Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 75

Most of the fans who are active under Mrs. Williams’ account come from Qin Nuo. Their sweet mouths can coax people. If they only communicate on the Internet, Mrs. Williams likes them very much and is willing to post some new updates with them from time to time. interactive.

As always, this post received a lot of comments quickly.

"Good evening mother-in-law!"

"Did the madam ate this tonight? It looks great! I don't know who is so caring. Is it the Marshal?"

Under normal circumstances, Mrs. Williams will pick a few familiar people to reply to comments, and this time it is the same.

Because many people followed up asking if it was Qin Nuo who gave the gift, or if he really thought that way, or just wanted to find a way to connect the matter to Qin Nuo, and then heard something from Mrs. Williams. News about Qin Nuo.

Mrs. Williams picked up a comment from the front row and thought for a while. Even if she was not so willing, the fact that Lin Yi and Qin Nuo were together could not be changed by her will, and she didn't care about it. After all, Association and marriage are two different things.

"It was given by Qin Nuo's partner." She replied, still not directly naming Lin Yi.

However, even this kind of short-term reply still caused a wave of torrents in the fan circle. Countless fans couldn't believe their eyes, and then they were all hit by the huge sense of broken love.

Most people know that they will never have any intersection with Qin Nuo in this life. However, as long as Qin Nuo is single for one day, everyone can have one more day of dreams. As a result, no one thought that the news of Master Marshal's departure would be so unexpected. Break into their sight.

The gossip paparazzi moved after hearing the wind, and all of a sudden, they jumped on the hot search label and immediately diluted all the negative gossip of the past few days, and firmly captured the sight of countless people in the empire.

Of course, for some people, this off-order news itself is the biggest negative gossip.

"It's over, my sister is going to cry blindly."

"Can anyone be with the marshal, a dew-drinking fairy?"

At this moment, Lin Yi and Qin Nuo didn't know anything about it. They were walking on the beach outside the house, and the two personal terminals in the Do Not Disturb mode had no contact with the outside world.

Lin Yi stepped on the beach with his feet and felt the cool and real touch of the sand. He walked to the water and kicked the water with his feet, then turned his head and asked Qin Nuo, "Is this water salty?" "

"It seems a bit sweet." Qin Nuo thought for a while, "has healing effects."

Lin Yi remembered the drinking water ad that Xiao A had put on him when he was still full of ads. The color of the drinking water in it seemed to be like this. The price seems to be about one hundred yuan for a bottle of mineral water.

Lin Yi pondered for a moment and asked Qin Nuo if it was that kind of water.

Qin Nuo nodded: "It should be."

He glanced at the data displayed by the brain that manages the swimming pool; "Don't worry, this water was only changed this morning."

In fact, the seemingly endless sea is only as big as a few ordinary competition pools, but even this size of the entire pool is quite impressive.

The people of the empire felt that the aristocratic life was extravagant, and I am afraid they would not have imagined such extravagance.

Lin Yi was silent for a while and still couldn't help but vomit: "So there is nothing wrong with nobles being scolded online."

Qin Nuo laughed: "Although this is my mother's style, I cannot refute such criticism."

Lin Yi also had no intention of really arguing with Qin Nuo on this issue. He pulled the hem of his clothes with both hands and slapped it on the net. The pullover was immediately thrown aside.

He again planned to take off his pants in front of Qin Nuo without any complaints, but before real success, Qin Nuo held his hand down.

"What are you doing?" Lin Yi turned to look at him, and then asked Qin Nuo after reacting, "Are you going to help me take it off?"

Speaking, Lin Yi took out her hand and said frankly, "That's not impossible."

His eyes were black and bright, and they were reflected by the dark blue background on the slightly darkened coast, and the brilliance in his eyes became more and more obvious, as well as the slyness that was not concealed in them.

Qin Nuo's gaze slid under Lin Yi's collarbone involuntarily.

Omega's body is usually soft and slender, and Lin Yi would basically be assumed this way if he didn't take off his shirt. But this is not the case. Lin Yi's skin is fair, but the figure under the clothes is very well-proportioned, and the texture that should appear is also very distinct. It's probably a feeling between alpha and beta.

Not only does it not seem excessive, but reveals his unique, flexible attraction.

Qin Nuo, who was not going to enter the water, felt that he needed to enter the water to cool off at this moment, otherwise the clothes on his body seemed to be lit by the fire. Coupled with Lin Yi's intentional words at this time, he felt more and more that just touching Lin Yi with his fingertips had already burnt up a scorching temperature.

Qin Nuo stretched out his hand in embarrassment, forcibly deflecting his eyes slightly.

"Are you stupid or shy?" Lin Yi had already kicked off her trousers, and jumped into the water a few steps, from shallow to deep, until finally only a pair of shoulders were exposed, and she said with some worry. "Or are you using this to cover up any deficiencies in your ability?"

It's just that this is obviously a joke, because Lin Yi laughed out quickly.

He stood in the water and leaned back, as if a fish got into the water. Ten seconds later, with a crash caused by breaking out of the water, Lin Yi's head came out ten meters away.

Lin Yi met Qin Nuo's gaze and stared at him for a few seconds. Seeing that Qin Nuo still didn't seem to come down, she sank into the water again. It's just that this time it didn't get out for a long time, let alone a little movement.

Qin Nuo was still standing still, but as time passed, he couldn't help but become worried: "Xiao Yi?"

No one can be seen under the light blue water.

Although this length of time is not enough for Alpha to suffocate people, it has already exceeded the suffocation limit of most omegas. Qin Nuo's heart tightened, and he jumped into the water without hesitation, and began to search for Lin Yi's traces underwater.

But Lin Yi seemed to have disappeared in his sleep, and was nowhere to be seen. Qin Nuo's heartbeat began to violently, and he swam forward vigorously. Suddenly a figure appeared in front of him. Lin Yi swam towards him with his eyes open in the water, with a triumphant smile on his face, and without hesitation, he entangled Qin's hands and feet as he approached Qin Nuo. No, let him break out of the water with himself.

Lin Yi gasped for a moment when he was in contact with the air, his breath was slightly unstable, but it was still in the controllable range. He put his arms around Qin Nuo’s neck and wiped his own face, brushing off the water drops on it, then looked down at Qin Nuo, who was neatly dressed, and said with a slight dissatisfaction: "For so long, I thought you took it off. The clothes were put in the water."

But this did not dampen Lin Yi's interest. He smiled and stretched out another hand to Qin Nuo, "Although you didn't mean to help me just now, I still don't mind giving you a little help."

Qin Nuo held the hand that Lin Yi extended with his backhand, firmly grasped it, and sighed with some helplessness, before turning his face to kiss Lin Yi's lips.

Lin Yi is dating here, but the two brains at home are not idle.

Xiao D has a personal account operated by himself. The first is because of the relationship between the military intelligence brain and the second is the identity of the manager of the earth restaurant. This has made him a lot of fans. Of course, the third may also be Xiao D. His grumpy and affectionate style is exceptionally different among the well-behaved intellectual brains, with a sense of freshness, which makes his fans very useful, and enjoys being a little bit fierce by the little D every day.

Song Qin Rong discovered that Xiao D still has such a group of fans. He did not say that these people were sick, and he couldn't help but lament that the people of the empire were still innocent. I wonder if this anti-human brain might actually kill you when he said that he wanted to kill you. Murderous.

Because Xiao D managed the account very well, Xiao A looked so greedy, and moved to apply for an account by himself.

When Lin Yi went out on a date, Little D taught Little A how to do it at home. It doesn't take a while, and the notification of the account application approval will come down.

"Passed, passed." Little A leaned next to Little D, his eyes full of stars, and his voice was pleasant.

"Then you try to post a post, I will help you forward it, let them follow you too."

"Can you?" Little A asked carefully, very excited.

"Of course!" Xiao D's face was just a matter of effort. The people I covered looked like they would not pay attention, and promised Xiao A, "You can see what you want to post, no matter what."

Little A nodded: "Yeah!"

It plucked up the courage to edit for a while, deleted and deleted, and finally got a little frustrated, "Then I'll post a picture."

It chose a picture of a crying emoticon, and gathered the courage to send it out solemnly.


"I'm done!" Little A said excitedly.

Xiao D took a look after hearing the words, "Hey, I sent it wrong."

It is indeed wrong. Because there is a connection between Little A's database and Lin Yi's personal terminal, the message sent at this time went directly to Lin Yi's personal center.

Therefore, the account that Xiao A has just applied for is still empty. Instead, Lin Yi's account suddenly has a new dynamic with no text but only a crying emoji.

In this network environment where almost half of the entire empire lost love together, everyone thought it was Lin Yishun who had joined the army of broken love.