Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 63

Song Shu originally thought that Lin Yi had a backing behind, so he and he were just placed in a balanced position, and even Lin Yili should lower her head. But Song Shu didn't know that she used to throw stones to ask for directions, but Lin Yi was the precious jade guarded in the palm of her hand.

After a night of precipitation, the public did not lose interest in this farce, and there were even people who learned about Lin Yi's life experience. Not only did he pick out Lin Yi's little-known rare star, but he also found one of Lin Yi's uncle and did an interview.

In the video of just a few tens of seconds, Lin Yi's uncle talked about his relationship with Lin Yi in an extremely complaining tone.

"When I was young, I was very kind to him, because I didn't have a family by myself. He was spoiled as a son. Who knows, not long after my brother and sister-in-law died, he directly gave the house here. I sold it, and went to Capital Star without a sound, and added me to the blacklist, just like the uncle who didn’t have me. What do you think of him now? Well, anyway, he doesn’t care about love, so I’ll be with him. Let’s just talk about the matter. The house he sold was the ancestral property of our family. It should have been part of the money for me. Now I hope to appeal through your platform to let him give me the share of my money. I don’t blame him either, I’m his only uncle, and I’m willing to move around more in the future."

Lin Yi's uncle is an alpha, but unlike Lin Yi's father, his uncle is less than fifty now, but he already looks like a middle-aged man, and he has indeed never been married.

Lin Yi didn't have a deep impression of him. After seeing this report and the content of the video, he still thought about it before searching for the uncle's shadow from the memory of the original owner.

The original owner, the uncle, is so idle. Lin Yi's grandparents chewed on the old before he died, and later chewed on his brother. Finally, when Lin Yi's parents died, this uncle wanted to marry Lin Yi directly and take a sum of money to **** his blood. . Fortunately, Lin Yi had already made plans to leave Zhenqixing at that time, and he didn't let him succeed.

The ancestral house his uncle said was even more nonsense. The house Lin Yi sold was completely bought by Lin Yi's parents after their marriage, but one of the rooms let his uncle live in for a long time, and his uncle took a bite back and insisted that he had his share in the house. At that time, the original owner almost failed to sell the house to collect the toll.

Even so, the contact between the original owner and this uncle has never been broken. The original owner himself is a weak person. As his only remaining relative in the world, he still has a sense of dependence on his uncle.

And because the original owner took the tea advertisement, he had a little income at first, and he turned it back to the uncle. The relationship between the two is quite harmonious. But when something happened to Lin Yi, when he wanted to go back to find his uncle to be his backbone, he found that his uncle had directly blackened him.

After Lin Yi sorted out these thoughts, his uncle by blood has become another point of attacking Lin Yi on the Internet.

The video content not only shows the words of Uncle Lin Yi, but also shows the living environment of Uncle Lin Yi. The Rare Star is not comparable to the Capital Star. Needless to say, it is not comparable to the Capital Star. In fact, it cannot be compared with most of the planets in the empire. The ordinary living environment above is no different from the slums in the eyes of many residents of other planets.

After this environment was displayed, it immediately aroused many people's sympathy for Uncle Lin Yi on the Internet.

"Uncle is so pitiful, he has such a white-eyed wolf nephew, who is still making so much money in the capital city."

"Lin Yi is really too cruel...Aren't you afraid of being struck by lightning for doing so many bad things?"

"Oh, I feel like my uncle is desperate, otherwise, an alpha who wants to show such a tragic side under the media camera? As the saying goes, alpha has tears and doesn't flick, but it's not sad."

The original owner's uncle has lived for so many years, he was originally a gag master, playing rogues and pretending to be pitiful and miserable is his daily life. Therefore, showing a bit of misfortune in front of the camera is just a means for him to gain profit. What kind of face and skin, where is the importance of these illusory things that can actually be deceived?

But viewers and netizens are very fond of this set. Originally, some people did not believe that what Song Shu said were all real people. At this moment, they also began to lean towards Lin Yizhen, who had tried to murder Song Shu by any means, but he harmed himself. Things.

Song Shu seized this opportunity and immediately reposted the video, with words expressing his willingness to give Lin Yi's uncle some financial help, hoping that he would cheer up again and not lose hope in life, etc.

Song Shu brought a good head, and then many netizens expressed their intention to donate to his uncle.

The original owner, his uncle, naturally beats a snake on a stick. Why would he give up this opportunity, and then opened a collection channel on the Internet with the help of reporters, and received fragmentary donations from all over the capital star within a short period of time.

So in the afternoon of the next day, Lin Yi's uncle posted a second video interview online.

In the video, he first showed a grateful and simple smile when facing the camera, "Thank you, thank you so much. I have received your kindness. I would like to thank Ms. Song Shu for her help. If it weren't for her, I might still I don't know what to do, she is really a kind person!"

After arriving here, Uncle Lin Yi's conversation turned, and he showed an extremely ashamed face and said, "It is precisely because of this that I must apologize to Ms. Song Shu on behalf of Lin Yi. As Lin Yi's elder, Lin Yi made it. Although the incident did not cause substantial harm to Ms. Song Shu, his original purpose was vicious. This was because I did not teach him well. Afterwards, he did not show any regrets in the communication with me, and he also expressed that he did. I will attack Ms. Song Shu again when I think about it. I'm scared after thinking about it. If something happens to Ms. Song Shu, how can I live by my conscience!"

To say that everyone only questioned Lin Yi in the morning, the content spoken by Uncle Lin Yi at this moment has almost become the ironclad evidence that netizens judged Lin Yi to be heinous and did all bad things.

My uncles have said so, what else can be questioned?

Song Shu didn't idle a little bit, and he didn't spend less money to directly send the content related to Uncle Lin Yi to the top three hot searches on Starnet, so that the news could be spread more comprehensively and widely.

No matter how he planned to kick Lin Yizi out of his field of vision forever this time, so that he would never stand up.

And under this kind of rumors, Lin Yi's fan voice is not only much smaller, and many people even publicly announced that they will be off fans. Some of them are big Vs and have publicly stated that they have fanned Lin Yi, but those who have not had time to declare that they have been off fans have been attacked, and they are suspected of being brain-dead fans.

Some people only said that Lin Yi's people are really bad, but the songs are really good, so they may still listen to songs and the like, and they are also dragged out and scolded and scolded.

It can be said that in less than forty-eight hours from yesterday to now, diss Lin Yi has become politically correct on the Internet. Lin Yi hasn't responded to this. His latest news is still released last night, hoping that the North District Police Department will explain the matter.

Because of the many new scolding points and so-called evidence under that article, netizens full of justice were fiercely criticized. That is to say, netizens cannot kill a person through the Internet. If they can, Lin Yi may have died from yesterday to now. I don't know how many times.

Wei Que looked uncomfortable on the Internet, almost crying when he saw some fierce comments, but Lin Yi was still very stable.

"Really don't respond to anything?" Wei Que has prepared a lot of drafts here, as long as Lin Yi speaks, he can send it.

Lin Yi's fingertips tapped briskly on the virtual keyboard. Hearing that he raised his head and looked at Wei Que, who was sitting on the opposite side, who seemed to be crying. He pressed the Enter key to send the message in his hand, and then smiled: "I will respond," But you can let them ferment a little bit, and finally sweep them away together."

Now I choose to jump out and accuse Lin Yi, and of course I have to deal with it together. Instead of letting them hide in the dark, they will come out to disgust themselves one after another, it is better to wait for the ingredients to simmer in a pot this time.

None of the online accusations Lin Yi took to heart, because he couldn't be more clear about the nature of netizens following the crowd. They don't really care whether their words will have a devastating effect on another person. They often express justice in a cruel and reckless way without being held responsible.

When things got to this point, the accusations against Lin Yi came out on a small scale yesterday, and the voice began to grow louder and louder. It seemed that as long as it was something that was related to Lin Yi, then the side opposed to Lin Yi was bound to be just.

Archie's mother was another one who jumped out. She not only questioned Lin Yi, but also questioned the ruling given by the military department earlier. Archie’s family members, who were scolded by netizens for not daring to emerge, also came out one after another to express their opinions, repeatedly emphasizing that Archie’s personality is very good, and it is impossible to do anything to make money or kill him. It must be Lin. Recalling the little belly chicken intestines hate Archie, this fabricated the murder.

The netizens who originally had a lot of doubts and condemnations about Archie’s mother immediately turned the wind and stood with Archie’s mother. Many people even left a message saying that they were deceived and deceived by Lin Yi at the time. Apologize to Archie's mother and so on.

The one-sided support of netizens almost stunned Archie's mother. She became more and more vocal on the Internet, hoping that the government would intervene in this investigation and give Archie justice.

Song Shu also jumped high in these two articles, and retweeted many accusations against Lin Yi in the middle, so many netizens at this moment also followed Archie's mother's personal information to her account.

Song Shu's life assistant Mei also arranged to find someone to do things like Archie or the food poisoning in the Earth Restaurant. Song Shu didn't know it very well.

Today Mei Yi unexpectedly asked for leave again, and Song Shu had no contact with her. But at this moment Song Shu has been overwhelmed by the overwhelming victory on the Internet, as long as it is against Lin Yi's voice, she will use it.

So in the face of the menacing Aite, she only took a look at the content and felt that it was worth reposting, so she immediately reposted it and expressed sympathy, and said that she hoped that the relevant departments would intervene in the investigation as soon as possible and bring justice to the citizens.

After sending this news, she urged the North District Police Station to publish a clear news to put an end to Lin Yi's matter.

So far the farce has progressed, from Song Shu's point of view, it has reached the stage where it can be finished.

There are slightly different opinions inside the North District Police Station.

Two police officers also came into contact with this case at that time and looked at the surveillance data at that time. Lin Yi was fainted and taken away. In fact, the entire process of being injured has a complete video record. Through facial recognition, he has already grasped the complete information of the perpetrator. The evidence is accurate and can be directly arrested.

But at that time the case was directly suppressed, not only did not arrest anyone, but also regarded it as non-existent.

The two police officers thought that this was the worst result of deviating from justice, but they didn't expect that things would be done even better at this moment. But their position is low and they don't have any opposition. They can only watch this kind of thing happen and cannot make any intervention. This has a devastating impact on the belief in their hearts.

Because the opinions of the two factions in the interior could not be confronted at all, the North District Police Department soon sent a new update according to Song Shu's wishes.

Capital Xingbei District Police Station: The video data at that time has been damaged, but the North District Police Station can make a responsible official statement. The video evidence collected at that time showed that Mr. Lin Yi carried a lethal weapon that day in an attempt to get close to Ms. Song Shu and injured her, and then accidentally injured himself during the attack. There is no such thing as Mr. Lin Yi spreading through some channels. The incident where he was injured. Due to the damage to the evidence, the police station is currently unable to apprehend Mr. Lin Yi, so it is hereby explained.

Song Shu was very satisfied with this development and felt that the matter should be over now.

Netizens who feel that they have finally waited for all justice and truth under the dynamic are also very happy.

"Finally, the result is out!!! Lin Yi will really die for me a hundred times! The way of heaven is a reincarnation, it's not that the time has not come!"

"Oh, but Lin Yi hasn't suffered much material loss now, and he is still making a lot of money. It's uncomfortable."

"Actually, I can understand the police's determination to uphold justice, but if the evidence is missing, if such a statement is issued, it is very likely that Lin Yi will be sued, and if he sues, it should be 100% more successful... "

The North District Police Department also specifically responded to this comment on the complaint: "The relevant preparations are already made, please don't worry!"

Netizens immediately felt relieved and praised.

"The North District Police Station is just so good!"

"Love, love!"

"What else does Lin Yi have to say?"

Not to mention Song Shu, even most netizens feel that Lin Yi is left standing and being beaten at this time. But he didn't expect that from Lin Yi's point of view, it was at this stage that his responses would officially begin.

First, about an hour after the statement was issued at the North District Police Station, an authoritative and semi-official media of the Empire suddenly released a piece of news. The content of the program that has always been very serious, began to fit gossip from the title. Many viewers who are used to watching serious programs on this news station were taken aback.

This semi-official media is called Yunxiao Satellite TV. It is actually an industry under the Williams family. It has been deliberately downplaying its characteristics for a long time, and its reports have always been objective, fair and neutral. Even Qin Nuo specifically explained some of the problems in the Young Army Headquarters or the First Army in the program.

Although it is not the official TV station of the Empire, no one can question its authority.

"@林忆叔叔, these people want to talk to you."

This title directly named the social account of Lin Yi's uncle who danced very happily. Many netizens thought that there were a lot of negative revelations about Lin Yi just by looking at the title, but they were stunned when they clicked it in, because it was inside. The content of the book has nothing to do with Lin Yi, but it really has a relationship with Lin Yi's uncle, completely overturning the poor mask of uncle Lin Yi's so-called honest people being bullied.

The video is composed of a series of accusations from different people, from the first casino person to the scene, to the last long-time neighbor who lives opposite Lin Yi's house, all these people have revealed the true face of Uncle Lin Yi.

"What's so pitiful, he is not pitiful at all. He hasn't done business for a day like this. Every day he eats, drinks, and gambles. Why does he work hard? The one who has no skin and no face knows to eat at home. If he is still hard, His family really has nothing to say! When I came back here last month, I stole a little brain from my house, ten thousand dollars! What a **** it."

"I think he is getting a lot of money online now, so he should pay the money he owes me quickly, so as to save the day and night hiding in Tibet. Anyway, I owe more than one million yuan here. He paid the money he received from the Internet. I think it’s always easy. Let me tell you that the surname is Lin. If you don’t pay me back first, you don’t want to go from the rare star!"

There are constant complaints in the video, which gives people the feeling that these people are constantly talking about it as long as they don’t limit time. Following the accusation and the reporter's interview with Lin Yi's surroundings, the camera did not show the face of these people, and the tone of the interviewees was calm, but it became more and more convincing that what they were saying was true.

When I came here, everyone was already shaken, but I didn't expect that the following video will be followed by a more amazing content.

"Weird interviews in the media industry today."

As soon as the title was put out, it was finally restored to the usual decent manner of Yunxiao TV, but the content was still strong and closely related to current affairs.

The second clip released by the media that interviewed Uncle Lin Yi not only included the interview with Uncle Lin Yi, but also found many people to support Uncle Lin Yi’s rhetoric, portraying Lin Yi as a negative image of forgetting his ancestors. , But in the second video released by Yunxiao Satellite TV, it completely shows that when reporters interviewed the so-called related personnel of Zhenqixing, they directly asked these personnel to recite manuscripts and transfer money on the spot. There is no doubt that those people All the verbal accusations against Lin Yi are entirely the product of the reporter's instigation and inducement.

Internet public opinion was in an uproar for a while.

The influence of Yunxiao Satellite TV is not small, and the moment this news came out, it directly airborne the first place in the hot search of Star. It also attracted many netizens to eat melons.

The number one #秦诺# in the hot search all year round on Starnet has been squeezed to the second place. Any individual can see the strength of this airborne. And this kind of airborne hot search method can't be done with money.

When Song Shu saw this hot search over there, he suddenly felt a little stunned, and vaguely had a bad premonition.

It was only half an hour after this news was released. Uncle Lin Yi's collection channel was officially frozen due to the condemnation of countless netizens who donated money.

The netizens who had sympathized with Uncle Lin Yi were all embarrassed and embarrassed.

"????? Apart from this symbol, I don't know what to say. I really have never thought of this reversal in my life."

"In the morning, I really felt sorry for this uncle, and now I think I'm really stupid."

"I can't tell the truth from the false on the Internet. What's the matter, can you give me a big ending soon?"

"I have been silently eating melons and not standing in line. I thought this series was about to end. I didn't expect that the exciting might have just begun?"

"Bet on a dog! There is no sympathy for this kind of person. This kind of person is a family asshole, a vampire! Can you believe what he said about Lin Yi? I have a relative who loves gambling. What is it really to cheat money? It can be made up, and there is no truth in this kind of person's mouth."

Of course, Uncle Lin Yi didn't have any interest in himself. He was just rubbing against Lin Yi's hot spots and the discussion caused by netizens. At this time, the discussion naturally returned from Uncle Lin Yi to Lin Yi.

Lin Yi's fans were given some blood again and resurrected for a while.

"So his allegations about Lin Yi may be false, and the media interviewing Uncle Lin Yi is also suspicious. It is in line with the professional ethics of reporters to directly give money or something?"

"It's a fake at all. It was a deliberate operation. Look at how much money his uncle has absorbed during the day. He also said that Lin Yi pulls black and he doesn't contact him. Fuck, who dares to contact this kind of gambling dog? Blackout is normal operation."

Most of the people who would speak out at this time were Lin Yi’s fans. Only a small part of the netizens expressed their apologies for misunderstanding Lin Yi in the morning. Most of the netizens who cursed the most vigorously chose to be silent.

There are also a large number of netizens who said they want to wait and see, after all, this is the only part that is reversing at present, and they can't stand in line right away.

"Now that I can't stand in the team right away, I stood faster than anyone else when I fell Lin Yi, pretending to be a rational and objective passerby, here are some fans of Song Shu Xi Qingyu and others."

Because of the reversal of this point, the original aggressiveness was still in the witch hunt, and the netizens who strangled every blogger who supported Lin Yi also stopped their steps and became a little quieter.

But being relatively quiet doesn't mean agreeing. A large part of these people still feel that the details they get from various online information are correct, and Lin Yi is still full of black spots.

Many people even ridiculed Lin Yi's fans, whose head is now appearing again for the Chinese New Year.

"Don't be happy too early, there are fewer black spots on your master? His uncle is like this, it only shows that he is not so innocent on the surface, the official stamp said that he has a problem, and the intention is to commit a crime, you guys Can it still be washed? Sure enough, it's a silly fan whose eyes are blind."

"Mom is so mad at me. Just such a small reversal. Many Lin Yi fans went to Song Shu to scold her. What's wrong with her? She is just a victim. Who would have thought that she would be hurt by Lin Yi first. Turn around and be deceived by Uncle Lin Yi?"

"Oh, it's not that I said, some children raised by rich people are really much simpler in nature, unlike the low-level people who are so hard-hearted to die."

Lin Yi just browsed the star network casually, and when he saw this comment, there were many voices of agreement and approval below, and almost fell to the ground to criticize the people at the bottom, thinking that they deserved to live in poverty.

Lin Yi couldn't agree with this mentality at all. Living in an affluent environment without experiencing setbacks is fortunate, but it is not a weapon used to arbitrarily criticize people who have suffered hardship. Moreover, the rich must be kind-hearted, and the poor must be acrimonious. This is a false proposition.

Lin Yi took a screenshot of the comment on this screen and posted another update of her own.

Lin Yi: Why not eat minced meat is undesirable. 【picture】

It is rare for him to post a post. Netizens are waiting for him to make another response to the current controversy. As a result, they did not expect Lin Yi to post such a post which seems to have nothing to do with the matter, and the meaning of the sentence is not understood by them.

"What is it, why not eat minced meat?"

"Who will explain what this is talking about."

The empire has long been separated from ancient Chinese education, and there is a cultural gap with the ancient earth. Lin Yi said that such an earth Chinese netizen is a well-known slogan, and here it has become a code that is difficult to decipher.

But everyone can understand the five words of undesirable mentality, but Lin Yi's current dynamics are still mostly occupied by black fans. To say that black fans' mentality is undesirable is no different from provocation, and naturally it is being scolded. A meal.

"You are such a poor and vicious person. Are you not funny enough to post this stuff?"

"People live with trees and skins, people are shameless and the world is invincible. Thank you Lin Yi for vividly explaining this for us."