Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 73

If Song Shu hadn't been knocked down by the overwhelming insults on the Internet, then Ye Jin's words at this time were enough to be the last push to knock her down.

But after Ye Jinyi spoke out what he had concealed in his heart for a long time under impulsiveness, he paused for a few seconds, and saw Song Shu's face suddenly change, and he felt a little more impulsive in his heart.

"What about you? Do you want those lowly people outside to give birth to you, or have you ever really planned to do this?" Song Shu was not a seed without doubt, after all, many of the news about Ye Jin on the Internet were her. Seen. It's just that she has always firmly believed in her lover, so she selectively ignored those reports.

However, at this time, combined with the tone and expression of Ye Jin's words, the disgust that Song Shu hadn't noticed deeply pierced Song Shu's eyes and became a good medicine to wake her up.

Perhaps what was said on the Internet was not wrong, and Ye Jin was not as innocent and innocent as he himself said. In this case, what position does Ye Jin have here to act as a gentleman and push all the responsibilities on him?

Song Shu's rhetorical question made Ye Jin feel guilty, but he frowned and concealed his expression very well, "What are you talking about?"

"Anyway," Ye Jin glanced at Song Shu's constantly flashing call request, and then turned the subject away abruptly, "Let's see what your mother has plans first."

Song Shu glanced down at the call request from the personal terminal. There was indeed her mother in the row of names.

Song Shu's mother usually dotes on her very much, so she indulges a lot of Song Shu's domineering. In the past ten years, the main industries of the Song family have changed. Song Shu's parents did not live in the capital star, but went to a distant planet to provide for their care.

Song Shu clicked on the call with trembling fingertips, crying in the first sentence: "Mother, you must help me solve this matter."

Song Shu's mother was very distressed when she heard her daughter crying. She couldn't even say the accusation she wanted to say before. She even promised to help Song Shu go to the queen's side to intercede and let the royal family intervene to resolve the matter.

"Don't cry, don't cry, this matter has not yet reached the point where it cannot be resolved."

If the royal family is willing to take action to suppress everything, it is really not impossible, or it can be judged to be feasible. The queen didn't even think of this way, but after the people raised it to the point where the entire aristocratic circle hid the dirt, the royal family began to be restrained.

For Song Shu and Ye Jin to force things back will not only not help the royal family, but will make the people question the royal family more and more doubts about the credibility of the royal family. In the past few years, the goodwill among the people that the royal family has finally established has disappeared, and Qin Nuo, who is consolidating his power, has been in vain.

The people will not hesitate to favor Qin Nuo, who is represented by military forces. Even if Qin Nuo himself came from a nobleman, he was indeed different from most famous nobles in the empire. When he joined the First Army, it was purely from the bottom of the floor. The military department is also the place where civilian alphas can get fair promotion channels. From this point of view, it is enough to gain a large number of popular opinions at this time.

After weighing it down, the royal family might as well take advantage of the handling of Song Shu and Ye Jin to restore the image of the royal family that is about to slip to the precarious edge.

Song Shu's behavior has a spreading effect in the anger caused by the people. Most of the people of the empire were civilians, not to mention that the discussion of whether the privileges of the nobility were too great was a very good basis for public opinion.

This anger spread to the petition page of the official website of the royal family within half a day. Someone initiated the cancellation of Song Shu and Ye Jin’s aristocratic status and initiated a special investigation on them. In just one hour, more than one billion yuan was received. There are less than one million people who support and oppose it, and the ratio is huge, and it has almost set the largest number of voters since the establishment of the petition webpage.

The royal family soon had to come forward and make a statement.

The first is to express shock and criticism of Song Shu's remarks and emphasize that the obligations of the nobles should be far greater than power. The nobles should serve the empire and defend the people in their own capacity. The second is to indicate that the royal family will immediately respond to public opinion and set up a special investigation team to investigate whether Song Shu and Ye Jin are involved in those cases in online rumors, and public supervision is welcome.

Once a group is suspected by the people, the result of losing its credibility is that no matter what it says, it will meet people's opposition and suspicion.

Just as at this time, the royal family's statement was considered prompt and quick, and it still attracted a lot of dissatisfaction and criticism from the public.

"The obligations of the nobles are much higher than the rights? This makes me laugh directly. In the past few decades, there have been a few decent nobles? Even the traditional aristocratic tradition of military service is now gone. How many young people in the royal family refused to perform military service, and how many excuses and reasons did they make to avoid their obligations?"

"Master Qin Nuo is the only qualified noble in my heart, and I forgive me for not complimenting others."

The royal family's statement was widely regarded by the general public as evasive. It brought all the contradictions to Song Shu and Ye Jin, and obscured the public's criticism of the entire aristocratic group.

Of course, the royal family's statement did have this meaning, and it was also the queen's plan after discussing with the emperor.

In addition, the imperial family said that it would set up an investigation team, which also made the people suspect that the imperial family would definitely protect Song Shu and Ye Jin to a certain extent.

Corresponding to this trend of opposing the royal family is the 100% maintenance of Lin Yi.

As soon as Song Shu's remarks came out, the few people who believed that Song Shu would not do anything like that were left speechless. At the same time, looking back at Lin Yi's helplessness and prayers when facing the interview footage very early, it was a naked accusation of collective violence against them.

Many people even feel terrified, thinking that they once said that an innocent person was pushed into such an abyss.

The media that had interviewed Lin Yi one-sidedly were also sorted out and posted on the column of shame one by one. Even some of their latest news that criticized Song Shu was ridiculed and life was very difficult.

Lin Yi found many people on the list given by the same name, and after the "Face to Face" program ended, Lin Yi was also asked for help and contacted by many people.

A large part of it has nothing to do with Ye Jin, but the situation is also very bad. Either some of them are afraid of being retaliated against, or they are incapable of defending their rights.

As long as these people want to defend their rights, Lin Yi will help them as much as possible. Face-to-face broadcasts have had a great positive effect, but a large part of those who have contacted Lin Yi and who have been hurt by Ye Jin and Song Shu still dare not go to law, let alone identify themselves. They were afraid that they would be suppressed by Ye Jin and Song Shu.

After all, they have had a long dark experience, knowing that Song Shu Ye Jin has enough hands and eyes to reach the sky, if they fail, then they will face a life that is even more miserable than before and now.

However, after Song Shu's remarks broke out, Internet public opinion completely turned and began to crack down on Song Shu and Ye Jin, many people who were hesitant still contacted Lin Yi, expressing their willingness to give it a go.

"Is it okay?" Lin Yi's fingertips gently rubbed Qin Nuo's hand, and he could feel the veins hidden under the skin.

Qin Nuo held Lin Yi's fingertips backhand and turned to look at Lin Yi intently, "What?"

"Can I help those who completely defend their rights?" Lin Yi added. In this matter, he must explore Qin Nuo's attitude clearly, because indeed if it is just himself, he does not have the ability to truly contend with those people.

The two of them were sitting in Qin Nuo's aircraft, which was flying forward quickly, preparing to go to Qin Nuo's main house.

After Qin Nuo understood what Lin Yi was talking about, a smile appeared on his face, and at the same time he raised Lin Yi's hand and stroked his face, "Of course, you can do everything you want."

"Is there no bottom line?" Lin Yi's eyes showed a sharp smile.

"Will you do things without a bottom line?" Qin Nuo asked Lin Yi.

"Does murder count?" Lin Yi said.

"Song Shu and Ye Jin?" Qin Nuo actually replied quite seriously, "If it were them, it doesn't count, because I had this plan."

If Lin Yi could not handle the matter to the point where it is today, Qin Nuo would not mind helping him to deal with Song Shu and Ye Jin. This was originally the idea he had had earlier, it was straightforward and simple.

"But I think things in the upper-class aristocratic circle really can't resist digging. Isn't it okay to continue to delve into it under this circumstance?"

"It is true that you cannot withstand deep digging, and it is because you cannot withstand deep digging that you have to use it." Qin Nuo said, "It is not just the royal family, but even the Williams family is full of problems. It should have been determined to cut one's arms to prevent this. The erosion has spread."

Lin Yi glanced at the entire black surface of the aircraft, leaving only the view of the city lights.

The aircraft landed on the apron not long after, Lin Yi jumped out, walked two steps forward and stretched out. Not far to the left of the apron is a seemingly endless sandy beach, and waves of water continue to pounce on it regularly, and the coastline is extremely vast.

This is indeed a huge pool, but it mimics the appearance of a beach.

At this time, Lin Yi really felt that a big house had the benefits of a big house. Strictly speaking, considering the area of ​​the house where Qin Nuo lived, calling it a big house would definitely be wronged.