Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 17

For Lin Yi, such a result was both expected and unexpected.

Xi Qingyu and Song Shu were surprised and angry. Song Shu's first sentence after recovering from his emotions was to question the result, "This can't be..."

It is a pity that she only said three words, and her voice was quickly erased by the backstage staff. Of course they knew what Song Shu wanted to say, but on this occasion they couldn't let Song Shu go blind, and it would be no good for the Yinhe Group to make things bigger. It will not only lower the grade of this program, but also affect the credibility of Yinhe Film and Television's centuries-old reputation.

Xi Qingyu's emotions were still being sorted out quickly. He was stunned for only two seconds, and then after reacting, he stepped forward and patted Lin Yi's shoulder with a smile, "Come on, Xiao Yi."

Lin Yi tugged at him perfunctorily while holding back his nausea.

Looking up at Song Shu again, she strode out of the studio with anger. Fortunately, at this time, the program has entered the ending part of the film. The live broadcast has ended long ago, and no one can see Song Shu's gaffe at this time.

Lin Yi's mood was undoubtedly the easiest on the scene. He got on the flying vehicle back home, turned on his personal terminal and started to browse the real-time news on Starnet.

At this moment, the topic of interest has begun to fall, and it is obvious that the public relations between Song Shu and Xi Qingyu have also started to move.

Naturally, it is impossible to directly reverse the situation if you want to publish such two manuscripts. Lin Yi didn't plan to be fat in one bite. He clicked back to the main page of his public account, pulled out the virtual panel and started typing.

Two minutes later, a new message was sent out.

Lin Yi: I am very grateful for the opportunity given to me by the program group "Where do we come from" and everyone's voting support. Next time, I will work hard to prepare and try to present the best to everyone. 【picture】

The picture is a slick document purchase record, which contains almost all the content that can be touched with food. Everyone knows how much preparation Lin Yi has made before participating in the show, and the fluent answers in the show have nothing to do with luck.

Lin Yi waited for five minutes, and there were already many replies below this post.

Compared with what he posted in the beginning, everything is better at this time. Although the focus is still scattered, at least personal attacks and the like can't make it into the top ten hot reviews.

Everyone is at the center of the gossip, so it is natural to catch the person to ask. Among the various replies, Lin Yi picked one of them to reply.

What the netizen said was "Sure enough, the opportunity is reserved for those who are prepared, come on."

Lin Yi returned an optimistic smile, and said at the same time: "Come on!"

After doing this, he will stop watching other content and log out of the account directly.

After arriving home, Xiao A had been eagerly ready. Lin Yi first used the personal terminal to cancel the lease, and then took Xiao A directly to change the lease to Wei Que and the others.

Wei Que and a group of people are still struggling to write, typing crackling, and after Lin Yi rang the doorbell, Wei Que's brain came to open the door.

Wei Que’s brain is a new model with a much higher level than Little A. It’s named Xiaozong. It has a much more stable character than Little A. So the little A who followed Lin Yi admired it again, and Pi Diandian followed. Xiaozong ran, throwing Lin Yi aside.

When Wei Que saw Lin Yi coming over, she said loudly: "Lin Yi, you are too good!" Then he said, "Wait, I will finish my work before I come to talk to you."

The four members of their entire team looked at Lin Yi with Wei Que's voice, their eyes flashed with worship, but they couldn't walk away for a while.

At this time, although the topic that was originally ranked first in the hot search on Starnet was still eating meat, the few topics related to Song Shu that originally followed have been removed.

As a result, the discussion about Song Shu has gone down a lot.

After Wei Que was busy with the things on hand, he walked over and saw Lin Yi was browsing the hot search on Seeing that Lin Yi had no expression on his face, he thought he was very concerned about this ranking and Song Shu's hot search, so he immediately comforted him. "It’s normal for the hot search to drop down. The reading volume of the two manuscripts we wrote today is already very high. Don’t worry, we will write a lot of Song Shu’s things in the future. We promise to make her feel uncomfortable for a while."

"I know," Lin Yi said, "but I came here to talk to you about other things."

"Something else?" Wei Que was a little curious, "What's the matter?"

"I want to set up a studio. I wonder if the four of you are interested in joining?" Lin Yi said.

He always needs to have a few people who can help with all aspects of things. It's like this kind of entertainment account brings the wind. Many things Lin Yi can't do it personally, or the effect of doing it in person will be greatly reduced.

Wei Que and the others are very professional in this area, and they are all talents that can be used.

Wei Que and the others were overjoyed when they heard the words, and Wei Que said dryly and expectantly: "Really, really?"

He felt that everything he encountered after meeting Lin Yi was a good thing. Now they can not only go to the gym to exhale, but even the entertainment account that was originally tepid, they have also got a chance to turn from a vagrant to a full-time job.

Lin Yi nodded: "Of course it is true."

"Then of course we would!" Wei Que said quickly, as if he was afraid that Lin Yi would regret it later.

Lin Yi thought for a while and asked Wei Que: "Then you should know what you need to do for me, right?"

Wei Que patted his chest, and immediately told Lin Yi a clear one, two, three and four. Obviously, he had a clear and sufficient theoretical knowledge in this area, and he was waiting for a practical object.

After dealing with this, Lin Yi didn't wait much, and handed over all the matters of the registered studio to Little A. He went back and took a bath and slept refreshed.

In sharp contrast to Lin Yi's side is the atmosphere in Song Shu and Xi Qingyu.

Song Shu came out of the studio with a stomach of anger. Before he could throw something according to his usual temper, the servant came over and told her about the relevant discussions on the Internet.

Song Shu was so angry that he directly dropped a mirror in the dressing room to the ground, and the splashed fragments flew to the makeup artist who was not daring to say something in a corner. She screamed and looked down and saw the scratches on the back of her hand. Bloodstain, but didn't dare to say anything, just bowed his head and walked straight away.

The maid went to close the door of the dressing room, and only Song Shu and her were left in the room, she said to Song Shu: "Miss, don't be angry, I have asked people to deal with these public opinions on the Internet, as for Lin Yi. , I have also ordered to go on."

"How did you ask?" Song Shu heard the words, and the anger in his heart finally went down a lot. This servant has been following her since she was a child, knowing her thoughts best, and usually doing things that Song Shu is very satisfied with.

The servant said with a smile on his face: "Lin Yi will go to Huangxing to film in a few days. In places like Huangxing, it is a war scene. What accidents are not normal?"

That's the end of the story, but Song Shu knew enough, her anger finally calmed down, but she still brought some impatience, "Hurry up and take care of Lin Yi."

Later that day, Chen Mian's account, who had been silent for several years, suddenly had new developments.

Chen Mian: I have never published any blog posts on the Internet, please do not spread rumors.

Almost at the same time, the original blog post of that account showed that it had been deleted by the blogger himself.

For this reason, the trend of public opinion was caused by a small wave. The people who believed in Song Shu immediately seized this as evidence and used the public opinion to counterattack. But netizens who have been shaken feel that this matter is still full of doubts.

However, Wei Que and the others had already guessed that Song Shu would do this, so they didn't care too much.

Wei Que took a lot of photos with Lin Yi from the selected angle carefully, and then planned to find a few of them and send them to the official account of the Lin Yi Fan Club that was just created.

As a result, I didn't expect that when I opened the dozens of photos I just took, I found that Lin Yi was almost perfect in almost every angle and every expression in the photos.

These are all business abilities that have been exercised in the last life, and for Lin Yi it is a conditioned reflex.

"What's the matter?" He muttered to himself, and then he picked a few of the best ones from Perfection and posted them on the Internet.

Although the account of the Fan Club is new, it will be automatically associated with Lin Yi's account once it is verified by Starnet. After all, Lin Yi is now regarded as the black and red in the empire, and it was the first time he was attracted. Less traffic.

In fact, photos can also choose whether to experience reality, and pheromone is usually involved in reality experience with celebrities. A small amount of pheromone will make the photo or video itself more attractive and can make up for the shortcomings of many photos.

In the long run, the quality of the celebrities' still photos is not so important. Instead, everyone is competing for the attractiveness of the pheromone.

These photos of Lin Yi are just the opposite. Even if he chooses the actual experience, he is indifferent, because he has no pheromones that can be exposed. But because of this, these photos are full of strange magic from another angle.

In the photo, Lin Yi is just sitting on the sofa with a pillow in his arms. The background is unremarkable. He has a shallow smile on his face, his eyes are shining black, his face is like gentle nephrite, and he can see it when he leans back slightly. The Adam's apple on the white neck.

Expressiveness is revealed in every physical movement and expression of Lin Yi, and he appears clean and warm in the photo.

Lin Yi's looks are undoubtedly handsome. The flaws are so perfect that they don't look so good on the original owner. They can be placed on Lin Yi who is full of confidence. He can do anything and everything is charming as long as he wants to.

Therefore, this group of photos also made netizens feel like they have seen a ghost again.

"Obviously there is no smell of pheromone, why do I think he is so cute here!"

"The first time I just looked at Omega's Adam's apple, I felt like I wanted to rush to kiss..."

"I want to say that it's fortunate that there is no pheromone, otherwise I might really be unable to control it."