Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 76

This erroneous dynamic sent by Xiao A immediately received a response from the majority of love-lost netizens.

"Ouuuu, we fell in love together."

"Xiao Yi cried with us."

Someone also said: "So, didn't someone say Lin Yi and the Marshal before, now it's self-defeating."

Little A and Little D moved together and looked at this dynamic. Little A relaxed and became tense again, "Oh, OK!" It said nervously, and then hurriedly gave this dynamic to the second. deleted.

As soon as the netizens refreshed the page and couldn't see the news, Xiao A immediately sent another clarification, which was sent using Lin Yi's account.

Lin Yi: Sorry, sorry, the post was sent by Xiao A accidentally and mistakenly using the owner's account, please don't take it to heart.

Lin Yi’s fans took a closer look at this moment and found that the two news release sources were the same, and they were different from the personal terminal used when Lin Yi was released. At this time, the news release terminal of the dynamic display is the brain platform.

Some people were amused by little A, leaving behind a full screen hahaha. There are also some people who don't really believe in Xiao A's explanation. They feel that Lin Yi just regretted it after rushing to post on Weibo, so they turned to use their brains to help themselves.

The crying emoticon that Xiao A erroneously posted at the beginning is actually nothing special. Because when Qin Nuo was almost played as a sham, the news that he was suspected of leaving the order was not just that the netizens ended up screaming, but even many celebrities who had a lot of traffic also ended up sending some messages. Unfortunately, it wasn’t me. Semi-joking dynamic.

Soon soon had a hot search label of #秦诺脱单我失恋#. Clicking in it is a fancy show of various netizens.

Xiao A deleted it and explained it again and again. On the contrary, some netizens felt that Lin Yi seemed a bit hypocritical, and it was unnecessary to force his respect.

The yin and yang weirdness is still uncomfortable with Lin Yi and his fans.

"I remember a fan of someone's family still seems to think that the marshal is not worthy of their family leader. At this time, I don't know if his face has been beaten and swollen."

When Lin Yi and Qin Nuo finally reconnected to the Internet, they were already on the aircraft that sent Lin Yi home.

When Lin Yi went online, he naturally saw the explanation posted by Little A, and when he looked at the source of the excitement on the Internet, Mrs. Williams responded to that comment, and Lin Yi couldn't help but laugh.

He turned off his personal terminal and did not respond to these disputes. Anyway, the current news is not really on him.

Early the next morning, the enthusiasm about Qin Nuo’s suspected withdrawal from the order yesterday had not dissipated on the Internet. As expected, Qin Nuo announced the "Face to Face" interview tomorrow night as he had said with Lin Yi.

The last piece of Qin Nuo's personal activity was still on the content that he criticized netizens when Lin Yi was torn. The original activity has been deleted, and only Qin Nuo's words in the forwarding box are left.

At this time, Qin Nuo's new dynamic reminder appeared, which made many netizens excited, thinking that Qin Nuo personally went online to answer the questions of netizens, but who would have expected it to be a preview of the show.

Qin Nuo's dynamic remarks are concise and concise, and he didn't even leave a word other than the official wording for netizens, except for the icy sense of distance or the icy sense of distance. But everyone has been very accustomed to Qin Nuo's style over the years, so he didn't feel the slightest surprise.

At this time, everyone even naturally feels that compared to some aristocrats who are loyal to the Internet and use seemingly friendly language to mingle with ordinary people, but then have been exposed to a lot of negative news, Qin Nuo is so clear between public and private. On the contrary, his appearance is the example of the imperial nobles.

Although this news is not a response to the relationship, everyone is still very excited about the news that Qin Nuo is going to be on an interview program.

The director of the "Face to Face" program group was also overwhelmed with stimulants. Lin Yi's hot spot has just been on the show and it has brought them the high attention of almost setting a record for the show, and now Qin Nuo is determined to be on the new episode of the show.

As the first interview show on Qin Nuo, and maybe even the only talk show in a long time, "Face to Face" is undoubtedly going to be plated with gold, which is a dream for the entire show crew to laugh out loud. thing.

As usual, the program team still has to pass the pre-selection questions to Qin Nuo. At this time, combining the current hot spots, there are many things that can be asked and asked, whether it is the image of the royal family or Qin Nuo’s future career plans, including the people’s concerns. Qin Nuo's love issue is still on the hot spot. The program team has put out ten successes around these aspects, and has also reflected many more sensitive issues in a tactful way.

Among these questions, the most conspicuous one is probably to ask Qin Nuo whether he has plans to win the position of the emperor.

This question is not so untimely. The emperor's term of office is still five years. After five years, the major families will inevitably compete for the throne again. Qin Nuo stayed in the Wild Star last time when the throne was changed, and had never expressed the idea of ​​competing for the throne, so the current emperor successfully ascended the throne.

However, even though Qin Nuo had a very high reputation among the people at that time, it was indeed not a timely choice to fight for the throne. On the one hand, he had not fully mastered the military at that time, and on the other hand, his reputation among the people mostly came from the actual illusory identity of the strongest alpha, as well as some military exploits, and the actual political capital was not much.

If they really participate in the contest for the throne, these capitals are not so impressive, and they are easily manipulated by other family forces and suffer a certain degree of damage.

The situation today is not the same as before. The next five years is bound to be Qin Nuo's perfect opportunity to completely reverse the situation of the entire Capital Star to himself.

The broadcast time of the program during prime time is like an infinite dry sponge that continuously attracts the ratings of other stations and other TV programs.

Qin Nuo sat on the sofa in the studio's studio, his tone of voice and movements were very casual, but the impact in the army could still be seen in the details of his body movements.

This kind of detail is certainly a positive plus point for Qin Nuo.

Especially when faced with the host’s question, it was related to the recent public clamor against the nobles. Regarding Qin Nuo’s opinion on this, Qin Nuo said that the controller of power needs reasonable restraint and supervision, not too much. The status of mythical nobles. Aristocratic status is not a tool of immunity for anyone. Judging from the judgments of many cases, the law has indeed failed to be fair and equitable. This point needs to be changed.

This is too good to hear!

Especially during this period of time, in fact, many media have interviewed a lot of active nobles in the upper echelons of the empire. They either avoided talking about this type of issue, or were vague, or even denied it directly. The existence of the problem.

Qin Nuo's words now can be regarded as speaking directly to the hearts of a large number of people.

Later, I will talk about which part of Qin Nuo’s work will be focused on. Qin Nuo said that the focus of work will still be in the military department, but he will put some elite forces on the edge of the empire and remote planets. The main aim is to improve local security and social order, and the other is to carry out some poverty alleviation work led by the military.

This does not feel much to the people on developed planets like Capital Star, but such a correct route will indeed bring a large number of favorability, and those people on the edge of remote planets are greatly encouraged and encouraged by the words. encourage.

These content related to politics and Qin Nuo's career always accounted for 80% of the entire program, and the focus was also very clear. But this does not mean that the next 20% of the time is not important.

Because after asking these questions, before the audience’s emotions have subsided, the host changed the conversation and asked Qin Nuo with a relaxed smile on his face: "It just happened that your mother, Williams, The wife replied to a netizen in the comment section of Starnet. She said that she had received a gift from the person you were dating. This incident has also attracted a lot of attention on the Internet. Do you have any response to this? If you can satisfy everyone I think the audience will be very happy."

Throughout the interview, Qin Nuo had always been serious and serious. At this moment, there was a clear softness. He immediately showed a very shallow but not negligible smile: "I'm sorry to worry about my relationship situation. For many years, what my mother said was true, and I am currently in a very stable relationship."

The person who invited Qin Nuo to interview Qin Nuo today was a retired old host. At this time, he couldn't help showing a look of obvious surprise, but he immediately laughed: "Congratulations, Marshal, may I ask what other good things will be in the short term? News?"

Qin Nuo shook his head and smiled: "It shouldn't be there for the time being," he paused, and said a very embarrassing fact in the host's clear eyes, "because my marriage proposal is always rejected."

After the audience listened:? ?

Always refuse, that is to refuse the Marshal's proposal more than once. What kind of confidence does this immortal object have?

The host also followed the question and asked: "Is it convenient for the marshal to reveal the identity of the lover?"

Qin Nuo thought for a moment and said: "Actually, I planned to announce it a long time ago, but he didn't want to become a public topic so early, but I had obtained the official permission two days ago, so if I want to announce it, I will come to us in the future. It may be more convenient to say, after all, he is also a familiar person."

The phrase "people familiar to everyone" almost defines the fact that Qin Nuo's lover is also a public figure.

The host's expression showed a little excitement, and he knew well that if Qin Nuo disclosed his lover's identity on their program at this time, what kind of viewership frenzy would be.

"Please say!"

"He is Lin Yi." Qin Nuo slowly revealed Lin Yi's name.

Lin Yi sat on the sofa and watched the live TV broadcast, holding a bag of the food sent from the cooperating food factory in her hand to taste the taste, and the potato chips were crunchy and crunchy in one bite.

Qin Nuo is calm, he is calm, but thousands of netizens are not calm anymore.

Originally, after Qin Nuo said that his lover was a public figure, they had already begun to speculate about some of the empire’s high-ranking and well-known omegas. They never thought that they had sent a crying emoticon in front of them, which was misunderstood by them. Lin Yi, who was swollen face and filled with fat for being broken in love, made Zhi Nao back the pot.

Countless netizens who comforted Lin Yi and said, "Hug Xiaoyi, we are all the same!" Now they just want to wave their hands wildly, no, we are different, so different.