Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 65

Regarding whether Lin Yi was really wronged in this matter, netizens still tend to answer in the negative. Some netizens evaded the behavior of the North District Police Department. "Displaying false labels does not explain the problem. Sometimes a small problem that does not change the original statement may become the reason for the false calibration. Last time it was not. Is there another piece of news reported to be false because of the wrong weather?"

This view represents the ideas of many people and has also received a lot of approval.

The North District Police Department only marked this post as false and did not delete it, which also gave netizens room for discussion.

But immediately, an entertainment account with a lot of fans suddenly released a video. The length of the video is short, but the content of the video is enough to shock the perception of netizens. Because in this short video, Lin Yi and the whole process of Lin Yi being fainted and taken away appeared.

The video corner also shows the time, and this video belongs to the panoramic surveillance of a certain section of the capital city. This video is so accurate that it can even give netizens a real-life experience.

No matter from which point of view, this is a tangible surveillance video, and there is no possibility of fraud.

Then the problem is coming.

Everyone can tell from the details of the time and place that this was the monitoring that Lin Yi was injured on the day. He was indeed attacked by unknown persons at this time on this section of the road instead of actively attacking others. Then why did the North District Police Department say that Lin Yi was lying? And gave a completely different, fact-distorting content description?

Another important point is that the North District Police Department claimed that the video content was artificially damaged, so how did this video, which is only available to the internal staff of the government department, appear in the news released by an entertainment account?

These two questions alone are almost enough for netizens to blow the heads of the North District Police Department.

Speaking of this entertainment account, it is of course that Wei Que's subordinates are very well managed. This video was also released by Lin Yi instructed him, and it almost pinpointed the point in time when online public opinion began to change.

On the Internet, Lin Yi’s public sentiment was infuriated, and the source of the one-sided criticism was the fact that Song Shu and the North District Police Department proved Lin Yi’s murder. But now when this "fact" is subverted by sudden evidence, netizens are confused again. Up.

"Is this video real?"

"Fuck, didn't this video say it's gone?"

Has it really become the focus of many people's attention? After all, the surveillance video that was originally said to have disappeared was not displayed at the North District Police Station. Instead, it was displayed from an entertainment account, which is somewhat incomprehensible.

Song Shu's fans and many Lin Yi black fans were still inclined to think that this video was produced in post-production, deliberately choosing to guide the wind at this time. What's more, it is inferred that the sudden reversal of the Baobuqi North District Police Department may be because its account was hacked.

As soon as this kind of remarks appeared, there were many voices of support. But the position of most netizens began to waver at this time.

Even though he didn't immediately believe the video that helped Lin Yi, he still doubted the view of the villain Lin Yi he originally held. Many people have expressed that in order not to slap themselves in the face, they decided not to speak casually, but to see how this matter will continue to develop in the future.

It is one thing not to express an opinion, but the voices of the North District Police Station are more enthusiastic from minute to minute. Just when everyone thought that the North District Police Department would not come out so quickly to reply.

And it seemed that he fell in love with this self-slapstick behavior, and soon the North District Police Department issued a clarifying news, stating that the relevant information about the case involving Lin Yi has indeed been artificially deleted and it appears to have been done by an insider. , But the evidence that the text was sealed at that time was not deleted. Therefore, under this picture, there is an additional text material printed with the certificate of the North District Police Department. The content described above is completely different from the previous description of the North District Police Department in cooperation with Song Shu. Instead, it was leaked earlier. The video content is the same.

"The video shows that Lin Yi was forcibly taken away, and there was behavior against Lin Yi's wishes..."

At the same time, the official account of the North District Police Department stated that it is not clear how the surveillance data was leaked out. This is another work error that they need to review.

Speaking of this, the remarks about what accounts were stolen and what fake videos are all self-defeating. Looking back on the development of the past two days, many people felt that they were being played like monkeys, both annoyed and unhappy. At the same time, they questioned the internal management of the North District Police Station and the work attitude of the police officers.

"There are too many slots in the past two days. I am convinced by the North District Police Station. It is the first one to lose my credibility alive. I dare not draw a conclusion right away, but based on all the evidence so far, A case that can be said to be bad and has widespread domestic influence has been turned over and over again into a tool for manipulating public opinion. Is there any imperial law in the North District Police Department, or the spirit of serving imperial citizens?"

The voices of similar doubts were endless, and they soon became the mainstream voice among netizens, and they all fell on the head of the North District Police Station. There are also many voices asking the police officers involved in the matter to come out to explain, and demand that these people be dismissed directly.

It is not the best policy to allow such a voice to ferment. After all, the North District Police Department has undergone a major exchange of blood, and it is not the North District Police Department under the control of the Song family long ago.

Therefore, Wei Que was taken advantage of by many netizens’ inquiries, saying that the source of the video was also a police officer with a sense of justice in the North District Police Station. He was worried that the content would be destroyed under pressure and left a message in advance. It’s a piece of content, and now that I see online public opinion being manipulated like this, I really can’t stand it, so I exploded it at the risk of losing my job.

As a result, the previous sigh that the government departments were full of worms and wine sacs and rice bags was immediately reduced a lot, as if it had left them a kind of hope.

Song Shu and Ye Jin had already understood by this time that something was wrong. The sky above their heads seemed to collapse with a bang, but the more terrifying thing is that, even at this point, in addition to the fermentation of public opinion on the Internet, Song Shu and Ye Jin's lives are still quiet.

As long as they don't surf the Internet, nothing will change. It's like the last moment of silence when the wind brought out by the knife blade blows to the side of the face when the servant drops the knife.

"Maybe the situation is not so bad." Ye Jin comforted Song Shu, "You go to the palace and have a look."

"That's right." Song Shu grabbed Ye Jin's hand and found himself calm in a panic, "Then you wait for me at home."

Ye Jin nodded and played the role of a supporter very well. Song Shu is like this. In many things, her character is arrogant and domineering, but when she really encounters any difficulties, she still chooses to turn her head and rely on Ye Jin for the first time. Although those so-called reliances are just false words.

Wei Que finally got Lin Yi's permission to let him go, and he was eagerly excited now.

The seasoning he put into the whole gossip field was still fierce.

Ye Jin's dirty mouth for so many years is actually something that many people in the circle know. Because Song Shu was very good at coaxing him, Ye Jin didn't restrain himself from acting outside. Therefore, Yinyue Entertainment will be developed into a place that basically seeks prey for him.

The one who is hooked will play for a while, showing his feet, he can beat him upside down. After all, no matter what the circle is, the appearance he maintains to the outside world is that he is polite and very right with Song Shu.

For omega, who is not born well and eager to succeed, when confronted with him, public opinion will almost naturally fall towards Ye Jin.

"The superiors can't turn around and frame it."

"How can Ye Jin look at this kind of omega?"

"With all due respect, Ye Jin's alpha doesn't lack omega upside down, so you don't have to be so troublesome if you can't post it."

After all, from the perspective of the empire's law, even if he really owns a few omegas, it is reasonable and he still maintains a monogamous life with Song Shu. This is something to be praised by many outsiders.

Wei Que's ability to collect gossip had already been practiced, but there was no room for him to use it before. Fortunately, now that he has it, can he not prepare well?

Wei Que has basically used all his reliable information and resources over the years, and he has also bought a lot of gossip from his colleagues at public expense.

These gossips were originally in the hands of many colleagues, but no one dared to send them out casually. Former Wei Que didn't dare to post it casually, but now it's different from the past, now is the time to raise his eyebrows.

A circle of people in the studio is small for a long time to organize, and the plot is progressive and the overall polished, and strive to make this manuscript true and sensational.

Therefore, it was not until late that night that the trial was completely passed on Wei Que's side, and then it was directly placed on the entertainment account with the most influence, and a group of entertainment trumpets were forwarded together to create momentum.

Wei Que's accounts were originally few because they didn't have the financial resources to manage them properly, but there was no problem with the content. But because of the good operating conditions during this period, the influence of his accounts has basically doubled.

As soon as this article was published, Ye Jin, who had been absent from the topic for a long time, was also pulled into the whirlpool.

Song Shu is arrogant and hateful, but in the final analysis, the origin of all tragedies comes from Ye Jin's actions. It is impossible for him to pluck it out cleanly like a okay person.

As soon as this article came out, Ye Jin's mask was pierced a lot. The article demonstrates from every detail that Ye Jin is still restless after eating soft rice. On the surface, there is a lot of frustration inside, which is really a foolish idiot.

Finally, I gave a very encouraging comment conclusion: In fact, Ye Jin's figure was in the recent online debates, but he seemed to be ignored by all of us. To be honest, he is the most critical part of the whole thing, isn't he? Why did the accusation of him disappear completely? Is it because public opinion is loose on alpha or is it harsh on omega?

This period of wind was very successful. Whether it was Lin Yi's fans who had been scolded a few days ago, or Song Shu's fans after the public opinion began to reverse, they were all awakened by this sentence.

Especially Song Shu's fans, now it's their turn to be scolded badly. At this moment, they finally ran out to a point of shifting firepower. How could they not catch it.

Ye Jin is Song Shu's husband?

That's just right. The analysis of the article is so correct. Ye Jin is the key figure in this matter, and even the main thrust. Why does he take advantage of it? Song Shu is responsible for the infamy alone.

Following this thought, Ye Jin became the heinous one. Especially under this line of thinking, netizens touched Ye Jin’s personal dynamics and found that this dog man also posted a quiet and peaceful post this morning, as if his wife was scolded like this on the Internet, and he was not in his sight at all. Generally within the range.

What is a real dog? This is a real dog.

Regardless of whether the content in the article published by Wei Que is true or false, Ye Jin's performance in his account has become the key evidence for netizens to judge his complete negligence and disqualification.

The firepower of the fans was instantly concentrated on Ye Jin, which Ye Jin didn't expect.

What Ye Jin didn’t expect was that he waited at home for Song Shu’s return until late at night. Song Shu did come back, but he didn’t get any instructions from the queen, because Song Shu waited until he came back in the afternoon. The queen has never been there. See her.

The couple are really dumbfounded now.