Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 74

Compared with the number of times Qin Nuo went to Lin Yi, Lin Yi did come here more often.

Because from the perspective of the size of the house, Lin Yi always made Qin Nuo's alpha seem a little constrained. Lin Yi is not a character that needs to stick together all the time after two people are together.

Moreover, Qin Nuo's work intensity, unless Lin Yi is Qin Nuo's assistant or young secretary, the reality does not allow them to stick together 24 hours a day.

However, in his spare time, Lin Yi began to participate more and more in Qin Nuo's daily life. In most cases, it was at Qin Nuo's request.

Just like now, when Lin Yi said that maybe he should really change a house, Qin Nuo immediately said as if he had seized a rare opportunity: "I said, you should move in directly. The house lacks popularity in the first place. It should be much better for you to bring A and D together after you come. Besides, if you like such a house, you can’t find such a house in the city center of Capital Star at present."

Of course it can't be found. Although all kinds of transportation are very convenient at this time, the superior location in the city center is still very expensive. And like the Williams family to build a house in the most expensive business district in the center, it still occupies such a large area, it is really real power and countless money to do it.

Lin Yi nodded thoughtfully, and took a few steps back on this issue for the first time. Of course, at the same time he asked Qin Nuo: "Then after I move over, can we have further relationships?"

This is not the first time Lin Yi has expressed a similar meaning. Of course he thinks, he just wants to break it. Lin Yi's hand touched indiscriminately while the two were hugging and kissing countless times, but Qin Nuo stopped him every time he couldn't taste much sweetness.

Qin Nuo is more than conservative in this respect, if not every time his physical reaction is several times stronger than his own, Lin Yi would almost doubt whether he has any ulterior problems.

"If you are willing to marry me." Qin Nuo turned Lin Yi into the army.

When Lin Yi frowned slightly, even her nose moved, Qin Nuo's tangled expression was extremely cute in Qin Nuo's eyes.

"You are intimidating and lure me." Lin Yi complained.

He had told Qin Nuo a long time ago that he did not intend to discuss marriage or marriage at the moment. If you fall in love with an ordinary alpha, Lin Yi might be less worried, but Qin Nuo’s identity is here. Entering a marriage relationship with him is equivalent to joining the big family, joining the royal family and aristocratic circle, and will have to deal with it in the future. There are countless welcoming sent to the coveted chips, which is not the content of Lin Yi's interest at all.

Qin Nuo had expected Lin Yi's answer long ago, and took him into his arms, bowed his head and kissed him. Lin Yi stretched out her hand to wrap around his neck, then moved herself very neatly onto Qin Nuo's back.

The two acted intimately, and walked forward without anyone else. Unexpectedly, Mrs. Williams suddenly appeared in front of them, and they couldn't help showing unhappy expressions when they saw the appearance of the two.

Especially when Lin Yi and Qin Nuo both saw her, they didn't even change the posture of their backs, which made Mrs. Williams feel unhappy.

Lin Yi smiled politely at Mrs. Williams, and said, "It's nice to meet you, ma'am."

Mrs. Williams and Qin Nuo have competed with Qin Nuo on the issue of Lin Yi’s attitude. It is obvious that she has fallen behind in a few rounds. Therefore, facing Lin Yi’s greetings at this time, she still did not directly ignore it, but reluctantly. Maintained the superficial politeness: "Hello."

Lin Yi just got off Qin Nuo's back, just holding Qin Nuo's hand, and said to Mrs. Williams: "I brought a gift for Madam this time. I hope Madam likes it."

"Yeah." When Mrs. Williams heard these words, she felt a little more comfortable, at least Lin Yili had the numbers in place and showed respect for her.

In comparison, Qin Nuo, her own person, was a little too indifferent.

However, Mrs. Williams didn't have any expectations about what gift Lin Yi could give. After all, what the Williams family wanted would not even surprise her with gifts from Lin Yi, and she didn't think Lin Yi could give any unexpected gifts.

Here Lin Yi and Qin Nuo returned to Qin Nuo's detached house, and then entered Qin Nuo's room.

Qin Nuo said to Lin Yi as he took off his coat: "By the way, tomorrow I will make sure to participate in an interview-type program news."

"Huh?" Lin Yi looked up from the page of his personal terminal, and said somewhat unexpectedly: "Is that right, your fans should be very happy, which show?"

""Face to Face"" Qin Nuo showed some smiles on his face.

Some people say that people in a relationship will always unconsciously want to show their love to the outside world, especially when they have to be suppressed. And everyone thinks that the marshal of the scenery, everyone thinks that it is fortunate to fall in love with him, Qin Nuo, who has been a vegetarian all his life, is really beyond everyone's expectations in this respect.

The feeling that Lin Yi had just been on it, and he immediately went on it, was vaguely like a declaration.

Lin Yi didn't like to put his feelings under the eyes of the public, and he also felt that his image plus Qin Nuo might not have that much room for recovery.

"Maybe they will ask you questions about your relationship." Lin Yi thought.

"This is indeed a question they will always ask me every time." Qin Nuo said so, but his face didn't feel impatient with this kind of question in the past.

Lin Yi nodded, "If you want to make it public, I can accept it."

Firstly, his image is now becoming more positive. Secondly, Qin Nuo's fans will not counterattack so seriously. Thirdly, Lin Yi is also completely affirmed of their relationship status, and feels that this is a good opportunity for public.

Qin Nuo was obviously surprised by Lin Yi’s words, but there was an expression of surprise on his face immediately. Lin Yi could not help but feel that he was really cute all over his body, so when Qin Nuo walked towards him, he did not forget the **** and desire, and his eyes lingered on While Qin Nuo had a sturdy figure under his shirt, he put his hands on his buttons and offered an invitation: "Then can I stay overnight?"

Of course Qin Nuo was upright again, and couldn't hide his involuntary rejection of Lin Yi.

"Maybe I should expose you online." Lin Yi fell into Qin Nuo's bed boredly, "Is this a crime? Maybe it's a crime of torture?"

Qin Nuo laughed: "Where does the crime of abuse begin?"

"You have abused my body, destroyed my expectations several times, and severely affected my self-confidence. Isn't this considered abuse?"

Qin Nuo lay down side by side with him, his skin was slightly hot, he hugged Lin Yi to his side, and exchanged a tender kiss with him lingeringly.

Qin Nuo's program at this moment was of course not as simple as wanting to open up his relationship with Lin Yi. When this kind of imperial aristocratic circle was surrounded by public opinion, he was equal to Dinghai Shenzhen.

It's just that Qin Nuo didn't intend to use his prestige to win over other nobles. Instead, what he wanted to do was something more beneficial to the Williams family, dividing public opinion into two parts. It is impossible for the people to completely give up their support for the nobles. After all, the empire still needs to rule and maintain stability. At the same time, it must be cleverly and carefully used to suppress the current imperial power, and further stabilize under the leadership of Qin Nuo. The interests of the Williams family.

On the other side at this time, Mrs. Williams returned to her house, and out of curiosity, she immediately asked Life Brain to see if she had received anything from Lin Yi.

Life Wisdom replied respectfully: "Yes, it has already started to work."

"It? Start working?" Mrs. Williams sent out two questions in a row, very puzzled.

Life Intelligence explained: "Mr. Lin Yi sent a kitchen intelligence brain. It is cooking the most popular earth dishes in the empire. Madam will be able to taste it later."

The brain brain that Lin Yi gave to Mrs. Williams is a special model produced in cooperation with the military factory. This brain brain is very limited in other aspects and cannot be used to prepare recipes. Data transfer is a complete tool.

Such a brain plan is planned to be fully launched in the near future.

Mrs. Williams dissatisfied: "I only drink nutrient solution, and I don't plan to eat any earth dishes. How could I possibly..."

Before he finished speaking, a dumb-looking robot walked in. There were three dishes and one soup on the tray above his head. The dishes consisted of one meat and two vegetables. They were very delicately made and the amount of dishes was also very suitable.

Mrs. Williams' words got stuck because of the aroma of the meal.

Shengli Zhinao asked her: "If Madam doesn't like it, I will immediately let it take it down and forbid it to work in the future."

Mrs. Williams had a thought, and the ghost shouted to the wisdom of life, and then said: "Forget it, since it's already done, it's okay to taste it, you can't waste it."

This is the life wisdom brain that allows the kitchen brain to pass.

When the meal was entered, Mrs. Williams, who was still slightly prejudiced and critical, almost forgot her name and where she was. The delicious experience can be transformed into pleasure.

The meal that seemed to be incomplete at first seemed to be a little bit inadequate after the last bite.

"Prepare more tomorrow." Mrs. Williams told Kitchen Brain.

However, the kitchen brains immediately gave a calculation data: "According to the lady’s daily activity and nutritional needs, the meals presented by the villain just now can meet the daily energy requirements of the lady, and allow the lady to absorb enough nutrients while maintaining the current Body."

This is so sweet. Mrs. Williams smiled even more. After thinking about it, she didn't want to increase her appetite. In addition, looking at the silly kitchen brains is a little more pleasing to the eye.

Looking at it this way, Lin Yi at least has some ability to give gifts. Mrs. Williams thought, being polite, she also prepared a gift for Lin Yi.

At the same time, Mrs. Williams has not forgotten to take a photo of the meal’s dishes and post it to her personal terminal, and commented: “I received a nice gift tonight. It’s a great meal. Appetizing meals."

Mrs. Williams also has a lot of fans on social accounts, firstly because she is a very famous lady, and secondly because of her identity as Qin Nuo's mother.