Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 77

Lin Yi is not a single dog, Lin Yi has the courage to repeatedly refuse the marshal's proposal.

Especially in the latter half of the sentence, this fact almost made half of the empire cry silently. Lin Yi's fans were as excited as they were beaten up.

"Oh oh oh, Xiao Yi rushes to the duck!"

"[There is a wicked smile at the corner of the mouth].jpg, mom knows you can!"

Many times before, Lin Yi and Qin Nuo were shown together, pictures of news that Lin Yi and Qin Nuo might be together, or various sources of news, were all dug up at this time. Appreciation is also brought together.

Of course, many netizens who have been very dissatisfied with Lin Yi all the time have been gathered together, saying that he is a toad and wants to eat swan meat. .

But those were all earlier comments. From now on, most people have to admit that Lin Yi is indeed very talented and charming, so even if he still doesn’t like the fact that he and Qin Nuo are together, they won’t tell. What is too much. After all, Lin Yi can be caught and attacked now, that is the fertility item. However, if someone comes up with the item alone, then he must receive more rejection than approval.

On the one hand, Lin Yi himself was the victim of this incident. If he wanted to use this as a tool to harm the other party, then such a society would be too strict for Omega.

On the other hand, it is also a more critical aspect, that is, Qin Nuo obviously doesn't care about this, and even proposes marriage, so what else can others say?

Because of this, Qin Nuo has gained double the favorability among many Bs and Os.

The marshal was really fresh and unpretentious, unlike those stinky alphas.

From the very beginning, Lin Yi did not intend to treat the relationship between the two as a point of hype or marketing. If Qin Nuo hadn't said the matter himself, the public would still not know that the two were really together.

Many spectators who thought Lin Yi was rubbing Qin Nuo's enthusiasm before also closed their voices at this time.

In the lively environment of the Internet, Lin Yi is the relatively silent one. He has never felt that there is a need to hype in this area, so at this time he feels that there is nothing to respond to in particular.

Compared with the innocent disturbances on the Internet, he is more concerned about the ongoing black-and-white game in reality.

"Did you decide to withdraw the complaint?" In the Earth Restaurant, Lin Yi was sitting on the side of the dining table with a glass of juice in her hand, looking lightly at the person sitting opposite.

The other side found Lin Yi through a face-to-face show, one of Ye Jin's victims. At the beginning, she was used the same way as Lin Yi had suffered, and she worked hard for many years.

Lin Yi was a little surprised but not completely surprised when she suddenly said that she would withdraw the lawsuit. Because this lady was not the first person to find Lin Yi today and said that she would withdraw the lawsuit.

As long as they want to protect their rights and interests, Lin Yi tries to help them as much as possible. Finding a suitable lawyer, prepayment, etc. are all trivial matters. However, most of the people who decided to withdraw the lawsuit did not even approach Lin Yi to talk about the matter face to face, but only sent a few text or voice messages to Lin Yi.

The reason is simple. Those people represented by Ye Jin are now willing to pay these victims a large amount of compensation to start their lives again. The only condition is that they want them to withdraw the lawsuit.

In this way, there are bound to be many people who will waver and hesitate. The legal process will not necessarily lead to success. Moreover, because of Lin Yi’s focus, these cases will definitely become the focus of media attention. These victims will also be spotlighted, which is extremely important for many people. Great psychological pressure. Moreover, even if you win the case, as long as these big families don't fall, who knows if they will be retaliated wildly in the future?

They are not Lin Yi, they do not have the Williams family to do the backstage, so they cannot afford such a risk.

"I understand, it's okay. I respect your choice." Lin Yi didn't mean to blame the other person. He didn't have a stand to ask another person to make the same choice as himself. He also understood how much worry the other person would have in his heart.

The omega on the opposite side looked a little bit ashamed, and she lowered her head tightly: "I really appreciate your help. If it weren't for you, my life would still be a mess in the future, and thank you very much for your forgiveness now."

In this way, in two or three days, more than half of the people chose to withdraw. In the end, the remaining people firmly hope to use the weapon of law to defend their rights with Lin Yi.

That's enough, Lin Yi thought.

Qin Nuo's interview on "Face to Face" caused the discussion about the announcement of the relationship between him and Lin Yi. However, what really caused the royal family's headache now was Qin Nuo's statement of committing crimes against the nobles.

Every question on the show seemed reasonable, and Qin Nuo's answer was casual and natural. But these answers weren't really random. Qin Nuo answered every question without any errors or omissions, and at the same time it fits the people's hearts very well.

Contrast will hurt, so the attitude of the royal family is even more important. Not only can it not have any biases, but more importantly, it may have to be more ruthless than Qin Nuo's attack. Otherwise, it will be inspected by the people with a magnifying glass everywhere, and if there is a little inappropriate, it may cause a tsunami. General opposition.

The royal family quickly stated that they would seriously deal with all the nobles involved, strictly censoring and severely cracking down on them. But the problem is that the royal family can't really deal with these nobles at all.

The crows in the world are generally dark, and if they really crack down on this matter, then the royal family won't have to mess around.

In this case, apart from taking Song Shu and Ye Jin as the main targets, the only way to start was from the Williams family.

The Williams family is in charge of Qin Nuo, but there are many branches below. Qin Nuo only controls about 60% of the Williams family's assets, and the remaining 40% is scattered in the hands of many uncles and brothers.

Since Qin Nuo said that he wanted to investigate this strictly, he might as well let him do the investigation from his own home. When things came to the end, I watched him still speak no big words. At this time, it would be a good choice for Williams' internal forces to contain Qin Nuo.

It is true that many of the Williams family are not very clean themselves. No one in the circle knows who, it is naturally simple to break the news.

The discussion between Lin Yi and Qin Nuo on the Internet has not completely dissipated. Another hot search came from the sky. One of Qin Nuo’s cousins ​​was accused of violent and wounding, and a very clear surveillance video was attached, and the time of the incident was different. In September last year, it has been more than a year.

The first thing that broke this video was a gossip trumpet, but the popularity rose quickly. The content in the video is really too **** and brutal, and this cousin of Qin Nuo can be regarded as a well-known figure in the capital star aristocratic circle, named Noah Williams.

In the video, he was obviously in a state of drunkenness. After hitting two alphas one after another, he slammed his fist at a beta. The force was almost as powerful as he was about to kill the person.

What makes people even more angry is that while beating people, he said coldly and abnormally, "What if I kill all three of you today? It just happens to be in a bad mood. Didn't you just hit someone by yourself? "

One of the alphas continued to apologize to Noah and begged him to let go of his companions, but it was obviously of no use. At the end of the video, the unilateral physical injury was not over yet, so netizens were quite frightened.

At the same time, Noah's image was instantly destroyed.

The comment area is obviously a one-stop rhythm. When this video first came out, the front row all brought things to Qin Nuo.

"The Williams family isn't much better either. Qin Nuo said before and is polite, right now?"

"My family can't handle it well, what else can I say."

Similar comments did bring a lot of wind in the beginning, but fortunately, they were soon overshadowed by other comments.

"Pay attention to the timing of the video. This is September last year. At that time, it was more than a year before the Marshal returned to Capital Star. What rhythm are you bringing? Not to mention the Marshal never said the Williams family. People from there are no problems, he just said that there should be the same standard for handling problems."

"That is, those who are yin and yang weird don't know what rhythm they want to bring. At present, things have just broken out. Follow-up processing is the most important thing!"

"Do you still know about your own family?" someone forced it.

Of course, netizens immediately thought this was an unreasonable and ignorant comment, "Do you know how many people the Williams family has in total? The Marshal has been away from Capital Star for so many years, do you think they can talk everyday or something?"

Although Noah has a certain amount of power in his hands, he is still far from the power core of the Williams family. Many netizens are also aware of this.

But in any case, once Noah's incident was reported, many netizens felt a little disappointed.

At the same time, the victims who were beaten in those videos soon showed up under the deliberate arrangement of someone and described in detail the whole process of the conflict between himself and Noah that night.

The cause of the matter is too small. Several people went to nightclubs. Drinking was natural, but they didn't drink much that day. Instead, Noah drank a lot by himself. After being drunk, he bumped into one of them. Unexpectedly, not only did Noah not apologize, but instead used this as an excuse to fight them.