Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 66

When Song Shu was frustrated, he also noticed the discussion about Ye Jin on the Internet. When she didn't look carefully, she felt it was nonsense. After she took a few casual glances, she stood still.

Ye Jin's family background is also very good, but compared to Song Shu, it is still much worse. The reason why the two people were together was originally Ye Jin's passionate pursuit. Having been together for so many years, even though Song Shu had been scrupulous about not having a baby in his body, Ye Jin also followed her intentions. In addition, Ye Jin took good care of Song Shu in all aspects of life.

Song Shu relied on and trusted Ye Jin very much.

But she didn't expect that she would look at the marriage between the two and Ye Jin's many behaviors from a third perspective on the Internet, and the taste would be so different.

Even though Song Shu didn't fully believe in the rumors on the Internet, when he returned home and looked at Ye Jin, his heart was full of doubts and shakes.

"At that time Lin Yizhen," Song Shu hesitated and asked.

Ye Jin seemed to be greatly insulted because of this suspicion. His expression was displeased, and he seldom replied in a harsher voice: "Otherwise? You also believed the words that smear me outside? How much I love you, don't you? knowledge?"

Song Shu was speechless, feeling that he really shouldn't ask like that.

Ye Jin Chengsheng pursued, and said, "My mother wanted to talk to you before, but I already refused. You take a good rest, don't think about the outside things first, everything still has me."

In fact, he can't do anything, but he doesn't need money to say a few nice words.

Song Shu ate this set and barely fell asleep in bed under Ye Jin's comfort. As for Ye Jin who was awake, he couldn't fall asleep, but he couldn't think of any way, so he could only stay up until the next day.

When Song Shu opened his eyes in the morning, he saw Ye Jin, who looked a little haggard, was wearing clothes with her back to her. She stood up and asked him, "You want to go out?"

"Well, I'll go back to my mother to take a look, discuss with them, you can rest a little longer."

"I can not sleep."

Song Shu was so bottomless for the first time. Although he fell asleep last night, nightmares continued throughout the night. The current situation is so unfavorable for her, how can she rest well.

"This matter," Ye Jin turned around and sighed in front of Song Shu, "After all, it must be impossible to do it with Lin Yi alone. We are now caught between Williams and the Song family. , Became a victim of it. I'm afraid there are very few people in your family who are willing to intervene in this matter. Although it is for nothing to beg my mother to go home, I always have to go back and have a try. I can't always let you run."

The more Ye Jin said so, Song Shu felt relieved as he wanted to get up.

She got out of bed and dressed, "No, I don't think things are so bad. I'll go to Mrs. Williams again."

Even if she and Ye Jin were squeezed in between, from Song Shu's point of view, the biggest danger for her and Ye Jin was the damage to their reputation, and other things should not fall to them.

It's just a Lin Yi, he can't influence the conflict of interests between the two big families.

A large part of the reason Song Shu was able to think like this was that she had no empathy for Lin Yi at all, and didn't feel that the pain she had caused Lin Yi was so big.

It's just that when the online public opinion is slightly leaning against her, she feels uncomfortable chest tightness.

There is no shortage of guests in Williams’ old house today.

Mrs. Williams, who had been prepared for Lin Yi's visit, couldn't help but keep her eyes on him for a while when she saw Lin Yi's first glance.

She was indeed a rare beauty. At this moment, Mrs. Williams understood and forgiven Qin Nuo's fascination and preference for Lin Yi.

"Hello, madam." Lin Yi bowed to her aristocratic courtesy.

Mrs. Williams nodded, touched Lin Yi's hand, and quickly retracted, "Hello."

In the past few days, she has actively and passively heard about Lin Yi, knowing that there seems to be a lot of quarrels online. Mrs. Williams felt a little dissatisfied in her heart. She felt that this kind of thing was ill-mannered, but if the object was Lin Yi, she could relatively forgive him.

After all, he is a vulgar man from a small place.

With this expectation, I thought that Lin Yi would be frightened or uneasy when he saw him. Mrs. Williams, who was showing a small family, unexpectedly discovered that Lin Yi's gestures did not show a trace of timidity. He stood side by side with Qin Nuo. In front of him, Mrs. Williams felt like an omega aunt on the side of the road.

Mrs. Williams' background is indeed not very high, but a concubine among the low-level nobles, if it hadn't given birth to Qin Nuo, it might have been completely different now.

Before Lin Yi arrived, Qin Nuo once seriously told Mrs. Williams to make her speak softer. It made Mrs. Williams think that Lin Yi was some kind of delicate beauty, but she didn't expect Lin Yi to be irritated by every sentence after the formal conversation.

"I have no objection to your association or marriage." Mrs. Williams first set a main tone in a sentence, but the style of the second half of the sentence changed, "It is the same even after Qin Nuo is married, I believe Qin Nuo's My wife will not object to this."

This was very rude, Qin Nuo immediately said: "Mother, please be polite."

"Married?" Lin Yi looked at Mrs. Williams. She was well maintained and looked very decent. "I haven't considered this." His tone was calm, and he was not offended by Mrs. Williams' words.

Mrs. Williams was speechless, and Lin Yi said this, as if she was anxious to determine the marriage relationship. Coupled with Qin Nuo's stern tone in front of Lin Yi, Mrs. Williams felt that she had been saved, "Now with my permission, you should be grateful rather than brave."

Lin Yi must be doing her best, otherwise, why wouldn't he want to marry into the Williams family?

"I didn't try my best. The matter of getting married is still far away for me. It is not within my scope of consideration in the short term. If it is an ordinary person, it would be fine, but after all, it is a marshal. Marrying him means a lot of responsibilities and commitments. , That is very tiring, isn't it?" Lin Yi had a little smile on his face, neither irritated nor worried, and the tone was calm.

From what he said, it was a burden to marry the first diamond king of the empire.

Qin Nuo held Lin Yi's hand under the table, but his emotions fluctuated.

Lin Yi didn't look at him, but turned her palms and clasped Qin Nuo's hands with ten fingers, "Today I am visiting you according to etiquette, and I don't intend to discuss too much about marriage or not."

Mrs. Williams didn’t even want to maintain her steady tone. She was indeed annoyed by Lin Yi’s attitude, “You don’t seem to understand, you don’t have the initiative to get married, and you cannot give birth to the next generation of people for Qin Nuo. How can there be the initiative to get married?"

"That's true." I thought that mentioning the matter of infertility would eventually poke Lin Yi's feet and make the other party irrational, but I didn't expect Lin Yi to nod in agreement, "From the traditional, or from your point of view. Come and see, I understand what you think."

The mainstream idea of ​​the empire is like this, Lin Yi disagrees, but this kind of viewpoint of Qin Nuo's mother can be expected.

Mrs. Williams seemed to want to say something, but was interrupted sharply by Qin Nuo's words: "Mother, please stop at your own pace. I brought Lin Yi to see you today in respect of you, not asking him to come over and ask. You agree. If you insist on this, then I can only make it clear to you that your approval does not affect my relationship with Lin Yi or Lin Yi's position at home."

Qin Nuo's meaning was very clear, and he clearly told his mother not to push her nose on her face too aggressively.

Qin Nuo's displeasure overflowed, adding a lot of pressure to the surrounding atmosphere, making Mrs. Williams feel a little tight in her chest.

Lin Yi frowned when she saw her, his fingertips stroked Qin Nuo's palms, gently reminding him to restore his manners, and at the same time stood up with Qin Nuo.

"Madam, then I'll leave first." Lin Yi bowed slightly, and quickly raised her head again, finishing the etiquette, and then left without saying a word Qin Nuo.

Mrs. Williams was left behind.

At this time, the spacious courtyard shows a scene completely inconsistent with the season. A large green lawn with almost no end is lush and lush with various flowers and plants. Together with the temperature, it is a pleasant feeling of late spring and early summer.

Lin Yi and Qin Nuo walked on the stone path, Qin Nuo's handsome face was full of apologize.

Lin Yi didn't really mean it. He walked lightly, but turned his back to Qin Nuo and said, "After this meeting, I shouldn't see your mother again in the short term, right?"

"Yes, I will talk to her again, don't take her words to heart."

"It's okay, I didn't take her words to heart." Lin Yi stopped. There was a small pool in front of him. He couldn't help bending down and reaching out to touch the water in the pool.

The touch was real, but when Lin Yi picked it up, there was no trace of wetness. The entire courtyard scene is indeed virtual.

Lin Yi is not a liar to deal with. Qin Nuo knew this, and at the same time became a little flustered because of this.

So what Lin Yi said did not consider, and would not consider the issue of marriage in a short time. Isn't this a lie?

Qin Nuo is the exact opposite of Lin Yi. The reason why he proposed to bring Lin Yi to see his mother was because he felt that the marriage was completely reasonable.