Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 64

How the netizens will be bitter and mean, turning their language into a blade to hurt others, is the nature of netizens. This is within the scope of Lin Yi's acceptance and will not affect him in any way.

Every sentence hidden under the mask of the Internet is irresponsible.

On the contrary, Qin Nuo was very concerned about it, and re-logged in without any dynamic account for a long time, and then immediately forwarded Lin Yi's dynamic. Qin Nuo didn't need any language to express himself. His fans had already turned the wind under Lin Yi's dynamic. Although it would not be completely reversed, it was finally reconciled to the point where it could be seen.

At this time, the netizens who consciously are in the middle of the Internet whirlpool have no idea how big a storm will gradually come from behind.

Although at this time I had already given the bottom up on the media that specifically interviewed Uncle Lin Yi, it was a small media in Yinyue Entertainment, and it should have been inseparable from Song Shu. But Song Shu, who has used public opinion to firmly establish himself in the position of victim, has not been affected by public opinion much.

Although some people think that Song Shu has ulterior motives, most people still think that Song Shu is generous enough. If they were Song Shu, they would definitely not let Lin Yi go so lightly.

Before going to bed that night, different people were worried about different things.

Song Shu vaguely felt something wrong, but she couldn't tell where it was. Before going to bed, Song Shu sent several messages to her assistant Mei Yi but did not receive a reply. She stared at the communication interface and frowned. Next to Ye Jin yawned and lay down on the bed and turned on the lamp. "Not sleeping?"

He hadn't paid much attention to online or family affairs in the past two days. A new hire was hired by the company. In the past two days, Ye Jinguang has been fighting offensive and defensive outside.

In the darkness, Song Shu lay down, found Ye Jin's arms and drilled in. Ye Jin's hand embraced Song Shu impatiently, and soon snored gently.

Lin Yi was working step by step, she was a little sleepy at the moment, but she was not asleep yet, she was talking to Qin Nuo.

Qin Nuo felt that he was lacking in Lin Yi's plan. He didn't seem to have done much, but Lin Yi did not agree: "Who said that, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't even have the power to fight back."

This is the truth. Until now, if Lin Yi hadn't covered him under Qin Nuo's shadow, many things would not have gone so smoothly, even though on the surface, Qin Nuo didn't have much personal involvement.


"Are you free tomorrow?" Lin Yi interrupted Qin Nuo and asked him directly.

"Yes, what's the matter?" Qin Nuo answered immediately.

The two opened the real world when they were chatting. It was as if they were lying next to each other. In reality, with Qin Nuo's character, this kind of lying method rarely happens.

"Then you will come out tomorrow to accompany me." Lin Yi seldom made a slightly willful request.

Qin Nuo agreed without hesitation. As for what he was doing with Lin Yi, he didn't even intend to ask.

All night till dawn.

The star network, which had been silent all night, was not as lively as last night. Song Shu couldn't add new firewood, so there were only sporadic flames burning.

Song Shu didn't dare to make a completely affirmative judgment on how Yunxiao TV would come in with him yesterday. Yunxiao TV's reports have always focused on impartiality and disclosure, and Zhenqixing does have a branch, so it is not surprising that reports of media fraud or the like.

But what if it really meant to speak specifically for Lin Yi? Song Shu woke up in the morning and thought about it or decided to put his soldiers on hold.

She thought of Mei Yi, but when she checked the communicator, she found that she still didn't reply to the message, and she couldn't help but feel a little annoyed, and at the same time she felt even more worried. But just as she was in a trance, the communicator rang again. Song Shu looked down, but it was Mei Yi's message, the tone and content were the same as she would usually reply.

Song Shu's heart settled down, and then he sent a reprimand, and asked her to show up on time tomorrow morning, not to be late for a second.

At 7:30 in the morning, Qin Nuo’s aircraft stopped off Lin Yi’s floor on time, and the balcony glass cover slowly opened to dock with it. Little A ran to the balcony to greet him, and said diligently, "Master Marshal, please come in. , Wait for me to wake up the master."

Qin Nuo stopped Xiao A: "Don't call him."

He walked into the room, it was quiet, and the whole space was still too small in Qin Nuo's opinion.

Qin Nuo sat down on the sofa, besides him, there were two little brains. It's okay for Xiao D to see Qin Nuo, Xiao A is still not used to it, his eyes are frequently swept to Qin Nuo's side, and he can't help but want to turn his car wheel to Lin Yi's room. He wants to hurry up. Wake up Lin Yi.

Xiao D served Qin Nuo tea and temporarily cut off Qin Nuo's attention. Xiao A took advantage of this effort and quickly ran to the door of Lin Yi's room, and then opened the door with permission to enter.

Little A got to the bed and pushed Lin Yi a few times. Lin Yi opened his eyes. When he saw that it was Little A, he also saw the time mark behind him. He could not help but close his eyes again, but asked vaguely, "How? Up?"

"Yuan, the marshal is here." Little A whispered, as if he was afraid that Qin Nuo sitting outside would hear it.

"Yeah." Lin Yi still closed his eyes, and didn't mean to get up immediately.

Xiao A can't wait to hug Lin Yi directly and take him to wash and dress.

The temperature in the bedroom was satisfactory, Lin Yi was lazy with her eyes closed without clothes.

Xiao A had no choice but to exit the door, but he didn't expect to see a pair of feet by the door as soon as he went out. Xiao A raised his head and saw Qin Nuo's eyes facing her four.

Xiao A was so scared that he immediately retracted inside the door, and quickly returned to Lin Yi's side.

With this movement, Lin Yi couldn't sleep anymore. He sat up and looked out with sleepy eyes, Qin Nuo's gaze from the half-open door was just in time to come in. Lin Yi felt helpless as to where Xiao A's nervousness came from.

He lifted the quilt and got up and got out of bed. The room temperature was very comfortable. Even if Lin Yi only wore a pair of underwear, it wouldn't make him feel cold, and there was nothing uncomfortable.

When Qin Nuo saw him like this, he immediately avoided Lin Yi.

Seeing Qin Nuo's appearance, Lin Yi smiled at the moment. When Qin Nuo was not paying attention, he suddenly jumped into Qin Nuo's arms, wrapped her hands around Qin Nuo's neck, and felt Qin Nuo's waist. Hold on.

The impact of Lin Yi didn't affect Qin Nuo's posture at all, but it was enough to make Qin Nuo's muscles tense.

Feeling Qin Nuo’s nervousness, Lin Yi had a teasing pleasure. He bowed his head, no matter what Qin Nuo’s expression or movements, he took a kiss on Qin Nuo’s cheek, and then jumped to the ground again, and turned his head to take Xiao Xiao. A ran over and handed him the clothes, put on casually, then yawned and said, "You came early."

Qin Nuo resumed as usual during this short period of time, "I didn't intend to wake you up." He said and looked at Xiao A, who just shrank at Lin Yi's feet to seek shelter to avoid trembling in front of Qin Nuo. Look like.

"It's okay." Lin Yi said back for Xiao A, "I planned to get up."

Qin Nuo probably had thought about what the two of them could do today. Eating and shopping, or simply staying at home for a day?

The last time he saw Lin Yi and Xiao D on the hot search together, he thought that maybe he and Lin Yi could also appear in public together, and then openly announce the relationship between the two.

It's a pity that Lin Yi quickly broke Qin Nuo's imagination. He said to Qin Nuo: "Wait a minute, let's go out after I wash."

As for where to go, Lin Yi told Qin Nuo after he came out of the bathroom.

"I have to go to at least six or seven places, depending on the time it takes." Lin Yi said, "I will pass you the address in a while."

After the same name, Lin Yi found out a lot of information for Lin Yi, and outlined the current situation of the people on that list more clearly. Most of them have already left Capital Star, and few of them are still in Capital Star.

What Lin Yi and Qin Nuo are going to visit today is to visit this part of the stars who stayed in the capital, let alone the victims just like Lin Yi.

"The people on this list are basically the same as me. They come from remote planets, have poor family backgrounds, and are helpless. Under half-coercion and half-intimidation, they have followed Ye Jin’s teachings. Most of them have current debts. The situation is very bad."

Lin Yi also learned from the survey data given by the same name, even if some of the people who have succumbed to Ye Jin, the situation is not optimistic. Because of Song Shu's relationship, Ye Jin's financial situation is not so free, and he naturally cannot spend money on someone he regards as a new plaything. If not from Ye Jin, then most people would have debts for various reasons like the original owner, and then fall into this kind of insolvency crisis. They would have struggled every month to get the amount of repayment.

And even if he got on Ye Jin's thief boat, he would soon be abandoned by him after the freshness passed, and then let Ye Jin make another profit in the same way.

The inside story and hidden secrets behind this group of people, if carefully investigated, are enough for Ye Jin to squat in the prison for the remaining hundreds of years.

It's just that Ye Jin can be considered cautious in this regard, most of his targets are people like the original owner. In places like Capital Star, they didn't have the slightest strength to fight back, and even after being burdened with heavy debts, they had no chance of turning over for a lifetime.

Ye Jin and Song Shu can squeeze them into rounds at will.

This is also the reason why Lin Yi wants to take Qin Nuo with him today. The hundreds of sentences he persuaded the other party to be inferior to Qin Nuo's.

"So I am today,"

"So you are the mascot today." Lin Yi gave Qin Nuo a definition, "What do you think?"

Qin Nuo laughed: "It's a great honor."

Lin Yi leaned over to kiss him, Qin Nuo kissed him along the way, and the scenery outside the window kept flying backwards.

Qin Nuo's aircraft shuttled on the main road of Capital Star, and then drove into the most mixed area of ​​Capital Star. The family logo on the aircraft was concealed, and even the appearance was integrated with the surrounding environment, hiding within the visible range of the naked eye.

It didn't stop until the aircraft reached its destination.

The door of the aircraft did not open immediately.

On the sofa inside the aircraft, Qin Nuo stood with Lin Yi sitting. The standing man was adjusting his collar, and his sitting eyes looked like a wolf, looking up at the other person with piercing energy.

A small piece of redness was visible on Qin Nuo's neck, which was kissed by Lin Yi.

"You can kiss me here too." Lin Yi showed her white neck generously towards Qin Nuo, and said generously, "Or other places, anywhere."

When he was with Qin Nuo, he could kiss or hug, but as long as Lin Yi wanted to go a step further, Qin Nuo would enter concentration as if he were cultivating a Buddha, strictly abiding by the bottom line.

"This is irresponsible." Qin Nuo said earnestly, "At least after I get engaged with you."

Although Lin Yi's glands were injured, if the two really grew up together, it would still not affect Qin Nuo's marking of his reproductive cavity. For Qin Nuo's physique, if Lin Yi was marked in this way, it would basically be a lifetime mark.

Speaking of engagement, Lin Yi became cautious.

He does like Qin Nuo, but he does not intend to change the relationship between the two immediately. Lin Yi prefers to feel free and unconstrained.

"Is it the only way to do this?" Lin Yi asked Qin Nuo, "Is it not accommodating at all?"

"Well, no." Qin Nuo had already buttoned up the button at this time and covered the red mark well. He looked not only well-dressed, but also meticulous and unaccommodating.

"Okay, then." Lin Yi also got up, but didn't care about the details of his clothes. Qin Nuo grabbed his hand to bring the person back, and stretched out his hand to arrange the collar for Lin Yi.

At the same time, Intellectual Brain reminds them: "Detected that the external environment is complicated, adults please pay attention to safety."

The area they are now in is mixed with dragons and fish, and the law and order is very poor. The crime rate is the highest among the capital stars. It is not surprising to get such a reminder.

If Lin Yi came here alone, he would still feel unsafe, but with Qin Nuo standing next to him, the entire empire could not find a better bodyguard than Qin Nuo.

Lin Yi walked to the door, trying to jump out of the aircraft first, but Qin Nuoti slipped away. After Qin Nuo jumped to the ground, he stretched out his hand to help Lin Yi down.

The surrounding environment is indeed very unbearable. Lin Yi, who is accustomed to the neat and orderly empire, has a feeling of returning to the declining cities in the European and American movies during the Earth era.

The aerial vehicle shuttles back and forth, and occasionally one or two intellectual brains that should be eliminated can be seen on the street, as well as some very low-level robots, and most of them are the traces of damage on the building walls. Some bullet holes are still very fresh. It seems to be on the wall not long ago.

Lin Yicai jumped to the ground, and a group of young alphas were laughing around the corner of the street. The moment they saw Lin Yi, their eyes glowed like prey.

But at the same time they also noticed the existence of Qin Nuo. There are layers of suppression between Qin Nuo and the low-level alpha, and a single word is enough to make the other party scatter in panic.

But even so, the eyes of those people who saw Lin Yi just now were enough to make Qin Nuo feel sick. It was a kind of indecent and profanity, looking at tools and playthings.

Lin Yi has lost the pheromone and Qin Nuo is around, not to mention the other omegas. It is conceivable what kind of life they will be like here.

The first victim Lin Yi was looking for was Wen Wen, a female omega. According to the information given by Qiming, she is currently living here.

Lin Yi contacted her on the communicator and indicated that he was willing to pay a certain amount of remuneration to meet her. The other party agreed, but told Lin Yi that the remuneration only needed to pay her salary during the time they met.

The aircraft was parked near the place they agreed upon. Lin Yi bowed his head and sent a message to Wen Wen. The other party quickly replied. Soon thereafter, there was a sound of footsteps on the street corner. Lin Yi looked up and saw a thin man. Where did the brown-skinned woman come out. In terms of age, Wen Wen is less than forty years old this year, so she doesn’t look much different from Lin Yi in theory, but the person walking towards Lin Yi at this moment looks like a hundred years old. Middle-aged.

But it was indeed Wen Wen, the same as the information Lin Yi got.

Wen Wen wrapped her overcoat and looked up at Lin Yi, her expression a little stiff when she smiled at Lin Yi.

"Hello." Wen Wen didn't know exactly why Lin Yi came to find herself, but because of similar experiences, she knew very well that Lin Yi's behavior could not be as described on the Internet.

She only felt envious, at least Lin Yi not only didn't have the same downfall as herself, but was still able to live upright.

Qin Nuo concealed his aura, but his tall figure and overall aura still made people unable to ignore. Wen Wen quickly noticed him.

At first I just felt that Qin Nuo was familiar, but couldn't tell where he was familiar, but soon Wen Wen opened his eyes wide, almost scared of her soul, "You, you."

Lin Yi expected this kind of reaction. He turned sideways to make way for Wen Wen, then raised his hand to greet him, "Shall we get on the aircraft and have a chat?"

Wen Wen had already recognized Qin Nuo, and she became nervous, as if she didn't know where to put her hands and feet, Qin Nuo's expression remained unchanged, and her eyes only stayed on Wen Wen for a while.

Wen Wen didn't dare to look at Qin Nuo, but was upset and trembled all over.

At this time, the weather was a bit cold, and it was not safe to stay longer on this street. Lin Yi took the initiative to take Wen Wen's hand, took her to the side of the aircraft, and then let her advance into the aircraft.

Qin Nuo and Lin Yi also boarded the aircraft together, and the door of the aircraft was closed again.

Compared with the chaos of the road outside, Qin Nuo's spacecraft is spacious, bright and tidy.

But as soon as Wen Wen entered the aircraft, her whole body became soft like cooked noodles. Because there was a lot of Qinnuo pheromone smell inside the aircraft, even if Wen Wen's glands were damaged, but not completely damaged, it was unavoidable to be affected by this breath at this time.

When Lin Yi and Qin Nuo were together, they basically didn't pay attention to this problem, because to Lin Yi, the smell was no different from the perfume he liked. And Qin Nuo also liked the feeling of not having to suppress his breath when he was with Lin Yi.

After discovering Wen Wen's reaction, Zhi Nao immediately performed air purification, and then took the inhibitory agent for Wen Wen to take. After about ten minutes of busy work, Wen Wen gradually returned to normal.

"Master Marshal, please forgive me for my impoliteness." Her voice was very soft, no different from mosquitoes, and then turned to ask Lin Yi, "Why are you looking for me?"

She had some speculations in her mind, but she didn't dare to think about it.

"I will tell Ye Jin what he did, would you like to join?" Lin Yi went straight and said what she meant.

Wen Wen was holding the water glass nervously. If Lin Yi came over and said to her alone today, Wen Wen would immediately veto it. There have been too many hardships in these years, and she has become a little numb and resigned. More importantly, she didn't think Lin Yi could accomplish this task.

There are many things that money can't do, but there are basically no things that can't be done with power. The Song family has money and power. Now that Lin Yi has been placed in a disadvantageous position on the Internet, how can he succeed in suing?

But with Qin Nuo sitting next to Lin Yi, Wen Wen had another glimmer of hope in her heart.

Maybe the hard days will really come to an end?

In this day, Qin Nuo and Lin Yi shuttled and landed in the corner of Capital Star, and they had seen the pickled stalks hiding Capital Star in the corner, but the results were fruitful.

The Internet is still calm, and there is no gossip in the morning. Everyone repeatedly talks about the content of the fried rice. If it is too much, it is easy to be boring. The focus is basically scattered to various other news of the empire.

But not being exposed does not mean that it did not happen.

The North District Police Department ushered in a huge shock this afternoon.

Suddenly, there was a transfer order from the police headquarters of Capital Star to remove the chief of the North District Police Department from his original post. At the same time, he arranged for a military officer to fill the vacancy.

If this paper transfer order is sudden enough and unexpected by the police officers, then the follow-up action can be said to be thunder hitting everyone's head. The new chief has not yet made his way to the police station, and the internal transfers and dismissals of the police station have all begun to move.

Almost half of the police officers were removed, and several police officers who were usually arrogant and domineering were directly dismissed and under investigation. Even the intellectual brains in the police station were replaced by a wave.

However, in half an afternoon, the North District Police Station, which was originally dubbed the Songjia Police Station by the insiders, had been completely cleaned up, and the real power was lost.

This kind of internal transfer, the Internet will naturally not know the inside story. What can be seen on the Internet is just before dinner that day, the official account of the North District Police Department labelled all the statements made in the previous period of time as "untrue".

This type of label is usually used to define fake news. Once a news article has such a label, it can be determined that the content of this news article is seriously inaccurate and needs to be explained.

Many netizens were stunned and wondered what the operation was.

"I slap myself?"

"What? So Lin Yi was wronged?"