Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 71

After the two case announcements of the North District Police Department came out, it was not only the defection of the vast majority of netizens, but also the faction that originally stood firm and supported Song Shu. Shu had to make a second statement over there.

In Song Shu's second statement, the relationship between himself and Mei Yi was clear to only the labor-employment relationship, and he didn't know what Mei Yi did in private.

By this time, this kind of rhetoric was naturally unconvincing, and the credibility of both Song Shu and Ye Jin had been completely lost.

Those netizens who used cruel and cold-blooded words to attack Lin Yi recklessly felt that they were deceived and exploited, and naturally they doubled their combat power back to Song Shu and Ye Jin.

"A person like you is not worthy of living in this world."

"Go to die, die to die!"

Such remarks flooded Song Shu's account like a tsunami, bringing a suffocating and depressing atmosphere.

Song Shu was embarrassed to close all the message reminders on his personal terminal, and did not dare to look at it again. This unprecedented pressure turned into frustrated anger. Song Shu opened the address book, found Lin Yi's information in it, and asked for a call in anger.

The sound effect waiting to be connected rang for about 30 seconds, and there was no one to answer, and Song Shu's head was also a little sober.

At this time, contacting Lin Yihuo was like begging for mercy. So Song Shu wanted to hang up the phone, but at this moment the end that was supposed to be unanswered suddenly passed the call request. A boy seemed to ring in Song Shu's ear: "Hello?"

It was Lin Yi's voice.

Unlike Song Shu’s depressive atmosphere, Lin Yi’s background sound also made a silly and milky voice: "Tomato sirloin soup! Tomato sirloin soup!"

Lin Yi was sitting in front of the dining table at home, and a camera in front of him was aimed at the dining table.

Before answering the phone, Lin Yi was speaking into the camera.

The live footage is connected to the Starnet homepage of his personal center, because there have been many new fans recently, and many people have expressed support for Lin Yi.

Not only Wei Que suggested, but Lin Yi also felt that he should have some interaction and feedback with fans. So today we started a live broadcast of dinner at noon.

After opening it for a while, the live broadcast room was already bustling with people. The barrage was originally a large group of people who were distressed by Lin Yi, or were talking gossip, and shouted to look at Lin Yi's face.

Lin Yicai adjusted the camera up a bit, revealing her face. He was wearing a fitted shirt, and his waist was tightened to fit his waistline, revealing it as he raised his hand and lazily lifted his cheek.

Lin Yi's appearance has always been very good, but he was discredited by a lot of black fans before, and he often used pictures or animated pictures with strange angles to explain things, which caused many passers-by to come to a conclusion without understanding.

At this moment, he just sat at the dining table and looked at the camera lazily, causing many original passers-by to instantly turn into fans, and shouted that he was blind before.

"Why do I think Lin Yi looks ugly?"

"Day, the marketing number mistaken me."

"Speaking of eating live broadcast, is it to eat nutrient solution?"

Of course, Lin Yi's eating and broadcasting can't be drinking nutrient solution. Little D and Little A are cooking in the kitchen and the other is preparing to serve dishes.

Soon, a small bowl of soup came up first, and Xiao A broke into the camera while reporting the name of the dish, and the soup in the soup bowl was also caught in the eyes of the fans in the live broadcast room.

"Tomato sirloin soup," Lin Yi said, then took a spoon and took a sip. "The taste is the natural tomato-flavored acidity and the fresh aroma of the sirloin stewed in the soup."

The barrage was suddenly drooling.

Lin Yicai drank two sips of soup, and the call for communication rang.

While he was live broadcasting, the bell reminder of the communication shifted to Little A's side. Little A had no distractions, and had no scruples about the camera. "Master, it's a call from someone who says it's a devil. Do you want to pick it up?"

Remarks as a demon?

Some of the fans who didn't take the ringtone seriously were a little more energetic. With the unremitting ringing of the ringtone, the fans in the barrage kept encouraging Lin Yi to answer the phone.

Of course, some fans let Lin Yi decide for himself, or pause the live broadcast before answering the phone.

Lin Yi thought for a moment, and answered the call in front of the live broadcast.

And turning back to the counting side. In contrast to the atmosphere on both sides, the resentment and jealousy in Song Shu's heart spread more like poison in her mind. If Lin Yi hadn't had the ability to seduce Hu Mei, how could it be possible to take advantage of the chance to win and even crush her? Judging from Song Shu's lack of sane thoughts now, it is even more real that Lin Yi and Ye Jin took the initiative until now.

So what did she do wrong?

Song Shu's silence for this moment did not make Lin Yi lose his patience. He focused on doing two things. While drinking soup, he asked Song Shu on the other side of the phone: "Ms. Song Shu, what do you do?"

Lin Yi's tone was neither triumphant nor deliberately cold, as if Song Shu on the other end of the phone was an ordinary friend.

But the more Lin Yi was like this, the more it made Song Shu feel uncomfortable, as if the things he was suffering were not put in the eyes of the other party, as if the other party had already held a position of victory grandiosely.

And Lin Yi's words caused a bursting effect among the fans in the live broadcast room. They originally thought that the remark of the word "devil" was just a spoof to a friend or something else, so why did they want to call Song Shu?

Fans who originally watched the live broadcast casually, or just drove the live broadcast and set it aside as the background sound, all put down what they were doing first, and then turned their attention to the ongoing live broadcast.

"What are you going to do, isn't this enough?" Song Shu gritted his teeth and said almost every word.

Her voice is relatively recognizable, and netizens knew it was Song Shu himself.

"Huh?" Lin Yi stopped drinking soup, and finally paid more attention to Song Shu's call. He thought it was funny, and asked Song Shu back, "I have you suffered any loss?"

"Those things you do on the Internet are best done in moderation." Song Shu's tone was not good, and it was a thousand miles away from the gentle image she deliberately created.

Let her mask be completely shattered in front of netizens. Many netizens were taken aback by the stern threats in her tone.

"Wow, who is the bad guy, Song Shu's tone is really disgusting."

"I just went through the normal judicial procedures to protect my rights, didn't I?" Lin Yi had completely pushed the soup bowl aside at this time, together with Little A, who was holding a bowl of hot fried pork slices, cautiously and silently. Standing on the edge of the dining table, carefully looked up at Lin Yi, whose emotions had obviously begun to change.

"You," Song Shu was about to refute, but was interrupted by Lin Yi coldly.

"Are you feeling uncomfortable now? It's just some insignificant curses on the Internet. Is your mailbox full of malicious curses? Have you received death threats? Have you gotten your glands removed and wiped out the future? , Are you dead and unaccompanied? Have you lost all the debts that cannot be repaid in this life? Have all your encounters been treated as a handle in your hands and ready to step you into the mud at any time? Is there any hope in the world for you to die and apologize?"

Lin Yi paused, and her tone turned into mockery: "You are still far from there, so what makes you unbearable now?"

What Lin Yi said not only fell in Song Shu's ears, but also hit the hearts of many netizens. They did make a lot of cruel remarks to Lin Yi, acting as the judge, and sentenced Lin Yi to death.

Because of Lin Yi's words just now, the density of the barrage was reduced by half in an instant. The netizens did not leave the live broadcast room, but felt shame and anger in their hearts for a while.

Shame is to myself, anger is to Song Shu.

Lin Yi's words created a boundless **** for Song Shu. Indeed, the things Lin Yi said that Song Shu is far from encountering and experiencing. At the same time, Lin Yi's words also caused a wave of fear and panic in Song Shu's heart, "What do you mean? You can't dare to do that."

Lin Yi didn't speak, but instead laughed at Song Shu's voice that couldn't hide the slight tremor.

His laughter was clear and comfortable, but in Song Shu's ears it was like a death knell to put her to death.

"Why did you dare at the beginning, and why don't I dare now?" Lin Yi asked Song Shu back, his tone seemed to be teasing the mouse in the cage.

"You don't deserve to be compared with me." Song Shu became angry, and became more and more nonchalant. "You are a rare star with impure blood and mixed physique. Can you compare with me?"

Lin Yi directly picked up Song Shu's call in the live broadcast room, which was considered intentional, but he didn't expect Song Shu to surprise him like this.

Lin Yi followed Song Shu’s words and calmly asked Song Shu, “We are all human beings, imperial citizens, we may have different physiques, different backgrounds, and destinies are destined to be different, but is this the reason why you should be noble than me?”

The live broadcast room was also in an uproar because of Song Shu's words just now.

It is true that no one can deny that there is a huge gap between the fate of a good family and a person of ordinary origin in this life. The empire also has an atmosphere of admiring and admiring many noble families, but that part of the nobles accounts for less than one percent of the empire, and most people are incomparable with Song Shu’s birthplace, so this is Song Shu. Can you insult them on their personality at will?

Song Shu obviously thinks this way, because after Lin Yi finished speaking, she immediately responded: "Otherwise? Do you really think that someone from your background can climb into the upper circle? To curb your vulgarity. And vulgar, don’t be smart and make a joke. Do you really think you can hurt me? I only regret not killing you directly."

The netizens were so angry that they would explode on the spot. Song Shu's scolding was not just Lin Yi, but almost pointing to the nose to scold them.

"I was trembling with anger. With such a superior mentality, what kind of things is impossible for her to do? In her opinion, our lives are not even qualified to be on par with her."

"A bit shuddering, is the empire controlled by a noble family with such a mentality?"

"Song Shu is really going to die!"

"I regret that I didn't kill you directly. What kind of words?? Is it to admit that I committed a crime? Can this video be saved?"

"Yes, live broadcasts are replayed throughout."

Song Shu's sanity was almost irritated by Lin Yi. He only relied on the function of imperial call not to be recorded, but he did not expect that all of this would be broadcast along with the live broadcast.

If Song Shu’s fans had to be washed before this, and if Song Shu’s two statements were used to clarify the relationship, no one would stand up and say anything for Song Shu at this time.

Because as long as you stand up, it will be a living target that will make you hit, and it will arouse public outrage.

Less than two minutes after Song Shu and Lin Yi's call ended, the hot searches of the entire Starnet were changed almost instantly.

#林忆宋姝电话#, #宋姝自持贵族 whose identity despise civilians#, #宋姝像來機語語粗鲁#, #宋姝对林忆发死頒##

Following a series of hot searches, all of them intercepted the video content of Song Shu's conversation just now.

It is not just the marketing account that loves the heat, but also the media affiliated with many of Ye Jin's friends who have only begged for it.

No matter how they care about the life and death of Ye Jin and Song Shu, they have been keeping their own feet recently, and they are afraid of being implicated. If there is an opportunity to show loyalty, they will not be grasped firmly.