Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 9

Two million in the capital star is not a small amount. Most ordinary people can only earn five to six thousand yuan a month. It's just that this sum of money is a drop in the bucket compared to the debt of more than 10 million that Lin Yi has borne.

However, the repayment requirement of at least 10,000 yuan a month is not a terrible thing for Lin Yi now, and he can also use the money to do other things.

Lin Yi withdrew the money without any hesitation. Although it was an anonymous account, the only personal terminal connected to the backend was actually the only personal terminal. .

This huge amount of money will be synced to Little A’s data, so Little A, who was still a little bit dead and nestled there, became alive again, raising his voice and saying to Lin Yi: "Master! Your account has suddenly increased by a hundred. Four hundred thousand yuan."

Without waiting for Lin Yi to give it any answer, Xiao A quickly analyzed a possible cause, made a judgment and said: "Based on the relevant data I found on the Internet, this is likely to be a fraud. Does the owner need it? Should I inform the North District Police Department?"

"No," Lin Yi got up and stretched, "but you can search for the casing of the machine you like, and we can change something within our budget."

"Can it really be exchanged with criminal funds?" Little A's voice became quieter, and she seemed to be unable to stop the temptation to change the casing of a machine she likes in fear.

Lin Yi is a bit speechless about the judgment that his brain thinks that the money he gets can only be criminal funds, but he has to admit that as an artificial intelligence that has followed the original owner after leaving the factory and has not been upgraded even once, he cannot count on it. It is too smart.

"This is not criminal funds. This is the legal money in my account. I am going out now. You stay at home and take care of it yourself." Lin Yi said, putting on the hat on her hoodie, and then found out A mask covered half of his face, then opened the door and walked out.

The light during the day was so bright that it was easy to be recognized, so Lin Yi had to dress more closely.

He went up to the floor where the gym was located.

There were fewer people at this time than in the evening. Lin Yi found a position by the window, took off the mask and jogged for a while, and then did some exercise with other equipment. A little sweat leaked from the corner of his forehead.

Lin Yi knows his current physical fitness and can only exercise temporarily until this time. When he got off the machine and put on his mask again to leave the gym, a soft voice suddenly came from the side: "Excuse me, are you the beta that conflicted with alpha the night before?"

Lin Yixun turned his head and saw a boy in his early twenties who was a little shorter than him, and he was obviously a beta.

"Forget it, what's the matter?" Lin Yi was too lazy to explain that he was not a beta detail, anyway, it didn't matter much to him.

Lin Yi's facial features are only a pair of eyes exposed, soft black hair faintly exposed from the brim of his hat to cover his white forehead. The pure black pupil color merged with his cold eyes, and the blink of his eyes seemed to bring a cool breeze. Although it does not make people feel hopeful and intimidating, it naturally reveals a sense of arrogance.

However, Lin Yi's voice is soft and polite, especially when he is talking to someone, his eyes will be focused on the other person. In this way, the young and timid little beta on the opposite side was seen by him as his cheeks burst red, and he was very awkward to speak: "I, I just want, can I exchange contact information with you, I think you are very powerful. , I want to make friends with you."

Lin Yi didn't expect this to be the reason, because the original owner hadn't expected to make friends in the current situation.

However, looking at the little beta on the opposite side, he was obviously brave and afraid of being rejected. His white cheeks rose like a red dye expression. He felt that the other party was just a child, and it would be too sad to refuse directly.

Lin Yi nodded thinking of this, "Okay."

He raised his wrist and placed his personal terminal under the other party's terminal. With a beep, the two established a connection, and they could send text messages or talk directly to each other in the future. Quite put the other party into his address book.

Little Beta's eyes lit up, and Lin Yi raised his hand and waved at him: "If you have anything to contact me, I will leave."

He smiled when he spoke, his eyes were obviously bent a little, and he was so beautiful.

This beta is obviously Fang Shiyu online and Lin Daiyu offline. Because Lin Yi hadn't formally stepped out of the gym, the other party's information had already been sent to his personal terminal.

"My name is Wei Que. I am a capital star. I live on the 200th floor of this apartment. Can I come to the gym with you in the future?"

Lin Yi moved her fingertips and turned back: "My name is Lin Yi, sorry, I will move out in the next few days."

"Ah! This way..."

Wei Que didn't speak any more, perhaps because he was a little discouraged, and it seemed that he hadn't noticed anything wrong with Lin Yi's name at all.

Lin Yi's reason for replying to Wei Que was only out of politeness, and he didn't care when the other party stopped talking.

When I walked to the door of the house, before Lin Yi opened the door, the door was opened by Little A from the inside. There was a colorful light flashing on the top of Little A's head, and the flat tone was made to please: "Master, Xiao A has been waiting for you for a long time."


Lin Yi walked over to A, and walked into the bathroom to prepare to take a shower.

Xiao A followed up in the bathroom and reported to him in a general way of inviting credit: "Master, you were exercising just now, and there was a blacklisted phone who applied for several calls, but I didn't agree."

Lin Yi took off her clothes and stood under the shower, and asked casually, "Which blacklist?"

There were countless insults under the original host's resistance, and countless media wanted to interview him directly after he returned home. The original owner wanted to speak out through the media, but he didn't think of what he said while sitting in front of the camera. The truth of those things had not spread at all.

Because none of those media really pursue justice, even if it is mixed with one or two reporters who are really outraged and expresses the need to convey the correct information, the pictures that are finally released to the public are only carefully selected. He slandered again, and stabbed another knife straight into his **** wound.

The original owner’s tears shed in front of the camera, his despair and request were downplayed out of context and cut into meaningless complaints and white lotus-like contrived works.

For this reason, the original owner later put all the media that frequently contacted him on the blacklist and refused to communicate with them anymore.

"It is owned by Yinyue Entertainment. I previously applied for an interview with the owner, but the owner did not accept it."

It is obvious who is on the side of Yinyue Entertainment, and of course the original owner will not accept it.

"Master, do I need to refuse?" Xiao A asked cautiously. Although it can feel very limited emotions, it also knows how much mood swings its owner would have every time he heard Yinyue Entertainment in the past.

"No, take his call in." Lin Yi supported the wall with one hand and raised her head to meet the warm drops of water.