Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 86

Mrs. Williams’ participation in this topic is indeed beyond the expectations of many people. After all, Mrs. Williams’ image has been shown over the years as a noble lady who simply relies on her son to gain glory.

Relying on sons is not something to be ashamed of in the empire. In fact, having sons like Qin Nuo can rely on many people, including Mrs. Williams, which seems to be an extremely rare honor.

However, the encouragement and enthusiasm shown by the public at this time was not directed at Qin Nuo but at herself. Although it is still more or less incapable of getting rid of the attention that Qin Nuo's mother has received, it is always attributed to William. Mrs. Muss has a sense of accomplishment that is unique to her.

Therefore, in addition to the promise with Lin Yi, Mrs. Williams specifically asked Zhi Brain to collect and summarize some relevant information for her.

Lin Yi's previous oral statements were all verbal expressions, but the content summarized by Zhi Brain for Mrs. Williams is mostly presented in the form of data, and the gap is almost dazzling.

This situation can be possibly improved through your own actions. As soon as this cognition was formed in Mrs. Williams' mind, the real motivation appeared.

Not only did she quickly publish a new advocacy trend in her personal news, with sincere expressions and a sense of substitution, she once again called on everyone to go to the New Deal voting website to vote, and even turned her head to urge Lin Yi, Let him work harder to urge fans.

He also accused Lin Yi, "Why don't you care about the things you mentioned yourself?"

By the way, I also gave Lin Yi some advice, "I don’t think you would like to hold a charity concert and then call on the audience to help vote, or the concert ticket is just a vote! Wait, this may be regarded as an interference vote, you first Don't practice, I will think again."

The key is that the two messages were sent very closely, and there was no time for Lin Yi to reply.

Lin Yi couldn't help but smile when he saw these two messages. After taking a screenshot, he posted a new update.

Lin Yi: I'm really in a hurry, waiting to vote online. 【picture】

There have been divergent opinions about the relationship between Mrs. Williams and Lin Yi. Many people have summed up and judged based on the content of Mrs. Williams’ speeches over the years, and concluded that Lin Yi and Mrs. Williams’s suitable daughter-in-law candidate have no relationship with each other. Instead, it can be said that Lin Yi should be regarded as Williams. Madam hates the number one representative.

After Mrs. Williams forwarded Lin Yi's movement, some people speculated whether it was a pure face-saving scene, but when Lin Yi's movement came out, it completely overturned the previous online speculation.

In the tone of Mrs. Williams chatting with Lin Yi, is there a slight dissatisfaction with him? This tone, this intimacy, it's not rare for a pro son to be so embarrassed.

At the same time, Mrs. Williams has always presented elegant and dignified personalities on the Internet, which can be regarded as a small collapse. However, such a collapse is not considered a shortcoming on the netizen's side, it has become an advantage and an unexpected joy.

In the comment section, there are more comments to Mrs. Williams than to Lin Yi, "I didn't expect Madam to talk like this in private, so cute!"

"It can be seen that Madam is really concerned about this matter, and I am a little touched."

"Ahhhhh, it's not an interference with voting, Xiaoyi's concert can be arranged! It's been a pity that I didn't hear the scene last time."

With the promotion of Lin Yi and Mrs. Williams, the vote for this proposal quickly reached the target number set, and discussions were held at the Empire New Deal meeting. If the discussion is passed, you need to continue to submit more detailed implementation details, and then after layers of voting, it can be considered that a feasible new decree can be passed. So just submitting a public vote is just the beginning.

Originally, Lin Yi gave Mrs. Williams a certain degree of participation in this matter because he wanted to borrow Mrs. Williams’ influence, and at the same time, to see if he could find something for the idle Mrs. Williams, but he didn’t expect Things went so smoothly, but Lin Yi saved a lot of heart.

After all, if he really participates in politics, his current status is not so suitable. Instead, Mrs. Williams is correct from the family's status, and it is easier and simpler to deal with things.

There are more than one reasons for paying attention to this field. There are reasons for the original owner and new movies, but more importantly, Lin Yi has now replaced the original owner as an omega in this time and space. At this time, he is trying to improve the living environment of the omega. Effort is equal to paying for yourself, it is totally worth the effort.

It was unexpected that Mrs. Williams' enthusiasm far exceeded Lin Yi's expectations, and even directly affected Qin Nuo.

Qin Nuo’s Starnet special is Lin Yi. Although he does not post updates, it does not affect the priority push of Lin Yi’s dynamics after keywords are set, and the positive or negative news feeds about Lin Yi.

The interaction between Lin Yi and his mother Qin Nuo knew that before he waited, Lin Yi’s relationship with Mrs. Williams seemed to have advanced by leaps and bounds. Mrs. Williams urged him to also care about this matter. "At best, this matter can be your proposal for this year's New Deal, so it will be much easier."

Just like Lin Yi hit Mrs. Williams's head, Mrs. Williams learned and used her life, and immediately focused her attention on her own son, feeling that Qin Nuo's influence could be fully utilized.

Qin Nuo was not very involved in the Empire's New Political Council before, and he basically did not directly put forward his own political views. At most, he used the name of the military department to jointly put forward some reform opinions with other officers. Therefore, his proposal opportunities are basically blank. .

This is what Mrs. Williams made. If Lord Qin Nuo directly pushed it out, the influence would be completely different.

Unexpectedly, Qin Nuo said: "But I have prepared my political views this year, and I can't change them."

Mrs. Williams inevitably felt disappointed after listening, but she also habitually didn't ask Qin Nuo what the political opinions he had put forward. She just didn't talk nonsense with Qin Nuo at all, but directly dialed the video call with Lin Yi.

Lin Yi received it quickly, and his image was quickly transmitted to Mrs. Williams through the communicator.

Qin Nuo had already bid farewell to Mrs. Williams and planned to turn around, but when he heard the voice of Lin Yi coming from behind, he stopped and immediately returned to Mrs. Williams silently.

Mrs. Williams paid no attention to him, and only seriously talked to Lin Yi about her plans and plans. Lin Yi was listening carefully, and after hearing what Mrs. Williams said, he raised his eyes and glanced at Qin Nuo. , And then said a little surprised: "Hey, is the marshal also nearby? Sorry, I just heard the lady say so well that I didn't even notice you."

Qin Nuo: "..." He wondered if he should feel aggrieved?

However, Lin Yi's words made Mrs. Williams feel that she was taken seriously, so she felt that Lin Yi's words were particularly pleasant.

Lin Yi just gave Qin Nuo a faint smile, and soon turned to look at Mrs. Williams, "Madam has many suggestions right. I think Madam has more contacts and experience than me in this respect." A lot, I must be more advanced and retreat in handling things, so in the future, I still need my wife to give me more advice and help a lot."

Lin Yi’s words made Mrs. Williams exaggerated, with a smile on her face. She showed Lin Yi the kindness and tolerance when she looked at a decent junior, and nodded: "That's it, I see you I definitely have no experience in these things. When dealing with the media, I don’t think you are smooth enough. I have to finish it up and help you pay attention in the future."

This is almost a guarantee that the media will help protect Lin Yi in the future, and that all the major efforts will be done.

Qin Nuo didn't expect a few words to go next to him. His mother was about to protect Lin Yi as her own son. He knew that Lin Yi's mouth could say a lot of good things, and if Lin Yi liked it, it would not be difficult to coax people into drunk as if they were drunk. But the first time I saw such a scene from the third perspective, I couldn't help wondering if I always surrendered to Lin Yi every minute like my mother.

Haven't figured out why, Mrs. Williams has ended the call with Lin Yi. Turning his head as if only to notice that Qin Nuo hadn't left yet, he said in surprise: "Are there anything else for you?"

Mrs. Williams, who has always been idle and likes to find excuses to keep her son for a while, is anxious to let Qin Nuo go now so that she can hurry up and invest in this newly developed business.

In front of him was Lin Yi, who was his own mother right now, and it was rare that both of them made the Marshal almost feel neglected under the spotlight.

Qin Nuo shook his head. When he was about to say goodbye to Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Williams said with a sigh, “In fact, Lin Yi is not all bad. By marrying two concubines with a decent family background, you don’t need to keep them at home, just let them pass on from generation to generation."

"Lin Yi him," Qin Nuo just said, and Mrs. Williams spoke with her current positive feelings towards Lin Yi.

"Lin Yi is not ignorant, I think he is good." Mrs. Williams now feels that the idea that Lin Yi is a vixen may be a bit sloppy.