Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 69

The eye-catching netizens did not miss many details in the show.

The first is Lin Yi's residence, which not only surprised Irene, but also surprised most netizens. Many people think that Lin Yi will live in a large mansion, but the house he lives in is no different from most netizens, that is, ordinary people.

There is also a section in the middle of the program that introduces the small A, which shows that it is Lin Yi's first intellectual brain. Combined, Lin Yi is not only simple, but also affectionate.

This part alone can give Lin Yi a lot of points.

Because of Uncle Lin Yi's smear on the Internet, many people regarded Lin Yi as a vain person. The so-called spreading rumors with one mouth and running off the rumors, even though the so-called poor Uncle Lin Yi in the back has been proven to be a dog gambler, people still have a fixed impression of Lin Yi.

After this episode was broadcast, many people were surprised at Lin Yi's residence and lifestyle, but they also naturally changed their views on Lin Yi in this regard.

Even if there is still a business with black fans, saying that this is deliberately pretending to be on the show, I usually don't live here so often, but after all, it is only a minority, and it does not bring any waves.

Except for the deep connotation that Lin Yi said at the end of the show, the second thing that caught people's attention in the first half of the show was the small details in the scene.

The bottle of wine that Lin Yi and Irene had tasted in the lens was ordered by knowledgeable netizens.

"Williams Private Winery's wine is not for sale. It occasionally appears at some important banquet occasions, and the specifications of these banquets cannot be low. So, after all, why does Lin Yi have this wine at home?"

"Or is it bought? Maybe from the Earth restaurant?"

"Or just a fake." Someone speculated like this.

Someone also confronted the possibility, "Maybe it was taken directly from the Marshal, but in fact, I think Lin Yi and Marshal are a good match..."

As soon as this voice came out, he was immediately chased by the serial reply. It's not against Lin Yi, it's just that the omega, who has something to do with Qin Nuo, has received the same treatment so far, even if the family is excellent.

And often after the curse, Lalang's voice will be lowered, but this time it is not like this.

Lin Yi's fans have long been trained with amazing combat power in the repeated tearing battles. At this time, they faced Qin Nuo fans' counterattacks mixed with black powder and directly pinched them.

Not only the detail of the red wine, but the logo of the Military Scientific Research Center on the shell can also be seen where Xiao A's body was photographed by the lens. In addition, there were also fermented photos of suspected Lin Yi and Qin Nuo appearing in the slums together. Looking at the incident together, Lin Yi and Qin Nuo did have an indistinct relationship.

"Why is Lin Yi not worthy of Qin Nuo? I don't like some omegas that die every day. That said, people are not worthy, those people are toads, why, everyone else is toads, but you are swan meat. I didn’t take out a mirror to take a picture by myself. It’s not better than her age, she is not better than her age, her ability is not better than her, the marshal did not say anything, you are the busiest."

This counterattack of Lin Yi fans was voted in favor of popular, which fully demonstrated the attitude of a large part of Lin Yi fans.

"Damn, Lin Yi is a treasure on earth! I can watch the live broadcast of the last concert three times a day. Every second is a pictorial. Why don't you just take a screenshot? I get goose bumps every time I watch it. Seriously, I don't want Lin Yi to really get involved with the Marshal, Lin Yi is still young."

This is directly inferior to Qin Nuo's meaning. This is not so much a bold statement, as it is directly stepping Qin Nuo's fans on the ground. Stepping on Qin Nuo is much more serious than stepping on fans.

Inevitably, the curse rumbled.

Lin Yi's fans were surprisingly consistent with Qin Nuo's fans, and they didn't take the initiative to tear it. After all, Lin Yi expressed his liking for Qin Nuo more than once, and tearing Qin Nuo directly might hurt Lin Yi's heart.

If the two are really together, then blessings too. But if Qin Nuo's fans stepped on Lin Yi because of this, then the fans would naturally not be polite, and it would be over.

Qin Nuo's fan base is indeed huge, and it is no exaggeration to say that it includes all eight to eighty years old. However, the real eight-year-old and eighty-year-old fans are not active in the online world, so the number of active parts is not surprising.

Lin Yi's fans came from the battle with black fans. The **** turmoil of the cyber war they experienced was ups and downs. The other key is that Wei Que’s fan heads have a variety of positive rhythms, and the advance and retreat are orderly offensive and defensive, and Qin Nuo fans are really not afraid of facing the Gang.

So this day, netizens witnessed a strange phenomenon. For more than a decade, Qin Nuo's fans who tore through various omegas, but not Lin Yi's fans, were hammered on the ground.

What a wonder is this? The fear of being dominated by Qin Nuo fans at the time seemed to be shattered.

Of course, the reason why things went so smoothly was that Qin Nuo's fans were divided.

"Why do you scold Lin Yi? In my opinion, he is the person who best meets Marshal's mate selection criteria. I think the reason the Marshal has not had any relations with the opposite **** for so many years has nothing to do with the maintenance of fans. Be sober, Marshal He is not an idol in the entertainment industry, he is someone who really has nothing to do with the entertainment industry. Most people like the Marshal because of his physique, family background and achievements, right? But everyone has never thought about the Marshal himself. Bar?

I think it is precisely because the Marshal himself is very disgusted with the Empire’s current attitudes towards marriage, family and heterosexual relations that have been procrastinating in this way. From this perspective, isn't Lin Yi's deviant behavior that you are talking about might attract the Marshal? "

Omega's awakening trend of thought is not absent, but has been suppressed by traditional public opinion. After all, this is a society dominated by alpha, and it is not easy to really change the status quo.

Many of Lin Yi's words and deeds violated ethics in the eyes of some omegas, but in the eyes of other omegas, they said something that they had never been able to say, or that no one would listen to.

After this issue of "Face to Face" was broadcast during prime time, it was delivered to the corners of the empire. Rarely ushered in a new peak in ratings over the years.

And Lin Yi did publish a new news immediately after the show ended. The news contained a positive email account.

Hidden in every corner of the empire, after watching this episode, the people who were touched by Lin Yi's words compose their words into words and send them to the mailbox number left by Lin Yi.

After the wisdom brain screened out irrelevant content that fans confessed or cursed by black fans, Lin Yi received more than 30 letters in one night of Kung Fu.

Among the thirty-odd letters, some of them were not victims of Ye Jin's hands, but were sent by people who had similar experiences but were unable to defend their rights.

The broadcast of "Face to Face" allowed Song Shu and Ye Jin to understand what Lin Yi wanted to do. If they were to be investigated for what they did from the legal level, it was indeed a felony. But who in this circle picked it clean? After all, the interlocking network of relationships must shield each other in order to protect themselves.

It’s not that no one wanted to take these things to the law before, but the results were even worse. With such a few precedents, in the end, there would be no one who dared to be true and resist.

It was also because of Lin Yi's unobtrusive statement that the empire's public opinion focused on whether the entertainment industry, which was full of glitz and fame, was so corrupt and decayed inside.

Many names that appeared and then disappeared were dug up by netizens. The wound that no one paid attention to for a long time was suddenly focused on countless sights, and people discovered that the wound had long been purulent and had sores. Many unspoken rules within the industry are not only blatant, but also lawless.

Many people working in the industry came out anonymously to comment.

"In fact, it's really normal... When Lin Yi started to make trouble, I knew what was going on when I discussed it with my colleagues. At Silver Moon Entertainment, it's hard to say anything. It's not just Silver Moon Entertainment. Most entertainment companies have hidden rules. To put it bluntly, in this circle, as long as you have a little power in your hands, you can taste countless sweets. Many celebrities that everyone is familiar with, except for the lucky ones. Part of it came from a lot of hardships. Unless it is really a big card or there is a backing behind it, or even the front line, it often depends on the face of the person."

"There is a bright side in this circle, but the black is indeed black."

"Shhh, I know one thing. Before, there was a female omega star who was often scolded on hot searches, saying that she was sociable and scolded very badly. In fact, she is really not willing to be in and out of so many men frequently, it is true. There is no way, it seems that a big guy has been taken care of behind him, so I only serve that big guy alone."

This related anonymous revelation posted a lot of information, basically every floor has an anise. Countless netizens came here after hearing the news, or wrote down the news they had heard, or just watched, and hundreds of thousands of floors were built in one night.

In the early morning of the next day, it became a hot post on Starnet, with a fiery red sticking sign. Sticking to the top is not a star network operation, but an automatic identification after the popularity reaches a certain level.

However, this stick did not exist for long. About half an hour after it was put on top, the whole hot stick suddenly disappeared from the star network.

Many netizens were looking at the post halfway through, first froze, and then angry at the obvious cover-up.

"??? I didn't believe in some of the content in this post, but it has been deleted now? Then I can only understand that what is said in this post is true."

"Oh, this post is really gloomy. After reading it, I feel that the world is not good. Why are so many unimaginable things happening around our lives."

"The reality is like this. The empire is controlled by several big families. Excessive concentration of power can make people intoxicated and selfless, and power can turn people into demons."

At this point, public opinion has been strongly turned to Lin Yi's side, and at the same time the focus has been aimed at Ye Jin and Song Shu. The couple fell into the center of the whirlpool of public opinion only by one step.

And this kick came later at noon that day.

The North District Police Department suddenly announced the investigation results of the two cases.