Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 14

Faced with Fang Hong's kind reminder, Lin Yi said, "Thank you for the reminder."

He is not very anxious, because the first round of answer points is not high. There are several rounds of intensified answering sessions, which add up to a total of 16 questions, and each round of answering questions will increase the score obtained as the difficulty of the question increases.

When the fourth dish was brought up, Lin Yi glanced at it, it was a bitter gourd with greenery. Lin Yi sighed that there was finally something normal, food that was actually eaten on earth.

Everyone felt and tasted for a while, and Fang Hong beside Lin Yi even picked up the bitter gourd in front of him and tasted it. In an instant, her face wrinkled because of the bitter taste in her mouth.

The audience who watched the program also had a real experience to taste it, and all of them complained incessantly.

Lin Yi didn't like to eat bitter gourd when she was on the earth. At this time, she was neither ready to taste nor answer the questions in the first round, so she still didn't move while sitting in the same position.

"Lin Yi doesn't really understand everything, so I dare not answer?"

"It's normal for a hillbilly from a remote place like Zhenqixing to not understand this."

Song Shu answered this question slowly after cutting a small piece of bitter gourd with a knife and fork and touching it on his lips.

This is the end of the first round. The presiding wisdom brain starts to calculate the points earned by everyone. Fang Hong scores 10 points, Xi Qingyu scores 10 points, Song Shu scores 20 points, and Lin Yi scores zero points.

Going directly to the second round, the points in the second round increased by five points compared to the first round, and each question became fifteen points. The three questions were answered equally by Song Shu and Xi Qingyu. Lin Yi finally started to answer the questions this round, but he hesitated for a while before giving the answer: "I guess it is A."

Song Shu heard the word "guess" with a slight smile on his face. After the system announced that Lin Yi's answer was correct, he thought that Lin Yi had just guessed it correctly, and did not pay much attention to it.

The difficulty of answering questions in the second round has increased a lot. At least it is no longer a simple right or wrong question, but a multiple-choice question. Fang Hong, who was next to Lin Yi, was already embarrassed when he answered, but at any rate he was right.

After the second round of answering questions, Lin Yi scored 15 points, Fang Hong 25 points, Xi Qingyu 25 points, and Song Shu 35 points.

These scores were directly presented on the display screen opposite the guests in a histogram, and Lin Yi's piece was exceptionally short and eye-catching. Xi Qingyu and Song Shu, who were sitting opposite him, looked like they were determined to win.

When the answers entered the third round, the difficulty became more and more upward. Although it is still a multiple-choice question, the content is very obscure and rare.

Xi Qingyu chose to abstain, but Song Shu couldn't say such a thing because someone had to maintain it. He could barely answer two questions, one right and one wrong, while Fang Hong answered the wrong question unsurprisingly.

When the last question of this round came out, the host Zhinao looked at Lin Yi, and Lin Yi just pressed the answer button: "I guess it's C."

Song Shu heard the word "guess" again on the other side, and couldn't help but chuckle this time.

Before he finished laughing, the host Zhinao had already given a judgment: "The answer is correct."

Song Shu's smile froze instantly. Lin Yi met her eyes, raised her mouth and showed her a gentle and harmless smile. Song Shu was so embarrassed that she turned the camera towards her. Not only could she not have seizures, but she had to return. Lin Yi smiled, but her nails were almost pinched into the palms of her hands in secret.

This round of answering questions is twenty points each. At the end of the round, Lin Yi is thirty-five, Fang Hong is thirty-five, Xi Qingyu is thirty-five, and Song Shu is fifty-five.

"The scores of the final round of answers will be increased to 25 points per question, but correspondingly, the difficulty of answering questions will increase again, and the knowledge involved may be more extensive, so guests can apply for help outside the venue, let their friends or Relatives answer this question, but there is only one opportunity like this, and if the person being asked for help fails to answer this question, the deduction will be 10 points, and if the respondent fails to answer the question, the question will be forwarded to the next guest to answer. It can be brief, but if you can’t say anything, you will be deducted 10 points. If you answer incompletely, you will be given points as appropriate."

Fang Hong couldn't help but beg for mercy with a smile: "Oh my God, I'm done, it seems that my points are about to be deducted."

Xi Qingyu also answered with a smile: "Who said no, I will definitely be deducted points in this round. It seems that of the four of us, only Song Shu can survive this round."

A decent smile appeared on Song Shu's face.

Up to now, the off-site audience has also entered, and can’t wait to wait for the host Zhinao to make a question, and at the same time, he is trembling with fear by this answering method.

"This show gave me an exam-like feeling of oppression, damn... I thought of the mecha operation class that I failed to take last semester."

This round was really difficult to make people scalp numb. Both Fang Hong and Xi Qingyu failed to answer the question completely, but both used off-court help, but only a few words for wiping the ball were mentioned during guessing. , The system gave them five points each.

When it was Song Shu’s turn, she didn’t answer smoothly either. She stumbled and didn’t get the last point, but she was not deducted.

In the end, there was only one question left, which was undoubtedly transferred to Lin Yi's side.

Because Lin Yi had only guessed two questions before, everyone didn't expect much from him, and even looked at Lin Yi with the host Zhinao's expression a little helpless.

Even Song Shu and Xi Qingyu also looked at Lin Yi with playful eyes, probably waiting for Lin Yi to make a fool of himself and eliminate himself.

Before hosting the intellectual brain questioning, Xi Qingyu said to Lin Yi in a reassuring manner: "Xiao Yi, if you can't answer it, you don't have to be too reluctant, and you don't need to put too much pressure on yourself. We all understand your situation."

Yin and Yang are weird.

Lin Yi lazily propped his chin to look at him, and asked, "What do you know?"

Xi Qingyu faced the camera and explained to the audience watching the show: "Xiao Yi had only studied at the Omega School of Zhenqixing. Everyone knows that sometimes the content of the omega school may be a little biased and has not been properly taught. So he is not clear about a lot of common sense, I think it is understandable, but the show is the process of signing a contract, I hope everyone will forgive me."

The audience outside the camera was immediately taken away by Xi Qingyu's rhythm, and followed to complain.

"Isn't it that I haven't received the correct teaching, or else I can have such a cruel heart to harm people?"

"I have been fancied by Xi Qingyu and Song Shu. Both of them behaved so tenderly. This is the representative of omega!"

Because of this conversation, even the host Zhi Nao turned his head to Lin Yi, and then asked him: "Lin Yi, do you want to continue to answer the question?"

"Well, I want to answer." Lin Yi nodded.

So the host Zhinao reported the last question. After Song Shu and the others listened to the question, although they still kept a polite smile on their faces, they were relieved in their hearts. Fortunately, this question is left for the last. , Otherwise she would have to face the point where she has nothing to say, now, this ugliness has left Lin Yi alone.

Most of the audience didn't even understand the topic at all, so they were confused.

Lin Yi didn't speak either, she seemed to be thinking. After a pause for about thirty seconds, when everyone was thinking about what kind of excuse Lin Yi would use to relieve himself, Lin Yi suddenly spoke.

"This issue was dealt with in the first issue of the June issue of "Earth and Us", a magazine affiliated with the Academy of Scientific Research ten years ago, but the discussion was relatively loose. To put it simply, Dr. Li Nian put forward the research on the food of the earth at that time. Three points of view..."

Lin Yi's voice was neither high nor low, nor did she speak quickly or swiftly. He confided every word clearly, as calm and organized as a news report.

Not only the audience in front of the camera, but also the host Zhinao and other guests in the studio followed in a daze.

Some viewers began to speculate whether what Lin Yi just said was fabricated.

Someone else said, "Even if it's a mess, but it's really like the same thing. I guess I can't make it up on this occasion..."

But what really shocked everyone's chin was the subsequent judgement of Zhi Nao's performance.

"Very good!" The host Zhinao's always restrained tone suddenly rose up, full of praise for Lin Yi, "The answer is absolutely correct."

So far, Lin Yi has 60 points, Fang Hong and Xi Qingyu each have 40 points, and Song Shu has 55 points.

Someone in the audience picked up that issue of the magazine and found that what Lin Yi said before was really similar to the content in the magazine. If there is any difference, he seems to have refined the content and used more accurate words. A bit.

Even if most people in the audience can't understand Lin Yi, here I have to admit that Lin Yi is unique.

"It's too strong! If I have the ability to answer questions, I will walk sideways in school!"

But some people questioned it.

"With other people's answering such a difficult situation, wouldn't it be cheating that he can answer fluently?"

It is not only the audience outside the camera who has this idea, but also Song Shu who is in the studio. Song Shu was originally not a really gentle and kind person. She lived in a superior family environment since she was a child. In addition, she was not an heir in the family. She was subjected to few rules and restrictions. She was basically a domineering and arrogant noble lady.

As expected, Lin Yi's embarrassed appearance not only did not appear, but overwhelmed herself, and the smile on her face was a little unsustainable.

"You're not cheating anymore, are you?" Song Shu couldn't help but said to Lin Yi, his voice was not small, it instantly penetrated the entire studio, and when it reached Lin Yi's ears, it also reached the ears of all the audience at the same time.

Lin Yi looked at her in astonishment, her tone lowered, "Do you think I co-hosted Zhinao cheating?"

Lin Yi said in one sentence that the host Zhinao pulled down the water and immediately made the host Zhinao unable to stop. He was obviously very upset when he said, "Mrs. Ye, all my judgments are objective and rigorous. If you have any questions, , You can apply for a test on me."

In addition to the restrictions on the places that can go to the artificial intelligence at the level of presiding wisdom brain, it is almost indistinguishable from humans, and is even more fair than humans in many conveniences.

Lin Yi's image is not good at this time, and she directly argued with Song Shu that she would not please the public. It is better to give the pot to the host Zhineng to shift the focus of the contradiction.

Song Shu also reacted to the fact that he had just made a mistake, his cheeks were slightly red, and he waved his hand and said, "Sorry, I didn't mean that."

This episode immediately turned into a hot search on the star network, #宋姝问林忆作骗#, which immediately attracted a large audience.

At this time, the link has gone down, and an interactive video content that was recorded in advance for about ten minutes has been inserted. The staff and guests in the studio had a rest in these ten minutes.

Lin Yi stood up from his seat and walked to the outdoor glass window to look out.

"Lin Yi." A female voice came from behind him.

Lin Yi turned her head and saw at the end of the empty corridor, Song Shu was standing there in bright and delicate clothes, with some unresolved anger on her face.

"Is the gland injury gone?" Song Shu approached him with contempt, "How does it feel to be a barren omega?"

"I said it's not bad, do you believe it?" Lin Yi asked her calmly.

It is forbidden to turn on the recording and recording function at the shooting location, so the conversation between the two can be undisguised, and there is no need for false expressions.

Seeing that Lin Yi still dared to ridicule, Song Shu grabbed Lin Yi's arm and said in a cold voice: "If you are smarter, leave Capital Star by yourself, or I can leave you with nothing at any time."

Lin Yi's gaze greeted Song Shu, and the sudden piercing pressure on Song Shu made Song Shu unexpectedly uncomfortable. She frowned, thinking that Lin Yi would be very excited, Lin Yi just raised her hand. Pushed her palm away, and then whispered in Song Shu's slight staggering: "I'll wait and see."