Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 11

What to bet on?

Everyone inside and outside the camera was taken aback. If Lin Yi said just now that he would bet that he could become Qin Nuo's spouse, it would be a bit arrogant.

It's just that Lin Yi's words are ambiguous, and everyone is not sure what he meant.

Even the reporter himself originally wanted to ask this question in a hurry, but was reminded by Zhi Brain that there was only more than one minute left for the interview, and he hadn't had a few key guiding questions that he was ready to ask Lin Yi. Finish asking.

The reporter was a little bit upset and regretful, but had to take the topic back from Qin Nuo and asked Lin Yi: "Then, there was a lot of deliberate injury on the Internet before. It is said that you designed to hurt the other party’s legal spouse, but it caused Your gland was injured. Do you have any response to this?"

The energetic light on Lin Yi's face was lowered a little. He looked at the other person's aggressive expression, not knowing whether it was the memory of the original owner or what, there was a stir of anger in his heart.

Of these insiders, who didn't know the truth of the matter, and who didn't know that Lin Yi was just a victim. But they have no psychological burden on themselves as accomplices.

To put it bluntly, no matter where you are, the strong eating of the weak is the essence of the world, and no one cares about the justice of the weak.

Lin Yi clearly understood this. He glanced at the thirty-second countdown on Little A's head, and then asked without hesitation: "Where is the source of the online transmission? Except whether there is any evidence in the language description, whether there is no evidence is it a rumor. , Can rumors convict people, or are you questioning the ability of the police in Capital Star to handle cases, thinking they will let me get away with it? But it is destined to let you down. A small person like me is not enough to get away with it."

He speaks slowly and clearly, and the arrogance on his face makes it hard to look at him for a while.

The reporter greeted Lin Yi with his aggressive gaze and opened his lips in consternation. Only then did he realize that the whole interview seemed to have taken the initiative in his own hands, but the rhythm was on Lin Yi's side throughout the entire interview, but he hadn't changed it at the moment. With room, the whole picture came to an abrupt end, and Lin Yi had disappeared in front of the camera.

The speeches of various netizens danced in the comment section below the interview.

"My mother, I may be sick, why is the last paragraph of Lin Yi so A?"

"It's true! He used to be an omega, but now he has the feeling of becoming an alpha. Doesn't it have this effect without glands... I have a bold idea..."

"Damn, he seems to have suddenly changed his personality. He changed his mind to me last week. He was originally obedient, but suddenly became very serious and serious, a bit unaccustomed."

And the netizens possessed by Conan followed Lin Yi's words carefully.

"How do I feel that Lin Yi's last paragraph seems to have something special?"

"That's right, it seems to be alluding to something... Is it possible that this thing is really not easy?"

"Yes, yes, who is it in the legend that he was unsuccessful in the black hand? Lin Yi's later passage meant that he was the victim, and there was a feeling that the big man was being sheltered."

"You guys are really amazing, too, so I was taken away by Lin Yi with a few words? I don't believe there will be groundless things. If he hasn't done it at all, how could so many people say about him."

Starnet’s quarrel turned into a pot of porridge. Lin Yi looked at it carefully for a while and found that it might be possible to reverse the situation.

Lin Yi pursed her lips and smiled faintly on her cheeks. This was his effect. In these two days of free time, he didn't care about Yinyue Entertainment, but he didn't expect the other party to be pressing harder than he expected. Presumably under such a rhythm, even if the original owner can hold on at the beginning, he will eventually be crushed steadily.

He lowered his eyes to look at Little A. It had ended the previous excitement stage, but quietly hung a delivery countdown sign on his head. It still doesn't look too smart.

Xiao A's machine shell can be replaced, but the intelligence level can no longer be improved. One is that its model is too old, and the other is that its manufacturer, a small manufacturer of Zhenqixing, has already closed down.

Lin Yi didn't mind this, it was more fun to be stupid than to look at him.

"Happy?" Lin Yi asked Little A.

Little A affirmed: "Happy!" He rubbed Lin Yi's leg as he said.

Lin Yi's slender fingertips lightly touched its head.

Inside the palace, the queen just turned off the interview screen, and then turned to look at Song Shu.

"It doesn't seem to be the same as what he said to you."

Song Shu's face was unhappy, "No one will believe him."

The queen didn't take Lin Yi to heart, but just said, "You know Qin Nuo is coming back from Huangxing? By then, the royal family will not be peaceful, and you'd better deal with all these trivial matters."

For her cousin, the queen is not too fancy, a few words in the language are already the limit.

But the queen called Song Shu into the palace not to talk about Lin Yi. The image of the royal family in front of the public in recent years is not very good. There have been a few negative news of small or small size, which has aroused a lot of public opinion.

As an omega, Song Shu has never appeared in the media after marriage, and is a fairly clean and simple image that can work.

This is what the queen intends to take advantage of, hoping to restore some of the image of the royal family, at least fighting for a piece of land in the field of public opinion.

The scissors in the Queen's hand gently cut a flower branch, her eyes were calm, but her words were cold: "Speaking of which, since everyone is so concerned about Ye Jin's person, you might as well push the boat along the river and shape the image of the victim. "

Although Song Shu was dissatisfied with the queen's arrogance, now the Song family is sheltered by the queen, and this is even more true in her family. What the queen says naturally has to be what.

"I see." Song Shu lowered his head to cover up the dissatisfaction on his face.

In the afternoon, "The Waste Land" sent Lin Yi the script and confirmed his shooting date. As a not-so-important filming crew, Lin Yi was scheduled to leave in five days, which counted as three days after the first installment of "Where Are We From".

Although Lin Yi is just a small supporting actor who doesn't even have a name, he still spent the afternoon studying the entire script carefully, and he probably had some points in his heart.

Lin Yi put down the script, changed clothes and went to the gym to prepare for two laps.

There are not too many people in the gym at this point. Lin Yi passed by, but saw that there were few people on the equipment, but a group of people gathered in the back.

More precisely, a group of alphas is surrounding several betas, among them is the beta Weique who exchanged contact information with Lin Yi in the morning.

Several betas were obviously uncomfortable by the coercion on Alpha's body, all of them pale, just like the weeds swaying in the wind, they seemed to be untenable.

Lin Yi stepped into the gym without changing the pace, and heard words coming from inside.

"Beta goes to the dedicated beta gym downstairs. Don't be an eyesore here in the future, do you know?"

"My fist is a little itchy, I want to move it." One of the alphas slammed his fist gloomily, scaring the betas.

Lin Yi's steps had reached their backs, and the voice broke their conversation with no slightness: "Borrowed."

Everyone turned their heads together, seeing him, all betas' eyes flashed like seeing a savior, and those alphas were somewhat uncomfortable, but they still held up their face and didn't intend to give in.

"Why, my fist is itchy and I want to scratch it for you?" Lin Yi raised the personal terminal in his hand impatiently: "Little A, help me call the police in the North Ten District."

Those betas in it are not that they don't want to call the police, but are completely intimidated by the aura of alpha, and the soft-hand software can't do anything at all. On the other hand, Lin Yi was like a okay person, and it seemed that alpha was no different from A Mao or Gou in his eyes.

Public security in the North District is also good. If Lin Yi is asked to call the police, these alphas will inevitably drink a pot. Right now, alpha reached out to come over and forcibly shut down Lin Yi's personal terminal.

With a flash next to Lin Yi, the communicator was connected to the police station in the North Ten District. The current scene was passed to the police station. The operator immediately understood what was happening, and warned the alpha on the scene in the communicator. : "The identity information of the on-site personnel has been corresponded. If it is not disbanded on the spot, our bureau will dispatch police to deal with the matter."

Hoop, the scene immediately felt like military training was disbanded, and several alphas who were bullying and fearful of hardship slipped out of sight.

Wei Que watched Lin Yi turn off the communicator, came up like her brother, and grabbed Lin Yi's hand.

Lin Yi twitched back, without twitching, just let him express his feelings.

The other betas, like Wei Que, stood around Lin Yi, their eyes gleaming, just like seeing Venus.

"Brother, you are really my idol." Wei Que said, as a beta, Lin Yi is awesome in his eyes.

Just as Lin Yi was about to speak, a large screen in the gym suddenly lit up and automatically started to broadcast news. Intellectual brains in public places usually only automatically broadcast it when there is more influential big news, so the attention of everyone present is attracted to the past.

Originally, Lin Yi looked at it indifferently, but after seeing who was on the screen clearly, her eyes stopped.

In the lens, he knew Ye Jin's face, but he didn't know the young woman sitting next to Ye Jin, but he had heard the voice of the woman.

The original owner was forcibly dragged away before the damaged glands. He had heard this voice.

On the screen, Ye Jin and Song Shu are sitting together, their hands are held tightly, and they look like they are deeply affectionate. Song Shu's tone was gentle, and she showed her good aristocratic style to the fullest. As an omega female, she looked a little weaker than a male omega. At this time, she was a little bit eager to cry, and she looked very contagious.

"I was indeed the victim who was almost hurt by Lin Yi," she lowered her head slightly towards the camera, and Ye Jin next to her was very good at grasping the opportunity and stretched out her hand to wrap her shoulders, "but I think this may be just for him. Impulsive, so I don’t want to pursue it any more, and I hope everyone can forgive him.”

Lin Yi felt that if Song Shu hadn't been fart at this moment, he might have felt softer for such a woman.

His eyes were a little cold. It's okay for Song Shu not to show up. Maybe the public is starting to forget about it, but now, her so-called tolerance is nothing more than a knife that slashed at Lin Yi again.

"Sure enough, as I thought, this Song Shu is not easy." Wei Que said suddenly.

The meaning in the words is not to believe in Song Shu.

Lin Yi was a little curious: "Why, do you believe Lin Yi is innocent?"

Wei Que nodded and shook his head: "I think this matter is quite suspicious. It's not that simple, you know. In the morning, I saw a few accounts and posted a few articles about Song Shu, all talking about her. Meixin is kind, and it feels a little deliberate. Looking at it this way, it's obviously intentional."

When he said this, he didn't have the timidity he had before, but he looked very happy.

"Do you know this well?" Lin Yi asked.

"Of course, I ate this meal." Wei Que patted himself on the chest, "I have more than 10 million fans on my account."

Lin Yi felt that she was dozing off and met with a pillow.