Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 13

The timetable for the section list is in the afternoon, so I'm not so anxious at the moment.

Lin Yi opened and saw on the official blog of "Where Are We From" that Song Shu was about to participate in the new show.

Song Shu's generosity and tolerance in front of the camera yesterday indicated that he would not pursue Lin Yi, and indeed made people see a new image belonging to the royal family to a certain extent. Netizens are basically moved by her kindness, and when we discussed it today, they also praised the royal family.

"Like Song Shu, she looks so gentle, very different from the previous royal nobles."

"Hey, I really don't know how to say it. I don't like it to the point of being kind, but then, maybe it's better to be educated since childhood."

"I don't know if people like Lin Yi were ashamed of themselves when they were on the show with Song Shu today. I guess they won't. Seeing him still plausibly he is innocent, vomit."

Before Song Shu stood up and claimed the so-called victim, which was actually the identity of the original owner, Lin Yi didn't know who Ye Jin's wife was. Originally, I still wanted to spend some time to find out, but I didn't expect it to happen. The other party obviously wanted to use him as a stepping stone again, recycle it, and he appeared by himself.

In the final analysis, he was the same as the original owner at this time. In Song Shu's eyes, he was probably nothing but dust.

Lin Yi stood in front of the mirror, he didn't deliberately dress up, what he wore was only the old clothes of the original owner. However, the original owner has not had a haircut for a while, and after washing his hair, the hair softly covers his forehead, almost covering his eyebrows.

Lin Yi tried to close the long hair back, exposing his forehead. The original owner is actually very good-looking, with fair and delicate skin, the proportions of his facial features are just right, and the facial features are quite tall but contain oriental charm.

Xiao A has been a little worried about Lin Yi since the morning. At this moment, he stood at the door of the bathroom and looked at him, and asked Lin Yi: "Master, what time are you going home today? I'll wait for you at the door."

Lin Yi used hairspray to close her hair, washed her hands and walked out of the bathroom and passed by Little A. Knowing that it was probably due to the habits left by the original owner, Little A would be a little worried.

He squatted down and looked at Xiao A, gently poking his head with his fingertips, and then said: "Clean up the house and move when I come back."

Feeling Lin Yi's touch, Little A leaned forward, like a puppy begging to be touched.

When Lin Yi got up, Xiao A followed him to the door again, and finally said: "Master, go early and return early."

Lin Yi went out.

At this time, most people have their own flying machines when they go out, and the original owner is a poor ghost when he first arrived. Of course, he didn't have such a thing. Lin Yi called a public aircraft and took a ride away directly from the balcony covered by transparent glass.

There were also several passengers in the aircraft, all sitting in their seats and busying themselves, without any eye contact with each other.

Lin Yi wore a mask as usual, and found the last row to do it. Within about ten minutes of flying time, he logged on to Starnet and showed Song Shu's personal homepage thoroughly.

Song Shu's personal homepage doesn't have too much content, there are more than one hundred posts in total. The publicly visible content is roughly divided into two parts, one is to shape a sweet and warm family life. In Lin Miao's impression, the obsessed Ye Jin is a five-good man in her dynamics. In addition to family life, what is left is some semi-official content such as public welfare, royal family schedules and so on. The only ones beyond these two are two, one is posted by the official blog of "Where Are We From", and the other is posted by Lin Yi almost before stepping out of the room.

Song Shu: The relationship between Lin Yi and I is purely private. I don't really want to put these things in front of the public. What I discussed with my husband before was to give everyone a private space. Everyone will make mistakes, no matter how big or small they are, maybe they should be given a chance to grow. I want to face the world with kindness, and the world may also respond to me with kindness.

Compared with the group below who said that Song Shu was too kind, Lin Yi just wanted to roll his eyes and say what kind of white lotus this is?

Lin Yi’s going out here is equivalent to going to the battlefield, and Wei Que and the others are not idle. The four of them used their personal terminals to search up and down, and they listed almost clues related to Song Shu and Lin Yi for decades. Came out.

To say that what I said to Lin Yi before was only ninety-nine percent of them believed, when Wei Que and the others displayed the clues they found, they immediately believed it ten percent.

Many official media’s common words are very wind-driven, but in fact, only a little scrutiny can reveal many loopholes in the content.

Wei Que and the others were motivated to write the manuscript not just because of the money. The few people didn't go anywhere in the morning, so they huddled together and wrote quickly.

At the same time, Lin Yi had also arrived outside the building of Yinhe Film and Television.

It was lunch break at noon, but there were not many people downstairs, and there were two robots guarding the door. Lin Yi stepped forward to verify his identity, and a small robot walked out from the side, leading Lin Yi upstairs.

Five minutes later, Lin Yi was taken outside the studio of Where We Come From. There is still an hour and a half before the official shooting begins, at least that's the specific notice Lin Yi got.

But as soon as Lin Yi walked to the door, there was a female beta hurriedly came over, took a look at Lin Yi, grabbed his wrist and strapped it inside, blaming, "Why are you here now? There are still five minutes left." The show is about to officially begin."

Lin Yi was pulled suddenly, staggering for a while. If he can stand by the time on the notice, it is estimated that the show has been broadcast for a little while, and he will make a fool of himself under the eyes of everyone.

Lin Yi was pulled to the mirror and sat down. The female beta took a close look at Lin Yi's face, as if she was trying to find out where to retouch, but unfortunately, there was not a single part of Lin Yi's face at this time. No, apart from making her look a little surprised, there is nothing worth changing.

Lin Yi didn't tell her that it was meaningless that the notification time she got was wrong, so she only took a picture in the mirror, then got up and smiled at the female beta: "Thank you."

The female beta stared blankly, and nodded subconsciously, "No thanks."

After speaking, I regretted how to smile back at people like Lin Yi, but it was a pity that Lin Yi had already left by this time, and she couldn't see her annoyed look.

Lin Yi walked forward, and the person I met was as anxious as the makeup artist in front of him. He dragged him and walked forward. While showing him live broadcast related facilities, he asked Lin Yi impatiently: "Do you know the specific process today? Right? Forget it, it doesn't matter if you know or not."

Lin Yi stood under the steps and looked up. Xi Qingyu and Song Shu were sitting together, smiling and talking.

As if he had noticed Lin Miao's gaze, Song Shu turned his head and looked over, matching Lin Yi's gaze.

She has sharp eyes, frowning in a moment, her eyes flashing with spite. I thought that Lin Yi would be so scared to shrink his gaze, but he didn't expect that Lin Yi walked slowly to the top of the steps to meet her gaze, and then found the place where he had written his name and sat down.

At this time, the countdown to the live broadcast on the wall was only 30 seconds left, and the scene turned from noisy to quiet.

Sitting next to Lin Yi's position is a third-line star, a female alpha named Fang Hong. When Lin Yi sat down, she obviously avoided a little bit.

Lin Yi didn't care. He raised his hand to tidy up his clothes. Seeing that the countdown on the wall started to go below ten, the last instructions from the staff came on the scene, and then an old man simulated by a virtual image appeared in front of them. , That is the intellectual brain acting as the host.

Lin Yi has a small virtual display in front of them, and it remembers the number of real-time viewers of the show. While playing the leading content of the program, Yu Guang of Lin Yi glanced at the virtual display screen. The number of viewers displayed on it has reached 100 million, and it is still increasing on the Internet by tens of millions.

He retracted his gaze and focused all of his attention on the video that was playing.

The video briefly introduces the types of food on the earth discovered by archaeology over the years, and then lists some of the more common ways of cooking on the earth in the empire. Finally, the presiding wisdom brain took over and said: "But in fact, the empire is now There are certain misunderstandings in the food. This program will give some examples and correct them one by one later."

Song Shu then took the conversation over, "When I was a kid, I learned some earth food-related content from the family chef at home. It feels like a very complicated subject. I want to participate in the show today and I hope I can learn with everyone."

"It's really complicated," Xi Qingyu answered with a smile, but he didn't say much, so he turned his gaze to Lin Yi, "So for a while, what I don't know, don't laugh at me."


Lin Yi leaned back in the chair, the expression on her face did not change at all, as if Xi Qingyu didn't see him at all.

The number of people watching in real time has risen to one billion at this time and is still rising. The live broadcast footage at this time is panoramic, and the audience can adjust the camera to the person who wants to watch it according to their preferences.

At this moment, following Xi Qingyu's gaze, Lin Yi naturally had the most attention. The barrage of malice against him also surfaced.

"Sitting with the victim can still be so indifferent, I don't know how poisonous it is."

"Tolerance to such a person will only make him more presumptuous! I think a referendum should be organized to decide the punishment for Lin Yi!"

"Hey, I heard that Lin Yi seems to be a rare star, so what can he understand, wait for a while and he will live broadcast the show."

"Happy to hear!"

Lin Yi couldn't see these barrages, but it didn't matter even if she saw them. Because the vast majority of netizens are just guided by public opinion, and they don’t have basic judgments. If you attack this today, you will be able to attack that tomorrow. Those who manipulate these will one day be defeated by this.

When it was Lin Yi's turn to speak, he smiled faintly at the camera, "please advise."

The host quickly went down.

"Where Are We From" is a continuous variety show, once a month, with different themes in each issue. The participating guests implement a similar elimination system, each time the last one is eliminated, and then a newcomer will come in in the next issue.

Therefore, each link of the program has a similar point accumulation system. The first part of this first issue is the rare earth animals and plants provided by the quiz program, and then the guests are asked to guess whether the food is eaten or not, and how it is eaten.

Before each guess, a plate of samples will be placed in front of the guests, and the guests can get information by touching their mouths.

The first one was earthworms, and they would crawl out of the ground after heavy rain. I wish someone had an earthworm with thick fingers. Lin Yi was most afraid of this kind of mollusk. She was a bit cold right now, so she didn't touch this at all and just abstained. Fang Hong, who was beside him, gave an affirmative answer. Zhi Nao's chairperson didn't make a decision, so he turned to the next question.

The second one was a bug. This time Xi Qingyu rushed to answer without waiting for Lin Yi to abstain. He gave a negative answer and went to the third question.

The third question was directly on a piece of wood, Lin Yi was expressionless, really didn't know how interstellar humans imagined humans on earth. Song Shu took this question to answer, but he also gave a negative answer.

Lin Yi didn't speak the whole time, only the expression on her face changed. So when the fourth ingredient came up, netizens had already begun to speculate.

"Isn't this question answered yet? Is it because you are afraid of exposing your ignorance or something."

"I doubt Lin Yi has seen these things."

"I am embarrassed to participate in this program at this level."

Even Fang Hong, who was next to Lin Yi, had to remind Lin Yi: "If you don't answer the next question, you will easily be eliminated next."