Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 80

The reporter who asked the question flushed immediately because of Lin Yi's words, because countless shots suddenly focused on her face at this moment, making her extremely embarrassed, and the pressure brought by the shots almost made her feel ashamed.

She raised her eyes to Lin Yi.

Under cold light, his own fair complexion reveals a cold texture. Together with his modified red lips, it reveals a rare sharpness due to discomfort, almost condensing into a piercing bright light, from the eyebrows and the eyes. It was revealed in between, both her expression and tone were obviously full of disapproval and even slight contempt for her question.

Many of the other colleagues present even chuckled because of Lin Yi's sharp reply.

This made the reporter who asked the question more embarrassed and embarrassed than ever before. The crowd squeezed forward, and she was quickly rushed to the back. The whole process took only two or three seconds, but for this reporter, it seemed to be stretched to two or three days.

Fred next to him was also a little unhappy about the out-of-focus of the whole event, and then brought the topic back to the movie itself, finally getting the event back on track.

As a result, I did not expect that the final report was still out of focus. Originally, because the middle interview was not very complete and unpleasant, many media did not choose to release this clip. But there are always media exceptions.

The female reporter who was returned by Lin Yitong felt uncomfortable after thinking about it, so she simply cut out the last fragment of Lin Yihui herself and drafted a very introductory title. "Lin Yikuang's sour concubine system, does he point fingers at him without a reputation?"

In this interview segment, other media did not mention anything. In addition to this controversial topic, the comments on this video instantly fell into a rhythm storm.

The concubine system has mixed praise and criticism among the people, but as a legacy of traditional issues, most people still take a tacit attitude towards this. It is basically customary for a high-status alpha to have one or more concubines.

Prior to this, although there were occasional criticisms, there was never any mainstream intention to refute this. Although there are a lot of criticisms among young people about this system, Lin Yi’s answer, which was edited separately, completely ignores the impatient feeling that Lin Yi has caused by the reporters’ continuous off-topic questioning, and The focus of the interview was out of focus, and Lin Yi was indeed quite arrogant and domineering, but directly took the concubine system itself, and the focus was entirely on Lin Yi's attitude.

"You're so arrogant before you get married?"

"Lin Yi's attitude is too bad, right? It's really too bad."

"Distressed reporters, I suddenly discovered that this profession is not easy, and I still can't get angry with strange flowers every day."

"The reporter doesn't need to respond to such a simple question. Isn't Lin Yi feeling a little frustrated?"

The enthusiasm caused by this report exploded, and many media pursuing traffic directly forwarded it without verifying it. Some even quoted the responses of netizens as comments.

"Lin Yi forgets his form before marriage, fear that his relationship will change?" More exaggerated headlines appeared one after another.

Lin Yi's fans naturally think that Lin Yi is fine, "I was asked that I didn't want to answer questions I didn't like. Is this attitude bad?"

"My little Yi really looks good at exploding!"

"Isn't the topic of concubine to blame disgusting people? The risk of being reverted should be considered when raising this kind of question, and now what direction is coming."

Wei Que always pays attention to online trends. He saw this news shortly after it came out. He had already planned how to suppress the heat at will. Who would have thought that this news would slowly explode, and Hot Search directly arranged for Lin Yi I posted a #林忆 bashing concubine system#.

Many conservative sects fought back for a while and criticized Lin Yi wildly.

Song Qin Rong glanced at the hotspots on his personal terminal, and after reading a keyword, he did not hesitate to click in. After reading the content, he couldn't help but feel happy.

He was not surprised that Lin Yi would be so stunned by reporters.

Song Qinzong raised his head and looked at Qin Nuo, who was already looking at him because of Lin Yi's voice from his terminal just now, and asked him with a smile, "Have you talked about concubines with Lin Yi?"

Qin Nuo had already taken the virtual screen in Song Qinrong's hand and replayed the video he watched earlier. Seeing that Lin Yi didn't suffer, his expression was relieved, and he said, "We haven't talked about it. Such unnecessary things."

"It's unnecessary to say something," Song Qinrong stretched his feet forward stretched out.

They are in a separate box on the royal train. There are only two of them in the room, so you don't need to have too much scruples when talking, "Don't say four or five, one or two is still reasonable."

Qin Nuo glanced at him without interrupting Song Qinrong's dreaming.

Song Qinrong was in good spirits, and asked Qin Nuo: "But have you really thought about concubines?"

"Think about it." Qin Nuo said, he had considered the irrationality of this system before, and now he found that this system should indeed be buried.

Song Qin Rong gave Qin Nuo one, "We are all alphas, I really understand you" eyes.

Qin Nuo also smiled at him.

The fan-black war on the Internet has already been triggered.

Lin Yi lay on the sofa with a fruity jelly on her cheek. Little D stood beside him expectantly and asked him, "My lord, how does it taste?"

The co-branded candy of the First Food Research Center of the Earth Restaurant Empire will soon be launched. Xiao D specially sent the first candy gift box to be launched to Lin Yi for a taste, waiting for his comment.

The taste of this first candy gift box is completely determined by the votes of the diners of the Earth Restaurant. Therefore, the taste of the candy is very devilish. The first one is the flavor of braised pork, tomato and egg, and kung pao chicken. .

Lin Yi really couldn't put his mouth down, and couldn't live up to Xiao D's expectations, so he chose the most common mixed fruit flavor in the gift box to taste.

Before Lin Yipin could comment on the taste, he got the hot news on the Internet.

The interview itself made Lin Yi quite upset, but he didn't expect a follow-up that would make him feel even more upset.

"That's enough." Lin Yi muttered to herself and sat up from the sofa, ready to speak clearly on this matter.

But what he said made Little D really startled, "My lord, isn't it delicious?"

Lin Yi heard the sound and looked at him, only then did he realize that what he said just now might be ambiguous, and habitually rubbed the head of Little D, "The candy is good, I'm talking about the Internet."

But he didn't expect Xiao D to become more sensitive to the four words "things on the Internet." He still remembers the stage when Lin Yi was hacked by the entire Internet.

Little D quickly scanned the news this morning in his mind, and quickly determined the content related to Lin Yi. In less than a second, he approached Lin Yi and asked: "All the information of this reporter has been searched out. , Do I need to kill her? I can do it very cleanly."

Lin Yi has been desensitized to the "Kill him" that Xiao D always talks about. He only regarded this as an exaggerated statement by Xiao D's protector, or taking the line of acting gangsters, and never thought that Xiao D was serious.

But if Song Qin Rong or the researchers of the Intellectual Brain Research Center have the opportunity to have some in-depth discussions with Lin Yi on this issue, Lin Yi will know that Xiao D, the intellectual brain who is wobbly on the edge of anti-humanity, never tells lies, if With Lin Yi's permission to kill, Xiao D would not hesitate in the slightest.

Fortunately, even if Lin Yi didn't take Xiao D's words seriously, he would always stop him seriously at this time: "I don't need it at the moment. You can watch the documentary with Xiao A at this time."

Little D hesitated, "You can kill an adult, you have to tell me." After finishing speaking, he left unwillingly.

The sweet candy melted on the tip of his tongue. Lin Yi looked at the interaction between the reporter and the netizens on the screen.

Fred presumably saw the hot search or something in the front, and has already put the full version of the interview video on the Internet rather unpleasantly, and accused this out-of-context news technique.

In this way, many netizens felt that Lin Yi had a crime after watching the full version of the video. The questioning by these reporters was indeed annoying and a little rude.

"I don't think there is anything wrong with Lin Yi's reply. If I were asked this way, I would be angry."

"I think these questions are really too much."

Faced with the increasing number of comments in the comment area, the reporter replied: "Countless predecessors of omega have been asked these kinds of questions. I haven't seen anyone who can't answer these questions. Is he special?"

The reporter's reply not only shows her mentality, it is also the current situation in the circle. In order to maintain the personality of the stars, even if they feel offended, there will be no rebuttal. If it is more true, it will be said to be stingy and unmeasured. Or some celebrities themselves like to blindly cater to omega’s family design.

Lin Yi stared at the reply, feeling that her hands were itchy. He tapped on the keyboard for a while, then pressed send without hesitation, directly quoted the reporter's comment, and replied a paragraph before.

Lin Yi: Frequent doesn't mean reasonable. These questions are only mentioned repeatedly in interviews with omega stars and they are already very telling. Not only do not reflect on the problems, but twist them into arguments to support oneself, which is really funny. It doesn't matter who I face this kind of interview before and can accept it safely, it has nothing to do with me, but if you don't want to be boring in the future, don't ask me about this kind of question.

This series of replies by Lin Yi was almost beyond everyone's expectation, but it also made him hold back for a long time. When other fans accused the star of Buddhism, he must start to reflect on whether he should be in this kind of thing. Lin Yi's fans who had been bombed like this not only strengthened their position, but also showed a sullen air in their chest.

"Xiao Yi Slay!!!"