eyes of the queen and the emperor, Song Shu has never been important. Since the royal dinner, she has become more and more part of Dangshe Zeshe.

Even if the military department traced Song Shu's actions, it had nothing to do with the royal family. If Song Shu's actions caused the military to rebound, the queen would stand up for the first time and cut off the connection with Song Shu, and now she was just sitting on the sidelines.

From Xingwang to forums to various websites gathering gossip news, all corners of the corner raised discussions about the contact between Lin Yi and the military.

Lin Yi was almost suppressed at first and couldn't turn around. When he returned from Huangxing, the situation was completely reversed, and the time was indeed very short. Moreover, Lin Yi before and after compares them as two people alive and well, which makes people think that he was pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger in the early stage.

Once the voice of opposition came out, it was easy to converge into a trend. At this time, it was even more concentrated under various drafts directed at Lin Yi.

"From the performance of Lin Yi at the royal dinner, he is obviously not a simple person. Before the marshal, your majesty and the queen, he can speak boldly and boldly. Who knows how many people he seduce in private? I doubt him. Didn’t he make those songs by himself? If he has the ability, why didn’t he just post the songs at the beginning? Also, in "The Waste Land", I think it is likely to be synthesized by intelligence, and I don’t believe that his performance can improve so much. quick."

"It makes sense to say that. I don’t know who I hooked up to Huangxing. I want to use the military as a springboard to approach the Marshal. It was too scheming. Fortunately, the Marshal was very sensible and ignored him after the dinner. ."

"Lin Yi, as an entertainer who is shown to the public, should lead by example. As a result, everything he did was completely unqualified. I think he should have been blocked long ago so that he can no longer appear in the picture."

Both sides have sufficient fighting power. Lin Yi's fans moved Song Shu's black material, and Song Shu and Lin Yi's passersby immediately followed and moved together, smashing each other.

A large group of fans of Lin Yi and Song Shu flocked to the official account of the North District Police Department to ask for details. Although the North District Police Department did not give a direct response, they quickly liked Song Shu’s post and expressed their opinions. The meaning is self-evident.

Lin Yi’s fans fainted because of this. Song Shu and other passersby were as happy as they did during the New Year. They took screenshots of the record of the North District Police Station’s likes, and then went everywhere to announce that Song Shu’s words had been officially certified. What is said is the truth.

In short, Lin Yi really forced the North District Police Department to make an unfair ruling by relying on the backstage.

The latest news from the North District Police Department was published yesterday. At this time, the first hot comment was occupied by a very biased one.

"In the beginning, Lin Yi wanted to hurt Song Shu because of jealousy, and ended up hurting herself by mistake. His assault was originally monitored, and the investigation was already underway. He was about to be arrested, but suddenly this happened. It can’t be checked any more. Not only can it not be checked, but all relevant evidence has been destroyed. What Lin Yi’s fans said about Lin Yi being injured by someone’s monitoring is completely vain. If there is such a thing, Lin Yi can be suppressed. Now? The military department is not the one we are familiar with anymore. Hey, think about it carefully, don’t give people the direction of the wind."

There are not many people who like this hot comment, but the personal dynamics of the North District Police Department have been an important base for several fans to tear back and forth a month earlier, so the following replies will be directly blocked at this time. There is only one way for comments that are not blocked to appear, and that is to be formally reviewed and approved by the North District Police Department.

To put it succinctly, if this comment is not true, it will not be approved by the North District Police Department.

If it is said that Song Shu’s personal activity was praised by the North District Police Department, then this approved comment has become a stone hammer to death Lin Yi in the eyes of countless people.

So far, Lin Yi, who has not yet expressed his opinion, has also begun to be caught up by netizens.

"So far, I haven't had a fart. I understand that it is acquiescence and guilty conscience. Otherwise, I still can't speak out? Are you scared?"

"Unexpectedly, you are really such a person, so disappointed."

"Get out of the entertainment industry, you can do so many vicious things, it's terrible. No wonder your parents died early, for fear that you would kill them."

All kinds of curses overwhelming the original rainbow farts.

As the protagonist of this incident, Lin Yi was not as scared as netizens imagined at this time and didn't know how to respond. He happened to be exercising, and when he returned home, he took a shower and lay on the sofa, brushing everything up to the present from start to finish.

After seeing the official praise from the North District Police Station and the hot comments that were released to deliberately distort the facts, Lin Yi amused them instead.

The North District Police Station apparently insisted on wearing a pair of trousers with Song Shu. I am afraid that Lin Yi has nothing to do with them.

On the surface, Lin Yi really had nothing to do with them.

What Song Shu said was vague, and they just clicked a thumbs-up. There was nothing that Lin Yi could come up with to say something, and the hotly commented thumbs up became more so. Anyway, it was not what the North District Police Department said. of.

Song Shu beat him down, and the North District Police Department's behavior as a tiger was completely expected by Lin Yi. He exited the relevant page, opened his personal homepage that was being mopped up, and clicked the development frame to start typing.

One minute later, Lin Yi published a new development.

Lin Yi: @百度星北区警局, I did not lie. I hope the North District Police Department can explain to the public for me.

The tone of this dynamic announcement is actually a bit softer. Combined with the current psychological emotions of netizens, Lin Yi confirms his guilty conscience, and of course it is more exciting.

Song Qinrong’s military representative had all this in his eyes. He wanted to clarify directly for Lin Yi, and then reversed the public opinion, but he didn’t expect to get Lin Yi that when he contacted Lin Yi. Side's negative response.

"You don't need to speak for me, you can directly express the cooperative relationship between the General Ministry and me, and you don't need to mix things up. It's better to keep a clear relationship with me."

Song Qin-song thought he had heard it wrong, "Distinguish the relationship?"

At this time, if Lin Yi and the military department are separated, not only Song Shu will think that Lin Yi has no support, and will be more and more chasing after it. Together with the online people who eat melons, they will also increase their efforts to condemn Lin Yi. Lin Yi will definitely have a hard time. .

"Well, get rid of the relationship." Lin Yi affirmed, not flustered or uneasy in his tone, but the chance of victory is in hand.

Song Qinrong felt relieved because of this, and after thinking about it, although he still didn't know why Lin Yi asked him to do this, he still followed suit.

Therefore, within ten minutes after Lin Yi finished posting his personal information, the official account of the Military Ministry released an unprecedented response to netizens.

The First Corps Military Headquarters issued: The cooperation between the Military Headquarters and Mr. Lin Yi is only at the business level. In addition, everything about Mr. Lin Yi has nothing to do with the Military Headquarters.

If all the previous developments have aroused the excitement and enthusiasm of netizens, this announcement by the military is no more than a final word.

Even the innocent netizens who were led by Song Shu to question the military department at this time did not really feel that there was any problem with the military department. The first part here is the brainless emotions towards Qin Nuo. On the one hand, the military has indeed accumulated a high level of credibility over the years. If you do not speak, it is actually more effective than the royal family.

Now the Military Department took the initiative to release the dynamics of clearing the relationship with Lin Yi, and pushed Lin Yi to a place where everyone was suspicious, and at the same time, Song Shu, Ye Jin, and even the Queen were relieved.

The media that had been jealous of Lin Yi in the past, the media that they dared not publish more about Lin Yi, or other people suddenly became energetic.

The so-called wall fell and everyone pushed, and now everyone has to come up and remove a few bricks of Lin Yi.

There was no response to the news that Lin Yi posted earlier, but when the news from the military came out, his news was mocked by the group.

Many fans who spoke for him were much quieter. Even if they still couldn't believe it, they couldn't avoid the voices of other Hei Linyi.

"I want the North District Police Department to explain to you? Explain what? Explain that you escaped legal sanctions?"

"Seeing him rising from a tall building, seeing his building collapsed, your action is too fast, I have no time to react."

"Sure enough, the way of heaven is reincarnation, justice may be late, but it will never be absent! I want to eat and drink a bottle of nutrient solution tonight."

The media or others who were about to move and didn't end up were also rushing over to gnaw Lin Yi's meat. You can move out all the odds and ends and write something to attack or criticize Lin Yi, and then scribble him from top to bottom.

Even later, the director of the second issue of "Where Are We From" came out to complain about how rare he had originally got the chance of that show. He prepared for a few months to prove his ability. Originally, if he did a good job in this episode, he might be able to gain a foothold in the industry, but reality has dealt a huge blow to him. Because of Lin Yi’s deliberate targeting, his show’s ratings have been completely defeated, and he has gone everywhere in the industry. Being ridiculed and ridiculed, now I am discouraged and have planned to suspend work first.

Everyone originally looked at one thing and felt that the director of the second episode of the program was indeed unkind, and the wind direction did not follow him. But now that the whole network feels that Lin Yi is a wicked person, looking back and looking at the bitterness the director vomited, it is both distress and hardship, isn't it just someone who was bullied to death by Lin Yi.

The bitter water poured out by the director quickly rubbed against the heat of Hei Linyi, and was sent to the hot spot as evidence that Lin Yi's small belly chicken intestines were not good enough, and became one of the focuses of much attention.

For a while, the director of the second issue of "Where Are We From" immediately received countless sympathy. Not only netizens, but also many official actresses, in order to show their faces in front of netizens, show their resistance to artists like Lin Yi. The director issued an enthusiastic job invitation.

In this way, both sides are happy, many companies or shows have the effect of showing their faces, and followed the hot search. Netizens' goal of venting their anger has also been achieved, feeling that this is after all the time when good people can win the final victory.

"Come on, director, people like Lin Yi will eventually be spurned! I have watched your shows, and they are all very good. I believe you will be able to make your own way in the future development."

There are a few entertainment companies that Lin Yi didn't look at before, and they are also teasing in the comment section at this moment. Obviously, some artists nowadays are very high-profile and big names, but in the cynicism, they are actually talking directly about Lin Yi.

It can be said that because of the two dynamics of Lin Yi and the military department, it is like opening the shackles that originally closed the monsters and ghosts. In an instant, everyone appeared on the Internet. No matter whether Lin Yiliang was cold or not, he was always targeted. Step hard.

Even the crew of "The Waste Land" followed suit.

"I saw it when I was filming "The Waste Land". It seemed that the two male protagonists were eating and resting with us, but Lin Yi couldn't see anyone all day long, and I never saw him eat a meal in the rest area. , I don’t know how big the cards are."

Now, as long as the stone hammer stepped on Lin Yi, there is nothing that netizens will use as proof.

This article was originally a reply sent by a netizen in a certain forum. At this time, it was also screenshotted by netizens and sent to various comment areas of Xingwang. It was used as evidence that Lin Yi was not good at being a human being.

Fans of the two male protagonists involved in this comment, Li Xingzhou and Chen Qiaoxu, were very distressed about this, and they speculated whether Lin Yi bullied them at that time.

Although Li Xingzhou didn't like Lin Yi, he was shocked by the hacking of the entire network at this time. He really didn't like Lin Yi, but Lin Yi said how bad he was, Li Xingzhou could not say such things against his conscience.

Seeing that several other dragons who were also in the cast of "The Waste Land" had followed the wind of Hei Linyi, they were very excited.

The actors of the dragon set are the chance of lack of fire. They are naturally happy to see the heat. Why not do things that can make them famous? Besides, there was no lying part in the employee's revelation. Lin Yi did not stay at the shooting scene much, let alone eat with them. When the Dragon Sets were in the crew, they were jealous of Lin Yi, and a lot of dissatisfaction was just vented now.

As a result, there were several voices that agreed and echoed the revelation.

"Not only that, on the first day Lin Yi was directly dissatisfied with Archie's arrangement of the house for him, aggressively threatening Archie to change him to a single room, but in fact, we little actors are all living in the same room. Lin Yi Although I lived in a'single room' throughout the whole trip, it was actually a four-person room! Many people in the crew knew about this, and I didn't lie."

In this passage, Archie, who is still out of contact, was mentioned in this passage, which made many netizens mind-boggling.

"So Archie had a conflict with Lin Yi from the beginning? Because of the conflict with Lin Yi, he couldn't directly return from Huangxing. It's terrible, what exactly does Lin Yi have..."

"Fuck... It's really scary to say it, but it's reasonable! Maybe Archie was really wronged. After all, from now on, Lin Yi is really good at reversing black and white, isn't it? I'm done. I didn't even dare to say this sentence. What if Lin Yi sees it and solves me?"

"What are you afraid of! With so many of us, can we still be afraid of him?"

Netizens feel that what they are burning all over is not the heart of gossip, but the blazing fire of justice.

Netizens have always been good at rationalizing their behavior while putting themselves on the top hat of moral judgment, and it is no exception in the empire.

Lin Yi has hardly made friends in the circle. In addition, even if he really wants to speak for him, even those who really want to speak for him have to weigh whether it is worthwhile. Therefore, there are very few voices who stand up for him at this time. Less.

Fred was the first one, because netizens scolded him over and over again for his expectation of cooperating with Lin Yi. At the same time, he scolded Fred too. Said that he had helped him to abuse him, wished him a box office hit, and persuaded him to separate his relationship with Lin Yi and so on.

Fred's temper was normal at first, and he sent a dynamic reply when he would be suppressed at this time.

Fred: The script is being brewed, and there will be no changes to the cooperation plan with Lin Yi. The era of ubiquitous people is just a carnival of collective violence. Do you really understand the truth? Self-proclaimed righteous fools.

This is not very polite, and it stabbed a hornet's nest. How can netizens bear to be scolded? This dynamic of Fred has been bloodbathed by netizens at the moment, and I can’t wait to take Fred’s ancestor eighteen. The posture that the generations are torn out.

When everyone saw this, they were even more afraid to say anything for Lin Yi, only Li Xingzhou and Chen Qiaoxu also came out to say a few words.

Li Xingzhou became popular early and continued. He is one of the best in the circle, because the performance in "The Waste Land" is also a small breakthrough, and the momentum has been good recently.

He brewed for a while as a response to netizens.

Li Xingzhou: During the filming of "The Waste Land", some things went well, and the cooperation with Lin Yi was also very pleasant.

The point he has said is so far, it is really hard to say no matter how deep it is. Li Xingzhou did not post this news for Lin Yi, but to appease his fans, so that they would not interfere with this matter.

But Li Xingzhou’s statement is enough for Lin Yi. After all, Li Xingzhou has been popular for these years, and his fans are also well-known fighting fans. Few of them can afford to provoke them. Now that I say this, it at least prevents Lin Yi from being caught by him again. Home fans gathered fire and wiped out.

Chen Qiaoxu's response must be directed by Li Xingzhou.

Chen Qiaoxu: I have some associations with Lin Yi, and I feel that his temperament is not similar to Internet rumors. He is a hearty, generous and easy to get along with.

The fans below are humming, feeling that their master is dazzled by the coquettish omega fans.

"Jojo, as an alpha, your comments like this can't explain anything!"

"Woo, Jojo is really that simple and kind Jojo, this kid is stupid, and he doesn't even know when he is fascinated by the goblin."

Chen Qiaoxu saw a few hot comments from fans, and for a moment he was speechless. How did he feel that he was like the stupid Tang Monk in the eyes of these fans, and Lin Yi was the white bone spirit spider spirit.

With such a **** storm on the Internet, all those who were able to stand in line came out almost overnight. Lin Yi's momentum was unprecedentedly low. Everyone expected that Lin Yi was really going to be cold this time. It is estimated that he is now hiding in the blanket and crying faintly.

But in fact, Lin Yi is very good. He has basically seen those who stand on the Internet and those who stepped on him, but he has no impact on his life if he eats or drinks.

The next morning when Internet fever continued to ferment, Lin Yi went to the training ground to exercise as usual after breakfast.

Qin Nuo was already in the training ground, Song Qin Rong was beside Qin Nuo, and the two saw Lin Yi enter and looked at him together.

One looked as usual, while the other was a little worried.

The one with the usual look was Qin Nuo. He knew everything about Lin Yi, and he knew Lin Yi's plan, so naturally there was no overwhelming emotion. Song Qinrong didn't know what Lin Yi was going to do, and faced with the situation where the Internet was already on the sidelines at this time, he was very worried about Lin Yi's future path.

Lin Yi walked all the way, his worried eyes followed all the way.

When Lin Yi walked up to him, she finally couldn't help but ask Song Qinrong, "What are you staring at me for?"

This sentence immediately caught Qin Nuo’s cold eyes on Song Qin Rong, and he tensed his back and quickly explained: “What are you going to do with the Internet? Do you need my cooperation?”

He didn't directly express his worries, that is, he didn't know what Lin Yi could do later.

"I used the military authority to investigate the database of the North District Police Station. All the evidence in their case about you has indeed disappeared, and that case can no longer be investigated."

Lin Yi nodded: "I know."

When Song Shu started to publish such news, he knew that the North District Police Department must have been ventilating with Song Shu, and the relevant information should be gone.

"You know?" Song Qin Rong became even more puzzled, knowing that he could still be so similar to that of okay?

Lin Yi still nodded.

Looking at Qin Nuo's indifferent expression on the side, Song Qinrong's original mood was calmed down. The parties are so stable as Mount Tai, why is he anxious?

"Then you don't care about these things on the Internet now?" Song Qin Rong asked Lin Yi.

"Don't worry about it for now." Lin Yi said.

It is true that you don't need to worry about it now, you will jump out and step on him at this time, and Lin Yi welcomes those who use him. After the group of demons danced around, it was time to slowly start to liquidate everything.

During the time when Lin Yi was suppressed by the entire network, Song Shu and Ye Jin seemed to be relieved.

Especially Song Shu. There were more than one or two people who were squeezed by her and pressed down without the strength to fight back. She had become accustomed to the domineering and arrogant way of handling, and she almost suffered from Lin Yi's body. There was only some contempt and disdain for Lin Yi, but at this time, it became a feeling of pleasure and desire to get rid of.

The military headquarters would really leave Lin Yi alone, and it would really break the relationship so quickly, which surprised Song Shu, and at the same time made Song Shu jump for joy. She arrived at the Queen's side the next morning. She hadn't been able to see the Queen a while ago, but she also saw her today.

In the small garden of the imperial family, Song Shu stared at the queen who took a sip of tea and enthusiastically suggested: "Now that Lin Yi and the people's heart will be supported, and if he is dealt with, it will be very helpful to the imperial family's reputation."

It is the limit that Song Shu can do to make Lin Yi hacking the entire network. The current Lin Yi is not the former poor and white Lin Yi, at least he doesn't lack money now. And Song Shu also had no way to make Lin Yi really fade out of the entertainment circle, only the orders issued by the royal family would have real effect.

If the royal family banned Lin Yi from appearing in public, Lin Yi would have no way out.

With the current atmosphere among netizens, such a proposal will not receive any opposition at all. On the contrary, it is indeed like Song Shu said, and it is likely to become a helpful option for the royal family.

The queen put down the tea cup, but did not immediately agree as Song Shu thought. She just said indifferently: "It's not a good time yet. If necessary, the royal family will make a statement."

She didn't really agree to Song Shu. In fact, she was very vague. She made a statement. What statement did she make?

But Song Shu obviously didn't think so much. She took the Queen's words as her tacit approval and recognition of herself, and she became more confident in her heart.

Looking at her expression, the queen frowned slightly and still said, "Are you really sure that Lin Yi can't turn over?"

For Song Shu, Lin Yi is her current enemy. But as far as the queen is concerned, she actually has no ill feelings towards Lin Yi herself. What Lin Yi represents is actually a power struggle between the Song family and Qin Nuo, who has just returned to the capital star.

Judging from Qin Nuo's attitude towards Lin Yi, the queen always felt that the current situation shouldn't be the development trend.

"What else can he do? The military has already cut him clean. Obviously, he won't care about him. Then what else does he have to rely on?" Song Shu said naturally.

The queen nodded: "That's fine, do whatever you want."

Whether Lin Yi and the military department, or whether Lin Yi and Qin Nuo are cut off, what Qin Nuo wants to do next, and whether he will make trouble with this, is now unknown to the queen.

But Song Shu's existence is just a stone thrown into the lake, and just throw her into it and know how big the water will ripple on the lake. As for the outcome of the stone falling into the water, it is not what the stone thrower will care about.