Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 12

The number of fans at the tens of millions level sounds a bit remarkable, but in the unit that the Empire now counts in hundreds of millions, it is actually just an account with a little bit of spreading power.

If you change into other stars and want to make some news and post some articles, you definitely don't look up to such an account. Therefore, Wei Que and a few of his friends have not received any soft articles. They basically collect all kinds of information based on objective reality, and then express their opinions.

“I’ve started this account since I was in college. Don’t think I have a lot of fans, but my fans are very sticky and they are very lively. Unlike marketing accounts with hundreds of millions of fans, most of those fans are I don’t want to buy it, and my fans are not fans. My fans love me very much.” Wei Que said this with pride.

The tuba Lin Yi can't afford it, and the tuba is basically cooperating with various entertainment companies behind it. It is impossible to do anything to ruin his job. Lin Yi may even get a bite when he goes to them. So from all considerations, encountering Wei Que, to Lin Yi is not just talking about dozing and hitting a pillow, this is still dozing and hitting his luxury pillow, no matter how you twist your neck, it is very comfortable.

Wei Que babbled a few words, but Lin Yi did not speak, and then closed the conversation: "I'm sorry, you may not be interested in this, I won't say more."

Lin Yi laughed: "No, I am very interested in this. Are these all your colleagues?"

Behind Wei Que stood three betas about his age.

Lin Yi showed only one pair of eyes. The original black eyes appeared soft and clean because of the smile at this time, causing Wei Que's heart to jump twice.

Wei Que said, "Yes, they are all my colleagues." At the same time, Wei Que was a little pleased because Lin Yi expressed interest in this. Lin Yi didn't seem to care about gossip.

Wei Que couldn't help but asked Lin Yi again: "Really, really, are you really interested?"

Lin Yi raised her hand and took off her mask: "Yes, I'm really interested, because I'm the Lin Yi."

Of course, Wei Que and the others knew what Lin Yi looked like. Even privately discussed that the same name is Lin Yi, the beta Lin Yi they know is so cool, isn't it that the same name has a different life?

Who knew that this came a big beta change omega, and what turned out was Lin Yi, who is currently notorious in the empire.

Ten minutes later, Wei Que and his companion settled up, and numbly followed Lin Yi back to his current residence. On the way back, Lin Yi had already logged on to the Internet and probably read the entertainment account written by Wei Que and the others, and found that it was not like some entertainment queens who just collected money and wrote it randomly. It was justified and the fan base was indeed very solid.

As soon as he returned home and opened the door, Little A, who had replaced it with a new shell, greeted him and called Lin Yi affectionately: "Master!"

Lin Yi led people into the house, Wei Que saw Xiao A and said, "Hey, this intellectual brain seems to be a very old version. Will it be inconvenient? I know a friend who does this, and I can let him use it. I will sell you one at the cost price."

Originally, he respectfully understood the way of hospitality, and said in his mouth: "Sorry, sorry, there is no tea for the guests at home." The little A stopped for a moment, his head flashed red, and he started to alert Lin Yi. "If a criminal intrusion is detected, do you call the police? Do you call the police!?"

Wei Que was taken aback by Xiao A, and quickly looked around: "What, where?"

Lin Yi is already very familiar with the way of Little A, and calmly said to Wei Que and the others: "Don't worry about it."

At the same time, he turned his head and imaginarily nodded A's head with his fingers, and said, "Be quiet."

Only then did Xiao A stop the siren, and at the same time he stopped talking to the guests, hiding behind Lin Yi and scanning Wei Que and them secretly, the red light on his head slowly circulated.

Wei Que and the others took the simple furnishings in the house into their eyes. Although they knew that Lin Yi in front of them was Lin Yi, they were still a little unbelievable.

Lin Yi is also straightforward, and directly said what she meant: "I hope you will help me send some manuscripts."

Wei Que probably knows what manuscript Lin Yi wants them to send, but he is not sure what Lin Yi meant: "How to write...?"

Lin Yi saw that he had asked cautiously, and smiled and said: "Write an article about all the doubts about this matter in all the public information so far. You don't need to give the public a conclusion. You can let them summarize it by themselves. You can ask me anything you know, but how much does it cost to publish such a manuscript?"

Wei Que and the others do gossip, and of course they like these, but they have never directly faced the gossip itself like this once, and they can also know that they are all talking about it.

"We haven't posted such an article before, so it's not clear what the charges are," Wei Que was also confused. They used to make money from click traffic before, and they really didn't directly collect the money to post soft articles.

Lin Yi gave a number: "Is 20,000 yuan okay?"

This price is given to four people, each of five thousand yuan, which is a decent monthly salary in Capital Star. Wei Que and his friends are both in the entrepreneurial stage after just graduating from university, and they are taking the line of conscience. They have two articles a month, and sometimes they don't even have one. In addition, collecting information still costs a lot of money. They still have to take money from home every month. Lin Yi's offer was 5,000 per person, enough for them to jump up.

After discussing the details, go directly to the topic.

Lin Yi basically told Wei Que and the others about the life experience of the original owner and how he was coerced and bullied and committed suicide after arriving in Capital Star. After speaking, he was still calm and did not respond, but Wei Que and the others were so angry that they were about to slap the table.

As a transparent group in the empire, beta knows what it's like to be discriminated. From their perspective, seeing an omega being damaged by a gland and playing with it in the palm of the hand, it feels that there is an unspeakable suffocation in my heart. .

"Fortunately, you didn't die," Wei Que said with red eyes. "If you die, you won't be able to ask for justice in the future."

Lin Yi said calmly: "From a certain angle, Lin Yi is dead."

Indeed, Wei Que also agreed with Lin Yi's words. Lin Yi, who was calm and handsome when facing alpha, was far away from the Lin Yi he once knew or is now rumored. There is a word to say that this is Nirvana. Rebirth? Wei Que thought.

"There is another one," Lin Yi shared a link to Wei Que from his personal terminal, "I also hope that you can help promote this content. The price is the same."

"What?" Wei Que curiously opened the link sent to herself by Lin Yi, and unexpectedly discovered that it was a piece of music in the music area of ​​the Imperial Forum.

As a niche product of this era, music has a relatively small circle, and basically only spreads among fellow fans. Therefore, Lin Yi's "Dawn" is still only circulated in the Empire Forum. At this time, from the background, the speed of getting rewards has been much slower.

Lin Yi made some estimates based on this rate, and calculated that if the song was only confined to the forum, it would cost him about two million yuan. Moreover, what he wants is not only income, but also expanded influence.

His current situation hasn't gotten much better, and now Song Shu chose to end his disappearance and appear in the public as a victim, which only shows that his situation will get worse. At this time, Lin Yi couldn't passively change himself according to the environment, and he started to let the environment change for him.

Wei Que and the others haven't paid attention to things in the music area of ​​the Empire Forum, but at this moment, they heard Lin Yi say that they can get another 20,000 yuan by letting them push a song, and their hearts moved. Although, now the Empire’s songs are all spicy chicken. Over the past few decades, there have been so many things that there are no more late-stage soundtracks in film and television works such as TV dramas, but because of the 20,000 yuan, Wei Que swallowed. Swallowing, think maybe, anyway, maybe you can push it?

Where can a piece of music go no matter how bad it is?

The four betas clicked on the link with this feeling, and then in the next few minutes, they thoroughly felt what it meant to shock my whole family.

The magnificence and growth of the war scene was originally a picture that only soldiers who have been on the battlefield could feel, but now, with the mood expressed by the music and the powerful editing of the picture, Wei Que and the others feel like they are walking on the battlefield. After listening to it, all of them covered their own heart, and it took a long time to get rid of it.

"Can you push it?" Lin Yi asked them.

Wei Que nodded and nodded like falling beads, "Can you do it! I don't charge money and I push it!"

Others don't know whether to agree or disagree, anyway, they are all red-eyed singles looping.

Wei Que, who was still sober, hesitated and asked Lin Yi: "Well, Lin Yi, I can ask you why you still have money...?"

Lin Yi took a look at the backstage of the anonymous account to Wei Que, then smiled and said, "Because I wrote this song."

Wei Que was stunned for a second, and at the moment he almost brought one of his friends to Lin Yi. If there were any doubts and hesitations about Lin Yi before, they were all gone now.

Beta's eyes are discerning. What love can't hurt others is deserved, he is a super cool super talented boss!

"Have you found a house?" Wei Que looked at Lin Yi now with tears in his eyes. "If you don't find a good house, we still have an extra house that can be subletted to you."

He turned his head and pointed to his two friends: "The two of them are done, and you can live in one in the future." If Lin Yi can successfully withdraw from the negative news, he will definitely be a big boss in the sky in the future. Hold firmly.

For Lin Yi, rather than looking for another house, it was indeed convenient to live in this building, and he had no reason to refuse.

Lin Yi smiled and said, "Thank you, you helped me three times today."

"Where there." Wei Que originally wanted to go to La Lin Yi's wrist, but then realized that he was an omega so he retracted his hand, and smiled at Lin Yi like a little daughter-in-law, "Aren't we going to the gym together in the future? ."

After sending them away, Lin Yi sat back on the sofa and rubbed the bridge of his nose, feeling a sigh of relief.

Little A started to whisper the guests away from the door. At this time, he walked to Lin Yi and muttered: "I heard that there are many unpredictable problems with some new intellectual brains. The host should not listen to other people's slanders. Now."

Lin Yi raised his eyelids to look at it: "Have everything packed? Tomorrow we will move."

"I'm going!" Little A moved quickly, and all the brains in the world were not as diligent as it was.

Even though it was dark and daybreak, the light was manipulated artificially, but when Xiao A opened the curtains in the room, Lin Yi still felt a glare.

Today is the recording of the first issue of "Where Are We From". Lin recalled that it was a little bit early, and after going to the gym for a round of exercise, he came back to wash up and changed clothes.

When he was about to go out, Wei Que's news was sent continuously as if his personal terminal was broken.

Wei Que: "Have you received the news?!"

Wei Que: "Who wants to temporarily participate in the show!"

Wei Que: "Yes, Song Shu, she wants to be on the show, will she deliberately frame you against you?"

Wei Que: "What to do!"

Lin Yi was indeed surprised by Song Shu's participation in the show, but seeing Wei Que's tone and speed of speech made him feel a little amused, and his mood eased.