Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 7

"Today I met a super handsome beta in the gym!"

On the Cuckoo forum where betas gathered, such a post suddenly appeared in the evening. The poster eloquently wrote that he went to the gym today and saw a bullied beta fight back beautifully.

The mainstream users on the Cuckoo forum are all beta, and a few omegas are left, and there is basically no alpha. As soon as this post was posted, most of them sighed with the poster, and a small number of people felt that the poster might have exaggerated and beautified the situation at that time.

"Did the host not go up to say hello to the other party? But since he said'see you tomorrow', he will go again. The host should be brave enough to go up and make friends with him. I am very envious that the host can meet such a handsome beta. Maybe he can develop a relationship. Woolen cloth."

Beta, a group that is as high as the AO group, usually can only digest each other internally, and it is a hot product when it encounters a person who makes people scream.

"It's cool, next time I know how to deal with this situation, but I guess I might just talk about it, surrounded by a few alpha groups, I might just faint."

"Posts full of doubts! Stopped by so many alphas, let alone fight back like this, it is impossible to even be calm, unless those alphas are waste without pheromone."

No matter how people on the forum argued this point, Lin Yi didn't know it at all.

However, after taking a shower, the soreness from the gym has begun to invade Lin Yi's body.

This physical weakness is something that Lin Yi must overcome. He has been mentally prepared for a long time. Moreover, he suffered a lot of pain during filming before, and this pain is not enough to make Lin Yi care.

As a low-level intellectual brain, Xiao A's scores are not high. Whenever Lin Yi is at home, when Xiao A has little leisure time, he likes to follow him every step of the way.

Just like this moment, Lin Yi noticed that the small A dedicated charging base placed in the living room during the day did not know when it was moved in, and it was placed next to his bed.

Seeing Lin Yi lay down, Little A turned the wheels on her base and rolled to the charging head, and then reported to Lin Yi: "Master, after a day of searching, I found some houses that meet your requirements. I need to read them. Will I listen to you?"

Lin Yi had already closed her eyes, but now she opened her eyes and looked sideways at Little A. In the dark, the faint soft light on Little A's round head was like a night light.

"Well, let's talk about it." Lin Yi retracted his gaze.

Xiao A said: "There are two rental houses in Dongcheng District, the area is about a quarter of our current house, and the other is in Xicheng District, the area is twice as large as ours, and the price is half of ours here. "

"Nothing?" Lin Yi asked.

They now live in Beicheng District, and the people who live are basically the middle class of Capital Star. Dongcheng District is the wealthy district of Capital Star. For Lin Yi's current economic level, the cost-effectiveness of looking for a house there is too low. The area is one-fourth of the current house, and there is not much space to walk. But in the case of Xicheng District, there is a mixed bag. Many people who sneak into the Capital Star from other planets without permission usually choose to use it as a place to stay. Even if the rent is cheap, it is not a suitable choice for Lin Yi.

"Through the search, there are only a few suitable options at present," Xiao A said frankly.

Lin Yi put the back of her hand on her forehead, and was still thinking about the things in the Xicheng District of Dongcheng District, when she suddenly heard Xiao A's voice saying passionately: "Dongcheng District, the golden area of ​​Capital Star, as the saying goes, Jinwo Yinwo It's not as good as a doghouse in Dongcheng District. The first choice for renting and buying a house is Dongcheng Youxing Housing Agency. Here we will realize your dreams and give you a warm home!"

Lin Yi's sleeper was shocked: "...Did you read a series of commercials just now?"

Little A was quiet. After about seven or eight seconds, when Lin Yi thought he would pretend not to answer, Little A said in shame: "Yes, Master. This is a setting, I can't change it."

"Okay, go to sleep." Lin Yi couldn't bother with Xiao A, "Stop talking."

After exercising and getting enough sleep, when Lin Yi woke up the next day, it was obvious that her body was alive again.

He sat in the living room after drinking a cup of nutrient solution, and the doorbell rang.

The green light on Little A's head was flashing, and the ball ran past Lin Yi's feet, saying, "It's the nutrient solution that has arrived."

Lin Yi got up and followed Little A to the door. Little A opened the door. Standing outside was a big and square intelligent robot. It crossed Little A and saw Lin Yi, and said hello politely: "Hello."

Then I will look at Little A very soon, in a business-like tone: "Please transmit me the necessary order data."

I don't know if it is Lin Yi's illusion, Xiao A's voice is particularly flattering: "Hmm, okay, please wait a moment!"

Then Little A's head beeped twice, echoing the square-faced intelligent robot. The square-faced robot opened a hole in its chest, took out a row of seven bottles of nutrient solution from it, and placed it on the flat pallet transformed on Little A's head: "This week's delivery, please confirm."

"It's right, it's right." Little A said quickly.

The square-faced robot closed the opening in his chest and looked at Lin Yi again, his head drooping: "Good day, goodbye."

The door was closed, and Xiao A ran to the fresh-keeping box along the same path.

"Why were you so flattering just now?" Lin Yi sat back on the sofa and couldn't help asking.

Little A turned his head and looked at him, as if he was digesting the meaning of "flattering".

"Because it is better than me." Little A said.

"I don't think you have any difference." Lin Yi picked up the song written yesterday and said casually.

After all, they are all intelligent robots that serve humans, and their essence is indeed not much different.

Little A didn't speak, but went to the room again to move the charging base out, put it next to Lin Yi and nested it down again, the little light on his head flashed happily.

Lin Yi simply repaired this song yesterday when she was emotionally upset. Just looking at the music score, he could almost hear the music he had in his ears, but before it was published, there was still a process of turning it into reality.

Then Lin Yi found that she had encountered a problem.

Because of the unpopular nature of the music at this time, Lin Yi couldn't find the editing software she could use, and she got stuck for a while.

Lin Yi simply opened the music section of the Empire Forum and tried to post a post asking for help.

Although there are not many people in the music section, but because the empire has a large population base, the number of people in this section is also counted in 100 million, which can only be said to be relatively small. Probably the reason why no newcomers have joined the section for almost a long time. Lin Yi did not see the guidance and introduction to the newcomers after watching a circle, but saw that most of the posts complained about the inactivity of the block, and there was no good work for decades. Closing the station is not a bad thing.

"Which software is more suitable if you want to make a song by yourself?" "The questioning post published by Lin Yi was a little sudden and a little out of place.

The post was sent out, and dozens of replies were received after refreshing it. Some asked what type of music Lin Yi was, some tried to persuade Lin Yi not to waste time, and most of the enthusiasts provided Lin Yi with a lot of links.

Lin Yi clicked on almost all the links. Except for some funny content, most of the links are dry goods. He summarized a few recommended frequently. After trying them one by one, he really found a few easy-to-use software. When he saved it to his favorites and prepared to use it for a while, he noticed that the two parties in his post were arguing.

"Why ridicule a newcomer?"

"We just don't want another fool to come in and learn a lesson. The music area has long been a dead zone. We are just reminding newcomers. Did we say something distorted?"

"That being said, maybe the host really likes music, I still don't think it should be such a blow."

Hit people? Lin Yi pulled up a large section of the dialogue page, only then did he know what they were arguing about.

As I said earlier, the empire’s musical form is very single, and the style is even more so. The content in the Empire Forum is complicated, and each district relies on traffic to live. As an older section, the music area occupies an eye-catching position of the Empire Forum, but the traffic is surprisingly small in comparison. Basically, if it exists for a day, the forum will make less money.

Therefore, since this year, there have been rumors that the music block will be cut off and replaced with a block with huge traffic such as dating and making friends. The news was confirmed two days ago, and the relevant announcement on the homepage made the old folks in the music zone feel frustrated.

Lin Yi took the time to take a look at the announcement, but Xiao Xiao heaved a sigh of relief. The announcement stated that the time for closing the music area was one month later, and there was plenty of time for him.

Lin Yi didn't care what these people were arguing about, and only posted another reply: "Thank you for your help. I will post it when I finish the work."

Lin Yi left the forum after typing this one, and plunged into it with the production software he had just gotten.

Although the imperial music business is not developed, because the technology is far ahead of the earth, the software is easy to use once you get started. I don’t know how many times the effect Lin Yi wants. It may take a few days or even a month to complete on the earth. Lin Yi alone is enough here. Coupled with Lin Yi’s talent and musical sense, every note came to life in his hands, a piece of music turned into reality from his mind, and every inch of rhythm and every harmony was perfectly presented in his most satisfying way. Came out.

After another whole afternoon of hard work, Lin Yi finally hit the last button and made a complete song.

The tune has no obvious boundaries, but there is a clear emotional transition. It expresses the soldiers' generosity and bravery in the face of war with deep, passionate, or majestic tunes, and the heroic and sorrowful scenes of the war are overdone in the end. Surging to victory.

Lin Yi named the song "Dawn", but it was not immediately released to the music area. He found the few war videos he watched yesterday, then clicked on the original website where the video was published, confirmed that the copyright of the video was available, downloaded the video, and then started editing it quickly.

Because he was too involved, Lin Yi didn't notice the passage of time at all. He didn't log out of the Internet until almost in the early morning, moving his sore fingers.

He didn't know at all. In the gym upstairs, two groups of people bothered him not showing up.

The group of alphas felt that they lost face yesterday, and they called a group of friends over to support the scene and wanted to scare Lin Yi. But yesterday, those betas brought a few unbelieving betas over and waited to see Lin Yi together.

In the end, they only stayed awkwardly in the gym together.

A piece of music with its own video was released to the music zone in the middle of the night. At this point in time, there were not many people in the zone.

The title is very simple "Original track <Dawn>, please give me more advice. 》

However, someone still recognized Lin Yi's ID, and then curious and suspicious: "Isn't this the newcomer who came to ask the entry software in the afternoon? A song has already been made?"

"Sure enough, it's the kind of cute and frivolous attitude who doesn't understand anything, it's really annoying."

"One more junk track."

Despite all complaints and contempt, many people clicked into the video, and then they fell into the trap for an instant.

With the sound of the first musical note, the real war scenes were also drawn into people's sight. The video editing is very accurate, and the scale is just right to match each uplifting sound. From the beginning of the war, the soldiers faced each other, the heroic war turned to tragic and tragic, and finally the fearlessness and victory, so that those who listened to the song could not wait to go to the front immediately to throw their heads and blood.

A tune of more than five minutes, coupled with real war scenes, brings an impact far beyond words. It is a kind of emotional drive that is hot in the bones and blood, engraved in the genes. Music is no longer a boring and lackluster dead thing, music comes alive in this wonderful and fresh way.

Anyone who is awake and listens to this song again, without exception, I kneel on my knees while pressing the reward button frantically.