Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 83

"The contract has been signed, how can you cancel the cooperation for no reason?" Jin Ge angrily asked the staff who contacted her.

The staff's response was very cold, "Don't you know that all the new products of the food factory are cooperating with Lin Yi?"

"How could it be with him, not with the military department?" Jin Ge asked rhetorically.

She does know that some of the new products have a cooperative relationship with Lin Yi, but this part of her only reflects the presence of the military, so Jin Ge thinks that her endorsement has little to do with Lin Yi.

Moreover, whether Lin Yi had tossed half of the aristocratic circle before, the Song Shu case that is still in progress, or the speech on the concubine system were enough to attract him a negative impression. At this time, Lin Yi seemed to have some contradictions with Qin Nuo. No matter from which point of view, Lin Yi's position was not said to be precarious, nor could it be able to operate such a large amount of energy.

"The military department has never taken the leading position." The staff there finally replied with this one, and all the follow-up questions behind Jin Ge were collected into the Do Not Disturb message box.

Only then did Jin Ge know how serious his wanton blunders were, and look down on Lin Yi's seriousness.

This wave of cooperation projects of the Empire Food Factory has great ambitions, and the variety of products included will cover many blank areas in the past. The fan popularity of the pre-sale page has been very high. The value of food endorsements, which seemed very common at first, has risen accordingly.

No matter how complicated the backstage of the Imperial Food Factory is, it is basically a group of old stubborn aristocrats who are clinging to the interests of the old aristocracy. Jin Ge originally thought that his words and deeds would win his own interests.

Looking back at the Empire Food Factory, the dynamic that issued the relationship with Golden Song was originally entirely due to pressure from the above, but unexpectedly received the enthusiastic support of the young group, and the number of comments and likes was higher than usual. More than a hundredfold.

"I always thought that the Empire Food Factory was an old antique, but I didn't expect to have such a clear attitude, and I fell in love with it."

"As expected, I have ordered a new shopping cart!!"

"Buy it!"

Jin Ge was cancelled at this time, and no one can avoid making some associations. Entertainment gossip has always been keen to explore these content, no matter who stepped on it in order to pursue the hot spot, let alone a golden song.

With the announcement of the cancellation of cooperation from the official account of the Imperial Food Factory, almost all the official or unofficial entertainment accounts that can be named are organized at the same time in conjunction with the recent heated topic of concubine. Care about what role Jin Ge plays in it.

Jin Ge’s mood fell into deep helplessness in a very short period of time. At this time last night and the husband who had not heard from this morning, the message he replied was not comfort or gentleness, but a bunch of accusations against her. And questioning.

Jin Ge stared at the communicator blankly, and finally couldn't help hiding his face and burst into tears.

The aftermath of the controversy caused by Lin Yi's few words has not yet dissipated. At this time, there was news that he and Qin Nuo seemed to be at odds, which made people want to know Qin Nuo's attitude on the matter.

It's just that Qin Nuo is not someone who can be interviewed casually, even if he asks some questions under the camera, he has to hesitate.

Lin Yi was also aware of this situation, because at the same time when he was in the same room with Qin Nuo, countless people could use him or Wei Que to frantically explore Qin Nuo's attitude, but Qin Nuo himself was very peaceful.

"So in their eyes I am the soft persimmon." Lin Yi tilted his head and leaned on Qin Nuo's shoulder. The two sat on a sofa. Lin Yi bent his knees and moved lazily, and Qin Nuo wrapped him in his arms.

The two at noon chose a mid-range place to have lunch together.

"Speaking of it," Lin Yi turned from her back to face Qin Nuo with her eyes facing each other. The first time she talked directly with Qin Nuo about the concubine, "How many concubines do you want?"

When Lin Yi said this, his eyes couldn't help but show a teasing smile. The lazy smell in his eyes was brightened by this smile, and Qin Nuo was itching to see Qin Nuo with the curvature of the smile.

Qin Nuo couldn't help but want to move up to kiss his lips, but Lin Yi turned his head slightly to avoid it, and the tips of their noses rubbed against it, and there was a warm breath.

"you have not answer my question yet."

"There will be no concubines between us." Qin Nuo stepped back and pressed Lin Yi's hand on his chest tightly to his palm, "All I want is you."

"Maybe" Lin Yi straightened up, looked down at Qin Nuo as if patrolling his own territory, and then lingered on Qin Nuo for a while, in a gentle atmosphere, said directly and explicit words in a gentle tone. One point, can we have a deep discussion tonight?"

Qin Nuo then laughed lowly, and he immediately understood what he meant without saying more about Lin Yi.

Lin Yi knocked his head on Qin Nuo's shoulder, grabbed his neck, and then probed back to sniff at the back of his neck. Qin Nuo always suppressed his pheromone in public, and Lin Yi could only smell some extremely faint remnants when he was so close.

He felt the faint pheromone smell at the tip of his nose, and then reached out his hand to touch the scar on the back of his neck that was basically the same as other skin.

Qin Nuo noticed Lin Yi's movements, stretched out his hand to hold Lin Yi's hand, lowered his head and kissed his fingertips, and then asked him in a low voice, "What are you thinking?"

"I wonder what my original pheromone tastes like, and how it feels during estrus." Lin Yi was purely curious, but Qin Nuo inevitably regretted it.

He bowed his head and rubbed his ears with Lin Yi, and the intimacy brought by touching the warm skin made Qin Nuo eager in his heart. "The feeling of estrus is not good, and reason will be dispelled by instinct, making people return to primitive animalism. In short, it's terrible."

Qin Nuo's judgment made Lin Yi couldn't help but laugh. Few people thought that Qin Nuo viewed estrus in this way, "Have you had a complete estrus period?"

This question is the same as the disguised confirmation that Qin Nuo has been unable to describe several times.

Qin Nuo looked deeply into Lin Yi's eyes, rubbing his fingertips against Lin Yi's, "Not once."

"If you combine with me, will it cause the same estrus period?" Lin Yi is curious, and he is not afraid to use this question to repeatedly jump between Qin Nuo's tolerance.

It would be better if Qin Nuo couldn't bear it, but it was a pity that no such situation had happened so far, Lin Yi thought with some regret.

Qin Nuo's gaze deepened a lot in an instant because of Lin Yi's problem. He suddenly held Lin Yi's hand, frowned as if to suppress a certain emotion, and then said, "No."

When Lin Yi thought that Qin Nuo meant that he was unable to trigger his normal estrus period because of his lack of glands, Qin Nuo then added his own words, "If it were you, it would be a craze that I can't control myself."

Lin Yi smiled suddenly, and she was about to speak, but a service machine intellectual brain came in at this moment to interrupt. It turns out that many reporters are surrounded by somehow outside, and there is a clear trend of increasing.

Since the other party's behavior did not violate the law and did not have any impact on the restaurant's business, the restaurant was unable to expel them, so they could only come to tell Lin Yi and Qin Nuo to let them prepare themselves.

Lin Yi left Qin Nuo's embrace and pressed the switch of the glass mirror to look down. As expected, many reporters and shooting equipment gathered downstairs. Even if they don't know the location of their boxes, they are still shooting with the lens facing upwards.

There was not much left in Qin Nuo's lunch break, and the two of them simply got up and left.

Unexpectedly, reporters did not gather in front of the store, even a handful of reporters gathered on the tarmac. When Qin Nuo and Lin Yi walked outside, the camera alignment was almost instantaneous, and they framed them.

Qin Nuo strode forward and didn't give the camera another look, but he didn't block the camera's enthusiasm for him.

Lin Yi was much more leisurely. He was held by Qin Nuo with one hand, and with one hand in the pocket of his overcoat.

Both of them are extremely handsome in appearance, and they are favored and sought after by the lens because of this.

In the distance before they walked to the aircraft, the reporters kept raising their own questions loudly. From Song Shu to the concubine system, from the marriage plan to the future of the two people, all kinds of questions were endless, but none of them. It slowed Qin Nuo's footsteps, or changed the expression on Lin Yi's face.

Qin Nuo also had no intention of holding a press conference in such a place. His perception of reporters is inherently neutral, but for a while, including Lin Yi, this neutral perception has a tendency to constantly shift to the negative.

Because of this sudden interruption, the two people didn't even get a good kiss.

Qin Nuo's mood became worse because of this. His footsteps stopped before Lin Yi's aircraft, thinking that the parting kisses that would normally be given before they boarded their own aircraft would also disappear because of these shots. Qin Nuo's expression could be described as stinking.

Looking through the camera, his already cold and distant aura is now more and more around a hundred miles away.

As a result, the reporters received a lot of noise.

Qin Nuo let go of Lin Yi's hand and said, "We will contact you later." He said that he was about to turn his head and leave, but he didn't expect Lin Yi to hold his hand.

"Wait." Lin Yi held Qin Nuo's hand, and pulled the skirt of his clothes to make Qin Nuo lean towards him, then he raised his head and kissed Qin Nuo's lips naturally.

The kiss was clear and quick, and under the gaze of countless shots, Qin Nuo's eyes flashed a smile in an instant.