Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 79

Violent attacks on the Internet are still light, and Ye Jin's situation in real life is even worse.

The Song family didn't even protect Song Shu, no matter how he lived or died. What's more, in the final analysis, the origin of these things has something to do with Ye Jin, and the Song family will naturally not make him feel better.

Not to mention the loss of asylum, the asylum party wanted his life now, and Ye Jin was of course very embarrassed.

Because of the public's attention to the entire process of the incident, and to restore the credibility of the royal family, in the following month, the progress of the trial of Ye Jin and Song Shu, including several other nobles involved in the case, was completely open for convenience. Public supervision.

The media knows how to change the wind direction. Several TV stations under the royal family have recently either severely criticized and blamed the corruption of the nobles represented by Song Shu Ye Jin, or they are broadcasting something that looks strange in Lin Yi. Documentaries, such as "The Glory of the Royal Family", "Etiquette and Responsibility", "The Spotless Pearl" and so on.

However, Lin Yi can understand what he puts in his mind. It is nothing more than reshaping the sense of honor of the nobility and drawing a clear line from negative images.

This trick is currently very useful in public opinion. Now you can hardly see the fierce attack on the royal family as you were on the Internet. Many people still think of the royal family's goodness, thinking that the momentary negligence is not unforgivable.

For Lin Yi, whether it is Song Shu or Ye Jin, what they will do in the future has nothing to do with him, and the repayment is now considered two clear. He devoted himself to the things he was interested in.

Earlier in the interview, he revealed that he had plans to start a music company. During this month, Lin Yi was mainly engaged in this, and he showed a lot less in public.

However, Lin Yi's popularity did not decline because of this. Instead, there was an upward trend. In the final analysis, it was because of the public influence of his love affair.

Before Lin Yi and Qin Nuo made their relationship public, most of the time they had to be careful not to be photographed by the media, and they would basically not go to any ordinary public places.

Lin Yi is actually very used to this way of dealing with relationships. In his last life, he also had a relationship with people in the circle. At that time, it was the same as fighting in the tunnel, and it was even more uncomfortable than it is now. But Qin Nuo was not so used to him.

Lin Yi originally thought that according to Qin Nuo's character, he would not like his love affair being put under the lens of the media to let people examine it with a magnifying glass, who knows that Qin Nuo didn't quite think so.

"I think moderate disclosure is beneficial, and it is also responsible to the public." Qin Nuo said it very high-sounding, but in fact the thoughts in his heart are quite naive.

He liked Lin Yi day by day, and his depressed mood gradually became a kind of psychology that he wanted to show off to the public.

Therefore, as soon as the relationship between the two became public, Qin Nuo was even lifted from the ban.

It turns out that the two people basically go to Williams's house for dating, but this month the two meet almost every other day, and Qin Nuo always finds a new public meeting place every time.

The Xinghai Observation Deck, snow-capped mountains, ocean, grassland, lounges, galleries, museums, and the media have been enthusiastic about taking pictures of two people holding hands in and out together or having intimate conversations in various man-made attractions or semi-public clubs.

Compared with the fact that paparazzi photography in the Earth era may also arouse the perception of the parties, the various sneak shots nowadays have no way of knowing where they were taken from that angle.

Lin Yi paid attention to the news for a few days when he started to be on the news, and later discovered that no matter how he paid attention, as long as he went to public places, the photos of him and Qin Nuo would inevitably appear on the front page the next day. Lin Yi simply didn’t. Pay attention to it.

Whether in the past or recently, Qin Nuo is known for his seriousness and meticulousness, which makes his handsome face almost mixed with a hint of inaccessible sharpness.

However, in these photos or videos released together with Lin Yi, his image has greatly subverted the public's impression of him in the past.

In the video, Qin Nuo sometimes looked down at Lin Yi, and sometimes came close to Lin Yi's ear and seemed to talk to him. When Lin Yi looked up and talked back, the two looked at each other and occasionally laughed together.

At this time, Qin Nuo was almost distorted in the eyes of the public, but it also made people directly feel his feelings about this relationship, so he got the support of many fans who were not optimistic about this relationship.

"I really thought that the two people didn't match each other, but now I think it feels great to be together."

"Master Qin Nuo's expression seems to be shining. When he is with Master Lin Yi, he turns out to be like this when he is with someone he likes. I am a little envious of Master Lin Yi, and a little bit envious of Master Qin Nuo. "

However, from the perspective of the empire's deep-rooted conservatives, Lin Yi and Qin Nuo still had many mismatches. Leaving aside his family and family, Lin Yi has lost his basic function as an omega, which completely excludes Lin Yi from the Williams family.

This kind of voice not only came from among the people, but it didn't take long for the official guidance to appear.

The big media, which has always been conservative in the direction of the wind, even use several manuscripts to discuss and criticize the current society's impetuousness, eagerness for quick success and short-term gains, inadequate compliance with old rules, and other negative tendencies.

Although these commentary articles did not directly name Lin Yi, they used several illustrations related to Lin Yi in the report, and the allusions in and out of the words are also very obvious.

The aftermath of Lin Yi's tossing in the royal circle hasn't dissipated yet, and the mainstream of the royal family naturally doesn't have any good feelings for him. Even the conservative forces in the Williams family have shown rejection of the relationship between Lin Yi and Qin Nuo.

So it should have been just a simple love relationship, but in reality, there is a sense of sight that is outrageous in the world.

But this didn't bother Lin Yi too much at first.

Since Fred got Lin Yi's answer, he hasn't gone anywhere for a while, so he is holding back his energy at home to write the script.

A few days ago, all the details were finally finalized and ready to start.

When he filmed "The Waste Land" last time, Fred was already very independent. Whether it was the film or the side-scrolling, there were many voices of praise and criticism. The main criticism is that he put many actors in dangerous situations during the filming, ignoring their lives and so on.

After the incident between Lin Yi and Archie broke out, many fans learned that the people who filmed in the past had even signed such an exemption letter, and they felt terrified. The actors' union even planned to sue Fred at one point.

However, the actors have received high praise for this. Li Xingzhou and other hats that were originally heavy on traffic have also stabilized slightly after this movie. Although the strength has not yet reached that point, the attitude is still very good. In short, he has gained a lot of passers-by.

At first, everyone thought "The Waste Land" was Fred's boldest work, but they didn't expect the upcoming drama he announced this time to be even more surprising.

Except for the starring Lin Yi who is currently well-known in the whole play, the rest of the cast members are basically all amateurs.

Fred said that with the exception of Lin Yi starring in this drama, the other people are basically local people in the location where they were filmed. They are allowed to act in whatever occupation they are in their lives.

The whole story is told from the bottom of society on a remote planet. The cunning and sometimes despicable protagonist due to the grind of life is strangled by the surroundings, and finally heads for destruction. A tragic story of a pure little person.

No matter in terms of conception, casting or subject matter, this movie is not close to popular commercial films. And because of the tragic tone of the story, it can be predicted that the box office of this movie should not be much better.

The audience is biased and loves the positive theme.

Lin Yi's acting skills have been verified in "The Waste Land", and most well-known film critics have mentioned this point. Many people expected that he would shoot more works because of this, but they did not expect that the work plan that came out after such a while turned out to be an art film.

As soon as the news of the booting came out, Lin Yi and Fred, who were the lead actors, faced the scene once, preparing to chat with the media about movie-related matters.

When Fred and Lin Yi were merged or separated, they all had their own topicality, so the media was crowded and the performances were very enthusiastic. However, none of the questions Lin Yi had expected them to ask appeared, and the questions that came up made Lin Yi more displeased.

"Lin Yi, do you and the Marshal have any plans to get married in the near future?"

"There is no such plan in the short term."

As soon as Lin Yi's words fell, another reporter immediately asked two questions in succession, "Do you think you can be recognized by the Williams family? Will you consider artificially nurturing the next generation after marriage?"

"Lin Yi, would you regret your physical condition? If you marry the Marshal, would you consider leaving the entertainment circle?" Before Lin Yi answered the question from a reporter, another question popped up.

"Why should I withdraw from the entertainment circle because of my marriage? Why don't you ask Qin Nuo if he would withdraw from politics because of his marriage to me?" Lin Yi asked the other side.

The reporter was stunned for a moment, and then was squeezed aside by another reporter asking questions.

"It was previously revealed on the Internet that you pre-purchased a luxury residence in the Eastern District. Did the Marshal buy it for you?"

At first, Lin Yi answered a few patiently, but none of the questions these people rushed to ask made Lin Yi able to unfold her frowning eyebrows.

Lin Yi originally thought that she was a gentleman in her previous life, not to mention that she knew women’s heart deeply, but she also felt that she could always experience the difficulties of some female colleagues in the circle, and she was often involved in women’s rights in places like Weibo. Social events speak up.

But when he became a woman-like existence, Lin Yi realized that some things can be very funny and biased, but they can be recognized by the public or even regarded as standard.

The reporters saw that Lin Yi did not speak, lest they miss the opportunity to catch the news, and feared that they would not know when the next interview was with Lin Yi, so they increased their horsepower to ask questions.

"Considering your physical condition, would you allow the marshal to marry another concubine after marriage?" The reporter who asked Lin Yi whether he would quit the entertainment circle finally found his place again and threw another sharp one. problem.

Lin Yi lost his patience, and directly grabbed her own politeness, "You seem to be very thinking about marrying Qin Nuo. If he plans to marry a concubine, can I let you be the first?"