Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 68

Lin Yi's question was plain at this time, but in retrospect of the cyber violence he had suffered, and even a few days ago, ordinary people could not understand and empathize with him.

The description of being killed is not an exaggeration, on the contrary, it is reasonable. After experiencing such big ups and downs, if he still maintains his original character, it is estimated that Lin Yi is dead now.

From this perspective, it is not so strange that Lin Yi's personality has changed.

From the perspective of fans, Lin Yi’s primary charm comes from this sense of rebellion. If Lin Yi has maintained her original character, it will be no different from the large number of omega stars in the circle, and naturally there will not be too much. Many eyes linger on him.

Irene looked at Lin Yi across from her, feeling the same in her heart. As soon as she entered the room, Lin Yi didn't say much, and didn't do much. She just sat and talked with herself like an ordinary person, but there was an atmosphere that made people feel very comfortable flowing.

Lin Yi's face also revealed the youth and immaturity that he should have at his age, but the gaze revealed from between the eyebrows had the feeling of holding the audience at peace.

"But there is a lot of controversy about you from the outside world, do you particularly care about it?"

Irene raised the glass to signal Lin Yi to drink together, and then took a sip. The wine is clear, very good, and it is indeed authentic.

Lin Yi toasted politely and took a sip, "I will read some words on the Internet, but I will not take it too seriously. In fact, most of the things that will be presented on the Internet are screened and deliberately arranged. Under this premise, the content that the public obtains with the crowd will affect their views. It can be said that their views can be deliberately manipulated, so it is not necessary to worry about the public opinion deliberately manipulated."

Irene laughed, "I didn't expect you to have such an opinion, but indeed, I can't refute this, and maybe I have to learn from you."

Lin Yi returned him with a smile.

"What about work? There seems to be very little known about your work arrangements. Can you tell us a little bit about your own arrangements on this aspect?"

"Work." Lin Yi's smile remained unchanged, but after a pause, she seemed to be thinking about the words.

His work arrangements are indeed not close at all. Compared with other celebrities in the circle who worry about being replaced by newcomers and are exhausted every day, Lin Yi can be regarded as leisurely.

"There will be a plan for a movie and a TV series later, and there is really no work arrangement other than that." Lin Yi said.

Although many advertising endorsements have come to the door at this time, it is basically not a big brand. The good and the bad are about the same level as the tea advertisement that the original owner took. Lin Yi does not plan to touch these for the time being.

There are many TV and movie invitations, and there are also many big productions, but from the perspective of the script, the majority of them are rejected by Lin Yi.

Recently, the restaurant is in the stage of accelerating the opening of branches. In addition, the taste plan of the earth vegetable nutrient solution jointly developed with a major nutrient solution factory has also begun to be put into operation.

"What about the music? Fans are looking forward to this, don't you think about a few more songs?" Irene asked without expectation.

"This," Lin Yi said after thinking about it, "There is no immediate timetable, maybe next week, maybe half a year later, but I have another plan. I want to open a music company within next year. I hope it will be helpful to those who are interested in this area but encounter obstacles."

The music company’s plan Lin Yi thought earlier that the gap in this market is temporary. There are a lot of talents but lack of training. As long as there is investment in this area, it is inevitable that the harvest will be doubled.

Of course, compared to money gains, because of love, Lin Yi hopes to see the prosperity and prosperity of this industry.

Irene didn't expect Lin Yi to have such a plan, so she stayed on this topic for a while and let Lin Yi elaborate on all her thoughts. Let a lot of people who are really interested in music have their eyes shining when watching this paragraph later.

But this is only for people who are interested in music. Later, during the show's broadcast, netizens are more concerned about Lin Yi's response to Song Shu and Ye Jin, and the current situation of his relationship.

Many people feel that after being on the show, they have the opportunity to speak directly to the public, and the current public opinion is leaning in the direction of Lin Yi. Maybe Lin Yi will use this opportunity to sell badly, because Lin Yi does not need to deliberately show off. .

The original owner lost his parents and had an uncle Laipi. After getting the chance to change his fate, he naturally seized it immediately. Who knew he was robbed of fertility before he was really famous, but he became a target of public criticism. Another tens of millions of debts.

After narrating about his journey from Zhenqi Star to Capital Star, it can already make people feel that he is really miserable.

Naturally when asked if he had any such sensitive issues with Ye Jin, Lin Yi lost a smile, "My aesthetic is very consistent, and I haven't suddenly lowered it in the middle."

As for how to be consistent, it's fascinating, and it seems to have profound meaning. The lower mood of the audience that was originally caused by Lin Yi's narration also rose in this semi-joking sentence and returned to normal.

Because a few days ago when Lin Yi was smashed from top to bottom on the Internet, some netizens found out what Lin Yi had said on the Internet when he was still a rare star. At that time, Lin Yi had already expressed a crush on the Internet. Qin Nuo's mind.

Combined with his subsequent speeches, whether he always refers to this has become a hot topic of discussion. As for the derogation of Ye Jinming's work, there was no objection from anyone. After all, even fans of Ye Jin's delinquency, they couldn't say that Ye Jin was better than Qin Nuo without conscience.

Irene knows very well what kind of content audiences want to watch, which will cause high ratings, so how could she miss this opportunity to ask more closely, and immediately asked, "Aesthetic consistent literal understanding refers to what you have publicly expressed. The liking has never changed. In other words, the marshal do you like?"

It seems a bit too unreserved to say publicly about who you like or not and put it elsewhere. However, things like Qin Nuo are a special case in the empire, because there are too many people who like him. It’s not surprising, even if Lin Yi is not that special.

Lin Yi did not detour, and nodded and admitted: "There is nothing wrong." When he said this, the expression on his face was still relaxed, as if he was saying what to eat at noon. And even more frank, he didn't feel that he didn't match Qin Nuo in any way.

"Then you are now," Irene originally wanted to ask Lin Yi about the relationship between Qin Nuo and Lin Yi, but it took a while to recall that this question was not included in the question list originally drawn up. This stopped the conversation, and she felt Can't help but feel a little pity.

I didn't list it at the time because I thought Lin Yi would not respond to this kind of question, but now I feel that if I list it, I might get a response.

Of course, Lin Yi did not appear on the program to satisfy the gossip psychology of netizens. After talking about the issues that need to be said, the topic returned to Lin Yi's current controversy.

"I think this turmoil actually brought you growth. From this perspective, is it also an experience?"

Irene's words are not uncommon. Most of the time, many people will look back at their past life experiences and feel that the setbacks they encountered at the time are to a certain extent a growth education worthy of gratitude.

"It is indeed a time of growth that brought me a painful, hellish experience, no one would want to fall on me." Lin Yi threw out a few adjectives, completely indicating that he did not want to parse any positive information from this experience. .

Irene was a little embarrassed for a while, but before she thought of the transitional words, Lin Yi had already said, "There are not a few people who have experienced something like mine, so I prefer not to put this matter on the Internet. I hope it can be resolved from a realistic legal level."

"There are a lot of people with similar experiences?" Irene was really stunned, but she quickly grasped the key points and stepped up to ask questions, seeking to dig out bigger news points.

Lin Yi looked away from her and faced the camera directly, as if talking to someone outside the camera.

"If you have had a similar experience to me, but cannot speak up for yourself, but are hungry for justice, you can contact me through the email I will post in your personal news later, and I will keep your information completely confidential."

In this way, Irene almost knew what Lin Yi meant without asking.

Lin Yi turned her head back to answer Irene’s question: "Miss Irene is also a member of the circle, and I must not be too unfamiliar with this circle. It’s not uncommon to intimidate to do things that go against one’s will, isn’t it? And under this almost customary rule, like me, I’ve encountered people on the darker side, most of whom have lost the opportunity to make their own voices. , Because for some people, wanting to give and ask, holding another life of the same structure as oneself in their hands does not consider themselves evil, but just normal.

But can you stop resisting because this is the norm? I think this is unreasonable. "

Irene was slightly surprised, but quickly nodded in agreement, and exclaimed, "In this case, what you are doing is an amazing thing."

There are countless viewers waiting for the show to air, and there are many discussions on the key points of the show after the show is aired.

The main concern naturally fell on Lin Yi's final expression, which was undoubtedly a huge shock bomb thrown by Lin Yi.

He was not suggesting anything, but nakedly telling the spectators the blood dripping in the industry. Looking back at Lin Yi again, who can deny that he is special?

No one can deny it. And because of this undeniable weight, you can know what the unspecial "Lin Yi" might have encountered after careful consideration. The same experience as Lin Yi said makes people tremble when they think about it. A powerful party can play with power wantonly, hurt another person’s body, hit another person’s soul, and then use the worst methods Completely defeat the opponent without taking any responsibility.

Thinking about it this way, not only the people in the industry who know Lin Yi’s pains and pains, but even the onlookers can’t help feeling trembling with this idea, coexisting with them so grandly because of the dark side hidden in the corner. Feeling chills at the moment.