Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 78

The bar is actually not accessible to civilians, and people who can show up have some family background. But even so, after the three people were treated like this by Noah, the matter was not revealed until this year.

Even when the public media wanted to interview the person at the beginning, the other party did not immediately agree, and only later admitted that they were worried about retaliation.

The anger of the public is on fire. Because everyone knows that those elder brothers who were treated like this when facing Noah did not dare to say anything, what would happen to themselves as a commoner?

Under the influence of this sense of crisis and empathy, the people increasingly demand impartial law enforcement.

Therefore, within two days after the incident broke out, Noah was immediately detained by the Eastern District Police Department. The media also seized this news spot and rushed out.

Qin Nuo also clarified his views on similar incidents not long ago. Now that something like this happened in his home, it certainly became the focus of people's inquiry.

Qin Nuo's statement was concise and concise, "The Williams family does not need any assholes. After the matter is ascertained, I will explain to the public on behalf of the Williams family."

His words were cold, and even through the camera, people felt the whole body cold, and there was no way to doubt the authenticity of Qin Nuo's statement on this matter.

Compared with Noah's father's vague remarks about Noah, Qin Nuo's expression is much more direct.

As a result, the public did not criticize Qin Nuo on a large scale like the royal family. Instead, voices continued to pop up. They felt that the Williams family did not intend to defend Noah. Noah was arrested in just two days. Bail can be seen.

The royal family's goal of using Noah to make a big news was not completely achieved. Instead, it was brutally pulled out to make a control group and was dissed by netizens several times from top to bottom.

After all, Song Shu and Ye Jin are still living freely so far. Those who were arrested and brought to justice were just a few who had started with Lin Yi.

Noah's case was under the concern of the citizens of the Empire, and the result was reached within three days after being arrested. He was sentenced to three years in prison and his chance of bail was cancelled.

The result of this treatment is actually very reasonable, because even if Noah’s identity is left out, the case as an ordinary person is judged in this way. However, the public did not consider these because of the resentment in their hearts, and many voices still felt that this matter was not handled satisfactorily.

Qin Nuo was very aware of the public's psychology, and he quickly issued a public statement.

First, he apologized to the public on behalf of the Williams family, and at the same time announced that Noah was deprived of the management rights of the business currently operated by Noah. At the same time, even Noah's father was implicated and suffered demotion.

As a result, the netizens who watched the excitement are finally relieved, and feel that Qin Nuo is acting impartially and decisively, and his favorability for him has increased.

Only people in the circle knew that after this operation, Qin Nuo not only didn't have any substantial losses, but only gained.

First of all, this incident verified the consistency of his words and deeds. This is undoubtedly a bonus project in the eyes of the public, and it will only consolidate his reputation.

The punishment of Noah and his father was actually justified depriving them of their inheritance rights to the Williams family, and this punishment decision was made by consensus within the Williams family, which was reasonable and reasonable. This part of the deprived power naturally fell into Qin Nuo's hands, allowing him to further strengthen the overall control of the Williams family.

Other members of the Williams family knew this, but it was of no avail. At the same time, they have to tighten their tails and behave more and more at this juncture, and they are more and more aligning their own interests with Qin Nuo’s list. Otherwise, if there is any problem, Noah and his father The end of the game is likely to be theirs.

The imperial family's operation did not have any positive effect that was beneficial to him. Instead, Qin Nuo made a wedding dress for Qin Nuo, which made the imperial family had to abandon this route.

Song Shu and Ye Jin were destined to be the victims to be withdrawn.

The attitude of the royal family is important, but it is Qin Nuo and Lin Yi that may really influence the future development of the matter. To what extent they intend to manipulate this matter is what the royal family cares about.

The queen personally hosted a private dinner and invited Qin Nuo and Lin Yi to get together. On the surface, the invitation is polite and intimacy, but Qin Nuo and Lin Yi also know what they are actually saying.

However, it is clear that there are countless glitz and perfunctory interactions in Vanity Fair.

Lin Yi dressed in formal attire and Qin Nuo entered the restaurant arm in arm. After seeing the emperor and empress, he honored them with court etiquette, and then sat opposite them under the gaze and welcome of the emperor and empress.

"Song Shu lacks discipline and has caused a lot of troubles. Here I am sorry to Xiao Yi for her." The queen apologized on her face, but she was quite up to the same thing, "Of course I know that an apology can't solve any problems. , So I will do everything possible to make up for you."

"We just hope this matter will only stop here." The emperor added faintly.

If the whole thing is to be extended to the circle of the royal family and nobles, it is not really good for the Williams family. After all, once the people have built up a negative influence on the royal family in their hearts, it will do nothing but harm to Qin Nuo, who may ascend to the throne of God in a few years' time.

"I've always done things right and wrong people." Lin Yi raised the cup in his hand.

"I will remove Song Shu from the Song family." The Queen said.

"That's your housework." Qin Nuo didn't show much interest in this topic.

Lin Yi knew the fundamental purpose of the Queen's dinner party, so he had no intention of going around with the Queen or playing word games.

"There is an old saying from the Earth period. I wonder if you have heard it?"


Lin Yi put down the wine glass and said with a smile, "A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye."

The queen frowned, she understood what Lin Yi meant, but couldn't make a decision. She could sacrifice Song Shu, but she didn't plan to sacrifice her sister to this level, and she couldn't give Lin Yi any affirmative answer.

The emperor quickly answered, "I heard this sentence for the first time, but it does make sense. I believe the queen also agrees with me, right?"

He turned his head to look at the queen, and at the same time held the queen's hand tightly under the dining table, in pain.

The queen's frowning brows slowly loosened because of this. A smile appeared on her face, and she raised a glass to Lin Yi, "Then for this sentence, cheers."

After this meal, everything started running quickly as if it had been dripped with lubricating oil.

In just five days, the media first reported that Song Shu fell from the second floor by accident, which happened to injure her glands. In addition to the irreversible damage, the North District Police Department also announced the right. According to the investigation results of Song Shu and Ye Jin, a number of crimes are true and awaiting further judgments. The royal family has already vigorously refuted Song Shu and Ye Jin’s damage to the image of aristocracy long before these incidents were announced. Means to remove the noble status of the two.

Song Shu didn't make any more comments on the Internet.

There was no sympathy for her on the Internet. Her image was so bad that it could not be broken anymore. Especially when the North District Police Department announced the investigation details of many cases, the people found that Song Shu had used so much more than Lin Yi. Dirty means, she has never regarded civilians as her counterparts. The same technique has been used by her wantonly on various people, so there are a lot of people who have suffered a lot of physical injuries, and even people who committed suicide to end their lives are countless.

So when Song Shu’s injury was announced on the Internet, no one expressed sympathy for her in any form. Everyone only felt that this was a good reincarnation of God, and even felt that this degree of injury was far from enough for her in the past. The punishment for things.

"Why don't you just fall to her death, this kind of person's death is not a shame!"

Such remarks that directly cursed Song Shu's death appeared endlessly on the Internet, and Ye Jin was no better than Song Shu. He can be said to be the source of all tragedies. His **** and shirk, no sense of responsibility, and the fact that he was also involved in many violations also made him a target of verbal criticism.