Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 72

When the crowds are touting the infinite scenery, it is difficult for people to imagine what it will be like one day when their own building collapses.

Song Shu is in such a position now.

She spoke quickly during the call with Lin Yi, and after she hung up the call, she calmed down for a while before feeling a little uneasy in her heart.

Reality soon confirmed her anxiety.

Within a few minutes after Song Shu was relieved from that call, she received several call requests one after another, which bounced on her personal center interface together.

Song Shu looked at the caller ID, one was her mother, the other was the queen, and Ye Jin and her two other life assistants. Song Shu connected to the Queen's phone with boundless hope in his heart, and eagerly called out: "Sister."

Unexpectedly, the queen didn't come to comfort her or provide her with help. Instead, she scolded her, "Song Shu, you made a good thing!"

Song Shu suddenly felt cold for half of his heart, but he didn't know what the queen was doing with her anger, "Me, what's wrong with me?"

"The imperial family's goodwill in the past two years has almost been lost to you. You can go to the Internet to see the current online arguments. What's wrong with you? Now it's not just Lin Yi, I want to kill you." Queen One Changed to the gentle and ladylike style, the voice was so high that it was about to pierce Song Shu's ears, and it also let her know how the queen was in anger at the moment.

Song Shu was confused and frightened again, his hands panicked with cold.

The Queen’s call was hung up, but several other call requests were still ringing, and Song Shu had no time to take care of it. She opened the webpage with a trembling fingertip. The things that were originally blocked were still not removed, but the real-time hotspot of Starnet seemed to penetrate Song Shu's heart directly, causing her to fall into hell.

In the current top five searches on Starnet, each of them bears her name, Song Shu, and each of them shows signs of explosive heat.

how come……

Song Shu couldn't believe it in his heart, but he clicked on a hot search casually, and almost all the contents of the screen recorded during Lin Yi's live broadcast were hung on it. Song Shu's head was empty, and he clicked on one subconsciously, and immediately heard his hysterical voice: "A hillbilly with impure blood and mixed physique! I only hate that I didn't kill you directly!"

The netizens below are all in a state of anger.

"What gave Song Shu such a domineering capital? Depriving another person of reproductive rights, destroying another person's life, and even taking another person's life, turned out to be such an indifferent and insignificant thing in her mouth?"

"Is this kind of mentality really an example in the empire? I think this is the place to reflect. Have we given these upper-class nobles too much power?"

"I now look back and think about the whole thing. I just feel so lucky. Fortunately, Lin Yi persisted. Fortunately, Lin Yi dared to speak up and fight, otherwise he has been submerged in the huge crowd, and Song Shu is still there. Use her family background and appearance as a performance to hide her already rotten black heart!"

There was also a reason why the queen was angry with Song Shu.

Represented by Song Shu and Ye Jin, from this perspective, what is true or false in the eyes of the imperial people at this time is collectively questioned.

Song Shu's proficiency and bad use of media tools when he suppressed Lin Yi in the early stage has triggered a large wave of media credibility crisis. Once the suspicion is produced, it is like a seed that will continue to grow on its own when it encounters the air. Everything that seemed reasonable in the past has only been whitewashed under the surface of peace.

There are too many things to ignore, and when the conflicts erupt together, they are often out of control.

Before Song Shu and the queen, they were basically representatives of the upper-class ladies of the empire, and they were two people who greatly added to the Song family. Their external image is also perfect, with a gentle personality, a wide range of hobbies, a passion for charity, and a pure heart.

Many people recommend them as models of omega.

Had it not been for the Queen to untie Song Shu for a while, and also doing a lot of things to stabilize his image during this time, I am afraid that Song Shu would be dragged down by Song Shu.

But even so, the queen and the royal family were not immune, and they still suffered a considerable number of doubts.

"I am afraid that the image of the queen is also shattered... Then I have almost no hope for the omegas of the empire."

"Although the queen, alas, she was really close to Song Shu before. She didn't know Song Shu's behavior at all? I think it's impossible. Either indulge or shelter. And whether it's indulgent or sheltered, which one is better than which Well, after all, it is the same contempt and contempt for civilians."

Song Shu looked at the virtual screen blankly, and even the banging knocking outside the door was ignored by her empty head at this time.

As far as the comment area of ​​the screen is concerned, every sentence related to Song Shu is followed by various verbal abuses and curses. The undisguised resentment and viciousness in the words almost penetrates the screen to cramp Song Shu.

Song Shu's heartstrings were stretched to extremes, she closed the page unbearably, but before she had a chance to breathe, a new email reminder suddenly popped up on the virtual screen, and this first letter seemed to be a spell to lift the ban. , And what followed was the message reminder that was concentrated almost into a continuous sound, and the letters that jumped out on the entire screen interface filled the entire screen.

Even if these emails were received in the inbox soon, the number of emails was jumping up at a speed that the naked eye could not catch.

As if this were not enough, Song Shu's personal terminal suddenly issued an alarm, and then her personal terminal suddenly lost its signal. After two seconds, the signal was restored, but her personal terminal seemed to be out of her control. Song Shu reached out to close it and couldn't help but watch the virtual screen magnify countless times in front of her, and then the entire screen suddenly It became blood red, and the surroundings were filled with low and far, but they looked like ghost calls in her ears. Countless blinking eyes jumped on the blood-red screen and stared at Song Shu, and then many voices spoke in unison: "Why don't you die?!"

"Ah!" Song Shu's spirit finally couldn't help but collapse. She took off her personal terminal and threw it to the ground, screaming, turning her head and ran out, turning the doorknob a few times before opening the door and standing outside the door. Ye Jin was almost overthrown by Song Shu who suddenly rushed out, and he staggered back a long way before he could stop.

Ye Jin grabbed Song Shu, who wanted to rush out, and saw her face white as paper, and asked, "What's the matter with you?"

When Song Shu saw Ye Jin, she finally found some support. She threw herself into Ye Jin's arms and wept loudly, but she couldn't speak for a long time.

Ye Jin was very upset at the moment.

He was running so badly that he hit a wall everywhere. Because of the relationship between Ye Jin and the Song family, the original Ye family's life improved a lot, and most of the business contacts depended on the Song family's help. It can be said that without Ye Jin, there would be no Ye Family's current business.

But before Ye Jin went home and had a closed door, his father asked him to take care of the outside affairs before coming back.

To be blessed is to enjoy the same as it is difficult to be deceived, but that's just what it means. Ye Jin felt annoyed in his heart, thinking that as long as he can survive this small disaster, there will be a long time to settle accounts, but he didn't expect to see the overwhelming curses on the Internet when he turned his head.

It's over, it's all over.

Ye Jin pulled out Song Shu, who was planted in his arms, and stared at her teary and hazy eyes, and said blankly: "Why are you crying? What can you cry for? If it weren't for you, we will be there today. Is this to the point?"

Song Shu originally wanted to get some comfort from Ye Jin, but he didn't expect Ye Jin to have such a cold tone. She forgot to be afraid and panicked for a while, and stared blankly at her husband who made her feel strange.

"Why do you blame me...?" Song Shu asked incredulously, his usual arrogance and arrogance disappeared without a trace, "Are you blaming me at this time?"

Ye Jin increased his strength to hold Song Shu's wrist, and his anger rose to the extreme, but he looked calm. He sneered and asked Song Shu, "Why don't you blame you? Isn't you in the videos circulating on the Internet now? He followed Lin Yi closely. Isn't it you who is reluctant to give up? Wasn't it you who made Lin Yi a heavy hand? Do I have to bear this responsibility?"

Ye Jin had no responsibility, and the act of pushing all the responsibilities out was like hitting Song Shu's head with a stick, and what stung her even more was the regret and disgust in Ye Jin's eyes.

Song Shu's heart began to cool down slowly when she reached here. She blinked, letting the tears that obscured her vision roll down, regardless of her painful wrist being held by Ye Jin, "What else? What is my problem, you can tell me everything, what have you worried about after so many years of marriage with me, why am I sorry for you?"

When things have reached this point, it is impossible to be good, so there is no need to bow down and be a slave in front of Song Shu. Ye Jin said everything in his heart by himself.

"Do you think I am very happy with you? After marrying you, will I be like a wife or you will be like a wife? You have to decide everything. I can only look at your face to please you, and you are not even willing to give it to a child. I was born and said that it would affect my health and figure. I have had enough. Why did you remove the glands of those people and ruin their fertility? Because of your perverted psychology, you don’t want to live for me. Children, so don’t allow others to give birth to me?"