Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 15

The rhythm of the second half of the variety show is different from that of the first half, and the guests are no longer all sitting in place.

Song Shu and Fang Hong are not the main guests. It is inevitable that they will be replaced by others in the following programs, while Lin Yi and Xi Qingyu are the guests of the fixed team. However, in order to be a gimmick, the show put forward the rules of elimination of points from the beginning.

The reason why Xi Qingyu and Song Shu show good intentions is that Song Shu stepped on Lin Yi a few more feet, but also for the exchange of interests, otherwise the variety show "Where We Come From" would not have the turn of Xi Qingyu to be a resident guest.

This variety show is also a rare and precious opportunity for Xi Qingyu to seize, not only to win the favor of the audience, but also to seize the line of Song Shu. If it is done, his road will only go smoothly in the future. Being able to succeed and be able to keep everyone's eyes focused on him, it doesn't matter what sacrifices and trade-offs there are in the process.

Xi Qingyu stood in a separate cubicle in the bathroom and looked at the mirror. He didn't feel any guilt for Lin Yi in his heart. Maybe he had done it before, but when the light of the lens illuminates his face, whether it is Lin Yi or whoever it is, it becomes everything. Insignificant existence.

"The blame is on your bad life." Xi Qingyu whispered into the mirror, then wiped off the water stains on his hands, opened the compartment door and wanted to go outside, but was startled by Lin Yi standing outside the door. .

Lin Yi stood peacefully a few steps away, facing him in the large mirror that almost occupies half of the wall from the outside. And the scar on the back of Lin Yi's neck with freshly healed red marks, brightly spotted on his white skin, looking out of place and hideous.

What kind of wound is that, it's clear at a glance.

Xi Qingyu's heart jumped abruptly. It was a guilty conscience, and then he turned around and wanted to go outside. At the same time, he pretended to have a relaxed tone: "I'm running out, you can go in."

"Being an accomplice, don't you feel any guilt at all?" Lin Yi turned around and said to Xi Qingyu.

Xi Qingyu's footsteps stopped, and turned back to look at Lin Yi, with a little stunned expression on his face. There have been guilts, but guilt is nothing compared to the ambition to succeed.

If Lin Yi is just an ordinary junior, Xi Qingyu doesn't mind maintaining a peaceful mask with him, and even really supports one or two. After all, based on the impression he had when he first saw Lin Yi, Lin Yi was extremely naive, and a little care would make him forget about it, and he would definitely be a good use object in the future.

But Lin Yi was better than him, younger than him, and even Ye Jin, who Xi Qingyu could not hook up in secret, caught Lin Yi immediately after watching Lin Yi's commercial.

Lin Yi even asked him stupidly what to do.

Lin Yi was like the opposite of Xi Qingyu. He was like a piece of white paper. He got what Xi Qingyu wanted without much effort. It seemed to prove from the side that Xi Qingyu's efforts were all in vain, and his thoughts were all jokes.

But all that is over, now Lin Yi has no chance to make a comeback, he is right after all.

Xi Qingyu recovered from the memory, and the nonchalant smile turned into a triumphant contempt: "Is it, if you want to hear, I can say sorry to you, but it's useless, isn't it?"

When he thought that Lin Yi would be angry or ridiculed, he did not expect that Lin Yi nodded in agreement, "You are right."

Lin Yi wiped her hands and walked out on her own, leaving Xi Qingyu in shock.

What Xi Qingyu said was not wrong, what good is it to just say sorry after doing something wrong? Whether it's Song Shu, Xi Qingyu, or Ye Jin, these people who directly or indirectly killed the original owner, don't think about the future.

Lin Yi returned to the studio and sat beside Fang Hong.

Fang Hong and Song Shu have no interests involved, so they are not very close to Song Shu. People in the same circle are more or less aware of many things, so they are not very hostile to Lin Yi.

Lin Yi opened the personal terminal in his free time, and he received several messages during the first half of the game.

There are a few pictures sent by Little A, inviting him to have packed all the things at home, and a self-portrait of himself is attached, with the words "Little A waiting for the owner".

There are two more from Wei Que.

They were busy all morning, sorting out all the information. When they just wanted to post an article, the ratings of "Where We Come From" just reached a climax, and the attention from all quarters made #宋姝问林忆作赏# this topic. To the current star network real-time hot search first place.

Wei Que ate this bowl of rice. He knew how to catch this heat. He added several related tags at the moment, and added an eye-catching title "Is the Real Victim Song Shu?" Or she is the servant! ", posted the article while it was hot.

Wei Que’s account itself has a high number of active fans and high fan stickiness. In addition, the topics that Wei Que has always analyzed are not as fake or partial as other entertainment accounts. Instead, they objectively list their views from the perspective of searchable evidence. His articles The degree of conviction is also high.

From Lin Yi's life experience to his experience in the Capital Star, to the list of doubts about the incident, how can an omega without the power of a chicken break through the layers of the royal family's security in an attempt to hurt others? And it just so happened that Lin Yi hurt her gland?

After speaking, Lin Yi talked about Song Shu and Ye Jin. Lin Yi hastily read the content of the article sent by Wei Que, and had to praise Wei Que's extraordinary business ability.

Wei Que dug up an incident that caused people’s dissatisfaction more than ten years ago. In that incident, it was rumored that a royal family had lost a necklace on the first avenue of Capital Star, thus blocking the first avenue for an hour. , Many people criticized the absurdity.

This news seems to have nothing to do with Song Shu, but Wei Que just picked out the shadow of the Song family and Song Shu’s previous car from the video data at the time, and brought to Song Shu who the noble who lost the necklace was. side.

In addition, several newcomers who had appeared in Ye Jin's company and had prospects and hopes were also picked up by Wei Que or hurriedly withdrew from the circle, or disappeared.

Finally, Wei Que did not forget to combine the content of the variety show in the first half with a few hot screenshots, focusing on magnifying Song Shu's micro-expressions. When her contempt and disgust when she looked at Lin Yi were fully magnified, it seemed surprising. It's not that Song Shu should be tolerant to Lin Yi, but Song Shu, who has said a lot of forgiveness for looking at kindness, does not seem to have such an expression.

Even Xi Qingyu has listed many double-sided actions by him.

Except for the sensational headline, Wei Que did not draw a set conclusion in the article, but gave the decision to the netizens who read this article.

Wei Que's article completely provided visitors with a new idea, and at the same time, because of the very persuasive and contagious content of the article, it immediately blew a lot of critics.

No matter when the netizens like to watch it most are reversals and face slaps, the amount of reprints of this article instantly breaks through historical heights, and the rewards from the backstage alone are several times higher than before.

As a result, the public opinion on the Star Network dissed Lin Yi from the very beginning and turned to a mess of chaos. Song Shu fans, Xi Qingyu fans, and even a few Lin Yi fans who dare not say that they are Lin Yi fans also appeared, all kinds of wrangling entangled together, and the whole network was jumping.

Lin Yi deducted another 100,000 from her account and transferred it to Wei Que, so that he could pick it up again.

After Wei Que received the hot 100,000 yuan, he became more enthusiastic and immediately took his team into this business.

However, no one in the studio is paying attention to this rotation.

While Wei Que took advantage of this high heat, he even pushed out another soft article about Lin Yi. There was no need to edit a bunch of rainbow farts. They were all the true feelings of the team members after listening to "Dawn". Not afraid that too many netizens will be impatient to read, they all want to put on 30 pages to express.

Netizens originally just went in while watching gossip with curiosity to see what it was, but they didn't expect that a group of people would not be able to get out immediately after they clicked in.

Co-author Qin Nuo is going to return to Capital Star. During this time, there are many military-related topics. Now this song is a combination of hot spots. In addition, the video content of the music is still the real war scene of the First Army. It is certain to catch the eye. .

As long as the people who clicked in, they listened to it two or three times, and then they quit and clicked forward and shared crazy, bringing all the traffic to the music area of ​​the Empire Forum.

The background data is almost close to the hot zone. Although the hot post is also hot, it still excites the administrator of the music zone.

Who said that the music area is out of traffic and can't be saved? Isn't this the flow!

Even the old man with the music zone is about to burst into tears. It's been almost decades. The first time I saw the posts in the music zone, the traffic was close to the posts in the blind date zone. Everyone even held up hope because of this. Maybe this anonymous boss might do. Pull up the music area again.

Lin Yi logged into the backstage and took a look. There was another million undrawn amount in his account, and it was still rising. He turned off the personal terminal and turned his attention back to the scene.

The variety show content in the second half was a bit more relaxed than in the first half, but for Xi Qingyu and Lin Yi, it could be said that it was more tense. According to the rules, according to the points statistics of the first half, although Lin Yi is the first, but with the support of fans outside the field, he is basically 0, so there is no fixed number in the second half.

At the end of the break, everyone returned to their seats, and the presiding brain was not delayed. After the introduction of a paragraph, the topic turned to the focus: the second half decided that Lin Yi and Xi Qingyu would leave three votes in this variety show, Fang Hong One vote each with Song Shu, the remaining one voted by the audience.

In other words, you can stay as long as you get two tickets. The judging standard is the earth food made by Xi Qingyu and Lin Yi.

However, in order to ensure the fairness of voting, the production process of the two people will not be broadcast directly in the live broadcast. They will only film the process when they enter the kitchen and then the brain serves two dishes from the same channel.

Although Xi Qingyu and Song Shu didn't take the initiative to follow the news from Xingwang just now, although their personal terminals reminded them, they didn't pay attention to watching it because the show had already started.

I didn't know that with the publication of Wei Que's article, the netizens who generally swept through the chain effect were picking up their skins.