Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 81

After Lin Yi finished pushing the first article, he thought about it and pushed the second article. The wording of this article is more direct.

Lin Yi: I don't have a sour concubine system. I just think the existence of this system is a bit ridiculous.

Among current celebrities, no matter how big or small the cards are, there may be some ostentatious news in private, but in public, they are more able to carry them. One is that there is an image to maintain, and the media is indeed not something ordinary celebrities can easily afford.

Those who have the right to speak can not only say that the white is black, but can even say that it is not. If it's not necessary, it's better to be in peace.

Lin Yi's straight back can be regarded as a wonder of the world. Countless fans who rushed to the front line instantly felt the feeling of someone behind them, and their feelings of a little frustration rose up.

The concubine system itself is somewhat ambiguous in the legal concept. If you look up carefully every word, it can be said that the system itself serves the wealthy and powerful classes. Because in terms of legal provisions, it clearly defines the physique level of alpha, as well as the social class. Therefore, this system is naturally separated from the middle and lower classes.

The reporter in question also didn't expect Lin Yi to respond to her so directly and simply, with no room for tact, and seeing the voices of the onlookers more and more inverted because of this, she suddenly became a little timid, and stopped speaking.

As a result, the topic shifted from Lin Yi and Qin Nuo to the discussion of the concubine system.

The concubine system itself serves the upper class. If it is superficial, it is a very sensitive topic when it comes to deep research. The vast majority of stars in the entertainment circle have no standpoint to answer this question objectively, because many omega stars in the empire entertainment circle are themselves concubines.

Those who are in the circle either become capital themselves or are dependent on capital. The former is rare, while the latter loses most of the options.

Lin Yi's vernacular is destined to not hear much support for him in the circle, but it may offend many people.

But in the fan group represented by ordinary people, it was the first time to see a person with such a big public influence so blatantly mocking the concubine system, and I couldn't help feeling that what Lin Yi said was too refreshing for them.

"Ah, ha, ha, ridiculous, I always thought that Lin Yi had a good temper. He didn't even care about Heizi. I didn't expect that he was such a stubborn person and became a fan."

"Xiao Yi is so cool! Hey, I want to marry."

"Lin Yi is really O Zhong Tou A, calling you crazy."

Lin Yi's public derogation in this way, although the starting point is to interact with unscrupulous reporters, many people are still consciously hit by stray bullets. Therefore, soon there is some weight in a circle, and the omega actress, who is known for her poisonous tongue, came out and pointed at Sang Huai sharply.

Jin Ge: Otherwise, it’s good to keep your back against the big tree. As soon as this foot stepped into the shade of the tree, you forgot that your back was still illuminated by the sun. What is ridiculous? It is ridiculous for me to say that I am destined to be a concubine, and I still put a large clove of garlic here. I really think that the pheasant can turn into a phoenix. [Grow your eyes]

Jin Ge herself is the main house, but her husband has some financial resources, so there is no shortage of concubines in the family, and all four concubines have been filled early. However, what Jin Ge himself loves most is to show his affection in front of the public and show the harmony of their husband and wife. Many people also regard it as a model of the main house.

Gathering people by category, Jin Ge is naturally a group that agrees with her attitude and mocks Lin Yiduo.

"I saw someone's dynamics before, and I really laughed. I haven't even made a stroke of the horoscope, but I was shaking quite badly, and I'm not afraid that things will be shaken by myself."

"I don't believe that Williams's surname is so good, anyone can participate."

"I think he doesn't even have the life to be a concubine, but as long as he can be a concubine, does he say that?"

In such a chattering discussion, Lin Yi's attitude is certainly one aspect, but Qin Nuo's attitude is more concerned.

It's not just the spectators outside who want to know Qin Nuo's attitude, and Mrs. Williams also learned about the noise on the Internet later that day. She herself is not the main house, so she naturally disagrees with Lin Yi's words.

When a reporter asked Mrs. Williams for her views on Lin Yi's remarks, Mrs. Williams knew that such a thing had happened on the Internet.

After hanging up the communication with the reporter perfunctorily, she immediately called Lin Yi.

As soon as the connection was made, Mrs. Williams’s questioning voice smashed her head and face: "What kind of remarks are you making on the Internet? You don’t know if your current words and deeds will be in contact with Qin Nuo? Originally, I I know you have no education, but I didn't expect you to be so rude!"

In reply to Mrs. Williams, Lin Yi said indifferently: "Good afternoon, ma'am."

He poked straight at Mrs. Williams' annoyance with a light attitude, as if the fire she had just hit the cotton with a fist, without using any strength. If she could hear timidity or fear from Lin Yi's words, the key is that Lin Yi didn't have any of these emotions, and didn't take her anger seriously.

"As you are now, you should know that you are not qualified to talk about concubines." Mrs. Williams calmed down her emotions a bit, and solemnly called Lin Yi's name.

Lin Yi was reviewing another sample of snacks sent by Xiao D. At this time, he forkped a piece of jerky and put it in his mouth to chew for a while, raised his hand to compare Xiao D with a fork, and then said to Mrs. Williams, " Madam, as long as Qin Nuo and I are in a relationship based on marriage, I am qualified to talk about this. How Qin Nuo sees the concubine, but from my point of view, I and him There is no room for concubines in his relationship. Of course, Qin Nuo has the right to choose. If he wants to be concubines, I will simply end our relationship."

Where is boldness, this kind of speech is arrogance.

Mrs. Williams consciously accused Lin Yi from a standpoint, "You are so naive, do you think that even if Qin Nuo compromises because he likes you now, he won't change in the future?"

"Then divorce again at that time. How simple is it?" Lin Yi said casually. He ate another piece of jerky and gestured a thumb to Little D, using it to the extreme with one heart and two.

Even if Mrs. Williams felt that Lin Yi was bluffing, she couldn't refute it, and she had to hang up.

After dinner, she called Qin Nuo to her side.

"You just let him talk such self-willed nonsense on the Internet?" Mrs. Williams pointed Lin Yi to Qin Nuo, with an unhappy face, "Now he speaks not only about himself, but more or less will involve us. ."

Qin Nuo leaned back in the seat and rubbed the corner of his eyes tiredly. After taking a look at the virtual panel in Mrs. Williams' hand, his emotions were not very ups and downs, "I don't think he was wrong."

"There is nothing right for him! If you want to marry him, then he can only be a concubine. Take a step back and say, if you marry him as the main house, then you have to have several concubines to give you heirs, you How can you indulge him in such nonsense?"

"I called him at noon, do you know his attitude?"

"What attitude?" Qin Nuo seemed to be interested, and raised his head to look at Mrs. Williams.

Mrs. Williams was furious at this detail again, and after a while, she organized her language, "He said that as long as he is there, you don’t want to have a concubine. If you have a concubine, you don’t have him. ."

Lin Yi's tone was far from this point, but it was such an arrogant effect in Mrs. Williams' heart.

In Qin Nuo's identity, no matter what kind of heavenly omega said such words, he was indeed arrogant and domineering by empire standards to have the effect of a Hedong Lion. Mrs. Williams had basically acquiesced in the relationship between Lin Yi and Qin Nuo, thinking that even if Qin Nuo forced to marry Lin Yi, Qin Nuo would always ask for it as a concubine.

Therefore, retelling these words of Lin Yi should more or less displease Qin Nuo.

Qin Nuo thought of Lin Yi's possible expression when he said these words, and felt that it was rare for Lin Yi to be so self-willed, and combined with the exclusivity in these words, he suddenly laughed.

Not only did he not feel upset, but he was also sweetened by the Lin Yi he imagined in his heart.

Mrs. Williams was angry, not to mention Qin Nuo's approval or response, but she suddenly laughed thoughtfully when she saw him, she couldn't help being startled first, and then getting a little more annoyed.

"Could it be that you thought he was right?"

Qin Nuo then looked at Mrs. Williams, nodded and said: "My confirmation is the same as what he said. The concubine system is neither necessary nor reasonable. I don't think I need any service. concubine."

The conversation between the mother and son ended in an unpleasant atmosphere once again because of serious disagreements.

Qin Nuo walked out of Mrs. Williams's residence before opening his communicator interface, and Lin Yi, who was on the opposite side, sent a message as if he had been sensitive.

"Are you resting baby?"

Qin Nuo smiled at the word "Baby", and his tired body was refreshed. He called back a video call and was quickly picked up by Lin Yi on the opposite side. He was lying on the pillow of the sofa, his eyes half-dangling as if he was infinitely sleepy. The moment he opened the camera, he yawned slightly. It's like a cat about to fall asleep waiting for its owner to touch his head.

Although Lin Yi would definitely not be as good as a cat. But this still gave Qin Nuo an infinite urge to hug Lin Yi immediately.

"Are you sleepy?" He said softly, his steps already turning to the tarmac.

Lin Yi looked up at him, as if he knew what Qin Nuo wanted to do, "Depending on the situation, if you come here, I won't be sleepy, if you don't come, then I will go to sleep now."

"Then don't be sleepy." Qin Nuo almost trot, and quickly reached the apron and boarded his aircraft.

The aircraft quickly hid into the darkness and drove towards the apartment where Lin Yi was.

During the waiting time, Wei Que poked and Lin Yi's message box.

Now that Lin Yi's work mailbox has been taken over by Wei Que, he is responsible for screening out the useless parts and handing over to Lin Yi who might be interested in Lin Yi.

At this moment, I passed several invitations to Lin Yi for variety shows, all of them love variety shows. Since Qin Nuo and Lin Yi's relationship became public, the variety show invitations in this area have multiplied. In some invitations, it was stated earnestly that as long as the Marshal-sama can be brought together to participate, the remuneration is almost arbitrary to let Lin Yi away.

Lin Yi felt like a tool man alive and well.

But now he stared at these new variety shows for a while, his eyes staying on one of them for a while.

After a while, Wei Que sent a message and asked Lin Yi: "How about it, do you think it is suitable? In fact, I think it would be great if you and the marshal can actually have a similar variety show now. Few people's faces."

Wei Que mentioned the excitement process of Qin Nuo's blood circulation speeding up from the beginning, and now he has basically been able to stabilize his emotions, and he has also experienced a lot of struggle during this period. The most important reason for this is that he discovered that Qin Nuo when he was with Lin Yi, apart from the fact that his beta was very oppressive due to system reasons, he actually said to Lin Yi, "He is just ordinary." There is not much discrepancy.

But this is only limited to when Lin Yi and Qin Nuo are together, if Wei Que and Qin Nuo are only allowed to live in the same room, he will still have a numb scalp and want to burrow into the ground on the spot.

"One seems to be really good." Lin Yi said.

Wei Que became excited. This was the first time Lin Yi let go on a variety show. He had never been interested in it before.

"which one?"

Wei Que re-read the content he sent to Lin Yi just now. One is a variety show for couples who are adventurous in the wild. He thinks that this variety show should be very interesting given the physique of Marshal and Lin Yi. One is several pairs. Couples have a variety show of living together before marriage. The variety show that lives together requires couples to eat and sleep together, so that almost every time after the program is broadcast, one or two couples will always result in pregnancy, so there is another alias for sending children.

Wei Que guessed that Lin Yi liked the previous item, but he didn't expect Lin Yi to say, "I think the cohabitation one is pretty good."

If it were not for the high ratings of the cohabitation, Wei Que would not recommend it to Lin Yi.

"Are you sure that the program group has the ability to force us to sleep together?" Lin Yi typed another sentence and sent it over.

Wei Que originally thought that Lin Yi was embarrassed by a little omega, and was about to answer that bed-sharing might be mandatory, so he saw Lin Yi and said, "If they have the ability to let Qin Nuo sleep with me, then I would love it. Join this show."


Wei Que wanted to growl loudly at Lin Yi, but at the same time he had a bunch of gossip thoughts, and couldn't help secretly inquiring: "Have you never slept together?"

He had seen Lin Yi and Qin Nuo together. Almost the two of them were able to stick to or lean on, and Wei Que assumed that they had grown up together a long time ago.

Lin Yi issued a sigh, "He is like an old antique, he has to stay after marriage."

Wei Que was immediately excited, "How great!! Just when I thought the Marshal couldn't be more perfect, he actually gave himself extra points."

Then came a series of rainbow farts, and Lin Yi directly closed the dialog box.

Lin Yi lay down, closed his eyes and drew Qin Nuo undressed in his mind, but at the moment he didn't relieve his mood much, instead he became a little irritable.

It can be seen and touched but not eaten. In Lin Yi's eyes, it is far more cruel than invisible and not eaten.

Qin Nuo came over, and the two of them couldn't really grow up, so they could only hold each other for a while, and then brake temporarily as usual, making Lin Yi angry.

"I really want to eat you alive." Lin Yi gritted his teeth. If he could directly tie Qin Nuo to grow up forcibly, he would have done it a long time ago. The problem is that he doesn't have this ability.

Qin Nuo panted, and stretched out his hand to cover Lin Yi's eyes that the bright light must appear to him at this time. He was afraid to show Lin Yi a few more times, and the restraint he had accumulated with difficulty would disappear.

Lin Yi couldn't eat her mouth and immediately showed her true shape, and she stopped being a baby, and hurried away impatiently: "Go and go, then you go back quickly, it doesn't matter whether you come or come anyway."

He lifted his cheek to open a documentary on the science and education channel that he hadn't finished watching, thinking of calm and natural coolness in his heart.

Qin Nuo went down and kissed Lin Yi's cheek several times. Then he squeezed Lin Yi's hand and said, "See you tomorrow."

He was about to leave, but Lin Yi got up again and followed out.

When Qin Nuo walked to the balcony, Lin Yi made the last effort to climb up to Qin Nuo from behind, kissed Qin Nuo's ears with her lips, and the heat blew into Qin Nuo's ears and eyes, his voice was soft, "Master Marshal... "

Lin Yi's tone was dragged long, obviously with a spoiled meaning, Qin Nuo's body and bones would soften with his voice, and his back looked more like a fire, but his reason has not completely disappeared, "Tomorrow marry?"

Lin Yi immediately jumped off Qin Nuo: "Good night."

Lin Yi was very annoyed by Qin Nuo's use of this trick to force the marriage. After standing on the ground, he opened the balcony door and didn't mean to send Qin Nuo anymore. .

This scene was filmed by reporters who had been staying since Qin Nuo went out, and it made the headlines the next day.

"Lin Yi and the Marshal met briefly late at night like a quarrel, and their cold faces were relatively unhappy?" The two pictures that were attached were the back of Lin Yi's head and Qin Nuo's back at the moment the balcony door opened, and Qin Nuo's back. The picture of getting on the aircraft alone.