Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 84

Lin Yi's kiss was shocking, and it was captured by various devices from all angles. Before Qin Nuo let go of Lin Yi's hand, the relevant SMS had been reported in real time on various media platforms.

Whether it is the many words and deeds after returning from the barren star, or the opposition to the concubine system, or the love affair with Qin Nuo, Lin Yi has shown too many things that do not meet the public's expectations of the omega image. Too many, it will trigger discussion is a matter of course.

Lin Yi declared to the public without a doubt that he didn't care about the discussion he caused, and he didn't intend to succumb to the established perfect omega rule.

The kiss between him and Qin Nuo was just a shallow suck, just two or three seconds, but the short video of these two or three seconds has become the fastest detonating star network content in the past year.

The point of course is not who Lin Yi kissed, but that the person he kissed in public was Qin Nuo.

Qin Nuo's growth since his birth has been almost under the expectations of the imperial people. Qin Nuo did not live up to such expectations. No matter which aspect he used to talk about, he could be said to be perfect. Even because of such perfect distance, he almost lacked some humanity in the eyes of the public. His expectation and admiration have almost reached the point of creating gods.

Lin Yi wanted to kiss him, and if Qin Nuo didn't want to be kissed by Lin Yi in public, Qin Nuo could push Lin Yi away in the first place, but he clearly didn't.

Even some viewers wanted to convince themselves that Qin Nuo just didn't want to embarrass Lin Yi and couldn't succeed, because the video images from all angles were too clear, and Qin Nuo's face was obviously changed from cloudy to sunny because of Lin Yi's kiss.

He obviously liked the kiss offered by Lin Yi on his own initiative.

As a result, the star network set off a sour storm, not only Qin Nuo's fans, but also a large number of Lin Yi's fans.

"The marshal's stinky face all the way down to me, of course it's the most in line with what I imagined the marshal's usual appearance, but who knew that an alpha like a marshal would show such an expression after being kissed, just like that. My boyfriend is no different, but as long as the marshal is brought in, he still feels unreal."

"Why is the headline set by the news media that Lin Yi boldly kisses? This is a strong kiss. This is obviously an ordinary kiss between couples. I suspect that the person sending the news is trying to trick me into letting me eat dog food. Ahhhhh, I really want to kiss instead of Lin Yi in the past! Lin Yi can actually kiss just this way. I am willing to do a full set with the marshal directly in front of the camera. Thank you!"

Most of the omega can't wait for their soul to wear Lin Yi right away, but there are still a group of alphas who are quite envious of Qin Nuo.

"Lin Yi is really amazing, kill me after the video."

"Lin Yi's appearance, words and deeds are all grown on my cuteness. An omega like him is so cool and special! It's a pity that he and the marshal are dating. If I change to another alpha, I might still have a chance to challenge. ..."

Excluding these remarks, the remaining part is also a bad rhythm brought out by the headline of the media. It is generally believed that Lin Yi's behavior is too bold and indulgent, and it is very rude to an omega.

All mainstream media have basically put this kind of headline, but they don't mention a word about the other protagonist, Qin Nuo, as if Lin Yi kissed a piece of wood in public.

However, although there are still some people who want to push back on Lin Yi-related matters, this time the news has not been able to take shape.

Because within an hour after the various videos were fermented, the Sky Star, a subsidiary of Williams, immediately published relevant news comments. On the one hand, the comments emphasized that the current news media’s behavior to obtain news is too intense, on the other hand, they completely downplayed the moral judgment that the public wants to impose on Lin Yi. Instead, they emphatically condemned the perennial duality in the news media. Standards and so on.

The Star of the Clouds is not a news media with many fans. The influence is not even half of Wei Que's entertainment account. However, within less than ten minutes of this commentary, major mainstream media followed up. Either modify your own news content, or directly delete the relevant news reported earlier.

The reason is also very simple. Although the influence of Yunxiao Star among the audience is very ordinary, it is very important among the media colleagues. The Star of the Clouds can be said to be the spokesperson of the military and the Williams family. The comments made on it are never random, but completely represent the attitude of the Williams family to related events.

As far as the Williams family’s current influence and political capital are concerned, the qualitative things of the Star of the Clouds are basically not directly refuted by the mainstream media. At the very least, they have to be proficient, or they can’t talk about it.

Wei Que was ready to fight a new public opinion war, but he didn't expect that this matter would be resolved in such a simple way. He sighed and sighed at the same time that everything was false, and only power was real. He has been busy for a long time here, and it may not be useful for others to hook the pinky head.

Unexpectedly, the Yunxiao Star newspaper seemed to have tasted the fun of reporting gossip news. Within two days after this incident, a news report that was completely different from its usual tune was published, and it was a combination of hot spots. Bundle.

The fact that Jin Ge was cut off as a spokesperson because of previous nonsense has long become one of the conversations in and outside the circle. Anyone who knows knows that Lin Yi is not only supported by Qin Nuo, but also his own assets have already surpassed most of the celebrities in the circle, even if he does not eat this bowl of rice Good job. It's just that the removal of Jin Ge's endorsement does not require Qin Nuo to greet him specifically.

Jin Ge’s husband was bored with Jin Ge’s incomprehension, even if it was reported by the media to steal joy. He has been this character for a long time, and he doesn't plan to change it at all. Even if there is news, if you can suppress it, you can suppress it. If the report that can't be suppressed, it will naturally have Jin Ge lie for him.

"Hey? It turned out to be him. I didn't expect it, but it should not be reported?" In a news agency, an employee showed a look of surprise after watching the latest scandal of Jin Ge's husband.

"Well, it can't be reported. The pressure and instructions are given by the above." The man said and deleted the relevant content directly, and at the same time exclaimed, "It's a pity, it could have been a good news."

The other protagonist of this gossip is who should have been so silent, but Jin Ge's husband did not expect him to do a circle, and all the hints and expressions were done, but in the end he still failed to suppress the report.

Because he never imagined that the Yunxiao Star News, which is known for its seriousness and seriousness, would suddenly be interested in his own lace news.

The Yunxiao Star News is not only interested, but also very detailed, pictures, videos, and eloquent text descriptions that are very graphic. The description of Jin Ge’s husband’s secret love this time is very vivid.

It's not that Jin Ge's husband himself played an important role, but that he was the target of stealing pleasure. It was not Xi Qingyu who was the other person.

Xi Qingyu was sleek and judged the situation. He had begun to alienate her long before Song Shu fell completely passive, so he was able to retreat completely for the time being, and was not involved much in many subsequent things.

But even if he wasn't involved too much, Xi Qingyu's loss was inevitable. In the circle, new people are always exchanged for old people. If he doesn't find a suitable backer for himself, and he starts to lean towards a negative image, then the negative cycle is certain.

Xi Qingyu is ambitious and courageous, and decisively catches up with Jin Ge's husband. Whoever thought it would be worth it, the news broke out directly, and the multi-angle clear picture, not to mention the arrangement in advance, is at least deliberately tracked.

The person who sent the news was obviously prepared early and stared at him.

Things that the Yunxiao Star does not want people to report can be brought into the wind by sending news, and the content it wants people to report can also easily bring the rhythm.

Originally, some of the media managed by Jin Ge's husband were not prepared to report relevant content, and were struggling, and were afraid that their colleagues would release this news, and they were all paying attention to each other's dynamics. Unexpectedly, some colleagues who are familiar with each other did not publish it, but the Yunxiao Star News.

But no matter who posted it, in short, the news is the key. In order to catch up with the news, a bunch of media rushed to analyze the matter in detail.

Jin Ge's husband is a habitual offender, so naturally not many people talk about him. But Xi Qingyu is different. The image he used to maintain in front of the public does not say that he still has a 100% positive retention. At least he is not a debauchery. However, according to the video content revealed by the Yunxiao Star News, Xi Qingyu The image created in the past is not only completely ruined, but also quite face-saving, because Xi Qingyu and Jin Ge have a very good relationship. There are many content on the Star Network that they used to cooperate happily or interact.

Friends’ wives can’t be bullied, sisters’ husbands can’t be robbed. In the end, Xi Qingyu not only snatched it, but also picked up Jin Ge’s husband immediately after being cheated by the news that her husband was cheating. What does this mean to put a friend in his heart?

For a while, it became a news content that netizens happily talk about. Jin Ge himself was even more upset. She couldn't and dared not raise her waist in front of her husband, but Xi Qingyu was more than enough in front of her.

The grievances and depressions that have been concentrated on Jin Ge's psychological side and the feeling of humiliation in the past few days have found the best catharsis at this time, and all of them have fallen on Xi Qingyu's body.

Even though Jin Ge was slapped and frustrated a few days ago, the fans' fighting power is still full. Under the leadership of Jin Ge, he went to Xi Qingyu's account and tore him, scolding Xi Qingyu. Fans of dared not put one fart.

The reports of the major media and Jin Ge's combat effectiveness directly made Xi Qingyu not even dare to respond, and his image completely collapsed. Even if it can survive this period of scolding, the future resources will not be good, let alone compete with the newcomers. Moreover, the people of the empire have always put more pressure on omegas for things like Xiaosan's derailment. You don't need to think about it or know that Xi Qingyu's infamy will never fade, unless he changes his face and his identity. Of course, it is impossible to change face and identity, and Xi Qingyu's path has been calculated here.