Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 16

Otherwise, Wei Que specializes in eating this bowl of rice, and Lin Yi's talent for collecting gossip makes Lin Yi feel amazed.

While Lin Yi and Xi Qingyu entered the sealed kitchen to cook, Wei Que was enthusiastically checking various information with friends in his team. At the same time, someone was also in charge of watching "Where We Come From". To Song Shu.

The background of the studio has also changed to look like a living room. Song Shu and Fang Hong are sitting on the sofa with an empty space in between. Song Shu is chatting with Fang Hong over there, and the content of the chat is suitable for the theme of earth food. Others The program group did not make too rigid requirements in this regard.

Fang Hong comes from a military family. Speaking of his experience when he was stationed on a fringe planet more than ten years ago: “At that time, because the transportation cost of the nutrient solution was too high, we usually need to supplement other foods. The fruit tastes very good in my impression, and now many nutrient solutions are also developed based on these tastes."

Song Shu sat there with his hands on his knees, his expression changed with Fang Hong's narration, revealing a bit of omega-specific tenderness.

Wei Que took the time to glance at the content on the screen, and couldn't help but say sourly, "I'm afraid that others won't know you are an omega."

When he withdrew his gaze again, he fell back to the personal terminal and saw a new private message.

Since the article was published, the private messages of Wei Que's account have been filled with various content. Some encouraged them to work hard, some fans of Xi Qingyu and Song Shu came to criticize the street, and some were pure passers-by eating melons.

But now the private message Wei Que received is a bit special, beginning with the sentence "I have other black material from Song Shu."

Wei Que was so excited that he immediately clicked on it with his hand, with a wretched smile on his face.

What the man said was simple and clear. She used to be a fan of a celebrity, but that celebrity disappeared a few years ago. This celebrity is also a celebrity mentioned in Wei Que's previous breaking news article, and she is also a female omega named Chen Mian. The artist, who was also under the banner of Yinyue Entertainment, disappeared from public view after making a tepid movie.

The person who privately wrote to Wei Que gave him a public blog account and told him that it was a trumpet that a few fans knew about Chen Mian. Within a few months after Chen Mian disappeared, a blog post in the form of a diary was posted, presumably about the reasons why she had to withdraw from the circle.

Key words such as "I know it's useless to make this public, she is capable of turning black and white", "She is straightforward to threaten me with motherhood", "I fear she will deprive me of everything".

Wei Que saw goose bumps. On the one hand, he liked that these details could basically match Lin Yi's affairs, and on the other hand, he felt abruptly towards Song Shu.

Taking another look at Song Shu with a gentle smile on the screen, Wei Que's hairs were all erected. I have seen one that can be installed, I have never seen one that can be installed like this, this omega is too cruel.

He almost quickly edited a short article, and posted it on the Internet using a few hot searches at the fastest speed, which is full of the current popularity.

Lin Yi and Xi Qingyu have been in the kitchen for twenty minutes.

Lin Yi is not good at cooking, but after all he has seen pigs run. He looked for the only braised pork that he could make in his previous life, and made a plate seriously. Xi Qingyu didn't know what he had done. Lin Yi picked up his chopsticks and took a sip of braised pork. The taste was normal, but for Lin Yi, it was the first normal dish that he had eaten on this planet.

When half an hour came, the two dishes on their side were removed by the robot.

People outside will not know who made these two dishes.

The first to be judged is the audience watching the show.

They can see the taste of food through real-life viewing. Even if there is no real sense of fullness, there is no difference between the basic sense of taste and smell.

However, due to the reputation of the earth's food, when the two dishes were just controlled by the robot and brought to the empty space outside, everyone just stood aside and took a look.

Xi Qingyu made an earth dish that is quite popular in Capital Star. Compared with other well-known "earth dishes", the taste is light and easy to eat, so it is very popular in retro restaurants.

However, it looked like a dark green unidentified object from far away.

But people who originally only wanted to take a few glances soon followed the robot opening the lid of the dish, and the rich aroma of braised pork was attracted.

"It smells good."

"What's the taste?"

Almost all the audience walked towards the braised pork first. The person who entered for the rich color and could see that the dish was a meat dish immediately hesitated.

People on earth don't seem to know how to deal with meat dishes. At least the general perception in the empire is like this now, so those who are attracted by the smell are hesitant.

Some friends watched the show together, looked at each other, and encouraged each other to taste it first, but no one took the initiative.

"No, last time I ordered a meat dish at the five-star retro restaurant on Third Avenue. It was smelly and fishy. It was so disgusting that I didn't eat the nutrient solution that day."

"Oh, don't talk about it, I have been to a restaurant without a star, and that experience is called an unforgettable experience."

Everyone simply turned their eyes to look at another good earth dish.

For this show, Xi Qingyu went to the chef of the most famous restaurant in Capital Star to learn in advance. Because he has practiced this dish repeatedly, he did not make any mistakes when cooking on the spot, and he did indeed make what was praised in the restaurant. level.

The essence of this dish is to boil some of the vegetables on the earth and sprinkle some salt flowers to keep the vegetables crispy and tender with some saltiness. It is currently hailed as the top of the list of "the most infallible food on the earth".

Some hesitating people went to taste the taste of this dish first.

"That boiled vegetable tastes very good, with the level of a chef at the Kaixuan restaurant on First Avenue."

Some people who couldn't overcome the worry about meat in their hearts simply voted for Xi Qingyu. But most people still decide on the principle of fairness that they have to eat and see that meat dish.

As a result, the person who originally closed his eyes and stuck out the tip of his tongue, holding a brave mentality to taste the taste, opened his eyes wide when he licked a bit of braised pork broth.

Friends came in to watch the real world together. This is the reaction when I saw the first person who tasted the taste. I subconsciously thought it was because it was too unpalatable, and when I wanted to say that I would not taste it, I saw the other person reacted in a daze. Houah squeezed a whole piece of meat into his mouth in one bite, and then closed his eyes seemingly enjoying it.

"Hey, what smell, you are talking." Someone pushed him.

The man just waved his hand, and after swallowing the piece of meat in his mouth, he raised his hand and put a piece into his mouth. When other people saw this, they raised their hands to clip a piece while hesitating, and then almost the same reaction appeared on everyone.

Fortunately, this plate of meat is virtual, and it will return to its original shape within a few seconds after they pick it away, otherwise it will really fail to keep up with the speed of their picking.

Those who finished eating quickly sent a bullet screen to express their opinions.

"Fuck! The taste of the braised pork is so amazing, I seem to have eaten the earth dishes for more than ten years for nothing, oh oh oh, this is definitely a delicacy."

"It's really delicious, eat quickly if you don't eat it, and regret it for a lifetime if you don't eat it!"

People who didn't dare to taste the taste, after seeing the real-time barrage flying in the corner of the video, mustered the courage to taste the taste. Soon all kinds of social software followed a hot topic # "Where are we from" calling you to eat meat#

This hot search jumped to the top of the real-time hot search in the first place.

Many people who did not follow the show were even contacted by friends and relatives, letting them enter the show’s actual experience area to eat meat. Therefore, the ratings of the first issue of "Where Are We From" reached its highest point at this time, and many people even participated in the marginal galaxies.

In the military office of the First Army Corps stationed on the Barren Star, Song Qin Rong was originally just browsing the real-time hot search on the Star Internet to resolve boredom.

As Qin Nuo's subordinate, he will also follow Qin Nuo back to the Capital Star at the end of this month. At this time, many affairs have been handed over, and the rest of the time is basically his leisure time except for daily training.

Song Qin Rong belongs to the Song family. Strictly speaking, he and Song Shu are cousins. However, Song Qin Rong’s father is not from the main house, so his status is not high. He is in a marginal position in the Song family. It means to take refuge in the Williams family.

Song Qin Rong knew the virtue of his cousin the most. He didn't want to see her pretending to be on the Internet at all, but he didn't miss this opportunity as far as eating vegetables. As a result, he couldn't stop after eating a mouthful of braised pork. In this way, he also used his communicator to notify almost everyone who was able to notify, so that everyone could come to eat meat.

Huangxing is a place where he often uses other foods to replenish his stamina. However, unlike the planet where Fang Hong was stationed, he also produces fruits. Huangxing mainly produces all kinds of meat. Because it is not popular on other planets, most of them are consumed by locals and soldiers stationed here.

Although fresh meat is not too unpalatable after being boiled in water, it is still different from this kind of cooked and carefully seasoned meat.

When Qin Nuo returned to the military office, the first scene of his intent was Song Qinrong and several other subordinates sitting around eating air and enjoying the food.

He strode over, and reached out to turn off the reality experience button. Several people were still chewing the meat in their mouths with relish, but the smell of meat disappeared without a trace in a moment.

Song Qinrong was about to lose his temper, but turned his head to face Qin Nuo's unhappy face, and immediately stood at attention and saluted him.

"I have seen the marshal!"

"It's all so idle?" Qin Nuo frowned.

Song Qin Rong gave a dry cough. He wanted to say that there was nothing else to do, but he immediately took it back when he heard what he said, fearing that Qin Nuo dared to let him practice for one day if he dared to say such a thing. The self-discipline and rules of Qin Nuo's abnormal version were not something he dared to challenge.

He hurriedly got serious: "Yes, I'll go to see the location and selection of the film."

Song Qin Rong slid quickly, and the smell of braised pork still seemed to remain in his mouth when he came out.

And apart from the craze of eating meat together, the most popular one is undoubtedly the topic #宋姝是巫婆或仙女#.

Wei Que felt that when he came into contact with Lin Yi's own messenger skills, it was as if he was full of dots, and even the title of the article was so amazing.

With just such a program that hasn't finished broadcasting, the fans of their entertainment account have risen from 10 million to 50 million. It's not a dream to be a hundred million away.

In the article "Is Song Shu a Witch or a Fairy", Wei Que compared the content of Chen Mian's blog with Lin Yi's experience, and also vaguely suggested why Lin Yi could still get the opportunity to appear on the show, and why Song Shu happened to be on the show. Appearing on this show, she also deliberately expressed her position on Weibo to trigger another public opinion pressure on Lin Yi. No clear conclusion has been drawn on the content, but the open ending gave the audience more guesses. It also made the article in the morning that everyone was half-believing even more convincing.

The trend of public opinion has changed significantly because of these two articles. Netizens who originally criticized Lin Yi are either shaken or feel that Lin Yi is innocent. Not only innocent, but also a poor omega who was framed and lost his glands.

Some people even found out the commercial that Lin Yi shot before, and compared the appearance in the commercial with the appearance in the current show, and compared the little pitiful one in the previous interview with the appearance in the previous interview. I came to the conclusion that grief is no greater than death. Song Shu's method is really heartbreaking.

"It's over, I think Song Shu is more like that bad guy..."

"What's more like, I think, vomit, yesterday I praised her for her gentleness and loveliness, but I didn't expect it to be so vicious."

Song Shu didn't know anything about it. She and Fang Hong were facing two dishes prepared by Xi Qingyu and Lin Yi to make a conclusion.

Song Shu certainly knew what Xi Qingyu cooked, so he tasted Xi Qingyu's boiled vegetables first, and then gave praise from various angles.

Fang Hong first tasted Lin Yi's dish. After tasting it, his eyes brightened, and Fang Hong then tasted Xi Qingyu's dish. It was not unpalatable, but the taste and texture were too bland. After wiping her mouth with a napkin, she thought for a moment and voted for herself.

Song Shu also smelled the scent of braised pork, but he didn't seem to mean to taste it. He just looked at the meat and shook his head, and said as if regrettable: "It's a pity that I can't eat meat, or I will try it too. Taste it."

Fang Hong said, "The taste of this dish is very good. I don't know how to deal with it. There is no fishy smell at all. Besides, to be fair, I should try it all, right?"

Song Shu couldn't help but took a bite of the meat with his chopsticks. To her surprise, the taste of this dish was really good. Her eyes were obviously opened, but then she showed a frowning expression again, then put down her chopsticks and said, "It still doesn't suit my taste."

Previously, these pictures seemed to others to be the graceful manners of the royal family, but now they look very artificial, and some people doubt Song Shu's taste.

Song Shu was very safe. Her one vote here is definitely for Xi Qingyu. In addition, the audience's voting has been arranged long ago. No matter the result of the vote, it will show that Xi Qingyu has more votes. In this way, Xi Qingyu will at least win by two votes to one. Lin Yi.

Xi Qingyu and Lin Yi walked to the front desk at this time, ready to wait for the announcement of the voting results.

The host Zhi Nao brought the two around and gave an opening speech, then clicked on the theme of the show again, and finally returned to the issue of the announcement of Lin Yi and Xi Qingyu's stay.

"Both of you must be very nervous at this time?" Host Zhi Nao smiled.

Lin Yi smiled and shook her head: "Fortunately, normal heart."

Xi Qingyu also laughed: "I'm a little nervous, but I actually want to give Xiao Yi the chance to stay."

Lin Yi rolled her eyes in her heart.

Seeing the confident expressions of Xi Qingyu and Song Shu, Lin Yi knew that whether to stay or not might really be up to him this time. After all, capital has the greatest say at this time.

But Lin Yi didn't feel that it was a disadvantage to participate in this program. At least in public opinion, Wei Que must have done something at this time. And the level of topicality and exposure can be attributed to Song Shu's own arrangement of Lin Yi's show, which can be said to have shot himself in the foot.

Rather than caring about the results of the voting, Lin Yi now thinks about going to Huangxing to join the team.

The host Zhi Nao first announced the video of Lin Yi and Xi Qingyu cooking in the background, and everyone knew who made the two dishes.

The netizen immediately contacted Song Shu's expression when he was eating meat, and the conspiracy theory began.

"Isn't he so reluctant to know in advance that Lin Yi made the meat?"

"I also said that her sense of taste is out of order, it seems to be deliberate..."

The department responsible for the variety show "Where Are We From" is still at the backstage at this time.

Because the vote showed that Lin Yi's votes overwhelmingly beat Xi Qingyu, if he chooses to tell the public that Xi Qingyu has a high vote, it will definitely attract endless questions.

After hesitating for a long time, the program director gritted his teeth or transmitted the real data to the host Zhinao. No matter how heavy the pressure on Song Shu's side, they couldn't tell whether they were smashing their show signs.

The host Zhinao began to announce where to vote, showing that Fang Hong and Song Shu voted for Lin Yi and Xi Qingyu respectively, leveling the scene.

"The next key choice is made by the audience watching the show in real time, and the result is,"

The smile on Xi Qingyu's face was triumphant, and he was almost ready for a moment of courteous remarks and words of encouragement to Lin Yi.

Song Shu sat on the sofa with a cold smile on his face, squinting at Lin Yi, believing that he will leave dingy for a while.

The host Zhinao’s old face showed a vivid expression, and he slowly said: “The audience’s vote shows that 90% of the votes are for Lin Yi’s dishes, so Lin Yi won two votes and became the show’s winner. Winner."

The expression management on Xi Qingyu and Song Shu's faces collapsed at the same time.