Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 85

Sure enough, a few days later, when public opinion's accusation against Xi Qingyu had not yet receded, Xi Qingyu directly came out and issued a retreat statement. Even if the comment and forwarding of the statement are all closed, it still does not affect the fanatic frenzy of fans from all walks of life.

The case of Song Shu and Ye Jin has not yet come out with a clear result, but they have been found guilty by the public. When Xi Qingyu and Song Shu were very close earlier, and a series of content about Bailian stomping on Lin Yi in social media, they were once again dragged out by the public to whip the corpse, and Xi Qingyu was completely nailed to the wall. Up.

In theory, the conflict between Jin Ge and Xi Qingyu had little to do with Lin Yi, but in the end Jin Ge did not receive any sympathy votes. Instead, he abused Lin Yi’s fans once and killed a group of passersby for Lin Yi. The favorability is back.

Although many people at the Imperial Food Factory dislike Lin Yi's words and deeds, judging from the actual profits of the cooperation with him, the current scale of new product pre-sales alone is enough for everyone to say something true.

Lin Yi also feels that making money is very fragrant. After all, the prerequisite for being able to do whatever he wants is the economic foundation of abundance.

Wei Que felt that it was not so fragrant. At this moment, he sat beside Lin Yi with a sad face, and asked him again: "Are you really going to move?"

Lin Yi has already bought another property with an open yard, and will move out in a few days.

"Yeah." Lin Yi nodded, and while using the communicator to make an appointment with Mrs. Williams for lunch, he turned to look at Wei Que, "This is my new address, please keep it safe."

He said and gave Wei Que another address.

Wei Que clicked on the address, and a three-dimensional map immediately appeared on the virtual screen. It was possible to see that on the same map, it only took about two minutes from the aircraft to find the location of the Williams family's house.

Wei Que couldn't help being surprised, and said cautiously: "Can I go there if I want?"

"I will list your identity information in the system that allows access."

Wei Que breathed a sigh of relief now, his face still melancholy. He really did something because of Lin Yi, and now he is not used to Lin Yi leaving.

"I said I would give you a year-end award," Lin Yi turned off the communicator and faced Wei Que, with a calm tone. "I haven't figured out what I want to give you. I think about it now. Anyway, I won't need this house in the future. Go on, and when I leave, I will be transferred to your name, what do you think?"

What do i think?

Wei Que was almost weakened on the spot by Lin Yi's wealthy stance, and his eyes were almost shining. If he hadn't restrained his movements, he should pounce on Lin Yi and cry out now.

Of course, no matter how much you restrained Wei Que, he did not really restrain his emotions. He still looked at Lin Yi like a bunny with red eyes, and said sincerely: "My lord, if the empire can pass the omega concubine law, I You must be the first to sign up to be your concubine and be the cow and horse for you!"

At this moment, the feeling of reluctance to leave Lin Yi disappeared, and Wei Que looked around. In this era of the empire’s population explosion, it is not easy to have such a house. The key to this house is his own hard work, cough cough, and of course he got it because of the boss’s generosity.

Hearing Wei Que's words, Lin Yi smiled mildly, but Wei Que couldn't help but feel aroused by what he said. "Your words are quite fresh. Maybe I can get a vote in the Empire's New Deal. Maybe I should be in a while. Go to the official website of the New Political Council to make a suggestion?"

The Empire's New Deal is a national conference held every year in the Empire. Representatives of all classes and political leaders can put forward their own supplements and amendments to the current laws and policies of the Empire. The only difference is that the political opinions of representatives of all levels need to go to the public website to vote, and more than half of the votes can form a formal proposal, while politicians do not need this process.

At this time of the year, there will be some news and discussions that will attract more attention.

The excitement in front of Wei Que disappeared in a moment. He grabbed Lin Yi's arm and looked at him with a pitiful face: "Please forgive me."

If Lin Yi really wants to make such a proposal, Wei Que is not clear about what controversy it will cause, but he is clear, if the marshal-sama knows that Lin Yi’s proposal is because she said she wanted to be Lin Yi’s concubine. When he came, Wei Que felt that it might be easier for him to go directly to a tree with a crooked neck and hang himself.

Lin Yi used Wei Que to make fun, but she couldn't help but smile when she saw him like this, "Okay, I lied to you, I'm going out, you are free."

Williams house.

The relationship between Mrs. Williams and Lin Yi is not very good, but they will eat together twice a week. From Lin Yi's point of view, Mrs. Williams is Qin Nuo's biological mother, and he should make some efforts in the relationship between the two. From the perspective of Mrs. Williams, after she acquiesced in Lin Yi's identity, she was also willing to maintain a superficial relationship with Lin Yi for Qin Nuo.

But the two ate together more often, and Mrs. Williams gradually really softened her attitude a lot. There are many juniors in the Williams family, but most of them only maintain a smirk relationship with Mrs. Williams, and see no one except for important social occasions throughout the year. The only person that Mrs. Williams really got close by blood is Qin Nuo. However, Qin Nuo has never been home for the whole year, and many of the concepts and ideas that the two have seen conflict with each other.

In this way, Lin Yi, who was willing to come over to accompany her for two meals a week, made Mrs. Williams really feel some warmth and junior considerate. The key lies in Lin Yi's character.

Lin Yi himself is a person who is very good at getting along with others. As long as he is willing, most people can feel closeness and goodwill in a short time with him, and of course Mrs. Williams is the same.

Lin Yi did not particularly compliment her, and even Lin Yi would refute her without hesitation in many cases, but even so, Mrs. Williams still felt comfortable with Lin Yi. Having a person who can quarrel also makes a calm life much more interesting.

Because of the New Deal of the Empire, Qin Nuo is also very busy these days, resting directly in the office for two consecutive days, not even returning home.

Lin Yi and Mrs. Williams sat face-to-face, and Mrs. Williams looked relaxed when he saw him, frowned and said, "You should also think about sharing your worries for Qin Nuo."

Lin Yi mixed the cold noodles in front of him, and nodded in agreement, "I think so too, and I think it's not just that I can share the worries for the marshal, in fact, you can too, madam."

Mrs. Williams was a little surprised, "What do you mean?"

"Isn’t Madam going to mention some of her political opinions at the New Deal meeting?" Lin Yi stopped her actions and began to concentrate on talking to Mrs. Williams. "Madam is fully qualified to present her political views, and she has enough influence to promote related issues. The law is revised, why not participate in it?"

This came to a slightly embarrassing place for Mrs. Williams.

Although Mrs. Williams has a high status now, she participates in the aristocratic circle of communication because of her former concubine status. Moreover, their own wives are not likely to participate in imperial politics, and even if they do, they are nothing more than official wives, which is regarded as an alpha field by default.

"What does omega do with this," said Mrs. Williams, "not enough to cause trouble for Qin Nuo, and besides, I have no political opinion to mention."

The next half sentence is the key.

Lin Yi said, "I just want to mention something, why don't I give you a little bit?"

Can this be divided?

Mrs. Williams frowned: "What do you want to mention?"

"The reform of education." Lin Yi said, "especially the unfair distribution of educational resources in some remote planets. Most omegas choose to enter omega specialized schools after graduating from high school, and these specialized schools, for example, I attended At the one I visited, the knowledge of the professors was very limited. Nearly half of the courses focused on marriage life."

"I don't want to go to a vocational school, just go to an ordinary school." Mrs. Williams said, "I think this is a very free personal choice."

"Of course it can, but the problem is that most majors in general universities clearly favor alpha, and even directly refuse to enroll omega, because it has happened that after alpha did not take inhibitors regularly and violated omega, omega was regarded as a negative impact. In the case of expulsion, many ordinary schools refused to enroll in omega, and many omega had to go to non-professional vocational schools for safety.

The omega who graduated from the vocational school is just the wife of a certain alpha officially recognized. "

Mrs. Williams lives in Capital Star. Even if she is not from a big family, she has been prosperous since she was a child. Therefore, the situation Lin Yi said is strange to her, but it is not completely unrealistic.

Omega has more or less experienced the negative effects of gender in growing up.

Lin Yi said to Mrs. Williams in the second half price, "What do you think, do you want to participate?"

Mrs. Williams did not directly give Lin Yi an accurate answer, and Lin Yi did not force her, but said: "Then you should help me raise some support then?"

This Mrs. Williams agreed.

Lin Yi moved quickly. In the afternoon, he posted a new policy proposal to be voted on in his personal dynamics, "There is a proposal for equal rights to education for omega."

The main content of the proposal is to add majors to omega schools, and to remove the restrictions on omega in ordinary schools to increase the current omega acceptance rate.

Omega's education issue is not that no one has mentioned it, but there has never been any significant voice. If only Lin Yi posted a dynamic voting process, everyone would not have much hope for this. The key is that Mrs. Williams soon reposted this dynamic and expressed certainty. support.

With the voice of Mrs. Williams joining in, Lin Yi's proposal is not so thin and unvoiced.

It can be said that Mrs. Williams has participated in such a thing for the first time. I thought it was only to help repost, but she did not expect that her repost soon attracted the support and admiration of many young fans.

"It's great that Madam can pay attention to this aspect!"

"This proposal is really great! You deserve to be a madam."

All kinds of support voices are no longer based on the identity of "Mother Qinnuo" as before, but are more of praise for Mrs. Williams herself, so for the first time Mrs. Williams feels the embodiment of her own value. .

She was still hesitating in this aspect, and suddenly she also surged into momentum.