Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 87

Qin Nuo couldn't understand his current rapid emotional change, but he didn't think his mother could tell Lin Yi to make things the way she expected.

Taking a step back, even if she didn't hit Lin Yi's idea, combined with Qin Nuo's New Deal proposal, the concubine and other things would be overwhelming.

But seeing Mrs. Williams' excited expression, Qin Nuo put the words into his stomach, and bid farewell to leave again.

Qin Nuo didn't go anywhere else, and went directly to Lin Yi to have dinner with Lin Yi.

Lin Yi is about to prepare for the shooting of the new movie in the past two days. During the day, Qin Nuo is making all kinds of preparations for the Empire’s New Deal. He is also very busy. The number of meetings between the two in two days is zero. Tonight, I just squeeze out time to have a meal together with a real touch.

"There shouldn't be any problems with what your mother and I said?" As soon as Qin Nuo entered the door, Lin Yi poured wine and asked with her back to him.

Little A graciously received thousands of Qin Nuo's coats.

Qin Nuo took off his coat and handed it to Little A, "There is no problem, I think she is very happy." He knew that Lin Yi was thinking carefully about Mrs. Williams, but he didn't take it seriously. Qin Nuo knew that Lin Yi could not. What kind of wickedness is out of bounds.

Of course, if Mrs. Williams knew his thoughts, he would have to take back half of his thoughts that Lin Yi was not a vixen.

Qin Nuo handed over the coat and was about to walk directly towards Lin Yi, but lowered his head to see that Little A was blocking him, holding his coat in his hand, and a pair of rather rounded and lovely eyes staring at him after modification.

Qin Nuo only froze for a moment, and then read the key information from Xiao A's expectant gaze, and then reached out to Xiao A and rubbed his head before hesitating.

Xiao A's habit of petting was completely used by Lin Yi, and now he was bold enough to come and ask Qin Nuo gradually. Finally, Qin Nuo still has some idea of ​​loving the house and the black.

After finally getting Qin Nuo's touch, Xiao A ran away.

Qin Nuo glanced at it, and his gaze fell on its owner Lin Yi again. Suddenly, he figured out some common points between the two.

Lin Yi would often take the initiative to ask for intimacy in this way, but she would not be as shy and cover-up like Xiao A, Lin Yi would often speak out very directly.

For example, Lin Yi shook the wine glass in his hand towards Qin Nuo, "Come and sit down."

Qin Nuo walked over and sat down on the sofa, Lin Yi kicked the slippers on his feet casually, and then sat into Qin Nuo's arms without shyness, and put the wine glass in his hand to Qin Nuo's lips. Touch, let the cool wall of the cup and Qin Nuo's warm lips touch each other, then retracted the cup, put it on his lips and squeezed it, and took a sip of wine into his mouth. The crimson wine wet Lin Yi's lips, and under the action of opening his lips to drink, a special attraction to Qin Nuo was revealed, like slow motion.

Lin Yi only poured a glass of wine. After taking a sip, Lin Yi raised his eyes to Qin Nuo. Seeing that he was looking at him, there was a sly smile in his eyes.

Lin Yi swallowed the drink in his mouth, and there was a faint smell of wine, "Would you like to drink it?"

Qin Nuo wrapped one hand around Lin Yi's waist, his fingertips couldn't help tightening, and he nodded silently.

Lin Yi smiled more and more.

Qin Nuo wanted to drink, but he did not pass the wine glass directly to Qin Nuo for him to drink. He just put the wine glass back to his mouth and took another sip, then raised his hand around Qin Nuo’s neck and took the sip of the wine with his mouth. Gave it over.

The tip of the tongue touched slightly for an instant. It was an action that should deepen the entanglement. Qin Nuo also made further preparations, but he didn't expect Lin Yi to immediately retreat and turn his head back to avoid Qin Nuo chasing. A kiss to fall, "Drinking is drinking, what do you want to do?"

Qin Nuo clenched one hand into a fist because of patience, and really restrained him from moving.

He has always been like this. If Lin Yi says no, Qin Nuo will stop it. Although Lin Yi had told him occasionally, in fact, sometimes the stopping was mostly because of the interest in getting along between lovers.

But at this moment, looking at the forbearance in Qin Nuo's eyes and the tightness of his whole body, Lin Yi still felt funny in her heart, so she leaned in and kissed him.

Of course, there will be a lot of mischief in the back, after all, Lin Yi is not very restrained in this respect, and Qin Nuo let him toss most of the time. Therefore, after a glass of wine is really finished, very few actually get into the belly of the two of them. Most of them are either on the sofa or on the clothes and pants of the two.

Little A was very anxious, yelling oops, watching Lin Yi and Qin Nuo get up and go into the room, they rushed over to clean the stains on the sofa with a special detergent.

Little D is doing his duty in the kitchen to cook dinner. Only at this time, it is rare for the two brains to feel that Lin Yi is quite uneasy.

Although it is said that it is a more private place like entering the room from the living room, at this time the intimacy of the two people has actually been downgraded. It's not that Lin Yi really doesn't want to do anything in Buddhism, but he knows that no matter how much effort he puts in it, it is basically futile, so he might as well lie side by side with Qin Nuo and talk about life.

Anyway, the bed was big, could Lin Yi pretend to touch some places where Qin Nuo wouldn't let him move.

But most of the time, both people still talk.

"Tomorrow, I will follow Fred to the crew. Are you sure you don't upgrade our relationship before then?" Lin Yi turned to look at Qin Nuo, and began to tirelessly agitate him.

If Lin Yi wants to persuade or ask Qin Nuo for anything in other places, it's easy, but in fact, many things are Lin Yi's hope that Qin Nuo will not directly intervene.

For example, with the overwhelming blackness on the Internet, Lin Yi didn't want Qin Nuo to get involved. At present, Yun Xiao had already participated in the maximum Qin Nuo after this order.

Qin Nuo kissed the hand that Lin Yi placed on him, and then smiled and asked him, "So you decided to marry me?"

Lin Yi tirelessly hopes to upgrade the indescribable relationship that the two have only seen, and Qin Nuo tirelessly hopes that Lin Yi can give a name to the relationship between the two.

Knowing that Qin Nuo would say that, Lin Yi turned over and looked at the ceiling.

Qin Nuo also anticipated his reaction, but he didn't want to talk to Lin Yi on this issue anymore, but instead planned to take this opportunity to talk in depth directly to see where Lin Yi's scruples were.

"I said that after you and I get married, there is nothing you need to worry about. Firstly, my mother will not be your opponent, and secondly I will not be your opponent." Qin Nuo leaned down with a smile in his eyes. Go and kiss Lin Yi twice on the cheek.

Lin Yi couldn't help but laugh, he turned his head to look at Qin Nuo and said, "You make me look like a scheming monster."

Qin Nuo licked his lips, and stroked Lin Yi’s cheeks and forehead twice with his fingertips, evoking a trace of itching on Lin Yi’s face, "You know I didn’t mean that. Apart from these two points, you can Do what you want to do, whether it’s a career or whatever, there is no need for you to exercise too much on the family side. Do you have anything to worry about for the rest?"

Seeing that he was serious, Lin Yi put a smile away, raised his eyes to look at Qin Nuo, and said after a while, "I am very satisfied with our current relationship and state. The matter of getting married is for me. It’s not that I don’t want to marry you, but I think that marriage will more or less affect our relationship. Besides, we may not care about this issue now, but will you care about it in the future?"

Lin Yi rarely said such things directly to Qin Nuo, but since the words were spoken, he went on straightforwardly at this time, "You know, I have lost my ability to conceive children."

Although even with this ability, Lin Yi felt that it would be difficult for him to overcome the psychological barrier and actually give birth by himself, but this is a place to be worried about after all.

"Under the laws of the empire, if you regret this issue in a few years, you can directly marry a few fertile concubines back, and I cannot refute this issue. I think you too I know, if there really is such a day, I won’t wait for you to find these people outside, I will take the initiative to end the marriage with you.”

Even if the two are not married yet, Qin Nuo still sounds particularly uncomfortable with the words ending the marriage. He lowered his head and pressed his forehead against Lin Yi's forehead. The distance between the two could hardly be closer. Some more.

"I know, of course I know." Qin Nuo whispered, his voice almost whispering and smiling.

Of course he knew that Lin Yi would make such a choice. Lin Yi’s personality and the unique feeling when he gets along with him are what Qin Nuo has been so fond of for Lin Yi. How could he not expect Lin Yi to face betrayal? There will be a decisive choice.

If Lin Yi did not choose this way, Qin Nuo would find it strange instead.

"But I won't have any concubine, never will." Qin Nuo said.

Lin Yi thinks that even if the man’s mouth has gone through countless years, it will be somewhat deceptive. Perhaps Qin Nuo’s character is more promising than what he says, but it’s just as good as it is. Having been a man and a pig's hoof, Lin Yi himself basically has an immune function against such words.

He squinted at Qin Nuo, "Don't tease me."