Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 8

At the center of the Capital Star, the palace was gorgeous and majestic. After a few layers of protective nets that could not be discerned by the naked eye, the sophisticated guards stood on top of the higher ranks and tightened their nerves.

June officially passed, announcing the arrival of the second half of the year. At eight o'clock in the morning, the emperor and queen appeared before the camera on time to announce to the people of the empire the main policy directions and some important arrangements of the royal family in the second half of the year.

These routine words seem to be somewhat lifeless, and apart from politicians, not many people care much about the details. However, the emperor and the queen were perfect in front of the camera, and the lengthy manuscript was almost hypnotic under the emperor's gentle voice.

Until the emergence of a sentence, all the people who wanted to listen to it were concentrated, and even rewinded to listen to the side, to confirm that they had not heard it wrong.

"The First Army Marshal Qin Nuo will return to work in the military headquarters of Capital Star at the end of July."

As soon as this remark came out, it was like a kind of fire being thrown into the dry wood, and a huge wave of public opinion was caused in the capital star in an instant.

Qin Nuo has never lacked all kinds of dazzling auras, but in fact, in addition to occasionally appearing in some social occasions necessary for aristocrats when he was still young, most of the time the outside world only asked him if he didn't see him. This situation became even worse after Qin Nuo entered the Imperial Military Academy, until he stayed on the battle front line of the Wild Star with the First Army, and Qin Nuo himself returned to the Capital Star only a few times in the past ten years. This is very different from those nobles who like to show their faces and have a good impression in the sight of the people.

The next emperor’s iron hit candidate, a universe-level diamond bachelor, and the entire empire across the abo three realms are full of his fanatical admirers. Now the news that he will return to the capital star is announced. For most people, it is a universal celebration. Not an exaggeration.

Naturally, no one cares about the frustrated and worried royal family. In fact, even the emperor and queen have largely given up on their own fate. After all, according to Qin Nuo's reputation and the ability of the Williams family at this time, he can actually control the entire empire at any time.

The green light of the camera went out, and the smiling empress who was standing next to the emperor immediately reduced the smile on her face and turned around indifferently.

The emperor threw the manuscript to the minister aside, then turned his head and looked at the careless queen contemptuously, and then strode forward. The queen lifted her skirt and left the hall in the other direction without turning her head back.

Xiao A worked diligently to broadcast the public speech of the emperor and his wife to Lin Yi. When the screen was over, he put away the projection on his head, and when he turned to look at Lin Yi, he found that Lin Yi did not listen to it at all, but instead. With one hand against his cheek, he was looking at the mailbox of the personal terminal intently.

As a qualified imperial brain, Xiao A, who believes that the royal family is equal to glory and nobility, is considering whether to call Lin Yi over to watch the emperor's speech just now.

But before that, it’s more important to bring the nutrient solution over! Thinking of this, Little A's wheels rolled up.

Lin Yi was facing the computer in a daze because he received a somewhat unexpected email from the official account of a movie that was still filming.

It directly interrupted Lin Yi's plan to go directly to the Empire Forum to see what kind of response he received for the song released yesterday.

This movie is called "The Waste Land", and some related information can be found from the memory of the original owner. At that time, he had just finished shooting the commercial, and the movie Wasteland was also casting a cast. Silvermoon Entertainment was originally holding a fanciful mentality and wanted to promote the original owner as a vase male partner. At that time, he did pass the audition, and even the contract was Signed. However, after some things happened later, Lin Yi, who was in a high-pressure zone of negative news, never thought about it at all. After all, he doesn't think that "The Waste Land" will allow him to act as a male partner as a movie with a lot of attention. Even Lin Yi thinks that the other party shouldn’t want him as a person who has almost aroused the anger of the people of the entire empire. And this film can be said to reflect the sufferings and choices of soldiers on the border and ordinary people on marginal planets in the war in the early years. Make any connection.

But unexpectedly, although he was indeed deprived of the role of male lead, "The Waste Land" did not completely remove him. Even judging from the content of the email, the wording in it is mostly reluctant, just because it had already signed a contract with Lin Yi, and the other party just didn’t want to violate the contract. What’s the reason? The fact is that Lin Yi did get a job in the big crew. It's the location inside.

Lin Yi doesn't mind the protagonist or the corollary. In fact, when he sorted out his memory, the movie "The Waste Land" once made him feel bright, and also stunned the chance to participate this time he was doomed to lose. But I didn't expect that at this moment, the opportunity would come back.

As a semi-documentary film, "The Waste Land" firstly jumped out of many of the faults of the current film of the empire from the shooting. In contrast to the conservative use of technology to replace all real scenes, the film "The Waste Land" was filmed on the spot from the very beginning, throwing out all the props that affect the expression of real emotions. If this is nothing, then the shooting location is set on the star, a planet that has been baptized by countless wars, this request seems too crazy.

You know, although the war has subsided now, it is said that it is true that a few shells are received on the barren star every day, and that is still one of the most dangerous places in the entire empire.

Many stars rejected the opportunity to perform this time because of this.

But Lin Yi didn't care about this. In fact, according to official data, the number of people who die from shells every year in Huangxing has been zero for two consecutive years. In addition, it is the director of the movie "The Waste Land" that makes Lin Yi feel interested in participating. The other party can be described as a full-fledged action madman. In recent years, he has become famous for his unique and novel content and his bold and spicy speech.

He once criticized the current film and television works of the Empire without mercy, "Jiucheng is rubbish", "It is not a performance at all, it is a zombie, it is a puppet.", and he "will shoot works that really don't pollute the eyes."

These words are indeed unpleasant, but in Lin Yi's eyes they are indeed consistent with reality. The entertainment industry in the empire is almost on the path of abnormal development, and no one wants to correct it is a terrible thing.

But I don't know if it was to frighten him or make him retreat. There were also a few lines of small characters at the bottom of the email to remind Lin Yihuangxing of how terrible and dangerous the environment is, and the intention was to persuade Lin Yi to leave.

Lin Yi didn't care about Huangxing's environment. What he cared more about was the salary shown in the corner, no more than five thousand yuan. For half a month of shooting, this price is too low in the market.

Lin Yi tapped his fingertips on the table lightly. He wanted to act, but he had to succumb to the fact that he is now so poor, so he lowered his head and asked the little A at his feet: "How much money is left in my account? ?"

When Little A heard the money, the red light on his head jumped. He quickly replied: "After deducting the indoor energy usage fee for the two days last night, the balance in the account is negative 50.32. Yuan."

Come on, just become negative.

Before Lin Yi was nervous, Xiao A spoke again.

"Master, I have evaluated the property you have now, and the most reasonable action at the moment is to sell my machine casing." Xiao A's tone seemed calm, but the red on his forehead almost flashed to the city. Dian completely exposed its tension and anxiety.

Lin Yi laughed a little bit and didn't reply, but he clicked on the Empire Forum again, ready to see if there was any response to the post he posted in the music area yesterday.

According to Lin Miao’s reference to the posts of other works published, those works, regardless of their level, can get a few hundred yuan, and many can get thousands. Willing to encourage each other. Lin Yi guessed that even if the song "Dawn" he published yesterday might have been unacceptable in the early stage, he should have made several hundred yuan in the music area by now.

He did not expect that most of the netizens who listened to "Dawn" yesterday did not sleep well all night, and shared his work with friends, so that Lin Yi's song baptized the music of the entire Empire Forum in less than one night. District, abruptly pushed the popularity of the post published by Lin Yi to the homepage of the Empire Forum, and attracted many onlookers from other districts.

All those who listened to this song, even if they could not accept such a turbulent and intense style of music, have to admit that this song has a strange and direct magic power, and there is no doubt that it has escaped from the previous imperial music. The shadow is unique, with a clear-cut stand.

"Too! Absolute! Alas! I gave this song to my brother (he is a retired soldier), do you know! My brother! A very hardline alpha, he actually cried in front of me Although he doesn’t admit it now, I saw him secretly rewarding this song with a thousand yuan (smile)."

"The author is definitely non-human! My whole state of listening to songs is constantly getting goosebumps, and now I can't express my feelings in words! I love this author, I guess the author must be a soldier, I want to marry it on the spot!" Two thousand yuan.

"The little O upstairs is starting again, right?"

"As an old man in the music zone, there are such gods and people in the music zone at this time of survival. I really want to cry. I think the music zone can be saved!"

Lin Yi didn't anticipate this situation, and of course he was not prepared when logging in to his account. As a result, Lin Yi's low-cost personal terminal went black.

Because countless people who stared at his avatar found that his avatar was bright, and then they all clicked the call request almost at the same time, which directly squeezed his terminal.

"Huh?" Lin Yi patted the personal terminal on her wrist. It was a little unclear. Therefore, Yu Guang caught a glimpse of little A next to him still looking worried, and teased little A, "Little A, can the personal terminal be sold? ?"

Personal terminals can be sold, but the personal terminal is the real storage place for all the data of Little A. If you sell Little A, you will directly become a stray child, and may be taken back and then allocated to stray people on lower planets. .

Lin Yi felt that she was just as bad as the parents who scared their children, but she couldn't help this evil taste.

Little A really panicked. Although he wanted to lie, he couldn't really tell the lie. Not only was the red light flashing on his head, but the alarm was reported. Lin Yi's brain hurts, and he regrets now. Shouldn't make this bad.

"Quiet." Lin Yi dropped a hand and touched Little A's round head. "Don't worry, I won't sell you."

The siren on Xiao A's head stopped then, and then he stood leaning on Lin Yi's feet, silently, but aggrieved.

At this moment's episode, Lin Yi's personal terminal also returned to normal, and he finally successfully logged in to his account.

A system prompt popped up in front of Lin Yi's eyes, "The system has detected too many voice and video call requests, and this feature has been temporarily blocked. The user can manually enable it at his discretion."

Before Lin Yi had time to figure out why, he had already noticed that almost all the items in the background were 9999+ message prompts, and what was even more surprising was the account balance displayed in his background.

After rounding, no more, no less, exactly two million.

The income in the Empire Forum is very transparent. Almost every post can be rewarded as long as the user is willing, with at least one penny and no upper limit. It's just that after the authors receive the income, they need to share with the platform and get half of the income from each other's rewards. This half of the income, after deducting taxes, is the author's net income.

The two million currently shown is already the income after the platform is evenly divided. Even if the remaining after tax deduction may only be more than 1.5 million, this figure is enough to solve Lin Yi's current financial crisis.

Half expected, half unexpected, Lin Yi stared at the screen for a while, calmed down, and clicked on the main page of the post. After rushing through some fanatical tips on the front row, she finally got in everyone’s eyes. Expected to type a line of words.

"Thank you for your love, I will continue to create if I have the opportunity."

The person who noticed that Lin Yi had logged in but immediately went offline was originally a bit strange and disappointed when he saw this message and became excited again.

A wave of praises and questions came to Lin Yi again.

There are two most questions, one is to ask when Lin Yi will be able to produce new works, and the other is to ask when Lin Yi will cancel his anonymity.

The reason why I will continue to create if I have the opportunity is not to deliberately slap one's appetite, but that Lin Yi really does not like to create for the sake of creation. If it is not a last resort, he prefers to play in accordance with the emergence of inspiration. In terms of canceling anonymity, it is even more impossible now.

This song does seem to be popular at the moment, but in fact, the mainstream rewards are still users in the music area. After all, the empire's population base is here. Millions of rewards may sound exaggerated, but in fact, it can only be ranked in the tens of thousands in the Empire Forum. The counting unit of the posts with the highest rewards from a big cow is all 100 million.

Compared to the public's dislike of Lin Yi at this time, this liking can be said to be vulnerable.

However, Lin Yi's mood was still happy.

Turning the page back to the mailbox interface of his personal terminal with his fingertips, he did not hesitate to place the shooting consent for "The Waste Land".

Now, Lin Yi thought, he could say he had a good start.