Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 10

Lin Yi leaned on the sofa, holding a soft white towel in one hand to dry the water drops on her head, wearing a light-colored T-shirt that didn't look very soft. After a few days of regular diet and proper exercise, his lip color has also become healthy and ruddy. Combined with dark eyes and fair complexion, it is not the perfect facial features of interstellar standards, but it is because of this failure. Perfect and very unique.

The reporter who applied for the call request has been released from the blacklist, and is now communicating with Lin Yi through the communicator.

"We hope to make a public press conference to express to the public that you have made some explanations about some of the previous events that have caused public influence. I don't know if you want it?" A calm male voice came from the communicator.

"What about the reward?" Lin Yi asked not to answer.

The other party was stunned for a moment, thinking that he had heard it wrong: "Are you talking about'remuneration'?"

"Of course." Lin Yi rubbed his fingertips lightly in his hair, half-closed his eyes and was patient, but what he said was not pleasant. Don't you know how much you derogate me?"

As for who gains and loses by then, Lin Yi doesn't think it is the other party's decision.

Yinyue's reporter was choked by Lin Yi's blunt words, and was surprised at the same time.

He has not been in direct contact with Lin Yi, but he has read all previous reports on Lin Yi. It is clear that Lin Yi has most of the common problems of omegas, or the common problems of omegas that can be cultivated and condoned in this era, that is, weakness and lack of independent opinions. .

As a veteran reporter of Yinyue Entertainment, he has rich interview experience, and he is capable of designing traps or language skills. However, Lin Yi at this moment flashed a bad feeling in the reporter's heart.

But immediately, the reporter thought of the chance to be promoted after this interview, and this weird premonition was immediately swept aside by him. At the same time, I only felt that Lin Yi might be arrogant and abandon her words like this. After all, Lin Yi was indeed short of money at this time.

"We will uphold the most objective and fair report." The reporter said empty words, and after a little calculation in his heart, he reported a number to Lin Yi, "We can give you 10,000 yuan in remuneration."

Sure enough, he was from a lower class, and it was his instinct to try his best to get petty profits. The reporter secretly despised Lin Yi in his heart.

"When is the interview time?"

"Half an hour."

"Ten minutes." Lin Yi said, with no room for concession.

The other party was obviously choked by Lin Yi again, but then he still agreed: "Yes."

The press conference is in the form of a live broadcast. It is not necessary for Lin Yi to go out specially. The images from his side can be directly projected to the reporter, and the same can be done by the reporter. There is no difference between the interviews between the two and face-to-face.

The time of the press conference was determined to be ten minutes later, and Lin Yi did not leave much time for preparation. But Lin Yi didn't plan to make any big fanfare.

He confirmed that the ten thousand yuan had arrived, and sat on the sofa to browse the Xingwang supermarket without any psychological burden.

Lin Yi knew why the reporter came to interview him at this time. The day after tomorrow is the variety shooting of "Where We Come From". Although the discussion of him on the Internet is still very hot these days, it is obviously going down because of the lack of support from new materials. If there is another fire at this moment, coupled with Lin Yi's possible poor performance in variety shows in a few days, if the original owner is completely unable to turn over.

As for what he was scolding on the Internet these days, Lin Yi also knew. He basically browses all kinds of news on the Starnet every day, from Qin Nuo back to Capital Star to see the latest version of Intellectual Brain release, and so on. Lin Yi, who has just left the corner of his daily life, exploded with countless remarks.

There are all kinds of commodities in the Empire’s Starnet Supermarket, and Lin Yi is visiting the machine shell area that matches the brain. Although he is sitting on the sofa, the surrounding scene is already a picture of countless shelves extending forward.

Xiao A now knows that what Lin Yi said before was not to coax it to play, and happily circled around Lin Yi's feet.

It hasn't been upgraded since it has been with Lin Yi, and the battery in the casing of the machine that facilitates its physical work is mostly broken.

"How about this one?" Lin Yi pointed to the other one that looked very similar to Xiao A now, but upgraded the casing of the machine for about ten generations.

Little A turned his head, took a close look at the model, and finally scanned the price of the machine's shell. He was expecting it, but now he was shocked.

"One hundred thousand yuan is too expensive, but if the owner finds it suitable, Little A is fine." Little A tweaked.

Lin Yizhuang nodded thoughtfully, "Oh, I think it's a bit more expensive."

Xiao A was staring eagerly at the new machine, and then turned to Lin Yi's side. The entire display screen was lit up, like a pair of big eyes staring at Lin Yi.

Lin Yi couldn't help but laughed, and chose to pay with a swipe of her fingertips, and after an appointment for half an hour, she delivered to the door.

After receiving the order information in Little A's head, he was surprised and delighted in a moment, "Oh, oh."

At the same time, the ten-minute interval had come, and the reporter who had made an appointment immediately dialed the video call request.

Little A heard the ringing agitated, and was forced to calm down by the system program. It turned the wheel in front of Lin Yi, pointed the camera on his head at him, and set aside a piece for the reporter at the same time.

With a beep, Lin Yi saw a man who appeared to be more than forty appeared in front of him. The appearance of more than forty indicated that this man was almost a hundred years old.

The other party was wearing a pair of glasses and well-dressed, sitting in an office chair facing Lin Yi's direction, with a faint smile on his face.

On the other hand, Lin Yi was just sitting on the sofa casually, his hair was completely dry, and his clothes were not changed, he looked very at home.

Of course, this kind of lens is naturally a negative interpretation when it comes to netizens who are already biased against him.

Many netizens have heard the news about this real-time content released on the Internet, or watched it at home, or at home, unwilling to miss this live broadcast opportunity to flog Lin Yi.

"Is it rude not to dress up, or deliberately pretending to be innocent?"

"It must be deliberate! Didn't you cry before, maybe you will cry again later."

"I want to see what else this scum can excuse."

The original owner really couldn't explain anything, because he had been trampled to death by everyone. Even though Lin Yi's only intersection with the original owner is this body, he can still understand the despair and pain of the original owner at that time.

Lin Yi suppressed the emotion that made him frown when looking at the reporter opposite, and said in a leisurely manner: "Let's get started."

"It is reported on the Internet that you have lost your fertility, and you can't even secrete pheromones. Is it true?" The reporter is an alpha, and it is obviously not too comfortable to ask these questions.

Lin Yi's eyes met his, her eyes lightened, and she said, "This is true."

The vast majority of netizens were taken aback by Lin Yi, and no one believed that there would be an omega that could tell the camera that he had lost his fertility.

"Do you have any regrets about this? After all, the omega who has lost fertility..." The reporter did not finish his words, but his tone was not soft. The words spoken were also deliberately selected, which was just right to poke the pain.

Everyone understands this sentence even if he doesn't finish it.

But Lin Yi asked him back: "Please describe your problem accurately, what is behind the'Omega that has lost fertility'?"

When he was speaking, he was still unmoving, and this sudden rhetorical question made the reporter feel a little embarrassed. After all, if you see through it, you don't want to say it, if you want to speak too clearly, it will make the scene ugly.

But Lin Yi's gaze fell on him with a chill. He was obviously just an omega, and even if they didn't really live in the same room, the reporter still felt a little uncomfortable. In order to prevent the scene from getting cold, he had to speak after a while: "According to some netizens' comments on the Internet,'an omega without fertility is like a monster.' Sorry, I just relayed the statement on the Internet."

Lin Yi smiled and said, "Really?"

I don't know if these two words are asking the reporter's words that infertility is equivalent to a monster, or laughing at the reporter's use of online statements as a cover.

At this moment, it was not just the reporter who looked at him on pins and needles opposite Lin Yi, but even ordinary netizens had noticed something wrong.

"How do I feel that Lin Yi is not like the old Lin Yi?"

"Why do I feel the A gas on Lin Yi... Isn't he an obsolete omega..."

"And across the network cable, the one who feels A is daydreaming?"

As for whether the non-fertile omega is considered a monster, it does not seem to be a problem at all for most netizens, but an established default fact.

That's why Lin Yi's next passage seemed so shocking.

"I used to feel regretful, but I don't think so anymore. A person's life should not be determined by whether he is alpha, omega or beta, let alone whether he can reproduce offspring, whether I can give birth to offspring and myself. There is nothing to do with the achievements that can be obtained. No gender should be valued or underestimated for this, because everything starts from the person itself, rather than some of his trivial ancillary functions."

Lin Yi's words basically directly overturned the idea of ​​the empire for hundreds of years, and some people found his words ridiculous.

"What nonsense! No wonder he is a person who is so vicious to destroy other people's glands, what he says is ignorant and against nature!"

Of course, there are also people who suffer from gender oppression, such as some betas and some rebellious ideas in their hearts. Alpha and omega, who are dissatisfied with the status quo, agree with Lin Yi.

"Don't talk about other things Lin Yi did, but I still agree with this passage!"

"I was poisoned. I thought Lin Yi was so handsome for a moment just now..."

The reporter opposite Lin Yi was shocked more severely than the netizens. As an alpha, Omega's obedience and attachment are reasonable, correct and logical. Lin Yi's words made him forget his expression control, and even changed the topic from the original topic.

"What do you mean by'achievement'? What do you think an omega like you can achieve?" He could hardly conceal the contempt on his face, as if he was sure that Lin Yi had finished playing in this life.

"If you say'an omega like me' refers to an omega that has lost fertility, then my answer is that any achievement is possible." Faced with the vague anger on the reporter's face, Lin Yi was still very calm.

"I don't think so." The reporter became increasingly dissatisfied by Lin Yi's attitude, thinking that what he said was like a mental patient, "I can give examples of many things you cannot do in this life."

"For example?" Lin Yi was still patient, but she glanced at the countdown to the interview on Little A's head.

"For example," the reporter didn't have much energy, he came up with an extremely topical and really impossible example, and finally showed some soothing and proud smiles on his face, "for example, Qin who is about to return to the capital star Marshal Nuo, you can't be his spouse in this life, can you?"

Not to mention how many fiances or candidates of top pedigree Qin Nuo himself has, it is to say that the Williams family will not tolerate such **** as Lin Yi marrying into their home.

Lin Yi's elbow was leaning on the armrest of the sofa, gently supporting one of her cheeks, her eyes were impatient with these three inseparable boring questions, "One, achievement is not linked to the marriage partner at all; two, Do you want to make a bet?