Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 82

Reports of noses and eyes quickly rushed out. There are so many reports in the entertainment circle that people have long been accustomed to it.

However, Lin Yi has always been on the cusp of the storm for a while, and the concubine system has caused controversy before. In addition, Qin Nuo himself has a lot of room for the media to make a fuss about on this matter. Naturally, various reports are not. Knowing how to be soft, he kept taking the opportunity to ponder Qin Nuo's attitude towards this.

After all, no matter what Lin Yi's attitude towards the concubine system is, it is impossible to influence any changes in the empire's current system, but Qin Nuo can.

There were some non-positive golden songs with Lin Yi before. Many people praised her for her true temperament and straightforwardness because of her secret confession last time, and waved the flag for her.

In addition, Jin Ge's career has been quite smooth recently. The first batch of snacks from the Imperial Food Factory will be released soon, and Jin Ge's identity as the spokesperson of one of the spicy potato chips has been confirmed.

The Empire Food Factory is a semi-official group, and many families have some say in it. However, compared with other capital cakes in the Empire, the Empire Food Factory is very peaceful.

It's not that the capitals suddenly became Buddhas, but the imperial food factory is big or big, but it has been doing fairly well. It has been like this for a year, two and decades, and the interests of each family are basically stable, and no one will destroy it.

However, the Empire Food Factory has made a lot of recent moves, including its own snacks, as well as various special flavors of dishes in cooperation with the Earth Restaurant.

Whether it is the Empire Food Factory or the Earth Restaurant, both have a very good reputation, especially the Earth Restaurant. Nowadays, although the branches have opened one after another, the scene of long queues in the city still remains the same. Even if the restaurant's pricing is not the civilian route, but the ranking still has to wait three days and a week to eat. The Earth Restaurant hasn't been open for a long time, but if you settle the accounts, the income has long been astronomical.

The cooperation with the Earth Restaurant immediately earned enough attention and expectations for the various new products of the Imperial Food Factory in the near future. There is also quite a fight for the endorsement of these foods. It also took a lot of effort for Jin Ge to win the endorsement of this ordinary potato chip that has no cooperation with Earth Restaurant.

Stable career and family stability can't help but make people proud.

At this moment, Lin Yi came out with news that seemed to confirm what Jin Ge had said earlier and could be used. She couldn't wait to declare victory by herself, and put on a form of persuasion to Lin Yi.

Jin Ge: Correct your own position and figure out what identity you are in order to live comfortably. Young people are always easy to get angry, but in the end, it is still yourself. It is better to look at the open point.

Although there is still no name to say who this news is, but combined with the hot push early in the morning today, most people can guess the connotation of Jin Ge's words.

Not to mention how the comments below the dynamic echo, this kind of insincere dynamic is also liked by the media. Jin Ge has always been well-known for his combat effectiveness, and now it is Lin Yi, who is awkward. Some media who watch the excitement are naturally happy to operate.

Therefore, Lin Yi only opened his eyes in the morning. He was sitting on the edge of the bed and returned a good morning message from Qin Nuo, and received the hot news from the system.

"Jin Ge speaks sharply again, Lin Yi admits that he is silent?"

If it wasn't for his name in the headline, Lin Yi would never click into such a news feed. He followed the news and poke into Jin Ge's personal dynamics, and read her recent updates.

Just before the news about him this morning, it happened to be a newsletter from the Imperial Food Factory forwarded by Jin Ge, and he humbly acknowledged the identity of a certain potato chip endorsement.

Lin Yi laughed because of this.

However, long before Lin Yi took any action, Jin Ge's words and deeds had already offended many netizens on the Internet. The concubine system itself has been criticized among young people, and it is a topic that will be ridiculed. Therefore, there is actually a part of Jin Ge News that refutes her comments, not to mention that the comments made by netizens themselves are also full in the real-time dynamic square.

"It's okay, are you? It's just that you don't want to see others, so that everyone can buy ten or eight like your husband, right?"

"Oh my god, what kind of main religion is this? The comment section of a certain song really made me tremble."

"Ah, I can't blame you. After all, if you are not so sensible and reasonable, you can't be regarded as the main house? But I think it is very funny. The system you maintain so sloppily is actually making you humble. Isn’t it ironic?"

For the netizens who come to the door, Jin Ge is not used to it.

"To judge my identity, wait until your idol successfully married into a certain family, don't pretend to be big now."

"My husband and I have a very good relationship, so you don’t want to worry about [a photo of luxurious jewellery with glittering photos]"

All of a sudden, the homepage of Golden Song was very lively.

Wei Que couldn't stand her proud, sitting opposite Lin Yi and having breakfast with him while complaining about the golden song. By the way, he asked the subordinates of the studio to sort out the materials on the golden song and send it out at the right time.

"Her husband has oily mouth every day, she is quite optimistic." Wei Que said, "I originally liked her character, but I didn't expect her to be so nervous about this kind of thing."

"Kill it." Xiao D stood by and proposed to Lin Yi without losing the opportunity.

Lin Yi looked at Little A who was walking around sweeping the floor a little further away: "Little A just said that he wants to go out to play today."

"Really?" Little D followed, thought about it or gave up the murder proposal first, and ran towards Little A. After a while, he got together head-to-head with Little A. I didn't know what was said, but they sent it out together. Giggles.

Lin Yi didn't stop Wei Que from posting news. Wei Que did not need any guidance from himself in this regard. He had already played very well.

Wei Que has a bunch of accounts. The number of fans that was originally the main one is now the top one in the entertainment account. This account usually sells detailed and objective reports, and any reported news is basically sent out after verification. This is very rare among the entertainment accounts, so it has won the favor of many netizens.

After Wei Que had breakfast, Huo Huo went back to the next door to kill Jin Ge.

Jin Ge's speaking style is naturally not less black. She used to say a lot of wrong things, and she is generally popular in the circle. But it is Jin Ge's husband who is really on the hot spot.

Jin Ge's identity is a public figure, and her husband's attention is naturally much higher because of this. Among them, what attracts the media's most attention is his scandalous scandals from time to time.

Just last night, he was photographed acting boldly with a few young models in a nightclub. Wei Que bought the relevant clear video without any effort.

Jin Ge himself is not polite, and now he still boasts how smooth the relationship between herself and her husband is. Naturally, the copywriting of Wei Que's news will not be polite to Jin Ge.

"Is Jin Ge dreaming or their husband and wife have long been in the same bed with different dreams? Last night, Jin Ge's husband was photographed again and had a bold and unscrupulous affection with the tender model..."

Jin Gegang said that the relationship between husband and wife is very good and has not let go. This news really hit her in the face.

In the video screen, Jin Ge’s husband smiled happily, his hand was obviously on his thigh. As for the depth of the action of leaning inside, it was covered by the hem, but from the point of view of the shooting, this action can be clearly seen. Ambiguous and clearly out of bounds.

Netizens are very welcome to such timely and rainy face-slap news, yelling at them, and ridiculing Jin Ge constantly.

"Don't get me wrong, it's just that this woman's legs are not good, and Jin Ge's old justice is helping her heal her injuries. What a great spirit is this? I think I learned kindness today."

"My husband loves me very much. Our husband and wife have a very good relationship. As for this model, they are actually our mutual friends. I was actually there last night, but I was not photographed."

"Hahaha, the comments upstairs made me think it was Jin Ge's own response, too much like her usual tone."

Jin Ge was so angry at this press release, but there was some resentment in her heart. She had all acquiesced to her husband's various behaviors outside, but at this time she felt that it was at this time.

"What's the matter?" She sent a message to her husband who didn't go home at all last night, "You can't hide a little bit. Can you go in private?"

The communicator didn't get a reply for a long time. Jin Ge was discouraged, and she didn't dare to call and disturb her husband directly in the morning, so she could only focus on the Internet and think of a response.

She naturally didn't want to be subdued.

How can I expect that before she responded to this gossip news, she first received another news that made her at a loss and unexpected.

Not long after she got her hand, the identity of the spokesperson who hadn't put her head in her hand was cancelled.

The Empire Food Factory didn't even have any euphemistic explanations with her, but simply told her that it was over.

Before Jin Ge had digested the news, the Empire Food Factory moved very fast, almost implying a bit of a slap, and directly published a new dynamic that specifically announced the news, announcing the lifting of He Jin Ge’s Partnership.

Empire Foods has a large brand, and rarely sends a message specifically to announce such things. In particular, the account it sends messages to is not specifically responsible for commercial propaganda, but the official account of Empire Foods. The last message of this account is still half a year. The former is extremely official propaganda of imperial policy.

In this way, even a fool would know that Jin Ge had hit the iron plate.