Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 6

Lin Yi recovered from her thoughts, and her eyes fell on Qin Nuo's face frozen on the screen again.

He leaned on the sofa with his elbows, his fingertips bent into fists, he held his cheeks in a leisurely posture, and still looked up at Qin Nuo almost as if he was in front of him. There was not much turbulence in his eyes, but There was a little interest in it without concealment.

Lin Yi looked at Qin Nuo with pure appreciation for abandoning the physiological mechanism. From his pursed lips, he saw his jade-green eyes, as well as every inch of the opposing party’s heroic edges and corners, as well as those wrapped in military uniforms. Perfect posture.

Lin Yi's fingertips swept across the soft surface of the sofa unconsciously, and then he lowered his eyes to cover the bright light inside, but there was a faint smile on the corners of his mouth.

Qin Nuo, the first heir of the Williams family, the marshal of the first legion, the alpha of the first empire currently has the strongest physique.

No matter which one of these colorful titles was picked out and thrown to others, it was enough to make people complacent, but they were piled on one person, and Lin Yi had to be impressed.

He turned off the video and continued to look down.

Qin Nuo's video data is obviously very few, the following content is the video data of several battles that Qin Nuo participated in.

Although there has not been a major war threatening the empire in the past 50 years, there are often frictions with opponents of other countries on fringe planets. The Wild Star where the First Army led by Qin Nuo was stationed was the first to bear the brunt, and was the rear of the main battlefield.

Lin Yi clicked into one of them with the mentality of casual browsing. Originally, he just wanted to watch it casually, but he didn't expect that as soon as he entered the video, the surrounding environment would deeply grasp him.

The real-world experience mode of the video has not yet exited. As Lin Yi watched it, the room he was in instantly turned into a battleship. Through the transparent window not far away, one could clearly see that the group was surrounded in front of him. Their enemy warships, without waiting to give him any time to adapt, the five warships on the opposite side fired a cannonball together and aimed at their warship.

The two soldiers in the cockpit did not retreat in the slightest. They flexibly controlled their warships and shuttled back and forth in the limited space.

But even so, the battleship was hit by several artillery shells, which seriously affected the speed of flight, and the impact of the explosion caused the battleship to sway severely.

The space is pitch black, and the only things that show light are the enemy's battleships and muzzles, like horns of death. Two soldiers in the cockpit were concentrating on manipulating their own aircraft, and one of them calmly said: "They will find their main battleship soon."

The other is manipulating the steering stick, looking straight ahead with grim brows.

The warship swayed continuously, and the voice of the brain rang out in the cabin: "Safety warning, safety warning, please leave the warship immediately."

The soldier piloting the warship raised his head at this moment. What Lin Yi saw was a young and determined face. He said to Zhi Nao: "Activate No. 3 for the record and report to me about the spacecraft."

Wisdom's warning sound stopped, and then he paused: "The spacecraft has only 10% power left to advance, and the outer defense has failed. Are you sure you want to start the No. 3 filing?"


"The self-destruct system has been activated, and the countdown is one minute." Zhi Nao said, "Brave fighters, it is my honor to cooperate with you."

Another soldier who had been focusing on the control panel in front of him slapped the panel with joy at this moment, "found it."

Brain: "The battleship is advancing at full speed."

The dilapidated warship seemed to be rejuvenated at this time. It plunged into the darkness, and then suicidally crashed into the tail of the enemy ship, forming two groups in space in a way that the opponent hadn't expected. Fiercely burning flames that continue to explode.

Lin Yixin's head was slammed, and gradually only the boundless darkness in space remained in her sight.

After the video was played, he automatically exited, but Lin Yi's emotions could not be recovered. Although he knew that the war was fierce, he had never witnessed the tragic and majesty of a war because he was born in a peaceful age.

In just a few minutes, he actually stood in the cockpit, witnessing the choices made by the two soldiers during the siege from the first point of view, witnessing the fall and demise, the impact of this feeling, Lin Yi It is even difficult to accurately describe it in words.

The silence in space blended with the silent fire explosion, Lin Yi was surging emotional conflicts in her heart, and spent the whole afternoon sitting on the sofa almost motionless, focusing on writing this fierce war tune. Came out.

When he put down the virtual stylus, he shook his sore wrist, and moved his stiff neck. The nutrient solution in his stomach has been digested clean, but fortunately, Little A is already chubby and standing beside him waiting, with a cup of nutrient solution on his head.

Lin Yi took a sip of the nutrient solution, stood up, took the cup in his hand, and walked to the balcony.

At this time, the sky was completely dark outside the window, and there was a half-truth and half-false moon hanging in the sky.

Lin Yi turned her head and asked the little A who followed him: "Will the outside air do a lot of damage to my body?"

Lin Yi still remembered what Xiao A said in the morning. It said that C-level outside air would pollute the room.

Little A hesitated, obviously not wanting to say it, but Lin Yi asked it not to answer, so he could only slowly say: "C-level air will be slightly dry, but it will not cause substantial damage to the owner's body. ."

Lin Yi stared at Little A, was silent for a while, and suddenly said, "In that morning, you deliberately frightened me, so that I could buy a higher-level air?"

See through at a glance.

While Lin Yi was staring at it, Xiao A had been silently backing away the whole time, looking like he wanted to grab the door and flee, and the yellow electric waves on his round head flashed regularly and quickly.

"Yes, master." Little A said, the tablet's voice seemed to be a little nervous, "Master, please don't blame me, it's set by the program."

"Does the program set the brain to engage in sales?" Lin Yi asked back.

Little A was even more embarrassed, and he hesitated to say: "Because... the owner bought the lowest grade of Little A, and during the discount period, the system defaulted to the promotion program."

Forgetting that today is the first few times to be reminded by his intellectual brain that he is a pauper, Lin Yi pursed his lips and looked at Little A speechlessly.

The flashing speed of the yellow electric wave on Little A’s head has slowed down a bit, but because Lin Yi’s emotions cannot be judged at this time, he can only collect in the system the reactions of their owners when the same type of brain encounters the same situation, and the result is either It was thunderous, or irritated into anger, or even someone impulsively smashed the body of the brain's supporting machine.

As a result, facing the silent Lin Yi, Xiao A was about to tremble.

Lin Yi took a step forward, bent her knees slightly in front of Little A, half-kneeled down, and was looking at the same level with Little A.

Lin Yi stretched out her hand, and Xiao Yuan's head couldn't help but hid, as if she was afraid that Lin Yi would slap it in a slap. But I didn't expect that Lin Yi just touched its head lightly, and then said: "I see, I will upgrade the package when I have money."

Oh, little A is relieved, if it is really upgraded after it, it must be emotionally rich enough to cry.

Now that there is no problem with the air outside, Lin Yi is ready to go out.

He went back to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Because I eat well and rest well, my face is much better than it was yesterday.

Lin Yi changed her clothes and put on her hat again. It's really not that he was overly guarding, but the original owner's reputation as everyone shouted and beaten.

According to memory, the apartment has a gym on several floors. Lin Yi took the elevator to the designated floor, and she saw a gym. Through the glass, you can see many alphas that are being exercised inside. Lin Yi walked along the aisle all the way inside. He didn't see an omega at all. Even the beta was only one or two sporadic. She was also squeezed in the corner, showing uncomfortable expressions from time to time because of the oppressive breath of alpha.

Lin Yi walked all the way, naturally received a lot of alpha's gaze on the way, but because he no longer smells of pheromone, and with his calm walking posture, no one recognized Lin Yi as an omega. Thought he was a humble beta who came to exercise.

Lin Yi found a treadmill in the corner, set the basic data, and ran up slowly. Because he couldn't feel the coercion that the alpha unconsciously exudes, Lin Yi didn't feel any discomfort, basically like a gym playing when he was on earth.

He did some exercises according to his plan, and he was about to leave after spending more than an hour in the gym.

He turned his head and sorted out his clothes, but saw a few alphas next to him looking at him with contempt, and found that Lin Yi looked at him. Not only did they not take their eyes back, they deliberately raised their voices and said, "Look at this beta's body," How can you be confident to stand with us?"

Two other betas stood in the distance and looked at Lin Yi cautiously, showing sympathy but not daring to intervene, fearing that the flames of war would transfer to them, both of them looked like a bag of air.

Lin Yi put his fingertips on his wrist, touched the switch of the brain, then raised his head to look at him calmly: "Sir, what you just said is that beta is not worthy to use this gym, or beta is not worthy Alpha is in the same room, or both?"

Those alphas with bad smiles are not the first time to bully people like this, but it is the first time that they have encountered a beta like Lin Yi who is neither scared nor panicked.

But after all, beta is beta, and their low sense of presence and being easily bullied are almost their innate characteristics. Even the imperial legislation prohibiting relevant discrimination has not changed the situation.

Facing Lin Yi's question, the speaker replied with confidence, "How about both?"

Lin Yi smiled, "Not so, but my brain has recorded all our conversations just now. I will apply for a complaint about your language bullying behavior in beta. I hope you are mentally prepared."

Those few alphas who looked at Lin Yi with a smile and provocatively were stunned. Now they are not only the first time they met the beta who dared to reply, but also the first time they met the beta who dared to be so daring in their lives.

The key point is that the conversation that Lin Yi recorded just now can indeed constitute evidence for the accusation, and it is basically the kind of accusation that is accurate and immediately on their credit file.


Lin Yi took a step forward, her eyes dimmed, and a cold smile: "Apologize and give way, or wait for a notice of punishment."

A few betas in the distance are just stunned. In their opinion, this kind of language bullying is not a problem at all. Which beta has never been so angry, and besides... In fact, the fact that the beta and the alpha stand together is not enough to watch. no.

But they also have to admit that Lin Yi's actions like this are simply too cool, and they feel that they feel the same.

The alphas looked at each other, and then the head of the one who kept talking, although very reluctant, but thinking that his credit history might be damaged because of such a trivial matter, he gritted his teeth and said, "We were wrong just now. I apologize to you. ."

Lin Yi reappeared with a gentle smile on his face, and raised his hand to them again and said, "Forget it this time, see you tomorrow."

Saying strode forward and left the gym.

There are a few alphas that have not reacted behind them, and the betas that are dumbfounded in the corners.

See you tomorrow!

The alpha who was leading the provocation came back to his senses, if it weren't for the little brother to pull him, he would be so angry that he almost smashed the gym.