Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 67

Lin Yi didn't sign the company. Many things that should have been done by the company or assistants were done by Zhi Brain and half done by the studio led by Wei Que. Everything he did was pretty decent.

Because Wei Que is good at many media matters, he takes care of it. A little and a half of every day is spent following the trends of the Internet, of course, the focus is on all the content related to Lin Yi.

In addition to the attention on the Internet about Lin Yi and Song Shu Ye Jin, who are making trouble on the Internet, another point that everyone is more true is what is the relationship between Lin Yi and Qin Nuo.

Although it was said that the military department directly cleared the relationship with Lin Yi, in many subsequent actions, it is not difficult to see that the military department still intervened. Truly parted with Lin Yi.

Behind it, whether it was Yunxiao TV or the face change of the North District Police Station, there seemed to be the shadow of the military. Of course, the main reason that Lin Yi and Qin Nuo were directly linked again was because a dynamic picture exploded on the Internet early this morning.

The pixels of a dynamic picture are very blurry, and it is more difficult to take such a picture in this era than to produce a high-quality picture. Just for the picture quality, many netizens gave the slot a meal first.

But the topic still has to return to the people in the picture.

The animation is only two seconds long, and it shows two people standing next to the aircraft. It is obvious from the appearance that one is alpha and the other is omega. This was not too special at first, but what caused the discussion was that the two people in the picture seemed familiar, how they looked like Lin Yi and Qin Nuo.

As long as the pixels are a little clearer, you can basically determine the affirmative sentence. But also because of the pixel problem, many people can take it for granted that this is a misunderstanding.

Otherwise, there is no way to explain how Lin Yi and Qin Nuo were together, let alone appearing together in a slum such as unstable public security.

"There is no possibility of time, place and people appearing together in this picture, so this photo is fake."

"Just say that this is the Marshal and Lin Yi, and what direction are they bringing."

Qin Nuo's fans are still the tune of the marshal that no one in the world deserves, but this time there is a slightly different mainstream voice.

"Speak in a low voice. Actually, if Lin Yi can still have children, I think he is a good match for the marshal. His talent is enough to make up for the family background."

"I remember Lin Yi said a long time ago that whether childbearing is not a criterion for judging a person's value, I agree. From my point of view, Lin Yi has already surpassed a lot of ordinary people. Lower him, kind of despicable."

"It should be that only omega can empathize with this. Since childhood, it has been bound by the so-called omega's code of conduct. It seems that there is no other meaning in life other than childbearing, and after doing this seriously, it won’t be a problem. When it comes to value recognition, it will only be considered that everything should be done for granted. Although Lin Yi is very rebellious, I envy him very much."

Opposing the constraints of traditional concepts on omega, this voice has never disappeared in the empire, but there are not many listeners of this voice, and it has not become a climate in the empire.

Even if there are some successful omegas, they are very few after all. Like Lin Yi, who is quite representative, breaks and stands up, and has such a large appearance rate and influence in front of the public, it can be regarded as the first.

As a result, discussions about omega's O rights are also increasing, and many omegas who strive to break through tradition have gathered in Lin Yi's fan group.

In the past few days, as usual, many media and programs want to get in touch with Lin Yi and talk to him directly.

"It's actually a good thing to accept one or two interviews at this time and make some responses," Wei Que suggested. However, after he finished speaking, he was ready for Lin Yi to refuse immediately, because he had proposed many times, and Lin Yi had always been like this.

Unexpectedly, Lin Yi, who was sliding the virtual reader, raised her head and nodded: "Well, help me choose a company with a lot of traffic and credibility."

Wei Que's face showed surprise, and he immediately agreed to go on, and asked Lin Yi from a pile of intentional candidates: "How about the "Face to Face" dialogue program of Imperial TV? The old-fashioned program, the ratings are stable, and the level of the host is also good. It's very high, and I won't ask random questions."

Imperial TV’s internal capital is complicated and complicated, and several big families are involved. Therefore, relatively speaking, it is the most daring and fairest channel to report on matters that do not involve the fundamental interests of the big family.

Lin Yi nodded: "Yes."

Wei Que hummed a song and ran to contact the Imperial TV station. He didn't worry that the other party could not make arrangements. According to Lin Yi's current topical level and the heat of the incident, coupled with the stalls where the other party was waiting for a reply after contacting him actively, after giving a positive response here, how could he arrange it right away? .

Sure enough, after Wei Que indicated that he could accept an interview, the program team of "Face to Face" immediately said that if it was convenient in the afternoon, it could come directly for the interview, and the latest episode would be broadcast during prime time in the evening.

Immediately after it seemed to be afraid of Lin Yi's remorse, I directly posted a few major issues that might be mentioned. Anything that is sensitive and cannot be asked can be eliminated early.

"I think I can avoid these 139 first." Wei Que looked at it again, guessing.

Lin Yi glanced at those questions, and didn't cross out any of them. "It doesn't matter, you can ask them all."

Lin Yi's generous attitude surprised the program crew, and then became happy. There are many sharp and sensitive parts of the interview questions they arranged. They thought that Lin Yi would cancel at least half of them, but they didn't expect Lin Yi to pass them all.

Once everything is finalized here, the contract is immediately signed. Almost immediately after the contract was signed, the "Face to Face" program team officially announced a dynamic.

"Face to Face" official: At nine o'clock tonight, Irene will take everyone to "Face to Face" with Lin Yi, from growing experience to career romance, knowing what you think and answering your questions.

The "Face to Face" program group has always followed the true line, sensational, conflicted, and confronted the guests' life experiences in any case. The type of interview is like two old friends talking face-to-face, the ratings have been stable at the top level, and the people interviewed are all decent.

This official announcement aroused the excitement of netizens.

Lin Yi rarely shows up in public or responds to news events. This is something most people know.

Therefore, at the time when there was no result in such uproar, the voice that asked Lin Yi to respond was not too big. While waiting for the follow-up development results, most people just feel uneasy about the online violence Lin Yi suffered a few days ago.

However, unexpectedly, Lin Yi would accept a public interview at this time.

Lin Yi did not accept interviews in response to netizens, he just wanted to use the show's momentum to express his own voice.

The program group came soon.

Compared to shooting in the studio, "Face to Face" directly used interviews at the guests' homes.

It's obvious how much money Lin Yi made. I thought that Lin Yi's house would also be a show crew of a luxurious mansion. After I got Lin Yi's address, I wondered if something went wrong.

When he arrived at Lin Yi's house, he almost thought that he had gone the wrong door.

Instead, Lin Yi stood on the balcony welcoming people, putting her hands in the soft trouser pockets in a very leisurely posture.

The host, Irene, is a female beta who is over 100 years old and looks very gentle. Even Irene, who has rich experience in hosting and claims to have seen Lin Yi in any environment, couldn't help being surprised when she first saw Lin Yi's residence.

At the second glance, she quickly noticed a little brain behind Lin Yi that looked rather nervous and cautious.

Lin Yi took a half step back to make way for her. Seeing Irene's eyes fell on Little A, he explained with a smile: "Sorry, my little A is more afraid of living."

As he said that his fingertips were hanging slightly, he naturally touched Little A's head lightly.

Little A then stuck his head out from behind Lin Yi, and then ran into the room: "I'm going to prepare to entertain guests."

A group of people walked inside.

The interview time is limited, so everything must be accelerated. Soon all kinds of shots were laid out in the room. Irene and Lin Yi also sat on the sofa facing each other. There was a small coffee table in the middle of the sofa with a bottle of wine and some freshly baked snacks on it. delicate.

Little A finally got used to the strangers in the house now and began to take care of them diligently.

The camera started shooting, and it happened to pour wine into the glass, occupying a small corner of the shot.

In chatting-style shooting, a drink of wine can be regarded as delightful. As the host, Irene does not often do this on the show, unless the interviewee is her real old acquaintance.

But when she saw A put the wine bottle down, revealing the label of the wine bottle, Irene immediately changed her mind.

If this bottle of wine is not an imitation, it is produced by the private winery of the Williams family. From the vintage of the bottle, this wine is completely priceless.

Irene glanced at Lin Yi again, and couldn't help but wonder if the rumors were true?

The interview officially began.

Irene has seen several interviews with Lin Yi before, and in the most recent one, Lin Yi was not very polite. She made some psychological preparations for this, but she didn't expect Lin Yi to be very gentle and could not see her bad temper.

Maybe it's just a disguise, and it might happen when you ask a key and sensitive question, Irene thought.

The question to be cut was the original owner's family and growth environment. Lin Yi answered one by one according to the original owner's memory, and recalled a few very tender memories with his parents when he was a child, so that Irene also smiled.

This is considered the only relaxing part of the entire interview, because the questions that followed came up sharply. Even though he and Lin Yi have confirmed that these questions can be asked directly, Irene is still cautious before asking questions, and only asks them after considering the words.

"So your growing up environment is actually relatively traditional, and we know that you are still dealing with some controversial things. Are these things you experienced directly related to the changes in your personality? Many netizens are Say your personality has changed a lot."

Lin Yi didn't move the wine glass in front of him. He looked at Irene's face with a gentle gaze, his tone was very calm, but what he said was weird, "Of course there is a connection. Everyone’s personality is shaped by his experience. My experience once killed me and resurrected me, nothing more."